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2018 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for Diamond's Comics,
Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year (through APRIL)

around $160.3 Million

(down 4% year-over-year)

A fifth shipping week in January helped the month to the smallest year-to-year decline in Direct Market sales seen since the previous spring, just under 2%. DC had a strong opening to the year, with dollar sales up 15% over its total from the previous January, aided by the chart-topping Doomsday Clock #3 and Dark Nights Metal #5. No Doomsday Clock issue in February made for a slow month in comics shops. But whereas comics and graphic novels were equally responsible for 2017's overall shortfall, a lackluster graphic novel slate was the main culprit in February's decline, with periodicals nearly, but not quite, holding their own. Graphic novel sales continued to be weak in March, a month which further saw nearly 100 fewer comics release than the same month in the previous year — but the comics that did come out sold relatively better, including the finale issue of Dark Nights Metal. The first quarter finished down a little less than 9%.

April was a big month for the Direct Market, thanks to a comic book 80 years in the making: Action Comics #1000, which shipped with ten variant covers and had orders worldwide exceeding 500,000 copies; the North American first-month portion accounted for 450,000 copies. Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man finale also contributed two of the year's top three comics (so far) in April.

Unit sales comparisons early in the year are much distorted, due to Marvel's overships in January 2017 and Image's 25-cent anniversary issues.

The chart below projects Diamond's end-of-year sales by collating the known sales for each month. Since most titles do not reappear on the charts after their first month, it underestimates final orders for each title to some degree — but where reorders are known, those have been added to the first month's totals. Now that the Top 500 comics are being reported each month, odds are better that the below list will capture a greater portion of any given comics' sales; final, all-inclusive figures for the year will appear here in early 2019 when Diamond releases them.

The below captures everything reported through April. But there is reorder data for May and June that can be examined.

— John Jackson Miller

The chart below collates known information from Diamond's monthly charts for the year.
The links lead to listings for each issue on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherEst. units
1Action Comics1000$7.9904/18/18DC449,787
2Amazing Spider-Man798$3.9904/04/18Marvel233,235
3Amazing Spider-Man799$3.9904/18/18Marvel192,609
4Dark Nights Metal6$4.9903/28/18DC190,671
5Doomsday Clock3$4.9901/24/18DC169,258
6Dark Nights Metal5$3.9901/31/18DC166,536
7Doomsday Clock4$4.9903/28/18DC154,974
8Amazing Spider-Man797$3.9903/07/18Marvel143,958
9Hunt For Wolverine1$5.9904/25/18Marvel138,584
13Dark Knights Rising The Wild Hunt1$4.9902/14/18DC102,301
14X-Men Red1$4.9902/07/18Marvel101,132
15Weapon H1$4.9903/21/18Marvel100,084
17Mighty Thor705$3.9903/21/18Marvel96,188
19Infinity Countdown1$4.9903/07/18Marvel95,137
25True Believers Venom Vs. Spider-Man1$1.0003/07/18Marvel88,010
27Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici1$3.9903/07/18Image83,304
28Walking Dead175$3.9901/03/18Image82,361
29Amazing Spider-Man796$3.9902/21/18Marvel82,147
30Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man300$5.9902/28/18Marvel77,841
31Captain America700$5.9904/11/18Marvel77,776
32Batman White Knight4$3.9901/03/18DC77,571
33Walking Dead176$3.9902/07/18Image77,407
34Batman White Knight5$3.9902/07/18DC77,373
35Batman White Knight6$3.9903/07/18DC76,157
36Amazing Spider-Man795$3.9902/07/18Marvel75,488
37Walking Dead177$3.9903/07/18Image74,828
38Walking Dead178$3.9904/04/18Image73,978
39Batman White Knight7$3.9904/04/18DC73,194
40Amazing Spider-Man794$3.9901/24/18Marvel69,533
41Infinity Countdown2$4.9904/18/18Marvel67,963
43Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc Omega1$4.9901/17/18Marvel64,243
44Batman and the Signal1$3.9901/03/18DC62,394
45Old Man Hawkeye1$3.9901/10/18Marvel59,672
47Star Wars46$3.9904/04/18Marvel59,335
48Infinity Countdown Prime1$4.9902/21/18Marvel59,220
50Mighty Thor706$3.9904/25/18Marvel56,632
51Star Wars41$3.9901/03/18Marvel56,545
52X-Men Red3$3.9904/11/18Marvel56,531
53Star Wars43$3.9902/07/18Marvel56,045
54Star Wars44$3.9903/07/18Marvel55,650
55New Mutants Dead Souls1$3.9903/14/18Marvel54,350
56Star Wars42$3.9901/17/18Marvel53,710
57Star Wars Darth Vader10$3.9901/10/18Marvel53,420
58Star Wars Darth Vader11$3.9902/14/18Marvel53,275
59Detective Comics973$2.9901/24/18DC53,024
60Star Wars Thrawn1$4.9902/14/18Marvel52,955
61Action Comics999$2.9903/14/18DC52,503
62Detective Comics975$3.9902/28/18DC52,450
63Star Wars45$3.9903/21/18Marvel52,408
64Star Wars Darth Vader13$3.9903/14/18Marvel52,372
66Detective Comics972$2.9901/10/18DC51,694
68Detective Comics976$2.9903/14/18DC51,341
69Phoenix Resurrection Return Jean Grey2$3.9901/03/18Marvel51,318
71Detective Comics974$2.9902/14/18DC51,189
72Star Wars Darth Vader14$3.9904/11/18Marvel51,093
73Detective Comics978$2.9904/11/18DC51,083
74Astonishing X-Men7$3.9901/03/18Marvel50,772
75Detective Comics977$2.9903/28/18DC50,556
76X-Men Red2$3.9903/07/18Marvel50,517
77Detective Comics979$2.9904/25/18DC50,049
78Star Wars Darth Vader12$3.9902/28/18Marvel49,856
81Phoenix Resurrection Return Jean Grey3$3.9901/10/18Marvel49,261
83Immortal Men1$2.9904/11/18DC48,567
86Star Wars Darth Vader15$3.9904/25/18Marvel47,956
87Phoenix Resurrection Return Jean Grey5$4.9901/31/18Marvel47,393
94Phoenix Resurrection Return Jean Grey4$3.9901/24/18Marvel46,517
95Flash Annual1$4.9901/31/18DC46,357
98Justice League36$2.9901/03/18DC46,043


2018 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's end-of-year chart.

The links lead to details about each title on Amazon. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

#1 #2 #3 #4

As with the comics estimates above, this collates the known data as reported in Diamond's monthly top-seller lists. It underestimates sales by any copies shipped in months when reorders did not make the charts.

UnitsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
1Action Comics 80 Years of Superman HC$29.99DC18,641
2Walking Dead Vol. 29 Lines We Cross$16.99Image15,544
3Green Lantern Earth One HC Vol. 1$24.99DC11,211
4Paper Girls Vol. 4$14.99Image9,721
5Saga Vol. 1$9.99Image7,422
6Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel7,312
7Saga Vol. 8$14.99Image6,862
8Thanos Infinity Siblings HC$24.99Marvel5,760
9Batman Vol. 5 Rules of Engagement Rebirth$16.99DC5,596
10Paper Girls Vol. 1$9.99Image5,494
11Kill or Be Killed Vol. 3$16.99Image4,656
12Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Vol. 2 Legacys End$17.99Marvel4,442
13Phoenix Resurrection Return Jean Grey$17.99Marvel4,070
14X-Men Grand Design$29.99Marvel3,850
15Star Wars Vol. 7 Ashes of Jedha$17.99Marvel3,789
16Flash Vol. 5 Negative Rebirth$14.99DC3,730
17Saga Vol. 2$14.99Image3,729
18Saga Vol. 7$14.99Image3,658
19Black Monday Murders Vol. 2$16.99Image3,656
20Super Sons Vol. 2 Planet of the Capes Rebirth$14.99DC3,469
21Black Panther Book 1 Nation Under Our Feet$16.99Marvel3,393
22Batman Detective Vol. 5 Lonely Place of Living Rebirth$16.99DC3,387
23Realm Vol. 1$9.99Image3,377
24Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan$15.99Marvel3,299
25Black Science Vol. 7 Extinction Is The Rule$16.99Image3,287
26Paper Girls Vol. 3$12.99Image3,158
27Saga Vol. 3$14.99Image3,151
28Punisher Platoon$17.99Marvel3,149
29Saga Vol. 6$14.99Image3,113
30Paper Girls Vol. 2$12.99Image3,108
31Saga Vol. 5$14.99Image3,097
32Saga Vol. 4$14.99Image3,070
33Invincible Vol. 25 End of All Things Part 2$16.99Image3,037
34Aliens Dead Orbit$17.99Dark Horse2,830
35Harley Quinn Vol. 4 Surprise Surprise$16.99DC2,727
36Port of Earth Vol. 1$9.99Image2,704
37Superman Vol. 5 Hopes and Fears Rebirth$16.99DC2,678
38Puerto Rico Strong Sc$12.99Lion Forge2,660
39Head Lopper Vol. 2 Crimson Tower$16.99Image2,632
40Justice League Vol. 5 Legacy Rebirth$16.99DC2,560
41Batman & Harley Quinn HC$24.99DC2,557
42Despicable Deadpool Vol. 1 Deadpool Kills Cable$17.99Marvel2,532
43Rick & Morty Pocket Like You Stole It$19.99Oni2,465
44All Star Batman Vol. 2 Ends of the Earth Rebirth$14.99DC2,382
46Nightwing Vol. 5 Raptors Revenge Rebirth$14.99DC2,356
47Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 4 Serious Business$15.99Marvel2,326
48Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps Vol. 4 Fracture$19.99DC2,301
49Monstress Vol. 1$9.99Image2,294
50Redlands Vol. 1$9.99Image2,231
51Runaways By Rainbow Rowell Vol. 1 Find Your Way Home$17.99Marvel2,209
52Red Hood & The Outlaws Vol. 3 Bizarro Reborn Rebirth$19.99DC2,183
53Spider-Men II$17.99Marvel2,097
54Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 5 Arms Race$17.99Marvel2,094
55Lazarus X Plus 66$16.99Image2,091
56Moonstruck Vol. 1$9.99Image2,082
57Superman Action Comics Dlx Ed Mr Oz HC Rebirth$29.99DC2,058
58Green Lanterns Vol. 5 Out of Time Rebirth$16.99DC2,024
59Batman Beyond Vol. 2 Rise of the Demon$16.99DC1,996
60Royal City Vol. 2 Sonic Youth$16.99Image1,990
61X-Men Blue Vol. 3 Cross Time Capers$15.99Marvel1,960
62Injustice 2 Vol. 1$16.99DC1,955
63X-Men Gold Vol. 4 Negative War Zone$15.99Marvel1,937
64Suicide Squad Vol. 5 Kill Your Darlings Rebirth$14.99DC1,931
65Deathstroke Vol. 4 Defiance Rebirth$14.99DC1,917
66Infinity War$29.99Marvel1,902
67Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Vol. 3$9.99Viz1,893
68Mighty Thor Vol. 3 Asgard Shiar War$19.99Marvel1,872
69Batgirl Vol. 3 Summer of Lies Rebirth$16.99DC1,869
70Birthright Vol. 6$14.99Image1,856
71Avengers Omnibus HC Vol. 3$100.00Marvel1,855
72Jessica Jones Vol. 3 Return of the Purple Man$17.99Marvel1,853
73Annihilation Vol. 1 Complete Collection$34.99Marvel1,849
74Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet$15.99Marvel1,817
75Curse Words Vol. 2 Explosiontown$16.99Image1,803
76Spider-Gwen Vol. 5 Gwenom$17.99Marvel1,798
77Marvels Avengers Infinity War Prelude$15.99Marvel1,792
78Justice League of America Vol. 3 Panic Microverse Rebirth$16.99DC1,789
79My Hero Academia Vol. 12$9.99Viz1,753
80Invincible Iron Man Ironheart Vol. 1 Riri Williams$19.99Marvel1,746
81Elsewhere Vol. 1$9.99Image1,745
82Supergirl Vol. 3 Girl of No Tomorrow Rebirth$14.99DC1,732
83All Star Batman HC Vol. 3 First Ally Rebirth$24.99DC1,730
84Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2 Most Wanted$17.99Marvel1,725
85Fight Club 2$19.99Dark Horse1,717
86Bug The Adventure of Forager$16.99DC1,711
87Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide Vol. 7$19.99Marvel1,677
88Moebius Library Inside Moebius HC Vol. 1$39.99Dark Horse1,677
89Coyotes Vol. 1$9.99Image1,662
90Cyanide & Happiness Guide Parenting By 3 Guys W No Kids$9.99Boom1,642
91One Punch Man Vol. 13$9.99Viz1,635
92Snotgirl Vol. 1 Green Hair Dont Care$9.99Image1,629
93James Bond Casino Royale HC$24.99Dynamite1,601
94Star Wars Adventures Forces of Destiny$12.99IDW1,597
95Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 7 Been Waiting For Squirrel$17.99Marvel1,591
96Mech Cadet Yu Vol. 1 Discover Now PX$14.99Boom1,586
97Hellblazer Vol. 3 The Inspiration Game Rebirth$16.99DC1,567
98Rick & Morty Vol. 1$19.99Oni1,547
99Crosswind Vol. 1$9.99Image1,527
100Reefer Madness$19.99Dark Horse1,523

My analyses of orders from Diamond Comic Distributors for individual months can be found below. Covers for later months depict some of the top advance-reordered books for each month:

January February March April




May June July August




September October November December