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2019 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

After 2017 was the first down year in six for the Direct Market, 2018 served as a year of recovery, with the year-and-a-half recession ending in spring. The only two months where we won't have even comparisons in 2019 will be July and August; August's fifth shipping week in 2018 goes to July in 2019.

January's slate for 2019 includes Guardians of the Galaxy #1, a relaunch from Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw. Daredevil gets a weekly Man Without Fear miniseries.

February sees Marvel releasing several "Age of X-Men" miniseries; Daredevil also gets a new #1.

In March, DC looks to try to repeat its success with Action #1000 in April 2018 with Detective Comics #1000, celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman. Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman — The Deluxe Edition is the hardcover for the celebration, and is likely to be one of the top sellers for the month. The month also sees the release of the Captain Marvel movie on March 8.

April will feature the launch of War of the Realms, a major Marvel crossover lasting three months. In theaters, Shazam releases April 5, and Hellboy on April 12.

The big event of May outside comics shops is likely to be the Avengers movie debuting May 3.

June's releases include the DC Artgerm Portfolio. June 7 sees the release of the Dark Phoenix movie.

July sees Spider-Man: Far From Home release in theaters on July 5. July has a natural year-to-year advantage because of a fifth shipping week.

Marvel gets another film in August, with The New Mutants releasing Aug. 2. August has a natural year-to-year disadvantage because of a one fewer shipping week.

DC gets a movie release in October with Joker.

Star Wars Episode IX is set for a December release. It comes out on Dec. 20.

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— John Jackson Miller

My analyses of orders from Diamond Comic Distributors for individual months can be found below. Covers for later months depict some of the top advance-reordered books for each month:

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January January January January




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