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The Comichron Mission

Inside the world's largest public database of comic book sales figures, a quest for historical understanding.


Monthly Direct Market Distributor Sales Data for Comic Books

Our main resource regarding distributor sales charts, including answers to:
• When did distributors begin reporting indexed sales rankings?
• What is included in the numbers being reported?
• What is not included in the numbers being reported?

U.S. Postal Service Sales Data for Comic Books

Our main resource regarding postal Statements of Ownership, including answers to:
• When did circulation figures first appear in comics?
• What does the law require publishers to print, and why does the government require it?
• How valid and reliable is the information found in Statements of Ownership?

Search Tips for Individual Comics Data

Comichron is currently designed to report titles within the context of the sales charts they originally appeared in, but there are some tricks for finding specific issues.


Comics Numbering: The Origins

Comics are numbered unlike most other American magazines; a look at some of the historical reasons that may be involved.

Legacy Numbering: Restarts and Restorations Across Time

Check out our decades-spanning survey of comics-series reboots and numbering restorations.

Legacy Numbering at Marvel: A Guide

A quick visual guide to Marvel's numbering, up through 2017's Marvel Legacy event.


The Best-Selling Comic Book of All Time

A look at X-Men Vol. 2, #1 (1991), and how it compares with international rivals

Best-Selling Comics of All Time: Why There's No List.... Yet

Knowing what's #1 turns out to be the easy part

Comics Buyer's Guide: A Look Back

Read how a newspaper started by a teenager became one of the hubs of comics fandom, running nearly 1,700 issues.

Free Comic Book Day: The Origin

Learn how ice cream inspired the most successful annual event in comics retailing

Ultimate Fallout #4: How Many Copies Exist?

A look into a complicated circulation question

Watchmen: How It Sold as a Comic Book

Long before the movie and millions of reprinted editions, a look at the series' sales origins as a comic book

Watchmen and Its Relationship to Film Techniques

A look at the kinds of visual transitions used in the graphic novel

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Also look to our Vital Statistics section for information about record-setting comics.