January 1992 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Preordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

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Diamond Comic Distributors completed its tenth year of operations at the end of January 1992, a month that saw orders down by 10% from the month before, according to Diamond Dateline (Mar. 5, 1992), "due to retailers lack of confidence in the economy." But in retrospect, it was a pause, as the industry revved up for an even stronger year than the one before. In large measure, the reason for that growth came from something that was just starting: the first Image comic book would appear in the February charts.

Diamond had 396 employees in 23 locations by this point, including the United Kingdom; it also relaunched its Previews catalog with a new #1 beginning this month.

Quasar Special #1 was actually the Direct Market offering of a newsstand comic book that contained the contents of Quasar #32, also out this month. It was designed to allow newsstand readers to see the ending to "Operation Galactic Storm," since Quasar was a Direct-Market-only title.

The raw version of the chart below was published in Diamond Dialogue (January 1992). We've added ship dates. The dates shown below are the dates the comics were scheduled to have shipped from the printer, according to Diamond Previews (November 1991, for January 1992-shipping product).

Diamond reported almost all dates as Tuesdays, which corresponded to when the printer Ronald's released its comics — but World Color Press wasn't releasing its books until 12:01 a.m. on Thursdays, and Diamond's catalog seems to have grouped everything together under the earlier day, regardless of which printer a comic came from. (Capital's Advance Comics uniformly announced dates that were two days later. Its dates appeared in Comics Buyer's Guide and Comic Shop News.) We've adjusted the dates on the comics known to have come from World Color Press to Thursday. Specific on-sale dates were rarely announced in advance for smaller publishers' titles as they could seldom guarantee printer times.

In some cases, comics were delayed; where available, the correct later dates have been included from Diamond's Dateline and Capital City Distribution's New Weekly Releases newsletters.

Further, in this era, distributor catalog dates for all publishers did not synch up exactly with the calendar month, so Diamond's January charts included a week's worth of DC comics from February — and are missing the first week's DC comics, which appeared in Diamond's December charts. This would continue until March 1995, when DC would realign its solicitations with the Direct Market's calendar month (that chart only included three weeks of DC sales). Because Diamond did not report indexed sales, there is no way to know where those comics would have landed in this month's chart.

This was the last month that Diamond would report only its Top 100 comics; in February, it shifted to reporting the Top 250 (in part to catch up with Capital City Distribution, which had run much longer lists for years). Because Diamond in February also noted for each item how their rankings had changed from January, we were able to reverse-engineer where 82 additional comics after 100th place should have gone. January was also the last month that Diamond didn't include order index numbers; they would begin in February 1992, allowing estimated sales to be computed and making years of Comichron's work possible.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 chart, plus items whose ranks were suggested by the rank-change data in the following month's chart.
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Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsComic-book TitleIssuePriceShippedPublisher
1Punisher War Zone1$2.2501/16/92Marvel
3Uncanny X-Men286$1.2501/09/92Marvel
7Warlock and the Infinity Watch2$1.7501/21/92Marvel
9Batman: Gotham Nights1$1.2501/14/92DC
10Ghost Rider23$1.7501/14/92Marvel
11Next Men1$2.5001/14/92Dark Horse
12Amazing Spider-Man360$1.2502/06/92Marvel
14Batman Vs. Predator3 Prestige$4.9502/04/92DC
16Incredible Hulk391$1.2501/23/92Marvel
18Marvel Comics Presents97$1.5001/09/92Marvel
19Legends of the Dark Knight28$1.7501/28/92DC
21Silver Surfer63$1.2501/30/92Marvel
22Marvel Comics Presents98$1.5001/23/92Marvel
23Predator: Bloody Sands of Time1$2.5001/14/92Dark Horse
24Captain America398$1.2501/09/92Marvel
25New Warriors21$1.2501/28/92Marvel
26Aliens: Genocide3$2.50Dark Horse
27Web of Spider-Man86$1.2501/09/92Marvel
28Punisher War Journal40$1.7501/28/92Marvel
29Batman Vs. Predator3 Newsstd$1.9502/04/92DC
33Guardians of the Galaxy22$1.25Marvel
34Fantastic Four362$1.2501/30/92Marvel
35Detective Comics642$1.0002/04/92DC
36Terminator: The Enemy Within3$2.5001/07/92Dark Horse
37Avengers West Coast80$1.2501/09/92Marvel
38Iron Man276$1.2501/30/92Marvel
40Deaths Head II1$1.7501/21/92Marvel
41Wonder Man7$1.2501/16/92Marvel
42What If35$1.2501/23/92Marvel
43Deathstroke the Terminator8$1.7501/21/92DC
46Marc Spector, Moon Knight36$1.7501/28/92Marvel
47Justice League Europe36$1.0002/04/92DC
48Justice League America60$1.0001/21/92DC
51Cyberrad Vol. 21 Direct Ed.$2.95Continuity
52Green Lantern22$1.0001/28/92DC
53Superman: The Man of Steel9$1.0001/14/92DC
56Action Comics675$1.0002/04/92DC
57Adventures of Superman488$1.0001/28/92DC
58New Titans84$1.7501/21/92DC
59Amazing Fantasy15$2.9501/23/92Marvel
61Star Trek: The Next Generation29$1.7501/28/92DC
62Alpha Flight106$1.7501/14/92Marvel
63Doctor Strange Sorceror Supreme39$1.7501/28/92Marvel
65Star Trek29$1.7501/14/92DC
66L.E.G.I.O.N. 9237$1.5001/28/92DC
67Justice League International Quarterly6$2.9501/14/92DC
68Legion of Super-Heroes27$1.7501/21/92DC
69Sensational She-Hulk37$1.7501/14/92Marvel
71Brave and The Bold4$1.7502/11/92DC
72Green Arrow58$1.5002/04/92DC
73X-Men Classic69$1.2501/30/92Marvel
76Elongated Man: Europe 923$1.0001/28/92DC
77Magnus: Robot Fighter11$1.95Valiant
79G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero122$1.2501/23/92Marvel
81Shado: Song of the Dragon1$4.9502/04/92DC
82Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.33$1.7501/21/92Marvel
84Conan the Barbarian254$1.2501/23/92Marvel
85Black Hood4$1.0001/21/92DC
86Doom Patrol53$1.5002/04/92DC
87Groo The Wanderer87$2.2501/14/92Marvel
88What The?17$1.2501/30/92Marvel
89Elfquest: Kings of the Broken Wheel$2.00Warp
90Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles43$2.00Mirage
91Interview with the Vampire3$2.50Innovation
93Animal Man45$1.7501/21/92DC
95Solar Man of the Atom8$2.25Valiant
98Legend of the Shield9$1.0001/28/92DC
99Suicide Squad63$1.2502/04/92DC
104Marvel Tales259$1.2501/23/92Marvel
105Swamp Thing117$1.7501/28/92DC
106Marvel Age110$1.0001/23/92Marvel
107Green Hornet7$1.95Now
110Dark Horse Presents58$2.2501/07/92Dark Horse
111Doctor Fate38$1.7502/04/92DC
112NFL Superpro6$1.2501/09/92Marvel
113Shade The Changing Man22$1.7501/14/92DC
114X-O Manowar3$1.95Valiant
121Quasar Special 1$1.2501/16/92Marvel
122Tales of Green Hornet3$1.95Now
128Skull and Bones2$4.9503/10/92DC
133My Name is Chaos2$4.9502/04/92DC
134Twilight Zone Vol. 25$1.95Now
139Miracleman: The Apocrypha2$2.50Eclipse
140Pirates of Dark Water5$1.2502/13/92Marvel
143Uncle Scrooge265$1.50Disney
147Donald Duck3$1.50Disney
149Defenders of Dynatron City2$1.2501/30/92Marvel
152Walt Disney's Comics and Stories570$2.95Disney
156James Bond Jr.3$1.2501/30/92Marvel
157Married With Children7$1.95Now
162Nightmare on Elm Street5$2.50Innovation
165Venus Wars10$2.5001/07/92Dark Horse
166Crying Freeman Part Three9$4.95Viz
168Captain Planet6$1.2502/13/92Marvel
173Silent Moebius Part Two2$4.95Viz
175Baseball Sluggers1$2.95Personality
176Barbie Fashion15$1.2501/28/92Marvel
178Necropolis Book 21$2.95Fleetway Quality
179Baseball Legends1$2.50Revolutionary
180Legends of NASCAR9$2.00Vortex
182Evil Ernie2$2.50Eternity
183Kid N Play2$1.2501/30/92Marvel
185Trouble with Tigers1$2.50Antarctic
186Baseball Superstars3$2.50Revolutionary
189NASCAR Adventures4$2.00Vortex
190Dredd Rules4$2.95Fleetway Quality
192Tales of Ordinary Madness1$2.5001/21/92Dark Horse
194Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children25$2.5001/28/92DC
195Midnight Eye: Goku P.I.6$4.95Viz
196Distant Soil2$1.75Aria
197Rock N Roll Comics45$2.50Revolutionary
204Force of Buddha's Palm44$1.95Jademan
205Iron Marshal20$1.75Jademan
206Oriental Heroes43$1.95Jademan
207Hard Rock Comics1$2.50Revolutionary
208Drunken Fist43$1.95Jademan
211Demonic Toys1$2.50Eternity
218Blood Sword43$1.95Jademan
221Betty and Veronica50$1.25Archie
222Blood Sword Dynasty30$1.95Jademan
223Cheval Noir26$2.9501/14/92Dark Horse
227Alien Nation: Public Enemy2$2.50Adventure
233Judge Dredd Classics63$1.95Fleetway Quality
234Planet of the Apes20$2.50Adventure
236Flare Adventures2$0.90Heroic
237New Crew4$2.95Personality
239Original Crew5$2.95Personality
243Leather and Lace: Undercover1$2.95Friendly
250Dare the Impossible2$1.95Fleetway Quality
251Cerebus: Church and State25$2.00Aardvark-Vanaheim
258Planet of the Apes: Blood of the Apes3$2.50Adventure
271Real Ghostbusters Vol. 26$1.75Now
282Sex in the Sinema2$2.75Comico

January 1992 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Preordered by North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top Graphic Novel charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Diamond's graphic novel charts continued to be a catchall for graphic novels as well as higher-priced comic books — but the category entered 1992 as Diamond's third largest, representing 8% of all dollar sales. Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man: Torment trade paperback made the top four.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisher
14Marvel Universe Master Edition #16$4.50Marvel
25Fantastic Four Bookshelf Ed.$5.95Marvel
39Crow Vol. 1$4.95Tundra
42Spider-Man: Torment$12.95Marvel
53Lobo's Greatest Hits$12.95DC
67Primal: From the Cradle to the Grave$9.95Dark Horse
78Carl Barks Library Album 1$8.95Gladstone
815Wolverine: Rahne of Terra$5.95Marvel
912Spider-Man Vs. Venom$9.95Marvel
1022Magnus: Steel Nation Vol. 1$5.95Valiant
1123Magnus: Steel Nation Vol. 2$5.95Valiant
126Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis$19.95DC
1320Yattering and Jack SC$7.95Eclipse
1438Bullwinkle and Rocky$4.95Marvel
1516Sandman: The Doll's House$12.95DC
1625Deadline USA #3$9.95Dark Horse
1721Question: Thunder Over the Abyss$12.95DC
1818Taboo Especial #1$14.95Spiderbaby
1919Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes$14.95DC
2036Calvin and Hobbes: Scientific Progress$7.95Andrews McMeel
2116Prince Valiant Book 14: Sword and Sorcery$16.95Fantagraphics
221Compleat Aliens HC Ltd. Ed.$99.95Dark Horse
2327Crying Freeman: Shades of Death$14.95Viz
2432Punisher: Circle of Blood$12.95Marvel
2511Boys Ranch HC$39.95Marvel