November 2000 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Preordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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Retailers ordered $15.5 million in comic books, and $4.3 million in trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and graphic novels thanks to major holiday releases.

Diamond did release dollar rankings for the Top 300 comics; these will be added at a later date.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 charts, plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Items marked (resolicited) were offered in an earlier month but never shipped; disregard any previously reported figure, as earlier orders were canceled when the books were resolicited.
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Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
1-Uncanny X-Men 388$2.25Marvel110,874
2-X-Men 108$2.25Marvel109,190
3-Battle Chasers 7$2.50DC86,708
4-Wolverine 158$2.25Marvel77,481
5-JLA 49$2.25DC74,274
6-10th Muse 1*$2.95Image73,301
7-Avengers 36$2.25Marvel67,575
8-Punisher 10$2.99Marvel67,473
9-Daredevil (resolicited)14$2.99Marvel63,773
10-Spawn 104$2.50Image63,742
11-Daredevil (resolicited)15$2.99Marvel63,453
12-X-Men The Search For Cyclops 2* $2.99Marvel58,327
13-Wolverine 2000$3.50Marvel55,079
14-Universe X 4$3.50Marvel53,809
15-Rising Stars 12$2.50Image52,898
16-Fantastic Four 37$2.25Marvel52,516
17-Ultimate Spider-Man 3$2.50Marvel51,899
18-X-Men Forever 1$3.50Marvel51,743
19-Tomb Raider 9$2.50Image51,583
20-Peter Parker Spider-Man 25$2.99Marvel49,718
21-Harley Quinn 2$2.25DC49,411
22-Daredevil Spider-Man 1$2.99Marvel49,118
23-Spidey A Universe X Special$3.99Marvel45,573
24-Amazing Spider-Man Foil Cvr 25$3.99Marvel45,391
25-Iron Man 36$2.25Marvel45,138
26-Batman 585$2.25DC44,422
27-Thor 31$2.25Marvel44,209
28-X-Force 110$2.25Marvel44,165
29-Cable 87$2.25Marvel43,969
30-Midnight Nation 3$2.50Image43,578
31-Captain America 37$2.25Marvel43,192
32-Detective Comics 752$2.50DC42,828
33-Superman 164$2.25DC42,152
34-Mutant X 27$2.25Marvel41,655
35-Batgirl 10$2.50DC41,504
36-Generation X 71$2.25Marvel40,744
37-Maximum Security 3$2.99Marvel40,318
38-Action Comics 773$2.25DC39,749
39-Butcher Knight (resolicited)1$2.50Image39,638
40-Black Widow Breakdown 1$2.99Marvel39,491
41-JSA 18$2.50DC39,465
42-Nightwing 51$2.25DC38,781
43-Daredevil Ninja 2$2.99Marvel38,576
44-Thunderbolts 46$2.25Marvel38,385
45-Star Wars Darth Maul 3$2.99Dark Horse37,906
46-Marvel Knights 7$2.99Marvel37,688
47-X-Men Magik 2$2.99Marvel37,568
48-Superman The Man of Steel 108$2.25DC37,564
49-Adventures of Superman 586$2.25DC37,510
50-Authority 21$2.50DC37,492
51-JLA Act of God 1$4.95DC37,173
52-Green Lantern 132$2.25DC36,871
53-Planetary 13$2.50DC36,848
54-X-Man 71$2.25Marvel36,715
55-Batman Gotham Knights 11$3.25DC35,929
56-Batman Turning Points 1$2.50DC35,796
57-Iron Fist Wolverine 3$2.99Marvel35,733
58-Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 137$2.25DC35,662
59-Superman Lex 20003.5$.00DC35,409
60-Gambit 24$2.25Marvel35,351
61-Incredible Hulk 22$2.25Marvel35,023
62-Batman Turning Points 2$2.50DC34,547
63-Batman Turning Points 3$2.50DC34,476
64-Batman Turning Points 5$2.50DC34,401
65-Green Lantern Superman Legends of the Green Flame5.95$.00DC34,223
66-Batman Turning Points 4$2.50DC34,187
67-Sentry 5$2.99Marvel33,592
68-Marvel Boy 6$2.99Marvel32,566
69-Flash 168$2.25DC32,077
70-Bishop The Last X-Man 16$2.25Marvel31,851
71-X-Men The Hidden Years 14$2.50Marvel31,473
72-Hellspawn 4$2.50Image31,429
73-Titans 23$2.50DC31,256
74-Green Lantern Vs Aliens 3$2.99Dark Horse31,251
75-Tomb Raider The Greatest Treasure of All$5.95Image30,425
76-Tom Strong 11$2.95DC30,420
77-Star Wars Bobba Fett Agent of Doom $2.99Dark Horse29,843
78-Warlands 11$2.50Image29,568
79-Young Justice 27$2.50DC28,915
80-Robin 84$2.25DC28,595
81-Fantastic Four Big Town 1$3.50Marvel28,213
82-Ghost Batgirl 4$2.99Dark Horse28,013
83-First 1$2.95Crossgen27,413
84-Spider-Man The Mysterio Manifesto 1$2.99Marvel27,386
85-Deadpool 48$2.25Marvel27,258
86-Spider-Girl 28$2.25Marvel26,738
87-Captain Marvel 13$2.50Marvel26,378
88-Superman and Batman Worlds Funnest$6.95DC25,805
89-Catwoman 88$2.25DC25,801
90-Americas Best Comics Special 1$6.95DC25,694
91-Wonder Woman 164$2.25DC25,654
92-Birds of Prey 25$2.50DC25,614
93-Robin Year One 2$4.95DC25,325
94-Batman Chronicles 23$2.95DC24,814
95-Star Wars 24$2.99Dark Horse24,774
96-Gen 13 59$2.50DC24,361
97-Starman 73$2.50DC23,562
98-Supergirl 52$2.25DC22,469
99-Spawn The Dark Ages 21$2.50Image22,296
100-Mystic 6$2.95Crossgen22,278
101-Red Star 4$2.95Image22,078
102-Legends of the DC Universe 36$2.50DC21,856
103-Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham 3$4.95DC21,776
104-Sam and Twitch 16$2.50Image21,718
105-Wildcats Vol. 2 17$2.50DC21,554
106-Black Panther 26$2.50Marvel21,416
107-Marvel The Lost Generation 2$2.99Marvel21,403
108-Scion 6$2.95Crossgen21,287
109-Buffy The Vampire Slayer 27$2.99Dark Horse21,216
110-Tellos 10$2.95Image21,025
111-Powers 7$2.95Image20,683
112-Legion Lost 9$2.50DC20,665
113-Sigil 6$2.95Crossgen20,581
114-Meridian 6$2.95Crossgen20,496
115-Hellblazer 156$2.50DC19,617
116-Tomb Raider Gallery$2.95Image19,528
117-Transmetropolitan 40$2.50DC19,350
118-Tomorrow Stories (resolicited)8$2.95DC19,275
119-Futurama Comics 1$2.50Bongo19,248
120-Lady Death Tribulation 1$2.95Chaos19,084
121-Dreams of the Darkchylde 2$2.95Dark Horse19,062
122-Martian Manhunter 26$2.50DC18,919
123-Hitman 57$2.50DC18,595
124-Spider-Girl Presents Darkdevil 3$2.99Marvel18,489
125-Azrael Agent of the Bat 72$2.50DC18,466
126-Vampi 4 Reg Ed$2.95Harris18,444
127-Outlaw Nation 3$2.50DC18,431
128-Superboy 82$2.25DC18,133
129-Darkminds Vol. 2 9$2.50Image17,853
130-Savage Dragon 81$2.95Image17,707
131-Lucifer 8$2.50DC17,227
132-Sailor Moon 26$2.95Tokyopop17,165
133-Orion 8$2.50DC16,898
134-Aquaman 75$2.50DC16,872
135-Before The Fantastic 4 The Storms 2$2.99Marvel16,405
136-Strangers In Paradise Vol. III 36$2.75Abstract15,877
137-100 Bullets 18$2.50DC15,792
138-Angel 13$2.99Dark Horse15,512
139-Simpsons Comics 52$2.50Bongo15,437
140-Insane Clown Posse Pendulum 6$5.95Chaos15,286
141-Impulse 68$2.50DC15,033
142-Amazing Spider-Man Standard Cvr 25$2.99Marvel14,917
143-Spaceknights 4$2.99Marvel14,886
144-Hourman 22$2.50DC14,704
145-Bart Simpson Comics 2$2.50Bongo14,268
146-Swamp Thing 9$2.50DC13,958
147-Batman Gotham Adventures 32$1.99DC13,869
148-Purgatori 0.5$2.95Chaos13,504
149-Rose 2$5.95Cartoon13,420
150-Dreaming 56$2.50DC13,109
151-Echo 8$2.95Image12,887
152-Liberty Meadows 16$2.95Insight12,616
153-Batman Beyond 15$1.99DC12,416
154-Dragonball Z Part 3 10$2.95Viz11,812
155-Spyboy 14$2.99Dark Horse11,741
156-Powerpuff Girls 9$1.99DC11,728
157-Millennium Edition Detective Comics 1$3.95DC11,652
158-Kabuki Agents Scarab 5$2.95Image11,585
159-Star Trek The Next Generation The Killing Shadows 3$2.50DC11,434
160-Tarot Witch of the Black Rose 5$2.95Broadsword11,123
161-Madman Comics The G-Men From Hell 4$2.99Dark Horse10,995
162-Millennium Edition Detective Comics 225$2.50DC10,835
163-Oh My Goddess (Part IX)5$2.99Dark Horse10,799
164-Millennium Edition More Fun Comics 73$3.95DC10,528
165-Shi Year Dragon 3$2.99Crusade10,524
166-Objective Five 4$2.95Image10,062
167-Dragonball Part 3 6$2.95Viz9,911
168-Millennium Edition Showcase 9$2.50DC9,831
169-Flinch 16$2.50DC9,817
170-Superman Adventures 51$1.99DC9,751
171-Millennium Edition Superman 233$2.50DC9,453
172-Gundam Wing 9$2.95Tokyopop9,355
173-Jet 3$2.50DC9,155
174-Brass 6$2.50DC9,084
175-Gunsmith Cats Mister V 2$3.50Dark Horse9,013
176-Grendel Devils Legacy 9$2.99Dark Horse9,013
177-Blade of the Immortal The Gathering51$2.99Dark Horse8,973
178-Atomics 11$2.95AAA Pop8,929
179-Usagi Yojimbo 43$2.99Dark Horse8,920
180-Jade Warriors Slave of the Dragon 1$3.50Avatar8,431
181-Super Manga Blast 7$4.99Dark Horse8,227
182-Neon Genesis Evangelion Book 5 2$2.95Viz8,156
183-Charlies Angels Movie Special 1 Reg Ed$2.95Harris7,987
184-Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Viz) 4$2.95Viz7,978
185-Ranma 1/2 Part 9 7$2.95Viz7,889
186-Static Shock Rebirth of the Cool 1$2.50DC7,716
187-Battle Gods Warriors of the Chaak 8$2.99Dark Horse7,445
188-Deadenders 11$2.50DC7,374
189-Cerebus 260$2.25Aardvark-Vanaheim7,250
190-Knights of the Dinner Table 49$2.95Kenzer7,134
191-Unity 2000 (resolicited)6$2.50Acclaim6,592
192-Poison Elves 62$2.95Sirius6,530
193-Youngblood Genesis 1$2.99Awesome6,521
194-Top Cow Classics Tomb Raider 1$2.95Image6,317
195-Sock Monkey Vol. 3 1$2.99Dark Horse6,272
196-Jingle Belles All Star Holiday Hullabaloo$4.95Oni6,148
197-Demonslayer Rebirth (resolicited)1$2.99Awesome5,788
198-Castle Waiting Vol. 2 3$2.95Cartoon5,699
199-Gold Digger Vol. 2 16$2.95Antarctic5,544
200-Knights of the Dinner Table Hackmasters 4$2.95Kenzer5,406
201-Cardcaptor Sakura 11$2.95Tokyopop5,397
202-Scooby-Doo 42$1.99DC5,313
203-Countdown 8$2.95DC5,109
204-Sonic The Hedgehog 91$1.99Archie4,962
205-No Need For Tenchi Part 10 3$2.95Viz4,949
206-Ticks Big Yule Log Special 2001$3.50New England4,922
207-Inu Yasha Part 5 6$2.95Viz4,780
208-Bondage Fairies Extreme 13$3.95Fantagraphics4,727
209-Metabarons 10$2.95Humanoids4,438
210-Sonic Super Special 15$2.49Archie4,429
211-Digimon 11$2.99Dark Horse4,282
212-Digimon 12$2.99Dark Horse4,269
213-Pokemon Adventures Part 3 4$2.95Viz4,034
214-Battlestar Galactica Triad Triumph & Tears Reg Ed$3.99Realm3,914
215-Dark Angel 19$2.95CPM3,909
216-Aphrodite Ix 1 Super Sexy Variant Exclusive$5.00Fantagraphics3,883
217-Artesia Afield 5$2.95Sirius3,874
218-Lodoss War Chronicles Heroic Knight 3$2.95CPM3,638
219-Archie 504$1.99Archie3,558
220-Ninja High School 78$2.95Antarctic3,540
221-Aqua Knight Part 2 2$3.50Viz3,523
222-El Hazard The Magnificent World 3$2.95Viz3,509
223-Dexters Laboratory 17$1.99DC3,412
224-Coffin 2$2.95Oni3,381
225-Betty & Veronica 156$1.99Archie3,372
226-Sabrina Vol. 2 14$1.99Archie3,336
227-Age of Bronze 9$3.50Image3,283
228-Geeksville 4$2.95Image3,256
229-Slut Girl 6$3.95Fantagraphics3,194
230-Looney Tunes 72$1.99DC3,172
231-Betty 94$1.99Archie3,163
232-Saint Tail 2$2.95Tokyopop3,110
233-Veronica 108$1.99Archie3,096
234-Co-Ed Sexxtasy 12$3.50Fantagraphics3,087
235-Betty & Veronica Double Digest 94$3.19Archie3,078
236-Warrior Nun Areala 16$2.95Antarctic3,012
237-Rumble Girls Silky Warrior Tansie 5$3.50Image2,981
238-Kamikaze 1946 2$2.95Antarctic2,976
239-Cartoon Network Starring 17$1.99DC2,936
240-Miracle Girls 3$2.95Tokyopop2,905
241-Martian Successor Nadesico 18$2.95CPM2,852
242-Ad&D Forgotten Realms Forbidden Sands Anauroch 6$4.95Twenty First2,763
243-Silent Mobius Catastrophe 6$2.95Viz2,665
244-Housewives At Play 5$2.95Fantagraphics2,661
245-Dork Tower 12$2.95Dork Storm2,630
246-Ninja High School Swimsuit Special 2000$4.50Antarctic2,625
247-X-Men Universe 14$3.99Marvel2,625
248-Archie & Friends 45$1.99Archie2,612
249-Deja Vu 1$2.95Radio2,608
250-Voice of Submission Gehenna 2$3.50Fantagraphics2,585
251-Jugheads Double Digest 73$3.19Archie2,559
252-Betty & Veronica Digest 117$2.19Archie2,532
253-Archies Weird Mysteries (resolicited)11$1.99Archie2,528
254-Archie Digest 177$2.19Archie2,492
255-Geobreeders 21$2.95CPM2,483
256-Breakfast After Noon 4$2.95Oni2,470
257-Matt Buschs Daria Jontak Reg Ed 2$3.99Realm2,443
258-Milk 20$2.95Radio2,372
259-Crime Patrol 10$2.50Gemstone2,359
260-War Against Crime 10$2.50Gemstone2,354
261-Powers (reorders)1$2.95Image2,306
262-Time Traveler Ai 14$2.95CPM2,297
263-Thieves & Kings 34$2.50I Box2,288
264-Stark Raven 3$2.95Harris2,283
265-Twilight Girl 3$2.95Crossgen2,270
266-Vampire Princess Yui Vol. 1 5$2.95Ironcat2,208
267-Futabakun Change Vol. 5 5$2.95Ironcat2,186
268-Laugh Digest 163$2.19Archie2,181
269-Smile Vol. 3 1$4.99Tokyopop2,128
270-Fillerbunny (reorders)1$2.25Slave Labor2,075
271-Princess Prince 2$2.95CPM1,968
272-DF Daredevil Spider Man 1 Alt Cvr $6.95Dynamic Forces1,901
273-Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Curr Ptg (reorders)1$2.95Slave Labor1,879
274-Wild Zoo 3$2.95Radio1,875
275-Furrlough 95$2.95Radio1,817
276-Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Curr Ptg (reorders)2$2.95Slave Labor1,768
277-Maxion 12$2.95CPM1,768
278-Junior 4$2.95Fantagraphics1,755
279-Weather Woman 4$2.95CPM1,746
280-Naughty Bits 33$2.95Fantagraphics1,706
281-DFE Spidey Universe X Special Alt Cvr $6.95Dynamic Forces1,697
282-Desperate Times Vol. 2 1$2.95Aaaargh1,688
283-Ogenki Clinic Vol. 6 7$2.95Ironcat1,630
284-Eddie Campbells Bacchus 57$2.95Eddie Campbell1,621
285-Arsenic Lullaby Christmas Special 1$2.50A Silent1,621
286-Arsenic Lullaby 12$2.50A Silent1,528
287-Benzine 2$4.95Antarctic1,488
288-Warhammer Monthly 36$2.95Games Workshop1,484
289-Immoral Angel 11$2.95CPM1,466
290-Threshold 34$4.95Avatar1,448
291-Kane (resolicited)30$2.95Dancing Elephant1,439
292-Mangazine 16$8.99Antarctic1,417
293-Shanda The Panda 30$2.95Shanda1,404
294-Pete The PO'd Postal Worker (resolicited)11$2.95Sharkbait1,364
295-Wanderlust 1$2.95Chiseled1,346
296-Charlies Angels Movie Special 1 Ltd Photo Cvr Ed$9.95Harris1,337
297-Lady Death Tribulation 1 Premium Ed$9.95Chaos1,333
298-Countdown Vampires 0$2.95Ironcat1,333
299-Circe The Risen 1$2.95Sound & Vision1,328
300-7 Guys of Justice 4$2.00False Idol1,297

November 2000 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Preordered by North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top Graphic Novel charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Trade paperback preorders, in dollars, amounted to nearly a quarter of all dollar preorders.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
12Shazam Power of Hope Oversized$9.95DC33,064
21Crisis On Infinite Earths$29.95DC14,273
33JLA A League of One HC$24.95DC12,096
412Lone Wolf & Cub V 4 The Bell Warden $9.95Dark Horse11,896
54Akira 1 $24.95Dark Horse9,040
66Earth X $24.95Marvel7,543
77League of Extraordinary Gentlemen HC$24.95DC7,072
88Batman Harvest Breed HC$24.95DC6,872
911Authority Under New Management$17.95DC6,654
109Sin City Hell and Back $25.00Dark Horse6,192
1118Essential Spider-Man Vol. 4 $14.95Marvel5,362
1217DC Universe Christmas$19.95DC4,158
1324Hellblazer Hard Time$9.95DC4,118
1425Sailor Moon Pocket Mixx Vol. 8$9.95Tokyopop4,082
155Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four 51-60$49.95Marvel3,958
1621Ranma 1/2 Vol. 16$15.95Viz3,647
1713House On The Borderland HC$29.95DC3,558
1814Star Trek The Next Generation The Gorn Crisis HC$29.95DC3,492
1927Bettie Page Queen of the Nile $12.95Dark Horse3,025
2010Justice League of America Archives Vol. 6 HC (Res)$49.95DC2,972
2116Art of Marvel Comics HC $29.95Marvel2,972
2220Sam and Twitch Vol. 1 Udaku$21.95Image2,910
2323Superman No Limits$14.95DC2,901
2419X-Men Visionaries Neal Adams $24.95Marvel2,701
2529Gundam Wing Pocket Mixx Vol. 2$9.95Tokyopop2,701