July 2006 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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For the first seven months of the year, Diamond's overall sales including all comics, trade paperbacks, and magazines are at $223.85 million, up 13% over the previous year's pace of $197.4 million. The industry was ahead more than $26 million, and nearly $20 million of that came from Diamond's Top 300 Comics.

Marvel's Civil War #3 led the list, selling at least 290,700 copies and dropping off only slightly from the first issue's totals. Orders for DC's issues of 52 were again only estimated by Diamond, owing to that title's returnability -- but estimates for all four were above 98,000 copies, with #11 and its introduction of a new Batwoman appearing in fourth place. (Without the reduction, Batwoman's debut issue really was the third-place comic.) The series would become nonreturnable in August. Fourteen comics had sales over 100,000 copies.

The same top four publishers appeared in the same order in every market share category measured: Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse. Parity returned to the offerings between the Big Two as DC had 88 comics in the Top 300 versus Marvel’s 87.

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

Read more in our original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Civil War3$2.99Marvel290,672
22Justice League of America0$2.99DC162,357
33New Avengers22$2.99Marvel124,601
41252 11*$2.50DC122,001
65Amazing Spider-Man534$2.99Marvel113,507
76Civil War Front Line3$2.99Marvel111,406
87Wolverine Origins4$2.99Marvel110,816
98Civil War X-Men1$2.99Marvel106,149
1110Uncanny X-Men475$2.99Marvel103,980
1211Civil War Front Line4$2.99Marvel103,140
131952 9*$2.50DC102,129
142352 10*$2.50DC100,766
1514Ghost Rider1$2.99Marvel98,813
162452 12*$2.50DC98,654
1817Superman Batman28$2.99DC92,591
1918Uncanny X-Men476$2.99Marvel88,764
2020Civil War Young Avengers & Runaways1$2.99Marvel85,335
2121Supergirl7 (Res)$2.99DC85,164
2222Ultimate Fantastic Four31$2.99Marvel84,449
2426Green Lantern12$2.99DC80,282
2527Flash Fastest Man Alive2$2.99DC77,477
2628Supergirl8 (Res)$2.99DC76,932
2729Ultimate Spider-Man97$2.99Marvel76,602
2930Teen Titans37$2.99DC71,254
3031Ultimate X-Men72$2.99Marvel70,584
3116Black Panther18$3.99Marvel69,903
3434Detective Comics821$2.99DC67,337
3535Action Comics841$2.99DC58,650
3636Sensational Spider-Man28$2.99Marvel58,525
3737Green Lantern Corps2$2.99DC56,878
3838Cable Deadpool30$2.99Marvel56,810
4244All New Atom1$2.99DC49,963
4547Incredible Hulk96$2.99Marvel49,202
4648Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man10$2.99Marvel48,896
4749Captain America20$2.99Marvel47,351
4850Secret Six2$2.99DC47,340
4951Civil War2$2.99Marvel46,102
5052Squadron Supreme5$2.99Marvel46,023
5355Supergirl & Legion of Super Heroes20$2.99DC41,674
5456Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters1$2.99DC40,731
5557New X-Men28$2.99Marvel39,766
5659Annihilation Silver Surfer4$2.99Marvel39,176
5760Ms Marvel5$2.99Marvel38,869
5861Crisis Aftermath Spectre3$2.99DC38,767
5962Iron Man10$2.99Marvel38,097
6164Crisis Aftermath Battle For Bludhaven6$2.99DC37,052
6265New Excalibur9$2.99Marvel36,462
6467Green Arrow64$2.99DC36,144
6669Blue Beetle5$2.99DC35,485
6770Annihilation Nova4$2.99Marvel35,190
7173JSA Classified14$2.99DC33,827
7274Annihilation Super Skrull4$2.99Marvel33,589
7375Star Wars Legacy2$2.99Dark Horse33,294
7476Red Sonja12$2.99Dynamic33,248
7540Civil War Directors Cut1$4.99Marvel32,873
7779Birds of Prey96$2.99DC32,215
7880Annihilation Ronan4$2.99Marvel31,715
7981JLA Classified24$2.99DC31,692
8082Conan30$2.99Dark Horse31,091
8183JLA Classified25$2.99DC30,705
8284Aquaman Sword of Atlantis43$2.99DC30,580
8386She-Hulk 29$2.99Marvel29,898
8487Batman Secrets5$2.99DC27,945
8689Jack of Fables1$2.99DC27,094
8792Y The Last Man47$2.99DC25,788
8893Transformers Infiltration6$2.99IDW25,299
9095Conan & Songs of the Dead1$2.99Dark Horse25,141
9399Transformers Stormbringer1$2.99IDW24,539
9478Astro City Samaritan Sp0$3.99DC24,391
95100Batman Legends of the Dark Knight208$2.99DC23,971
96102Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic7$2.99Dark Horse23,528
97103Last Planet Standing5$2.99Marvel23,483
98104Star Wars Rebellion4$2.99Dark Horse23,153
102999Escapists1$1.00Dark Horse21,745
104999Transformers Evolutions Hearts of Steel1$2.99IDW20,530
105999Walking Dead29$2.99Image20,383
106999Jonah Hex9$2.99DC20,383
109999All New Off Handbook Marvel Universe A To Z7$3.99Marvel20,121
110999Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook0$3.99Marvel20,019
111999Firestorm Nuclear Man27$2.99DC19,769
112999Street Fighter II4$2.95Udon19,134
113999Wolverine Origins Directors Cut (Pp718)$3.99Marvel18,430
114999X-Men Fairy Tales3$2.99Marvel18,100
115999Marvel Team-Up22$2.99Marvel17,941
117999Fantastic Four First Family5$2.99Marvel16,919
118999Superman Returns Movie Adaptation0$6.99DC16,828
119999G.I. Joe Americas Elite13 Cvr A$2.95Devil's Due16,749
120999Neil Gaimans Neverwhere8$2.99DC16,590
121999Fury Peacemaker6$3.50Marvel16,579
122999BPRD Universal Machine4$2.99Dark Horse16,022
124999Amazing Spider-Man533$2.99Marvel15,750
125999Civil War Front Line2$2.99Marvel15,648
126999Man Called Kev1$2.99DC15,545
128999Army of Darkness9$2.99Dynamic15,489
130999Civil War1$3.99Marvel15,000
131999Battler Britton1$2.99DC14,841
136999She-Hulk 28$2.99Marvel14,239
137999Bite Club Vampire Crime Unit4$2.99DC14,160
139999Amazing Spider-Man532$2.99Marvel13,558
140999Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters1$3.99Marvel13,513
141999New Avengers Illuminati Sp0$3.99Marvel13,331
142999American Virgin5$2.99DC13,263
143999100 Bullets74$2.99DC13,263
144999Rush City1$2.99DC13,081
145999Shaolin Cowboy6$3.50Burlyman12,775
148999Fantastic Four538$2.99Marvel12,048
149999Blood of the Demon17$2.99DC11,934
150999Haunt of Horror Edgar Allan Poe3$3.99Marvel11,560
151999Goon18$2.99Dark Horse11,503
152999Claw The Unconquered2$2.99DC11,469
154999Daughters of the Dragon6$2.99Marvel11,162
155999Transformers Generations5$2.49IDW11,139
156999Spike Vs Dracula4$3.99IDW11,094
161999Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grind3$3.99Avatar10,594
162999Teen Titans Go33$2.25DC10,515
163999Simpsons Comics120$2.99Bongo10,322
164999Justice League Unlimited23$2.25DC10,254
165999Tarot Witch of the Black Rose39$2.95Broadsword9,527
166999Marvel Adventures Avengers3$2.99Marvel9,005
167999Angel Spotlight Doyle One Shot0$3.99IDW8,948
168999Friday The 13th Fearbook1$3.99Avatar8,903
170999Strangers in Paradise83$2.95Abstract8,868
171999Elfquest Discovery4$3.99DC8,834
172999Nightmare of Elm St Fearbook1$3.99Avatar8,732
173999Marvel Westerns Kid Colt & Arizona Girl0$3.99Marvel8,596
174999American Way6$2.99DC8,539
175999Manifest Eternity2$2.99DC8,414
176999New Avengers21$2.99Marvel8,346
177999Franklin Richards Son of Genius Spr Smmr Spctclr0$2.99Marvel8,323
178999Marvel Westerns Western Legends0$3.99Marvel8,267
179999Skye Runner3$2.99DC8,164
180999Savage Dragon0$1.95Image8,164
181999Batman Strikes23$2.25DC8,153
182999Futurama Comics26$2.99Bongo8,142
183999Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fearbook1$3.99Avatar7,983
184999Occult Crimes Taskforce1$2.99Image7,915
185999Friday The 13th Jason Vs Jason X2$3.99Avatar7,824
186999Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 21 Cvr A$4.95Devil's Due7,812
187999Bearers of the Blade Sp0$2.99Image7,744
188999Simpsons Super Spectacular3$2.99Bongo7,688
189999Sonic The Hedgehog164$2.25Archie7,608
190999Superman Batman25 2nd Ptg$2.99DC7,142
191999Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane8$2.99Marvel6,768
192999Rival Schools2$4.95Udon6,677
193999Dcu Brave New World1$1.00DC6,552
194999She Dragon1$5.99Image6,438
198999Red Star Sword of Lies0$4.50Archie6,268
199999Grimm Fairy Tales7$2.99Zenescope6,211
200999Art of the Witchblade One Shot0$2.99Image6,132
201999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man17$2.99Marvel6,132
203999Sonic X11$2.25Archie5,916
205999Clive Barkers Great & Secret Show4$3.99IDW5,882
206999Avengers & Power Pack Assemble4$2.99Marvel5,848
207999Kabuki Reflections Book6$5.99Marvel5,814
208999Ant7 (Res)$2.99Image5,541
209999Marvels Greatest Comics Fantastic Four52$2.99Marvel5,530
211999Fear Agent6 (Res)$2.99Image5,212
212999Knights of the Dinner Table116$4.99Kenzer5,167
217999Civil War Front Line1$2.99Marvel4,871
218999Scooby Doo110$2.25DC4,781
219999Death Jr Vol. 21$4.99Image4,781
220999Exalted4 Reg Ed$3.49Udon4,769
221999Battle Pope Color9 (Res)$3.50Image4,769
222999Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four14$2.99Marvel4,667
224999Zoom Suit3$2.95Superverse4,610
225999Casefiles Sam & Twitch24$2.95Image4,542
226999Donald Duck & Friends342$2.95Gemstone4,474
228999Flash Fastest Man Alive1$2.99DC4,349
229999Archenemies4$2.99Dark Horse4,326
230999Road To Hell1$3.99IDW4,190
231999Lullaby4 (Res)$3.50Alias4,179
232999Lady Death Shi Preview0$2.50Avatar4,099
233999Mickey Mouse & Friends291$2.95Gemstone4,020
234999Marvel Spotlight Robert Kirkman Greg Land0$2.99Marvel3,963
237999Mouse Guard1$3.50Archaia3,918
238999Scarlet Traces Great Game1 (Res)$2.99Dark Horse3,849
239999Public Enemy1$3.99American Mule3,759
240999Task Force One1$3.50Image3,759
241999Hate Annual6$4.95Fantagraphics3,747
242999Raymond E Feist Magician Apprentice2 Cvr A$2.95Dabel3,713
243999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories671$6.95Gemstone3,702
245999Blade of the Immortal115$2.99Dark Horse3,577
246999Tick Days of Drama6$3.95New England3,429
247999Hero Squared Ongoing2$3.99Boom3,350
249999Black Harvest6$3.25Devil's Due3,338
250999Star Wars Legacy1$2.99Dark Horse3,248
251999Wonder Woman1$2.99DC3,225
252999Uncle Scrooge356$6.95Gemstone3,202
253999Stargate SG1 2006 Con Sp0$2.99Avatar3,111
254999Castle Waiting Vol. II1$5.95Fantagraphics3,066
255999Strange Girl9$2.99Image3,055
256999Hawaiian Dick Last Resort4$2.99Image2,839
257999Black Plague One Shot0$3.99Boom2,805
258999Mouse Guard2$3.50Archaia2,793
259999Moon Knight3$2.99Marvel2,759
260999Betty & Veronica219$2.25Archie2,748
261999Revolution of the Planet of the Apes5$3.95Markosia2,714
263999Looney Tunes140$2.25DC2,680
264999G.I. Joe Americas Elite13 Cvr B$5.95Devil's Due2,623
265999Simpsons Classics9$3.99Bongo2,623
266999Second Wave War of the Worlds4$2.99Boom2,578
267999Starship Troopers4$3.50Marvel2,566
268999Sabrina Vol. 277$2.25Archie2,521
270999Angel Scriptbook5$3.99IDW2,339
272999Archie & Friends102$2.25Archie2,316
273999Tales of Leonardo Blind Sight2$3.25Mirage2,316
275999Second Wave War of the Worlds5$2.99Boom2,226
276999Jeremiah Harm4$3.99Boom2,169
278999Nightmare of Elm St Paranoid3$3.99Avatar2,135
279999Cobb Off Leash2$3.99IDW2,044
280999Betty & Veronica Double Digest144$3.69Archie2,044
281999Lost Squad5$2.95Devil's Due2,044
283999Cartoon Network Block Party23$2.25DC1,976
284999Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grind2$3.99Avatar1,964
286999Action Comics840$2.99DC1,908
287999Cartoon Network Action Pack3$2.25DC1,908
288999Lady Death Shi Preview Ryp Cvr0$2.99Avatar1,874
289999Legend of Isis10 (Res)$3.50Alias1,862
290999Betty & Veronica Digest167$2.49Archie1,840
291999Shojo Beat Vol. 20$5.99Viz1,840
292999Housewives At Play16$4.95Fantagraphics1,828
294999Pals N Gals Double Digest104$3.69Archie1,771
297999Blackbeard Legacy2$3.50Alias1,703
298999Screwtooth1$2.95Slave Labor1,703
299999Young Avengers12$2.99Marvel1,681

July 2006 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

A strong July for Diamond's Top 100 trade paperbacks finally brought the Top 100 trade category into positive territory for 2006. July's sales of Top 100 trade paperbacks to retailers were 25% over those for July 2005. Sales of trade paperbacks in general were never actually down, just this top-most portion of Diamond's inventory which might be regarded in some sense as the front of the frontlist.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
12Fables Vol. 7 Arabian Nights & Days$14.99DC10,731
21Halo Graphic Novel HC$24.99Marvel10,526
36New Avengers Vol. 2 Sentry$14.99Marvel7,052
411Twisted Toyfare Theatre Vol. 7$12.99Wizard6,370
59Teen Titans Vol. 5 Life & Death$14.99DC5,837
64Superman Batman Vol. 4 Vengeance HC$19.99DC5,723
717Superman Infinite Crisis$12.99DC5,337
839Fruits Basket Vol. 14$9.99Tokyopop4,463
926Superman Returns Movie & More Tales of the Man of Steel$12.99DC4,429
1014Showcase Presents Elongated Man Vol. 1$16.99DC4,349
115X-Men Deadly Genesis Prem HC$24.99Marvel4,258
1222Lucifer Vol. 10 Morningstar$14.99DC4,201
1313Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 9$17.95Dark Horse4,190
1442Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 8$9.99Viz4,077
1535Captain America Red Menace Vol. 1$11.99Marvel3,952
1627Berserk Vol. 12$13.95Dark Horse3,940
1721Essential Off Handbook Marvel Universe Dlx Ed Vol. 3$16.99Marvel3,895
1830Walt Disney Treasures Vol. 1 75 Years of Disney Comics$12.99Gemstone3,883
1912Batman City of Crime$19.99DC3,872
2018X-Men Blood of Apocalypse$17.99Marvel3,849
2128Supreme Power Hyperion$14.99Marvel3,634
2215Wonder Woman Missions End$19.99DC3,577
2324Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2$16.99Marvel3,497
247Walking Dead Vol. 1 HC$29.99Image3,475
2519Sloth HC$19.99DC3,452
2649Trigun Maximum Vol. 9$9.95Dark Horse3,316
2747Carl Barks Greatest Ducktales Stories Vol. 2$10.95Gemstone3,259
2860Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 28$7.95Viz3,259
2956Inu Yasha Vol. 26$8.95Viz3,111
3023Iron Man Extremis Prem HC$19.99Marvel2,998
3169Death Note Vol. 6$7.99Viz2,952
3254Testament Akedah$9.99DC2,952
3341Hellblazer All His Engines$14.99DC2,816
3432BPRD Black Flame$17.95Dark Horse2,714
3543Top 10 Beyond Farthest Precinct$14.99DC2,691
368Invincible Vol. 2 Ultimate Coll HC$34.99Image2,668
3737New Excalibur Vol. 1 Defenders of the Realm$17.99Marvel2,612
3863Nge Angelic Days Manga Vol. 2$9.99ADV2,555
3944Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 20 Glimpses of Death$15.95Dark Horse2,510
403Metal Men Archives Vol. 1 HC$49.99DC2,430
4140Ultimates Vol. 2 Homeland Security$17.99Marvel2,396
4234Fantastic Four Books of Doom Prem HC$19.99Marvel2,385
4336Black Panther By Jack Kirby Vol. 2$19.99Marvel2,373
4416Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2 HC$29.99Marvel2,339
4525Flight Vol. 3$24.95Random House2,305
4650Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 Power & Responsibility$14.95Marvel2,192
4795One Piece Vol. 11$7.95Viz2,157
482924 Seven$24.99Image2,157
4964Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 2 Learning Curve$12.99Marvel1,964
5020Avengers Assemble Vol. 3 HC$34.99Marvel1,919
51130Teen Titans Go Vol. 4 Ready For Action$6.99DC1,919
5265Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 11 Carnage$12.99Marvel1,896
5345Silent Dragon$19.99DC1,874
5446Pathfinder$19.95Dark Horse1,851
5538Excalibur Classic Vol. 2 Two Edged Sword$24.99Marvel1,840
5668Old Boy Vol. 1$12.95Dark Horse1,828
5770Antique Bakery Vol. 4$12.95Digital Manga1,817
5872Ultimate X-Men Vol. 7 Blockbuster$12.99Marvel1,771
5974Bomb Queen Vol. 1 Woman of Mass Destruction$12.99Image1,760
6076Ultimate X-Men Vol. 12 Hard Lessons$12.99Marvel1,749
6177Gorgeous Carat Galaxy$12.95Digital Manga1,737
624830 Days of Night Three Tales$19.99IDW1,715
63110Ultimate X-Men Vol. 10 Cry Wolf$8.99Marvel1,715
6462Iron West$14.99Image1,703
65128Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol. 1 Super Crush Digest$7.99Marvel1,703
6653Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 8 Cats & Kings$17.99Marvel1,658
6787Polly & Pirates Vol. 1$11.95Oni1,624
6866Futurama Vol. 3 Time Bender$14.95Bongo1,612
69105Kare Kano Vol. 20$9.99Tokyopop1,601
7082Time Lag$12.95Digital Manga1,590
7178Museum of Terror Vol. 1$13.95Dark Horse1,578
7271Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 4 Legacy$14.99Marvel1,567
7355Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 3 Double Trouble$17.95Marvel1,556
74108Kuro No Kishi Black Knight Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,556
75109Eightball Pussey$9.95Fantagraphics1,544
7610Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol. 3 HC Var Ed$54.99Marvel1,533
7790Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 5 Publicrutiny$11.99Marvel1,522
7858Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 9 Ultimate Six$17.99Marvel1,522
7985Cafe Kichijouji De Vol. 3$12.95Digital Manga1,510
80127Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Vol. 4$8.99Viz1,510
82112Read Or Die Vol. 3$9.99Viz1,499
8388Ultimate Galactus Bk 2 Secret$12.99Marvel1,476
84116Le Portrait De Petite Cossette Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,442
85137Only Ring Finger Knows Vol. 2 Novel$8.95Digital Manga1,419
86121Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.95Image1,419
87122Path of the Assassin Vol. 1 Serving in the Dark$9.95Dark Horse1,408
8881Y The Last Man Vol. 7 Paper Dolls$14.99DC1,397
8992Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 2 Doom$12.99Marvel1,385
9196Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$12.99Image1,317
92133Dears Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,317
93134Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 19$9.99Tokyopop1,317
9498Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC1,306
9586Cobblers Monster$14.99Image1,306
96100Left Bank Gang$12.95Fantagraphics1,306
97172Is Vol. 8$7.99Viz1,306
98101Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.95Image1,294
99120Wallflower Vol. 8$10.95Random House1,283
100175Hikaru No Go Vol. 7$7.95Viz1,283