October 2006 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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The comics industry continued on course to a year of across-the-board sales increases with an October marked by strong performances among new trade paperbacks and hardcovers.

Marvel's New Avengers #24 topped the comics list, selling at least 136,700 copies. The Civil War-less month broke the streak of five consecutive months that at least one issue has had sales over 200,000 copies.

The actual trade paperback portion of Diamond's sales may be as much as twice that size. Diamond's overall sales, including all trades and comics not in its top-sellers list and also magazines, was $30.59 million this month — and the Top 300 Comics only accounted for $19.06 million of it. If magazines and lower ranked comics accounted for $1.53 million or less, the total trade paperback portion could be above the $10 million mark.

The parity in offerings returned, as Marvel and DC each had 85 issues in the Top 300. Within the Top 300, Dynamic Forces slipped into fourth place among publishers within the Top 300; Dark Horse retained fourth in the wider measures. 

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

Read more in our original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11New Avengers24$2.99Marvel136,749
54Civil War Front Line7$2.99Marvel106,540
96Wolverine Origins7$2.99Marvel103,226
107Ultimate Power1$2.99Marvel102,640
1114Uncanny X-Men479$2.99Marvel89,011
1215Fantastic Four540$2.99Marvel88,893
1317Civil War X-Men4$2.99Marvel88,649
153Superman Batman Annual1$3.99DC81,891
1720Captain America23$2.99Marvel81,286
1821Ultimate Spider-Man101$2.99Marvel78,927
1922Action Comics844$2.99DC78,833
208Civil War Choosing Sides0$3.99Marvel74,577
219Ultimate X-Men75$3.99Marvel73,804
2223Ms Marvel8$2.99Marvel62,864
2324Detective Comics824$2.99DC62,403
2425Flash Fastest Man Alive5$2.99DC61,548
2526Ultimate Fantastic Four35$2.99Marvel61,242
2627Heroes For Hire3$2.99Marvel60,743
2810Giant Size Wolverine1$4.99Marvel55,401
2930X-Men Phoenix Warsong2$2.99Marvel54,702
3032Sensational Spider-Man31$2.99Marvel51,563
3133Ghost Rider4$2.99Marvel50,902
3335Incredible Hulk99$2.99Marvel47,857
3436Gen 131$2.99DC47,513
3538Amazing Spider-Girl1$2.99Marvel47,282
3639Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man13$2.99Marvel46,272
3741Green Lantern Corps5$2.99DC43,526
3943Supergirl & Legion of Super-Heroes23$2.99DC41,535
4029Seven Soldiers1$3.99DC41,336
4245Doctor Strange Oath1$2.99Marvel40,262
4331New X-Men31$3.99Marvel39,158
4649Trials of Shazam3$2.99DC38,378
4851Secret Six5$2.99DC36,612
4937Tales of the Unexpected1$3.99DC35,470
5054Star Wars Legacy4$2.99Dark Horse34,346
5357X-Men First Class2$2.99Marvel33,672
5458New Excalibur12$2.99Marvel33,067
5660Green Arrow67$2.99DC32,568
5964Cable Deadpool33$2.99Marvel30,727
6065Birds of Prey99$2.99DC30,371
6268Irredeemable Ant-Man1$2.99Marvel29,485
6369Martian Manhunter3$2.99DC29,273
6470Conan33$2.99Dark Horse29,123
6548Mystery in Space2$3.99DC28,768
6671All New Atom4$2.99DC28,437
6773Anita Blake VH Guilty Pleasures1$2.99Marvel28,237
70116Amazing Spider-Girl0$1.99Marvel27,226
7353Hellstorm Son of Satan1$3.99Marvel27,033
7578Y The Last Man50$2.99DC26,789
7679JSA Classified18$2.99DC26,771
7863Marvel 1602 Fantastick Four2$3.50Marvel26,690
7981Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters4$2.99DC26,515
8285Battlestar Galactica2$2.99Dynamic26,122
8386Black Panther21$2.99Marvel26,066
8487JLA Classified28$2.99DC25,991
8992Red Sonja15$2.99Dynamic25,292
9172Batman & Mad Monk3$3.50DC24,287
9295Batman Legends of the Dark Knight211$2.99DC24,225
9396Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic9$2.99Dark Horse24,218
96100Omega Men1$2.99DC23,526
98103Nextwave Agents of Hate9$2.99Marvel22,346
9967Stan Lee Meets Dr Strange0$3.99Marvel22,128
100104Hunter Killer8$2.99Image21,760
101999Jack of Fables4$2.99DC21,604
103999Conan & Songs of the Dead4$2.99Dark Horse21,061
104999Union Jack2$2.99Marvel20,861
108999Spawn Godslayer One Shot0$6.99Image19,532
109999Savage Red Sonja Qotfw3$3.50Dynamic19,332
110999Lone Ranger2$2.99Dynamic19,264
111999All New Off Handbook Marvel Universe A To Z10$3.99Marvel18,758
112999Nightmare of Elm Street1$2.99DC18,727
113999Jonah Hex12$2.99DC18,290
114999Stan Lee Meets Thing0$3.99Marvel17,772
115999Transformers Stormbringer4$2.99IDW17,442
116999G.I. Joe Americas Elite16$2.95Devil's Due17,317
117999Marvel Team-Up25$2.99Marvel17,298
118999Classic Battlestar Galactica1$2.99Dynamic16,493
119999Firestorm Nuclear Man30$2.99DC16,487
120999Desolation Jones7$2.99DC16,237
121999Neil Gaimans Neverwhere9$2.99DC16,062
122999Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation1$3.99IDW15,476
124999Civil War Front Line2$2.99Marvel14,559
125999John Woos Seven Brothers1$2.99Virgin14,540
126999Darkman Vs Army of Darkness1$3.50Dynamic13,903
127999Civil War Front Line3$2.99Marvel13,704
130999Transformers Spotlight Nightbeat0$3.99IDW13,398
131999100 Bullets77$2.99DC13,048
133999Agents of Atlas3$2.99Marvel12,924
135999Street Fighter Legends Sakura2$3.95Udon12,574
136999Escapists4$2.99Dark Horse12,431
137999Other Side1$2.99DC12,331
138999New Avengers21 2nd Ptg Var$2.99Marvel12,281
140999G.I. Joe Declassified3 Cvr A$4.95Devil's Due11,744
142999Justice League of America1$3.99DC10,939
143999Max Sampler0$1.00Marvel10,858
144999Teen Titans Go36$2.25DC10,209
147999Thunderbolts104 2nd Ptg Var$2.99Marvel9,754
148999Simpsons Comics123$2.99Bongo9,735
149999Justice League Unlimited26$2.25DC9,691
150999Heroes For Hire1$2.99Marvel9,635
151999Battler Britton4$2.99DC9,229
152999American Splendor2$2.99DC9,198
154999Lady Death Annual1$4.99Avatar9,005
155999Transformers Generations (Idw)8$2.49IDW8,674
156999Aspen Seasons Summer 20061$2.99Aspen8,605
157999Forgotten Realms Crystal Shard Cvr A2$4.95Devil's Due8,593
159999Futurama Comics27$2.99Bongo8,056
161999Fallen Angel9$3.99IDW7,950
162999Civil War4$2.99Marvel7,931
163999Justice League of America2$2.99DC7,913
164999Marvel Adventures Avengers6$2.99Marvel7,875
165999Spike Asylum2$3.99IDW7,863
166999Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters3$2.99Marvel7,713
167999Skye Runner5$2.99DC7,688
168999Bart Simpson Comics32$2.99Bongo7,632
169999Batman Strikes26$2.25DC7,557
171999Sonic The Hedgehog167$2.25Archie7,264
173999Savage Dragon129$2.99Image7,239
174999Hellgate London0$2.99Dark Horse7,027
175999Krypto The Super Dog2$2.25DC7,020
176999Marc Silvestri Sketchbook0$2.99Image6,665
177999Claw The Unconquered5$2.99DC6,640
178999Angel Masks0$7.49IDW6,608
179999Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane11$2.99Marvel6,583
180999Winter Men5$2.99DC6,477
183999Vampirella 2006 Halloween Sp1$2.95Harris6,165
184999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man20$2.99Marvel6,128
185999Cross Bronx2$2.99Image6,028
186999Amazing Spider-Man535$2.99Marvel5,910
188999Bomb Queen Vol. 21$3.50Image5,866
189999Sonic X13$2.25Archie5,735
191999Grimm Fairy Tales9$2.99Zenescope5,610
192999Lone Ranger1$2.99Dynamic5,473
193999CSI Dying in the Gutters3$3.99IDW5,466
194999Rex Mundi Dh Ed2$2.99Dark Horse5,373
195999Fear Agent8$2.99Image5,348
197999Manifest Eternity5$2.99DC5,211
198999Lady Death Vs War Angel1$2.99Avatar5,136
199999Knights of the Dinner Table119$4.99Kenzer5,011
200999Dork11$2.95Slave Labor5,005
201999Last Christmas4$2.99Image4,998
203999Emily The Strange3$7.95Dark Horse4,886
204999Wormwood Gentleman Corpse3$3.99IDW4,849
206999Uncle Scrooge359$6.95Gemstone4,693
207999Captain America22$2.99Marvel4,643
208999Vampirella Intimate Visions1$3.95Harris4,587
209999Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four17$2.99Marvel4,555
210999Marvel Spotlight Heroes Reborn Onslaught Reborn0$2.99Marvel4,555
211999Queen & Country31$2.99Oni4,487
212999Donald Duck & Friends345$2.95Gemstone4,431
213999City of Heroes16$2.99Image4,362
215999Scooby Doo113$2.25DC4,337
217999Dead At 17 Vol. 21$3.25Viper4,243
218999Pirates of Coney Island1$2.99Image4,218
219999Mickey Mouse & Friends294$2.95Gemstone3,975
220999Ramayan 3392 Ad2$2.99Virgin3,950
221999Civil War2$2.99Marvel3,875
222999Noble Causes24$3.50Image3,750
223999Mouse Guard5$3.50Archaia3,713
224999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories674$6.95Gemstone3,676
225999Perhapanauts Second Chances1$2.99Dark Horse3,632
226999Blade of the Immortal118$2.99Dark Horse3,563
227999Starship Troopers Dead Mans Hand2$3.50Markosia3,495
228999Marvel Milestones Legion Monsters Spider-Man & Bro Voodoo0$3.99Marvel3,332
231999Civil War Front Line6$2.99Marvel3,145
232999Sam Noir Samurai Detective2$2.99Image3,145
233999Jack The Lantern Ghosts1$1.25Castle Rain3,126
234999X Isle3$2.99Boom3,114
235999Civil War1$3.99Marvel3,064
236999Vault of Michael Allred1$6.99AAA Pop3,039
237999Ultimate Spider-Man100$3.99Marvel2,995
239999Heroes For Hire2$2.99Marvel2,952
240999Castle Waiting Vol. II2$3.95Fantagraphics2,821
241999Strange Girl11$2.99Image2,739
242999Looney Tunes143$2.25DC2,739
243999Tales of themnt27$3.25Mirage2,721
244999Trials of Shazam2$2.99DC2,696
245999Scarlet Traces Great Game4$2.99Dark Horse2,690
249999Gold Digger Annual 20060$4.50Antarctic2,546
250999Lady Death Blacklands1$3.99Avatar2,509
251999Simpsons Classics10$3.99Bongo2,496
252999Gold Digger Halloween Sp 20060$2.99Antarctic2,396
253999Cable Deadpool32$2.99Marvel2,384
254999Betty & Veronica221$2.25Archie2,371
255999Tabula Rasa1$4.99Image2,303
256999Ultimates 212$3.99Marvel2,278
257999PS23818$2.99Dork Storm2,271
258999Archie & Friends104$2.25Archie2,265
260999What Were They Thinking Monster Mash Up One Shot0$3.99Boom2,159
261999Lady Death Dark Horizons0$2.99Avatar2,128
262999E-Man Recharged0$3.99Digital Webbing2,122
266999Common Foe4$3.50Image2,047
267999Leading Man3$3.50Oni2,034
268999Civil Wardrobe0$3.50Brain Scan2,022
269999Begoths Comics1$2.95Begoth2,003
271999Negative Burn5$5.99Image1,916
272999Magician Apprentice Coll Ed0$3.99Marvel1,891
273999Betty & Veronica Double Digest146$3.69Archie1,891
274999Cartoon Network Block Party26$2.25DC1,878
275999Ptolus City By Spire1 2nd Ptg Var$2.99Marvel1,872
276999Poison Elves Dominion6$3.50Sirius1,841
277999G.I. Joe Declassified Cvr B3$8.95Devil's Due1,803
278999X-Men Phoenix Warsong1$2.99Marvel1,778
279999Shojo Beat Nov 06 Vol. 211$5.99Viz1,735
280999Gloomcookie28$2.95Slave Labor1,716
281999Task Force One4$3.50Image1,710
282999Cartoon Network Action Pack6$2.25DC1,704
283999Savage Brothers2$3.99Boom1,685
284999Archie Double Digest174$3.69Archie1,679
285999Hot Moms8$4.95Fantagraphics1,660
286999Holiday Fun Digest11$2.49Archie1,647
287999Poison Elves Lost Tales7$2.95Sirius1,647
289999Civil War Young Avengers & Runaways3$2.99Marvel1,641
292999Red Prophet Tales of Alvin Maker Coll Ed0$3.99Marvel1,616
294999A G Super Erotic Anthology44$4.99Icarus1,598
296999Archie Digest229$2.49Archie1,554
297999A G Super Erotic Anthology45$4.99Icarus1,548
298999Pistolfist Revolutionary Warrior1$3.50Alias1,535
299999Blackbeard Legacy3$3.50Alias1,523
300999Civil War X-Men3$2.99Marvel1,491

October 2006 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Boosted by such titles as the Infinite Crisis hardcover from DC, The $5.19 million represented by Diamond's "Top 100 Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers" is the highest total ever seen for that category, topping August 2006's $4.94 million.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
12Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall HC$19.99DC15,282
23Infinite Crisis HC$24.99DC11,657
37Ultimate X-Men Vol. 14 Phoenix?$14.99Marvel6,477
49Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 6 Frightful$14.99Marvel5,816
515Infinite Crisis Companion$14.99DC5,161
61Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 HC$99.00DC5,105
75Wolverine Origin Prem HC$19.99Marvel5,086
86Marvel Zombies HC$19.99Marvel5,080
939Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop5,005
1020Invincible Vol. 7 Threes Company$14.99Image4,761
1151Runaways Vol. 6 Parental Guidance Digest$7.99Marvel4,686
124Spider-Man Other$24.99Marvel4,562
1325Captain America Winter Soldier Vol. 2$14.99Marvel4,543
1430Daredevil Devil Inside & Out Vol. 1$14.99Marvel4,225
1518Showcase Presents Phantom Stranger Vol. 1$16.99DC4,218
1622Showcase Challengers of the Unknown Vol. 1$16.99DC4,137
1738Superman Returns Prequel$12.99DC4,044
1834Desolation Jones$14.99DC4,019
1914Pride of Baghdad HC$19.99DC3,975
2021Wolverine Origins Vol. 1 Born I/Blood Prem HC$19.99Marvel3,551
2135Essential Marvel Horror Vol. 1$16.99Marvel3,295
2258Loveless Vol. 3$9.99Tokyopop3,002
2345Legion of Super Heroes Vol. 3 Supergirl$14.99DC2,970
2459American Virgin Head$9.99DC2,952
2549Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$12.99Image2,902
2648Ares God of War$13.99Marvel2,839
2710Spawn Coll Vol. 2$29.95Image2,733
2831Young Avengers Vol. 2 Family Matters Prem HC$22.99Marvel2,715
2912Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 7 HC$29.99Marvel2,696
3065Inu Yasha Vol. 27$8.95Viz2,683
3128Exiles Vol. 13 World Tour Bk 2$23.99Marvel2,665
3240Star Wars Empire Vol. 6 Footsteps of theheir Fathers$17.95Dark Horse2,577
3341Batman Gotham County Line$17.99DC2,534
3442Birds of Prey Battle Within$17.99DC2,527
3577Donald Duck Adventures Vol. 20$7.95Gemstone2,521
3632Liberty Meadows Cover Girl HC$24.99Image2,484
3823Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four$29.99Marvel2,334
3957Last Planet Standing$13.99Marvel2,315
4027Complete Peanuts Vol. 6 1961-1962 HC$28.95Fantagraphics2,296
4154Black Panther Bride$14.99Marvel2,278
4244Red Sonja Vol. 1$19.99Dynamic2,234
4355Pulse Vol. 3 Fear$14.99Marvel2,215
4456Elfquest Discovery$14.99DC2,159
4536Star Wars Omnibus X-Wing Rogue Squadron Vol. 2$24.95Dark Horse2,153
4647Dr Strange Vs Dracula Montesi Formula$19.99Marvel2,041
4719Wolverine Enemy of the State Comp Ed HC$34.99Marvel2,041
4876Saiyuki Reload Vol. 5$9.99Tokyopop2,016
4926From Hell$35.00Top Shelf1,947
5063GTO Early Years Shonan Junai Gumi Vol. 2$12.99Tokyopop1,903
5253Sensational Spider-Man Feral Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,822
53112Marvel Adventures Avengers Vol. 1 Heroes Assembled Digest$6.99Marvel1,822
5443Halo Graphic Novel HC$24.99Marvel1,803
5537300 HC$30.00Dark Horse1,772
568EC Archives Weird Science Vol. 1 HC$49.95Gemstone1,754
5771Our Kingdom Vol. 4$12.95Digital Manga1,647
5889Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 14$9.99Tokyopop1,641
6074Jazz Vol. 3$12.95Digital Manga1,629
6175Rin Vol. 1$12.95Digital Manga1,622
6295Junjo Romantica Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,541
6316New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 3 HC$49.99DC1,504
6498Tenjho Tenge Vol. 10$9.99DC1,485
6511Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 8 HC Var Ed 68$54.99Marvel1,479
6617Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 8 HC New Ed$49.99Marvel1,460
67101Gorgeous Carat Vol. 3$9.99Tokyopop1,442
68102Little Lulu Vol. 12 Leave It To Lulu$9.95Dark Horse1,442
6982Battle Pope Vol. 2 Mayhem$12.99Image1,398
7168Realm of the Claw$16.99Image1,298
7287La Esperanca Vol. 4$12.95Digital Manga1,273
7388Ohikkoshi$12.95Dark Horse1,273
7429Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales Suspense Vol. 1 HC New Ed$49.99Marvel1,267
75114Fruits Basket Vol. 14$9.99Tokyopop1,267
7624Marvel Masterworks Atlas Tales Suspense Vol. 1 HC Var Ed 69$54.99Marvel1,254
77117Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image1,254
78135Nana Vol. 4$8.99Viz1,248
7933Magnus Robot Fighter Vol. 3 4000 Ad HC$49.95Dark Horse1,242
80119Hana Kimi Vol. 14$9.99Viz1,229
8185SNK Vs Capcom Vol. 5 Svc Chaos$13.95Dr Masters1,223
8292Old Boy Vol. 2$12.95Dark Horse1,217
8364V For Vendetta$19.99DC1,211
8483Black Harvest Vol. 1$14.95Devil's Due1,198
8594Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.95Image1,192
86128Vagabond Vol. 23$9.95Viz1,186
8766Clive Barkers Great & Secret Show Vol. 1$19.99IDW1,179
88113Wallflower Vol. 9$10.95Random House1,161
89131Dramacon Vol. 2$9.99Tokyopop1,154
90132Welcome To NHK Vol. 1$9.99Tokyopop1,154
9167Spike Vs Dracula$19.99IDW1,148
92139Bone Vol. 4 Dragonslayer Color Ed$9.99Scholastic1,105
9361Tom Strong Book Six HC$24.99DC1,098
94103Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$12.99Image1,098
9570Scout Vol. 1$19.99Dynamic1,092
9681Essential X-Men Vol. 1$16.99Marvel1,086
97140Densha Otoko Vol. 1$9.99DC1,080
9873Justice Vol. 1 HC$19.99DC1,061
9913Lost Girls Dlx Slipcased Ed$75.00Top Shelf1,061
10090Army of Darkness Vol. 3 Aod Vs Reanimator$14.99Dynamic1,061