January 2007 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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Diamond’s sales overall increased by nearly a third — 32% year over year, with the market posting its best January in dollar terms since 1997. 

In addition to such events as Civil War and strong year-over-year improvements for several titles, the calendar and the climate played a role. January 2007 had five shipping weeks, versus four in the previous year. And it actually may have had six, in a sense, given the delays in shipping comics to the West Coast due to inclement weather in the final week of 2006.

Several titles shipping the week after Christmas appear to have charted with higher reorders than might normally be expected, suggesting that their sales may have been accounted for in January rather than December. In any event, the 20% increase in Top 300 Comics unit sales was stellar for a month in which publishers once feared to print. January actually had higher sales than the previous September; a winter month topping a summer or fall month is close to unheard of.

Diamond did not release the dollar sales rankings for the comics in 101st through 300th place this month.

Read more in our original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Civil War6$2.99Marvel259,251
24Civil War Return   $2.99Marvel125,707
45Amazing Spider-Man537$2.99Marvel114,796
53Ultimate Spider-Man104$3.99Marvel108,076
76Civil War Front Line10$2.99Marvel99,790
87All Star Superman6$2.99DC98,797
98Wolverine Origins10$2.99Marvel97,876
149Punisher War Journal2$2.99Marvel87,966
1511Justice Society of America2$2.99DC86,175
1612Fantastic Four542$2.99Marvel84,334
1713Uncanny X-Men482$2.99Marvel83,855
1820Moon Knight7$2.99Marvel76,918
2124Punisher War Journal3$2.99Marvel70,139
2225Ultimate X-Men78$2.99Marvel66,406
2326Green Lantern16$2.99DC66,101
2729Teen Titans43$2.99DC60,287
2830Black Panther24$2.99Marvel57,706
2922Spider-Man Reign2$3.99Marvel56,786
3031Ultimate Fantastic Four38$2.99Marvel52,856
3132Flash Fastest Man Alive8$2.99DC50,964
3233Batman Confidential2$2.99DC47,448
3435Sensational Spider-Man34$2.99Marvel47,006
3536Incredible Hulk102$2.99Marvel46,962
3738Silent War1$2.99Marvel44,077
3839X-23 Target X2$2.99Marvel43,997
3940Ghost Rider7$2.99Marvel43,555
4142Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man16$2.99Marvel41,830
4243Superman Confidential3$2.99DC41,344
4315Superman Batman Vs Aliens Predators1$5.99DC40,887
4444Ultimate Vision2$2.99Marvel40,286
4748New X-Men34$2.99Marvel37,270
4849Green Lantern Corps8$2.99DC36,922
5051Star Wars Legacy7$2.99Dark Horse34,247
5152Fantastic Four End4$2.99Marvel34,167
5354Squadron Supreme Hyperion Vs Nighthawk1$2.99Marvel33,921
5657Supergirl & Legion of Super-Heroes26$2.99DC32,340
5758Ms Marvel11$2.99Marvel32,297
5859Green Arrow70$2.99DC31,796
6062New Excalibur15$2.99Marvel30,825
6164Star Wars Dark Times2$2.99Dark Horse30,499
6265Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures4$2.99Marvel30,390
6345Ghost Rider Finale0$3.99Marvel29,839
6569Birds of Prey102$2.99DC29,042
6670Justice League of America5$2.99DC28,991
6772Iron Man Hypervelocity1$2.99Marvel28,628
6873Gen 134$2.99DC27,613
6974She-Hulk 215$2.99Marvel27,599
7176Heroes For Hire6$2.99Marvel27,512
7378Cable Deadpool36$2.99Marvel26,802
7479X-Men First Class5$2.99Marvel26,606
7581Conan36$2.99Dark Horse26,330
7682Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham Crisis1$2.99Marvel26,243
7783Doctor Strange Oath4$2.99Marvel26,178
7986Y The Last Man53$2.99DC25,373
8087Ms Marvel Special0$2.99Marvel25,352
8289Helmet of Fate Detective Chimp1$2.99DC25,337
8390Star Wars Knights of Old Republic12$2.99Dark Horse24,938
8591JSA Classified21$2.99DC24,474
8693Star Wars Knights of Old Republic13$2.99Dark Horse24,148
8794Martian Manhunter6$2.99DC24,126
8895Helmet of Fate Ibis Invincible1$2.99DC24,112
8996JSA Classified22$2.99DC23,829
9097Amazing Spider-Girl4$2.99Marvel23,112
9163JLA Classified32$3.99DC23,090
9298Red Sonja18$2.99Dynamic23,039
9399JLA Classified31$2.99DC22,938
96103JLA Classified33$2.99DC22,503
97104Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters7$2.99DC22,459
9866Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes II5$3.99Marvel22,408
99105Batman Legends of Dark Knight214$2.99DC22,191
10067Mythos Ghost Rider0$3.99Marvel22,162
103999Batman & Mad Monk6$3.50DC21,821
104999Bullet Points3$2.99Marvel21,720
105999Mystery in Space5$3.99DC21,611
107999Walking Dead34$2.99Image21,183
108999Battlestar Galactica5$2.99Dynamic21,082
109999All New Atom7$2.99DC20,995
110999Conan & Midnight God1$2.99Dark Horse20,951
111999Hunter Killer11$2.99Image20,589
112999Jack of Fables7$2.99DC20,313
114999Tales of Unexpected4$3.99DC19,871
115999Blue Beetle11$2.99DC19,864
116999Aquaman Sword of Atlantis48 (res)$2.99DC19,458
117999Marvel Spotlight Dark Tower0$2.99Marvel18,921
119999Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword Annual1$3.50Dynamic18,776
120999Ex Machina26$2.99DC18,566
121999Stormwatch Phd3$2.99DC18,370
123999Jonah Hex15$2.99DC17,986
125999Irredeemable Ant-Man4$2.99Marvel17,863
127999G.I. Joe Vs Transformers Vol. 41$5.50Devil's Due17,268
128999All New Off Hb Marvel Univ A To Z Update1$3.99Marvel17,181
129999Avengers Next5$2.99Marvel17,044
131999G.I. Joe Americas Elite19$2.99Devil's Due16,210
132999Connor Hawke Dragons Blood3$2.99DC16,174
134999White Tiger3$2.99Marvel15,985
135999Darkness Level 11$2.99Image15,949
137999Superman Batman31$2.99DC15,724
138999Wonder Man2$2.99Marvel15,644
139999Transformers Escalation3$3.99IDW15,615
140999Street Fighter II6$2.95Udon15,224
141999Welcome To Tranquility2$2.99DC15,086
143999Star Trek The Next Generation Space Between1$3.99IDW14,688
146999Mouse Guard6$3.50Archaia13,644
149999Transformers Spotlight Ultra Magnus0$3.99IDW13,433
152999Hellstorm Son of Satan4$3.99Marvel13,288
154999Sandman Mystery Theatre Sleep of Reason2$2.99DC12,687
155999100 Bullets80$2.99DC12,650
156999Classic Battlestar Galactica3$3.50Dynamic12,223
157999Omega Men4$2.99DC12,143
158999Agents of Atlas6$2.99Marvel11,802
159999Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation4$3.99IDW11,295
160999Battlestar Galactica4$2.99Dynamic11,251
161999Ultimate Power1 Directors Cut$3.99Marvel11,135
162999American Virgin10$2.99DC10,331
163999Red Menace3$2.99DC10,294
164999Flash Fastest Man Alive7$2.99DC10,273
165999Scarface Scarred For Life1$3.99IDW10,207
167999Army of Darkness13$2.99Dynamic9,685
169999American Virgin11$2.99DC9,627
170999Friday the 13th2$2.99DC9,555
172999Teen Titans Go39$2.25DC9,424
173999Battlestar Galactica Zarek1$3.50Dynamic9,337
174999Justice League Unlimited29$2.25DC9,272
176999Simpsons Comics126$2.99Bongo9,236
177999Tarot Witch of Black Rose42$2.95Broadsword9,229
178999Xena Strange Visitor One Shot0$4.95Dynamic9,221
180999Immortal Iron Fist1$2.99Marvel9,120
181999Adventures of Spawn1 Directors Cut$5.99Image9,047
182999Nightmare of Elm Street4$2.99DC9,018
183999Dwight the Albatross Goon Noir3$2.99Dark Horse8,866
184999Strangers in Paradise87$2.99Abstract8,779
185999Lady Death Lost Souls2$3.99Avatar8,562
186999Ghost in the Shell 1.5 Human Error Processor4$2.99Dark Horse8,431
187999Usagi Yojimbo100$3.50Dark Horse8,424
188999Crossing Midnight3$2.99DC8,235
189999Texas Chainsaw Massacre3$2.99DC8,228
190999John Woos Seven Brothers4$2.99Virgin8,170
192999Garth Ennis Chronicles of Wormwood1$3.99Avatar8,047
193999Other Side4$2.99DC7,989
195999Soulfire Chaos Reign Beginnings0$1.99Aspen7,960
196999Marvel Spotlight Ghost Rider0$2.99Marvel7,902
197999Samurai Heaven & Earth Vol. 22$2.99Dark Horse7,743
198999Futurama Comics29$2.99Bongo7,612
19999930 Days of Night Spreading Disease2$3.99IDW7,351
200999Batman Strikes29$2.25DC7,329
201999Marvel Adventures Avengers9$2.99Marvel7,315
202999Magician Apprentice5$2.99Marvel7,206
203999Official Handbook of the Invincible Universe2$4.99Image6,894
204999Ninja Scroll5$2.99DC6,894
205999Fallen Angel12$3.99IDW6,887
206999Rush City4$2.99DC6,873
207999Sonic The Hedgehog171$2.25Archie6,829
20899968 (One Shot)0$3.99Image6,822
210999Scarface Scarred For Life2$3.99IDW6,757
211999Angel Auld Lang Syne3$3.99IDW6,699
212999Lady Death Warrior Temptress0$3.99Avatar6,604
213999Simpsons Super Spectacular4$2.99Bongo6,604
214999Supergirl & Legion of Super-Heroes25$2.99DC6,474
215999Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. 2 4 Kurth Cover$4.99Devil's Due6,423
216999Zombies Vs Robots2$3.99IDW6,365
217999Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane14$2.99Marvel6,329
218999Lady Death Shi0$2.99Avatar6,307
219999Night of the Living Dead Beginning2$3.99Avatar6,278
220999Marvel Adventures Spider-Man23$2.99Marvel6,271
222999Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters4$2.99Marvel6,010
223999Criminal Macabre Two Red Eyes2$2.99Dark Horse5,945
224999Spider-Man & Power Pack3$2.99Marvel5,879
225999Grimm Fairy Tales10$2.99Zenescope5,720
226999War of Undead1$3.99IDW5,640
227999Demonwars Demon Awakens1 Seeley Cover$4.99Devil's Due5,582
228999Skye Runner6$2.99DC5,582
229999Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic11$2.99Dark Horse5,415
231999Tron3$3.50Slave Labor5,372
233999Zombies Eclipse of Undead3$3.99IDW5,307
234999Soulfire Chaos Reign3$2.99Aspen5,285
235999Occult Crimes Taskforce3$2.99Image5,220
23699924 Nightfall3$3.99IDW5,183
237999Pieces For Mom Tale of Undead (One Shot)0$3.99Image5,169
238999Fear Agent10$2.99Image5,060
239999Krypto The Super Dog5$2.25DC4,966
240999Jack of Fables6$2.99DC4,886
241999CSI Dying in the Gutters5$3.99IDW4,879
243999Clive Barkers Great & Secret Show9$3.99IDW4,683
246999Uncle Scrooge362$7.50Gemstone4,553
247999Red Prophet Tales of Alvin Maker5$2.99Marvel4,480
248999Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four20$2.99Marvel4,458
249999Guy Gardner Collateral Damage2$5.99DC4,415
250999JSA Classified20$2.99DC4,400
251999Ptolus City By Spire4$2.99Marvel4,379
253999Scooby Doo116$2.25DC4,284
254999Nightly News3$2.99Image4,132
256999Shonen Jump Mar 0751$4.99Viz4,009
257999Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures2$2.99Marvel3,922
258999Se7En Greed2$3.99Zenescope3,915
259999Savage Dragon131$2.99Image3,907
260999Ramayan 3392 Ad5$2.99Virgin3,792
262999Walt Disneys Comics & Stories677$7.50Gemstone3,618
263999Outer Orbit2$2.99Dark Horse3,610
264999Noble Causes26$3.50Image3,596
266999Civil War4$2.99Marvel3,523
267999Blade of the Immortal121$2.99Dark Horse3,458
268999Phantom Annual1$6.50Moonstone3,415
269999Desperadoes Buffalo Dreams1$3.99IDW3,407
271999All New Off Handbook Marvel Universe A To Z12$3.99Marvel3,357
272999Justice Society of America1$3.99DC3,262
273999Civil War3$2.99Marvel3,204
274999Civil War5$2.99Marvel3,190
275999Gold Digger81$2.99Antarctic3,096
276999Midnight Dark Tower Gunslinger Born1$3.99Marvel3,067
277999Stardust Kid5$3.50Boom3,001
278999Perhapanauts Second Chances3$2.99Dark Horse3,001
279999Pirates Vs Ninjas1$3.50Antarctic2,958
280999Castle Waiting Vol. II4$3.95Fantagraphics2,914
281999X Isle4$2.99Boom2,740
282999Astonishing X-Men19$2.99Marvel2,733
283999Strange Girl13$3.50Image2,675
284999Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles30$3.25Mirage2,639
285999Lost Books of Eve1$3.25Viper2,632
287999Ptolus City By Spire3$2.99Marvel2,610
288999Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles31$3.25Mirage2,610
289999Looney Tunes146$2.25DC2,588
290999Simpsons Classics11$3.99Bongo2,523
292999New Avengers Illuminati1$2.99Marvel2,429
293999Justice League of America4$2.99DC2,414
295999Kolchak Tales Frankenstein Agenda1$3.50Moonstone2,291
297999Sabrina Vol. 282$2.25Archie2,247
299999Onslaught Reborn2$2.99Marvel2,204
300999Archie & Friends106$2.25Archie2,197

January 2007 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

The Top 100 Trade Paperbacks and graphic novels reported by Diamond had orders worth $4 million at full retail in January, an increase of 13% over the same month the previous year. The figure is also up from December 2006.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
13Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 Torn$14.99Marvel8,873
21Marvel Zombies HC$19.99Marvel7,344
324Hellboy Animated Vol. 1 Black Wedding$6.95Dark Horse7,206
49Ultimate X-Men Vol. 15 Magical$11.99Marvel7,184
528Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures Vol. 7$6.95Dark Horse6,423
66Batman Year One Hundred$19.99DC5,249
714Twisted Toyfare Theatre Vol. 8$12.99Wizard5,154
88Showcase Presents Brave & Bold Batman Teamups Vol. 1$16.99DC5,104
910Showcase Presents Justice League of America Vol. 2$16.99DC5,053
1011Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 4$14.99DC4,879
1112Lucifer Vol. 11 Evensong$14.99DC4,538
1213Superman Emperor Joker$14.99DC4,538
134300 HC$30.00Dark Horse4,422
1417Ghost Rider Road To Damnation$14.99Marvel4,176
1552Death Note Vol. 9$7.99Viz3,958
1640Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 11$9.99Viz3,915
1722Ultimate Annuals Vol. 2$13.99Marvel3,618
1818Chronicles of Conan Vol. 11 Dance of the Skull$16.95Dark Horse3,545
1925Ghost Rider Vol. 1 Vicious Cycle$13.99Marvel3,480
2031Batman Secrets$12.99DC3,306
2135Penny Arcade Vol. 3 Warsun Prophecies$12.95Dark Horse3,270
2216Doom Patrol Vol. 5 Magic Bus$19.99DC3,262
2320Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 2$16.99Marvel3,219
2426JSA Vol. 12 Ghost Stories$14.99DC3,183
2557Trigun Maximum Vol. 11$9.95Dark Horse3,096
2639Crisis Aftermath Battle For Bludhaven$12.99DC3,074
2723Blade of the Immortal Shortcut Vol. 16$16.95Dark Horse2,972
2829Outsiders Good Fight$14.99DC2,893
2930Iron Man Extremis$14.99Marvel2,878
3036Fantastic Four Books of Doom$14.99Marvel2,755
3159Tsubasa Vol. 12$10.95Random House2,668
3215Iron Man Armor Wars$24.99Marvel2,646
332Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Heroes Vol. 1 HC$54.99Marvel2,581
3441Liberty Meadows Vol. 4 Cold Cold Heart$14.99Image2,537
3542Ion Vol. 1 Torchbearer$14.99DC2,523
3632Essential X-Factor Vol. 2$16.99Marvel2,508
3776Inu Yasha Vol. 28$8.95Viz2,472
3866Kare Kano Vol. 21$9.99Tokyopop2,458
3953Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$12.99Image2,421
4046Superman Back in Action$14.99DC2,385
4133Manhunter Vol. 2 Trial By Fire$17.99DC2,356
4270Bone Vol. 5 Rock Jaw Master of Eastern Border Color Ed Sc$9.99Scholastic2,342
435Marvel Masterworks Warlock Vol. 1 HC$54.99Marvel2,334
4473Battle Club Vol. 3$9.99Tokyopop2,262
4560Testament Vol. 2 West of Eden$12.99DC2,240
4627Champions Classic Vol. 2$19.99Marvel2,240
4749JSA Classified Honor Among Thieves$14.99DC2,218
4850Fallen Angel Vol. 2 Down To Earth$14.99DC2,124
4983Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 15$9.99Tokyopop2,073
5058Cable Deadpool Vol. 1 If Looks Could Kill$14.99Marvel2,030
51133Messengers$6.95Dark Horse2,030
5245Fables Vol. 8 Wolves$17.99DC2,015
53139Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 5 Digest$6.99Marvel1,957
5490Fables Vol. 1 Legends in Exile$9.99DC1,928
55121One Piece Vol. 13$7.95Viz1,892
5663Defenders Indefensible$13.99Marvel1,863
5744Storm Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,812
587Green Lantern Archives Vol. 6 HC$49.99DC1,812
5999Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image1,812
6047X-Factor Life & Death Matters Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,776
6151Marvel Team-Up Vol. 4 Freedom Ring$17.99Marvel1,762
6254Wolverine & Black Cat Claws HC$17.99Marvel1,747
64156Low Orbit Vol. 1$6.99Image1,725
6564Cable Deadpool Vol. 2 Burnt Offering$14.99Marvel1,711
6777GTO Early Years Shonan Junai Gumi Vol. 3$12.99Tokyopop1,675
6865Y The Last Man Vol. 8 Kimono Dragons$14.99DC1,660
69125Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 8$8.99Viz1,653
7038New Mutants Classic Vol. 2$24.99Marvel1,617
7168Cable Deadpool Vol. 3 Human Race$14.99Marvel1,617
72116DMZ Vol. 1 of Ground$9.99DC1,595
7355Moon Knight Vol. 1 Bottom Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,566
7421Avengers Assemble Vol. 4 HC$34.99Marvel1,551
75120Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 21$9.99Tokyopop1,537
7687Shaman Warrior Vol. 1$12.95Dark Horse1,522
7789Our Kingdom Vol. 5$12.95Digital Manga1,508
7888Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC1,508
80142Vampire Knight Vol. 1$8.99Viz1,472
8193Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$12.99DC1,428
8295Phantom Man Eaters$12.95Moonstone1,428
8361Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall HC$19.99DC1,421
8496Red Sonja Claw Devils Hands$12.99DC1,414
85138Tenjho Tenge Vol. 11$9.99DC1,370
86101Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$12.99Image1,341
87182Shaman King Vol. 11$7.95Viz1,327
88105Seven$12.95Digital Manga1,327
89146Gorgeous Carat Vol. 4$9.99Tokyopop1,283
9080Rex Mundi Vol. 2 River Underground Dh Ed$16.95Dark Horse1,276
91111Rin Vol. 2$12.95Digital Manga1,269
92112Flower of Life Vol. 1$12.95Digital Manga1,269
93114Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.95Image1,254
9492Cyberforce Vol. 1$14.99Image1,254
95197Black Cat Vol. 6$7.99Viz1,247
9694Cable Deadpool Vol. 4 Bosom Buddies$14.99Marvel1,232
9743Frank Millers Robocop$29.99Avatar1,225
9897Majestic Vol. 3 Final Cut$14.99DC1,218
99155Welcome To NHK Vol. 2$9.99Tokyopop1,211
10034Marvel Visionaries John Buscema HC$34.99Marvel1,211