September 2007 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
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For September 2007, Diamond Comic Distributor's sales of comic books and graphic novels to comic book stores in North America were up. The Direct Market continued toward a strong year with positive third-quarter results across all categories.

Third-quarter sales overall were up 6% for the month and 9% for the quarter, keeping the annual growth rate at a raucous 9%. World War Hulk #4 led the charts in a month where trade paperbacks rebounded strongly.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11World War Hulk4$3.99Marvel148,564
22Amazing Spider-Man544$3.99Marvel146,170
33Justice League of America13$2.99DC119,435
44New Avengers34$2.99Marvel112,780
66All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder7$2.99DC100,551
77Incredible Hulk110$2.99Marvel96,805
88Buffy The Vampire Slayer6$2.99Dark Horse96,526
911Uncanny X-Men490$2.99Marvel87,925
1113Justice Society of America9$2.99DC84,091
1619Captain America30$2.99Marvel79,530
1720Green Lantern23$2.99DC79,060
1922Avengers Initiative6$2.99Marvel74,161
219JLA Wedding Special1$3.99DC72,053
2210Captain America Chosen1$3.99Marvel67,506
2325Ultimate Spider-Man113$2.99Marvel67,455
2426Ultimate Spider-Man114$2.99Marvel66,662
2527Tales of Sinestro Corps Parallax1$2.99DC65,891
2630World War Hulk Front Line4$2.99Marvel62,527
2731Wolverine Origins17$2.99Marvel62,306
2818Captain America Chosen2$3.99Marvel59,758
2932Ultimate Power7$2.99Marvel57,980
3033Teen Titans51$2.99DC57,833
3134Superman Batman40$2.99DC57,393
3336Ultimate X-Men86$2.99Marvel55,329
3538New X-Men42$2.99Marvel52,714
3624Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding Special1$3.99DC51,105
3741Detective Comics836$2.99DC49,460
3843X-Men Emperor Vulcan1$2.99Marvel48,975
4028Wonder Woman Annual1$3.99DC48,380
4146World War Hulk Gamma Corps3$2.99Marvel47,528
4247Moon Knight12$2.99Marvel47,506
4348Punisher War Journal11$2.99Marvel47,205
4449Booster Gold2$2.99DC47,088
4650Iron Man22$2.99Marvel46,676
4751Ultimate Fantastic Four46$2.99Marvel46,632
4957Countdown Search For Ray Palmer Wildstorm1$2.99DC41,080
5160Heroes For Hire13$2.99Marvel40,073
5261New Warriors4$2.99Marvel39,985
5362New Avengers Transformers3$2.99Marvel38,737
5439Marvel Comics Presents1$3.99Marvel38,325
5563Ghost Rider15$2.99Marvel38,208
576552 Aftermath Four Horsemen2$2.99DC37,752
5866Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite1$2.99Dark Horse37,686
5940Countdown To Mystery1$3.99DC37,224
6168Black Adam The Dark Age2$2.99DC36,746
6245JLA Hitman1$3.99DC35,872
6352Countdown To Adventure2$3.99DC34,550
6469Immortal Iron Fist9$2.99Marvel34,271
6570Black Canary Wedding Planner0$2.99DC34,073
6671The Order3$2.99Marvel33,926
6772Wonder Girl1$2.99DC33,507
6873Infinity Inc1$2.99DC33,390
6954Immortal Iron Fist Annual1$3.99Marvel32,413
7074Ms Marvel19$2.99Marvel32,361
7176Boys10 (RES)$2.99Dynamic32,068
7277Green Arrow Year One5$2.99DC31,495
7378Star Wars Legacy16$2.99Dark Horse31,230
7455Daredevil Wraparound100$3.99Marvel31,157
7579Superman Confidential6$2.99DC31,142
7656Marvel Zombies Book Angels Demons & Monstrosities0$3.99Marvel30,885
7780Penance Relentless1$2.99Marvel30,444
7858Punisher Max Annual1$3.99Marvel30,342
7981Annihilation Conquest Wraith3$2.99Marvel29,835
8082Suicide Squad Raise Flag1$2.99DC29,497
8183Annihilation Conquest Star Lord3$2.99Marvel29,438
8284Annihilation Conquest Quasar3$2.99Marvel29,387
8486Trials of Shazam8$2.99DC29,232
8587Batman Confidential9$2.99DC28,836
8688Spider-Man Red Sonja2$2.99Marvel28,755
8890Supergirl & Legion of Super Heroes34$2.99DC28,285
8991She-Hulk 221$2.99Marvel27,213
9092Birds of Prey110$2.99DC27,139
9193New Excalibur23$2.99Marvel26,970
9294Iron Man Enter Mandarin1$2.99Marvel26,904
9395Cable Deadpool45$2.99Marvel26,001
9496Y The Last Man58$2.99DC25,531
9742Batman Lobo Deadly Serious2$5.99DC24,583
9875Frank Frazettas Death Dealer4$3.99Image24,238
10099Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters1$2.99DC23,724
101100Metal Men2$2.99DC23,650
102102Walking Dead42$2.99Image23,100
103104Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic20$2.99Dark Horse21,829
104105Jungle Girl1$2.99Dynamic21,807
105106Lone Ranger8$2.99Dynamic20,051
106107JLA Classified42$2.99DC20,007
108109Star Wars Rebellion10$2.99Dark Horse19,919
109110Astro City Dark Age Book Two4$2.99DC19,758
110111JLA Classified43$2.99DC19,736
112114JSA Classified30$2.99DC19,376
113116X-Men First Class Vol. 24$2.99Marvel19,082
115118Jack of Fables14$2.99DC18,722
116119Amazing Spider-Girl12$2.99Marvel18,671
118123Shanna She-Devil Survival of Fittest2$2.99Marvel17,988
119125Madame Mirage2$2.99Image17,620
120126All New Atom15$2.99DC17,260
121127Ex Machina30$2.99DC17,158
122128Lobster Johnson Iron Prometheus1$2.99Dark Horse17,025
123132BPRD Killing Ground2$2.99Dark Horse16,137
124133Gen 1312$2.99DC16,107
125134Irredeemable Ant-Man12$2.99Marvel15,982
126135Blue Beetle19$2.99DC15,733
128138Avengers Classic4$2.99Marvel15,387
129124G.I. Joe Americas Elite27$3.50Devil's Due15,263
130140Jonah Hex23$2.99DC15,152
131142Super Villain Team Up Modoks 113$2.99Marvel14,815
133144Spawn Godslayer4$2.99Image14,726
134145Fantastic Five5$2.99Marvel14,616
135113Transformers Megatron Origin3$3.99IDW14,543
136115Terror Inc2$3.99Marvel14,491
139120Daredevil Battlin Jack Murdock4$3.99Marvel13,896
140150Aquaman Sword of Atlantis56$2.99DC13,375
141152Supernatural Origins5$2.99DC13,030
142153Astounding Wolf-Man3$2.99Image13,015
144158White Tiger6$2.99Marvel12,435
145130Iron & The Maiden2$3.99Aspen12,244
146160100 Bullets85$2.99DC11,884
148139Star Trek Year Four2$3.99IDW11,480
149103Groo 25th Anniv Special0$5.99Dark Horse11,443
150141Doktor Sleepless2$3.99Avatar11,333
151169Madman Atomic Comics4$2.99Image11,296
152170Marvel Spotlight Thor0$2.99Marvel11,296
153121Civil War Chronicles3$4.99Marvel11,091
154146World War Hulk 2nd Ptg J.R.Jr. Var1$3.99Marvel10,951
155171Spider-Man Fairy Tales4$2.99Marvel10,922
156155Sheena3$3.50Devil's Due10,863
157149Halo Uprising1$3.99Marvel10,562
158174Stormwatch Phd11$2.99DC10,437
159159Army of Darkness From Ashes2$3.50Dynamic10,187
160163Painkiller Jane3$3.50Dynamic10,011
16115130 Days of Night Beyond Barrow1$3.99IDW9,952
163131Bart Simpsons Treehouse of Horror13$4.99Bongo9,688
165179Simpsons Comics134$2.99Bongo9,622
166156Streets of Glory1$3.99Avatar9,490
16715730 Days of Night Red Snow1$3.99IDW9,343
169129G.I. Joe Special Missions Enemy0$5.50Devil's Due9,255
170173Terminator 2 Infinity3$3.50Dynamic8,931
172205Justice League Unlimited37$2.25DC8,704
173183Welcome To Tranquility10$2.99DC8,608
174166Witchblade Takeru Manga8$3.99Image8,593
175167Star Trek Klingons Blood Will Tell5$3.99IDW8,586
178186Buffy The Vampire Slayer3$2.99Dark Horse8,351
179177Dark Xena4$3.50Dynamic8,270
180210Teen Titans Go47$2.25DC8,226
182189Cyblade Pilot Season1$2.99Image7,947
183190New Line Cinemas Tales of Horror1$2.99DC7,932
185172Transformers Best of UK Dinobots1$3.99IDW7,881
186192Friday The 13Th Summer Vacation1$2.99DC7,837
18817530 Days of Night Red Snow2$3.99IDW7,587
189195American Virgin19$2.99DC7,484
190223Legion of Super Heroes in the 31St Century6$2.25DC7,360
191198Army @ Love7$2.99DC7,308
192200Tarot Witch of Black Rose46$2.95Broadsword7,132
193227Sonic The Hedgehog180$2.25Archie7,058
194162Eva Daughter of Dragon One Shot0$4.99Dynamic7,022
195201Marvel Adventures Avengers16$2.99Marvel6,867
196233Batman Strikes37$2.25DC6,831
197168Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special1$4.99DC6,809
198202Marvel Adventures Spider-Man31$2.99Marvel6,721
199136Savage Dragon132$6.99Image6,698
200207Fear Agent Last Goodbye3$2.99Dark Horse6,508
201208Franklin Richards Monster Mash0$2.99Marvel6,478
202209Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby1$2.99Dark Horse6,214
203211Green Lantern Corps15$2.99DC6,177
204187Fallen Angel20$3.99IDW6,126
205212Buffy The Vampire Slayer 4th Ptg1$2.99Dark Horse6,089
206213Buffy The Vampire Slayer2$2.99Dark Horse6,067
208215Usagi Yojimbo106$2.99Dark Horse5,957
209216City of Others4$2.99Dark Horse5,891
210218Crossing Midnight11$2.99DC5,869
211219Marvel Adventures Hulk3$2.99Marvel5,788
212220Marvel Illustrated Last of Mohicans5$2.99Marvel5,678
213204Dynamo 57$3.50Image5,678
214222Marvel Adventures Iron Man5$2.99Marvel5,560
215196Lady Death Sacrilege2$3.99Avatar5,516
216225Fantastic Four and Power Pack3$2.99Marvel5,398
217229Zero Killer2$2.99Dark Horse5,215
218230Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four28$2.99Marvel5,193
220232Nicolas Cages Voodoo Child3$2.99Virgin5,163
223249Sonic X24$2.25Archie5,039
224235Green Lantern Corps14$2.99DC5,031
225203Bad Planet3$3.99Image5,024
226236Green Lantern 2Nd Ptg22$2.99DC4,972
227238Marvel Illustrated Treasure Island4$2.99Marvel4,906
229239John Woos Seven Brothers Ser 21$2.99Virgin4,840
230246Steve Niles Strange Cases1$2.50Image4,745
231240Marvel Illustrated Man I/Iron Mask3$2.99Marvel4,686
232224Drafted1$3.50Devil's Due4,635
233226Speak of the Devil2$3.50Dark Horse4,568
234217Fall of Cthulhu6$3.99Boom4,407
235256Scooby Doo124$2.25DC4,400
237165Uncle Scrooge370$7.99Gemstone4,311
238243Lions Tigers & Bears Vol. 24$2.99Image4,267
239199Shonen Jump Oct 0758$4.99Viz4,253
240221Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters6$3.99Marvel4,201
241245Buffy The Vampire Slayer4$2.99Dark Horse4,054
242228Se7en Envy6$3.99Zenescope3,966
243237Potters Field1$3.99Boom3,702
244197Lucha Libre1$5.99Image3,665
247180Walt Disneys Comics & Stories685$7.99Gemstone3,570
249247Noble Causes31$3.50Image3,364
250193Cthulhu Tales Tainted One Shot0$6.99Boom3,342
252257Blade of Immortal129$2.99Dark Horse3,254
253244Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty11$3.99IDW3,188
254258Buffy The Vampire Slayer5$2.99Dark Horse3,173
255259Apocalypse Nerd5$2.99Dark Horse3,158
256261IDW Focus On 30 Days of Night0$2.99IDW3,144
257262Killing Girl2$2.99Image3,144
258263Plague of the Living Dead4$2.99Avatar3,107
259267Snakewoman Vol. 2 Tale of Snake Charmer3$2.99Virgin2,791
260287Looney Tunes154$2.25DC2,740
261251Castle Waiting Vol. II8$3.95Fantagraphics2,710
263270India Authentic Shiva5$2.99Virgin2,593
264265Age of Bronze26$3.50Image2,585
265266Xombie Seeley4$3.50Devil's Due2,549
267268Parade With Fireworks1$3.50Image2,380
268295Sabrina Vol. 288$2.25Archie2,365
270296Betty & Veronica230$2.25Archie2,358
271264World War Hulk2$3.99Marvel2,306
272280Action Philosophers9$2.95Evil Twin2,262
276284PS23825$2.99Dork Storm2,145
277275Zombie Proof1$3.50Moonstone2,130
281269Thirteen Steps1$3.99Desperado1,976
282291Gold Digger Tangent3$2.99Antarctic1,961
283315Cartoon Network Block Party37$2.25DC1,902
284276Mad Magazine482$3.99DC1,851
285278Fourth Horseman2$3.99Fantagraphics1,829
286300Green Lantern 2nd Ptg21$2.99DC1,741
287313Plague of the Living Dead4$2.50Avatar1,726
288272Gold Digger Swimsuit End of Summer Special 20070$4.50Antarctic1,711
289255Shojo Beat Oct 07 Vol. 310$5.99Viz1,660
290303Strange Embrace4$2.99Image1,653
291283Gold Digger Sourcebook Off Handbook To The Gold Digger Universe9$3.95Antarctic1,638
292241Grimm Fairy Tales Special Photo Cover Coll Ed1$7.99Zenescope1,638
293305Nightmares & Fairy Tales20$2.95Slave Labor1,623
294289Archie Double Digest182$3.69Archie1,623
295325Red Sonja25 Blank Cover$2.40Dynamic1,586
296271A G Super Erotic Anthology65$4.99Icarus1,550
297273A G Super Erotic Anthology66$4.99Icarus1,535
298328Archie Digest238$2.49Archie1,506
299279Liberty Comics1$4.50Heroic1,498
300329Betty & Veronica Digest178$2.49Archie1,498

September 2007 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Another new Walking Dead volume made for a month in which graphic novel sales were up strongly. The top dollar volume was the Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
14Walking Dead Vol. 7 Calm Before$12.99Image13,199
22Marvel Zombies Army of Darkness HC$19.99Marvel10,180
38Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 18 Ultimate Knights$15.99Marvel7,984
4552 Vol. 3$19.99DC 7,786
57Hellboy Vol. 7 Troll Witch & Others$17.95Dark Horse7,147
611DMZ Vol. 3 Public Works$12.99DC 6,096
741Naruto Vol. 18$7.95Viz5,230
842Naruto Vol. 17$7.95Viz5,207
944Naruto Vol. 16$7.95Viz5,105
1010Punisher Max Vol. 8 Widowmaker$17.99Marvel4,488
119Justice Society of America Vol. 1 Next Age HC$19.99DC 4,480
1215Punisher War Journal Vol. 1 Civil War$14.99Marvel4,282
1316Teen Titans Vol. 7 Titans East$14.99DC 4,267
1418Daredevil Devil Hell To Pay Vol. 1$14.99Marvel4,069
1514Showcase Presents Batman A/Outsiders Vol. 1$16.99DC 3,885
1626Berserk Vol. 19$13.95Dark Horse3,702
1729Wolverine Origins Vol. 2 Savior$13.99Marvel3,533
1827Silent War$14.99Marvel3,415
1921Showcase Presents Metal Men Vol. 1$16.99DC 3,342
2030Hellblazer The Gift$14.99DC 3,298
2153Confessions of A Blabbermouth$9.99DC 3,173
2335Ms Marvel Vol. 2 Civil War$14.99Marvel3,107
2417Star Wars 30th Anniv Coll Vol. 8 HC Splinter of Minds Eye$19.95Dark Horse3,092
2558Path of Assassin Vol. 7$9.95Dark Horse3,070
266Jack Kirbys Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 2 HC$49.99DC 2,997
2713Thunderbolts By Ellis Vol. 1 Faith In Monsters Prem HC$24.99Marvel2,967
2837Green Arrow Black Canary For Better Or Worse$14.99DC 2,960
2919Encyclopedia of Comicbook Heroes Vol. 3 Superman$19.99DC 2,953
3025Punisher Presents Barracuda Max$17.99Marvel2,916
3165Donald Duck Case of Missing Mummy$8.99Gemstone2,901
3240Supergirl & Legion Dominator War$14.99DC 2,798
3333Essential Punisher Vol. 2$16.99Marvel2,798
3422Captain America Red White & Blue$19.99Marvel2,791
351Captain America By Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol. 1 HC$74.99Marvel2,776
3623Avengers Defenders War Premiere HC$19.99Marvel2,637
3728Ghost Rider Trail of Tears Premiere HC$19.99Marvel2,497
3845Ion Vol. 2 Dying Flame$14.99DC 2,483
3932Watchmen$19.99DC 2,424
4046Checkmate Vol. 2 Pawn Breaks$14.99DC 2,402
4147Dr Thirteen Architecture & Morality$14.99DC 2,350
423Superman Death & Return of Superman Omnibus HC$75.00DC 2,284
4373Battle Angel Alita Last Order Vol. 9$9.99Viz2,277
4439Sword of Atom$19.99DC 2,181
4552Boys Vol. 1$14.99Dynamic2,123
4624Civil War$24.99Marvel2,101
4757Batman Gothic New Edition$14.99DC 2,057
4859Iron Man Hypervelocity$14.99Marvel1,968
4931Mouse Guard Vol. 1 Fall 1152 HC New Ptg$24.95Archaia1,961
5051Nightly News Vol. 1$16.99Image1,946
5161Sandman Mystery Theatre Sleep of Reason$14.99DC 1,946
5220Spawn Collection Vol. 4$29.95Image1,939
534830 Days of Night Movie Ptg$17.99IDW1,924
5482Star Trek Manga Vol. 2 Gn$9.99Tokyopop1,924
5534Madman Vol. 1$24.99Image1,895
5662Wolverine Classic Vol. 5$14.99Marvel1,851
57109Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 5$7.49Archie1,844
5871Batman Strikes Duty Calls$12.99DC 1,829
59122Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 7 Digest$6.99Marvel1,799
6054Strangers in Paradise Vol. 6 Pkt$17.95Abstract1,763
6166Nightmare of Elm Street$14.99DC 1,733
6249Sentences Life of M F Grimm HC$19.99DC 1,704
6383Fruits Basket Fan Book Neko Cat$10.99Tokyopop1,704
6496Spider-Man Family Back in Black Digest$8.99Marvel1,704
6567Friday The 13th$14.99DC 1,682
6668White Tiger Heroes Compulsion$14.99Marvel1,653
6763Gunsmith Cats Omnibus Vol. 3$16.95Dark Horse1,631
6888Mpd Psycho Vol. 2$10.95Dark Horse1,616
6970Texas Chainsaw Massacre$14.99DC 1,594
7012Wonder Woman Archives Vol. 5 HC$49.99DC 1,498
7176Futurama Vol. 4 Conquers Universe$14.95Bongo1,484
7238Process Recess 2 Portfolio Sc$29.95Adhouse1,462
73103I Luv Halloween Vol. 3$9.99Tokyopop1,440
74110Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 24$9.99Tokyopop1,373
7599Oh My Goddess Vol. 6$10.95Dark Horse1,351
7689Criminal Macabre Two Red Eyes$12.95Dark Horse1,344
7755Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 17 Clone Saga$24.99Marvel1,256
7892After The Cape Vol. 1 How Far To Fall$12.99Image1,256
7994Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$12.99Image1,241
80162Betty & Veronica Boy Trouble Vol. 1$7.49Archie1,241
81152Death Note Vol. 1$7.99Viz1,219
8269Batman Black & White Vol. 1 New Edition$19.99DC 1,197
83158Black Cat Vol. 10$7.99Viz1,197
84131Welcome To NHK Vol. 4$9.99Tokyopop1,175
85132Serenity$9.95Dark Horse1,168
86133Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image1,160
8736Hulk Planet Hulk HC$39.99Marvel1,160
8890Darkness Vol. 6 Depths of Hell$14.99Image1,153
89100Invisible Boy Vol. 1 Gn$12.95Digital Manga1,138
90168Kurohime Vol. 1$7.99Viz1,131
9174Adventures of Red Sonja Vol. 2 She Devil with Sword$19.99Dynamic1,131
927552 Vol. 2$19.99DC 1,124
93104Ordinary Crush Vol. 1$12.95Digital Manga1,102
9464Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 1 $24.95Dark Horse1,087
9580Batman Secrets of Batcave$17.99DC 1,087
96106Freefall Romance$12.95Digital Manga1,080
97138He Is My Master Vol. 2$9.99Seven Seas1,072
98139Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC 1,065
99185Shaman King Vol. 13$7.95Viz1,050
10077 Marvel Zombies 5th Ptg Mary Jane HC $19.99Marvel1,043