2008 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for
Diamond's Comics, Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year

around $436.6 Million

(up 1.5% year-over-year)


#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

2008 managed to stay slightly positive overall year-over-year, despite slippage in the narrower categories; to a degree, the year suffered in comparison with the previous year's Civil War-charged sales.

January found Hulk #1 leading the pack to start out the year; X-Force #1 topped the charts in a February with generally soft sales versus the year before. Dark Tower: Long Road Home #1 topped the charts in a month that was weaker than the previous year's blockbuster March.

The event of the year got rolling in April, as Secret Invasion #1 topped the charts, starting a trend as the series led again in May and in all the later months in which it appeared. June closed the first half of 2008 with the year only a little behind 2007; top-selling trade paperback sales were the second highest recorded since the category began.

July continued Secret Invasion's dominance. A softer month across all but one category, trade paperbacks, August brought the year overall to almost exactly equal with the first eight months of 2007. In September, Marvel topped 50% in the Final Unit Sales Market Shares for the first time since Diamond began printing final market shares.

October was the best month in the Diamond Exclusive Era to date for Overall Sales, Top 300 Comics Dollar Sales, and Top Comics Plus Top Trades; the average cost per comic book in the Top 300 also set a record high. Diamond extended the trade paperback list to 300 items to match the comic list in November, a month in which comics shot up to a record $3.50 average price this month and unit sales slumped. In December, Marvel posted its best showing in the direct market in Top 300 units and dollars since 1996 in a month in which it placed 119 items into the Top 300 comics.

The final rankings for all comics and trade paperbacks during the year appear below. Diamond Comic Distributors reported these issues without indexes, so no sales estimates are calculated. You can find the first-month sales for these issues in the monthly charts; click one of the months at the bottom or use the search tool at the top of the page to find the specific issue. But note that those monthly numbers do not include reorders for the entire year; the rankings below do take the entire year's sales into account.

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—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's end-of-year chart.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisher
11Secret Invasion1$3.99Marvel
22Secret Invasion2$3.99Marvel
33Secret Invasion3$3.99Marvel
44Secret Invasion4$3.99Marvel
55Secret Invasion5$3.99Marvel
66Secret Invasion6$3.99Marvel
77Uncanny X-Men500$3.99Marvel
88Secret Invasion7$3.99Marvel
99Final Crisis1$3.99DC
1010Secret Invasion8$3.99Marvel
1121Captain America34$2.99Marvel
1222Ultimate Origins1$2.99Marvel
1311Dark Tower Long Road Home1$3.99Marvel
1512Final Crisis2$3.99DC
1714Amazing Spider-Man546$3.99Marvel
1815Final Crisis3$3.99DC
1928Invincible Iron Man1$2.99Marvel
2131New Avengers40$2.99Marvel
2435Ultimates 32$2.99Marvel
2536Astonishing X-Men25$2.99Marvel
3018Final Crisis4$3.99DC
31736Project Superpowers0$1.00Dynamic Forces
3343New Avengers41$2.99Marvel
3444New Avengers42$2.99Marvel
3546Avengers Invaders1$2.99Marvel
3619Final Crisis5$3.99DC
3747Astonishing X-Men24$2.99Marvel
3848New Avengers43$2.99Marvel
3920Dark Tower Long Road Home2$3.99Marvel
4013Giant Size Astonishing X-Men1$4.99Marvel
4253New Avengers44$2.99Marvel
4354Uncanny X-Men494$2.99Marvel
4455New Avengers39$2.99Marvel
4758Ultimates 33$2.99Marvel
4859New Avengers45$2.99Marvel
4961New Avengers38$2.99Marvel
5124Secret Invasion Dark Reign0$3.99Marvel
5264Mighty Avengers13$2.99Marvel
5365Amazing Spider-Man547$2.99Marvel
5466Amazing Spider-Man549$2.99Marvel
5625Amazing Spider-Man568$3.99Marvel
5972Ultimates 34$2.99Marvel
6026Amazing Spider-Man573$3.99Marvel
6174New Avengers46$2.99Marvel
6478Amazing Spider-Man548$2.99Marvel
6680Mighty Avengers12$2.99Marvel
6883Mighty Avengers15$2.99Marvel
6984Mighty Avengers16$2.99Marvel
7085Uncanny X-Men495$2.99Marvel
7186Mighty Avengers14$2.99Marvel
7287All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder9$2.99DC
7388New Avengers47$2.99Marvel
7489Justice League Of America17$2.99DC
7590Astonishing X-Men26$2.99Marvel
7792Fantastic Four554$2.99Marvel
7893Buffy The Vampire Slayer10$2.99Dark Horse
7996New Avengers48$2.99Marvel
8097Mighty Avengers17$2.99Marvel
8198Buffy The Vampire Slayer12$2.99Dark Horse
83100Buffy The Vampire Slayer11$2.99Dark Horse
84102Mighty Avengers7$2.99Marvel
87106Skaar Son Of Hulk1$2.99Marvel
88107Justice League Of America18$2.99DC
89108Amazing Spider-Man550$2.99Marvel
9030New Avengers Annual2$3.99Marvel
91111Justice League Of America21$2.99DC
92112Amazing Spider-Man552$2.99Marvel
93113Mighty Avengers18$2.99Marvel
94114All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder10$2.99DC
96117X-Men Legacy208$2.99Marvel
97118Uncanny X-Men496$2.99Marvel
99120Amazing Spider-Man570$2.99Marvel
100121Justice League Of America19$2.99DC
101122Uncanny X-Men497$2.99Marvel
102124Amazing Spider-Man551$2.99Marvel
103125Ultimates 35$2.99Marvel
10634Dark Tower Long Road Home3$3.99Marvel
108133Captain America35$2.99Marvel
109134Mighty Avengers19$2.99Marvel
110135Buffy The Vampire Slayer13$2.99Dark Horse
111136Amazing Spider-Man555$2.99Marvel
112138Astonishing X-Men27$2.99Marvel
114140Justice League Of America20$2.99DC
11538Stand Captain Trips1$3.99Marvel
116143Uncanny X-Men501$2.99Marvel
117144Mighty Avengers20$2.99Marvel
118145Justice League Of America22$2.99DC
120147Mighty Avengers8$2.99Marvel
122149Captain America41$2.99Marvel
124150Amazing Spider-Man569$2.99Marvel
125151Avengers Invaders2$2.99Marvel
126152Buffy The Vampire Slayer14$2.99Dark Horse
127153Ultimate Origins2$2.99Marvel
128154New X-Men46$2.99Marvel
129156Justice Society Of America12$2.99DC
13041Final Crisis Rage of Red Lanterns1$3.99DC
131158Justice League of America23$2.99DC
132159Mighty Avengers9$2.99Marvel
133160Buffy The Vampire Slayer16$2.99Dark Horse
134162Mighty Avengers11$2.99Marvel
13745Dark Tower Treachery1$3.99Marvel
138165Uncanny X-Men498$2.99Marvel
139166X-Men Legacy209$2.99Marvel
140167Uncanny X-Men502$2.99Marvel
141168Justice Society of America13$2.99DC
142169Amazing Spider-Man553$2.99Marvel
143171Buffy The Vampire Slayer15$2.99Dark Horse
144172Uncanny X-Men499$2.99Marvel
145173Uncanny X-Men505$2.99Marvel
146174Mighty Avengers10$2.99Marvel
147175Amazing Spider-Man554$2.99Marvel
148176Captain America36$2.99Marvel
149178Justice Society of America14$2.99DC
15049Justice League of America25$3.99DC
15150Final Crisis Requiem1$3.99DC
152179Uncanny X-Men503$2.99Marvel
15351Dark Tower Long Road Home4$3.99Marvel
154180Justice League of America24$2.99DC
155181Captain America39$2.99Marvel
156182Buffy The Vampire Slayer17$2.99Dark Horse
157183Captain America37$2.99Marvel
158184Amazing Spider-Man571$2.99Marvel
159186X-Men Legacy211$2.99Marvel
160187Amazing Spider-Man572$2.99Marvel
162189Captain America38$2.99Marvel
163190Captain America40$2.99Marvel
165192Buffy The Vampire Slayer18$2.99Dark Horse
166193Amazing Spider-Man557$2.99Marvel
167194Amazing Spider-Man556$2.99Marvel
168196X-Men Legacy210$2.99Marvel
169197Uncanny X-Men504$2.99Marvel
170199Justice League of America26$2.99DC
172201Justice Society of America16$2.99DC
173203Justice Society of America15$2.99DC
17662Amazing Spider-Man577$3.99Marvel
177207Amazing Spider-Man558$2.99Marvel
179209Captain America44$2.99Marvel
18068Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds1$3.99DC
181211Invincible Iron Man2$2.99Marvel
182212Justice Society of America17$2.99DC
183215Captain America42$2.99Marvel
184216Justice League of America27$2.99DC
185217Avengers Invaders3$2.99Marvel
18673Dark Tower Long Road Home5$3.99Marvel
187218Buffy The Vampire Slayer19$2.99Dark Horse
18975JSA Kingdom Come Special Superman1$3.99DC
190220X-Men Legacy212$2.99Marvel
191222All Star Superman10$2.99DC
192224Detective Comics846$2.99DC
193226Amazing Spider-Man560$2.99Marvel
194227Justice Society of America18$2.99DC
195228Amazing Spider-Man559$2.99Marvel
196231Incredible Hercules113$2.99Marvel
200237Countdown to Final Crisis1$2.99DC
201238Captain America43$2.99Marvel
202240X-Men Legacy213$2.99Marvel
203241Justice League of America28$2.99DC
204242All Star Superman11$2.99DC
205243Justice Society of America19$2.99DC
206244Amazing Spider-Man561$2.99Marvel
208248Detective Comics847$2.99DC
209249Buffy The Vampire Slayer20$2.99Dark Horse
210250Ultimate Origins3$2.99Marvel
211251Young X-Men1$2.99Marvel
212252Serenity Better Days1$2.99Dark Horse
213254Justice Society of America20$2.99DC
215256Amazing Spider-Man562$2.99Marvel
216258Amazing Spider-Man563$2.99Marvel
217259Captain America45$2.99Marvel
218260Secret Invasion Thor1$2.99Marvel
22094Batman Cacophony1$3.99DC
22195Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes1$3.99Marvel
223264X-Men Legacy214$2.99Marvel
224265Countdown to Final Crisis15$2.99DC
225266Countdown to Final Crisis2$2.99DC
226267Countdown to Final Crisis16$2.99DC
227268Amazing Spider-Man575$2.99Marvel
228269Countdown to Final Crisis14$2.99DC
229270Amazing Spider-Man579$2.99Marvel
230271Countdown to Final Crisis13$2.99DC
231101DC Universe Last Will And Testament1$3.99DC
232272All Star Superman12$2.99DC
233273Justice Society of America21$2.99DC
234274Green Lantern27$2.99DC
235275Green Lantern29$2.99DC
236276Countdown to Final Crisis3$2.99DC
237277Amazing Spider-Man565$2.99Marvel
239279Amazing Spider-Man576$2.99Marvel
240280Avengers Invaders4$2.99Marvel
241281Amazing Spider-Man574$2.99Marvel
242282Countdown to Final Crisis4$2.99DC
243283Amazing Spider-Man566$2.99Marvel
244284Green Lantern28$2.99DC
245285Amazing Spider-Man581$2.99Marvel
246287Detective Comics848$2.99DC
247105Final Crisis Rogues Revenge1$3.99DC
248288Amazing Spider-Man564$2.99Marvel
249290Countdown To Final Crisis 1212$2.99DC
250291Secret Invasion X-Men1$2.99Marvel
251292Countdown To Final Crisis 1717$2.99DC
252109Marvel Zombies 31$3.99Marvel
253293X-Men Legacy215$2.99Marvel
254110Dark Reign New Nation0$3.99Marvel
255294Countdown to Final Crisis11$2.99DC
256295Countdown to Final Crisis8$2.99DC
257296Fantastic Four555$2.99Marvel
258297Amazing Spider-Man567$2.99Marvel
259299Countdown to Final Crisis9$2.99DC
260301Countdown to Final Crisis6$2.99DC
261302Countdown to Final Crisis10$2.99DC
262303Green Lantern30$2.99DC
263304Countdown to Final Crisis7$2.99DC
264305Justice Society of America22$2.99DC
265306Green Lantern31$2.99DC
26671Final Crisis Superman Beyond1$4.50DC
267307Countdown to Final Crisis5$2.99DC
268309Amazing Spider-Man578$2.99Marvel
269123Justice Society of America Annual1$3.99DC
270311X-Men Legacy216$2.99Marvel
271312Kick Ass1$2.99Marvel
272313Invincible Iron Man3$2.99Marvel
273126Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust0$3.99Marvel
274316Detective Comics849$2.99DC
275130Dark Tower Treachery2$3.99Marvel
276317X-Men Legacy217$2.99Marvel
277318Green Lantern32$2.99DC
280131X-Men Divided We Stand1$3.99Marvel
282324Ultimate Origins4$2.99Marvel
283137Stand Captain Trips2$3.99Marvel
284325Fantastic Four556$2.99Marvel
285329Green Lantern33$2.99DC
286141Detective Comics850$3.99DC
287330Detective Comics851$2.99DC
288142Final Crisis Legion Of Three Worlds2$3.99DC
291333Green Lantern36$2.99DC
292336Green Lantern34$2.99DC
293337X-Men Legacy218$2.99Marvel
294338Avengers Initiative15$2.99Marvel
295339Avengers Invaders5$2.99Marvel
296340Green Lantern35$2.99DC
298155Secret Invasion Requiem1$3.99Marvel
300345Fantastic Four557$2.99Marvel

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2008 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top Graphic Novel charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Everything old was new again on the graphic novel charts: With the Watchmen movie in production, the trade paperback took the top spot, followed by the Killing Joke hardcover.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisher
22Batman Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC
33Joker HC$19.99DC
48Y The Last Man Vol. 10 Whys & Wherefores$14.99DC
513Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image
620Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC
710Fables Vol. 10 Good Prince$17.99DC
89Wanted (New Ptg)$19.99Image
925Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 2 No Future For You$15.95Dark Horse
1035Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC
1115Boys Vol. 2 Get Some$19.99Dynamic
136Civil War$24.99Marvel
1432Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 1 Long Way Home$15.95Dark Horse
1522Batman Long Halloween$19.99DC
1628Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite$17.95Dark Horse
1792Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image
1830Fables Vol. 11 War & Pieces$17.99DC
1994Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC
2036Star Wars Force Unleashed Gn$15.95Dark Horse
2114Green Lantern HC Vol. 1 Sinestro Corps War$24.99DC
2226Astonishing X-Men Vol. 4 Unstoppable$19.99Marvel
2355Y The Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC
2418Dark Tower Gunslinger Born Prem HC$24.99Marvel
2519All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder HC Vol. 1$24.99DC
2651Batman Year One Deluxe Sc$14.99DC
2772Y The Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.99DC
2834V For Vendetta$19.99DC
2991Walking Dead Vol. 7 The Calm Before$12.99Image
3093Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$12.99Image
3164Infinite Crisis$14.99DC
3238Batman Man Who Laughs HC$19.99DC
3346Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed.$17.99DC
3468Preacher Vol. 1 Gone To Texas New Edition$14.99DC
3539Marvel Zombies Army Of Darkness HC$19.99Marvel
36103Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.99DC
37107Y The Last Man Vol. 4 Safeword$12.99DC
3870Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 19 Death of Goblin$14.99Marvel
3988Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 2 Platinum Ed Learning Curve$13.95Marvel
4060Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 3 Wolves At Gate$15.95Dark Horse
4129Green Lantern HC Vol. 2 Sinestro Corps War$24.99DC
4211Hulk Planet Hulk$34.99Marvel
43250Tribute To Michael Turner$8.99Aspen
4440Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC
45672Witchblade Vol. 1 Witch Hunt (Direct Market Ed)$4.99Image
4641Marvel Zombies 2 HC$19.99Marvel
4742Secret Invasion Infiltration$19.99Marvel
48124DMZ Vol. 4 Friendly Fire$12.99DC
4982Y The Last Man Vol. 5 Ring of Truth$14.99DC
50126Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$12.99DC
5124Heroes HC Vol. 2$29.99DC
5243Hellboy Vol. 8 Darkness Calls$19.95Dark Horse
5384Y The Last Man Vol. 9 Motherland$14.99DC
5444Boys Vol. 3$19.99Dynamic
5556Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 1$17.95Dark Horse
5633Dark Tower Long Road Home HC$24.99Marvel
57144Y The Last Man Vol. 6 Girl On Girl$12.99DC
5869Boys Vol. 1$16.99Dynamic
5985Marvel Zombies$15.99Marvel
60260Serenity$9.95Dark Horse
61261Serenity Better Days$9.95Dark Horse
62381Naruto Vol. 28$7.95Viz
63161100 Bullets Vol. 12 Dirty$12.99DC
64112Y The Last Man Vol. 7 Paper Dolls$14.99DC
6567Hellboy Vol. 1 Seed Of Destruction$17.95Dark Horse
6671Ultimate X-Men Vol. 17 Sentinels$17.99Marvel
67118Y The Last Man Vol. 8 Kimono Dragons$14.99DC
68172Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$12.99Image
69177Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$12.99Image
70180Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$12.99Image
71125Captain America Vol. 1 Death Of Captain America$14.99Marvel
72186Batman Hush Vol. 2$12.99DC
73131Fables 1001 Nights Of Snowfall Sc$14.99DC
7416Watchmen HC$39.99DC
75191All Star Superman Vol. 1$12.99DC
76198Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$12.99Image
77453Death Note Vol. 1$7.99Viz
78143Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$14.99DC
79205Pride Of Baghdad Sc$12.99DC
8090Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 2$17.95Dark Horse
8166Batman Dark Victory$19.99DC
82210Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 20 & His Amazing Friends$12.99Marvel
83153Preacher Vol. 2 Until End of World New Edition$14.99DC
84497Naruto Vol. 29$7.95Viz
85158Jack Of Fables Vol. 3 Bad Prince$14.99DC
86217DMZ Vol. 5 The Hidden War$12.99DC
87164Invincible Vol. 9 Out Of This World$14.99Image
8875Heroes Sc$19.99DC
8921X-Men HC Messiah Complex$39.99Marvel
90207Ultimate X-Men Vol. 18 Apocalypse$13.99Marvel
91176New Avengers Illuminati$14.99Marvel
92179Kingdom Come$14.99DC
93113Superman Red Son$17.99DC
9483Star Wars Legacy Vol. 2 Shards$19.95Dark Horse
95237Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull$12.95Dark Horse
96189Thor By J Michael Straczynski Vol. 1$14.99Marvel
9787JLA Avengers$19.99DC
98568Naruto Vol. 30$7.95Viz
99574Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 1 Shipyards of Doom$7.95Dark Horse
100199Justice Vol. 1$14.99DC
101396100 Bullets Vol. 1 First Shot Last Call$9.99DC
10254Angel After The Fall HC Vol. 1$24.99IDW Publishing
103254Wolverine Blood Debt$12.95Marvel
10497Marvel Zombies HC$19.99Marvel
105134Fables Vol. 9 Sons of Empire$17.99DC
10657Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 3$24.95Dark Horse
107135Fables Vol. 4 March of Wooden Soldiers$17.99DC
108100Countdown To Final Crisis Vol. 1$19.99DC
109413DMZ Vol. 1 On The Ground$9.99DC
110211Batman And Son$14.99DC
111145Bprd Vol. 7 Garden Of Souls$17.95Dark Horse
112109Savage Sword Of Conan Vol. 3$19.95Dark Horse
113108Captain America Prem HC Vol. 2 Death Capt America$19.99Marvel
114623Naruto Vol. 31$7.95Viz
115284Ex Machina Vol. 7 Ex Cathedra$12.99DC
116449Fruits Basket Vol. 19$9.99TokyoPop
11763Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol. 1$24.95Dark Horse
118764Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 1$6.95Dark Horse
119226Fables Vol. 5 Mean Seasons$14.99DC
120227Preacher Vol. 3 Proud Americans New Edition$14.99DC
121121Johnny Homicidal Maniac Directors Cut$19.95Slave Labor
122119Hulk Prem HC The End$19.99Marvel
123120Ultimates 2 Vol. 2 Grand Theft America$19.99Marvel
124123Sandman Vol. 2 The Dolls House$19.99DC
12545Batman The Resurrection Of Ras Al Ghul HC$29.99DC
126129Batman Dark Knight Strikes Again$19.99DC
127168Star Wars Dark Times Vol. 1 Path To Nowhere$17.95Dark Horse
128216Punisher Max Vol. 9 Long Cold Dark$15.99Marvel
129200Peter Parker Spider-Man Vol. 2 One Small Break$16.95Marvel
130169Kingdom Come New Edition$17.99DC
131675Death Note Vol. 2$7.99Viz
132171Lobster Johnson Vol. 1 Iron Prometheus$17.95Dark Horse
133805Warren Ellis Aetheric Mechanics$6.99Avatar
134173Star Wars Legacy Vol. 3$17.95Dark Horse
135140Powers Vol. 11 Secret Identity$19.95Marvel
13674Hulk X-Men$24.99Marvel
137139DC The New Frontier Vol. 1$19.99DC
138175Hellboy Vol. 2 Wake The Devil$17.95Dark Horse
139246Fables Vol. 6 Homelands$14.99DC
140326Ultimates Vol. 1$12.99Marvel
14149Marvel Zombies HC Dead Days$29.99Marvel
14250Green Lantern Tales of Sinestro Corps HC$29.99DC
143290Facts in the Case of the Departure Of Miss Finch HC$13.95Dark Horse
144146Thor By J Michael Straczynski Prem HC Vol. 1$19.99Marvel
145259Fables Vol. 7 Arabian Nights And Days$14.99DC
14678Justice League of America HC Vol. 2 Lightning Saga$24.99DC
147845Teen Titans Go Vol. 2 Heroes On Patrol$6.99DC
148528Fruits Basket Vol. 20$9.99TokyoPop
149194Fables Vol. 8 Wolves$17.99DC
150265Captain America Vol. 2 Death Of Captain America$14.99Marvel
151267Scalped Vol. 2 Casino Boogie$14.99DC
152203Bprd Vol. 8 Killing Ground$17.95Dark Horse
153544Northlanders Vol. 1 Sven The Returned$9.99DC
154156New Avengers Vol. 7 Trust$19.99Marvel
15586X-Men HC Endangered Species$24.99Marvel
156157Anita Blake Vh HC First Death$19.99Marvel
157282Empowered Vol. 3$14.95Dark Horse
158281Preacher Vol. 4 Ancient History New Edition$14.99DC
159165JSA HC Vol. 2 Thy Kingdom Come Part 1$19.99DC
160286League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1$14.99DC
161424Criminal Vol. 3 Dead And Dying$11.99Marvel
162167DC The New Frontier Vol. 2$19.99DC
163369Ultimate X-Men Vol. 19 Absolute Power$12.99Marvel
16496Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 4$24.95Dark Horse
165307Hellboy Companion$14.95Dark Horse
166302Sandman Vol. 3 Dream Country$14.99DC
167178Countdown To Final Crisis Vol. 2$19.99DC
168341Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 Platinum Power & Responsibility$13.95Marvel
169790Bleach Vol. 22$7.95Viz
170182Joss Whedons Fray Future Slayer$19.95Dark Horse
171185Runaways Prem HC Dead End Kids$19.99Marvel
172101Spider-Man Prem HC One More Day$24.99Marvel
173187Joker The Greatest Stories Ever Told$19.99DC
174313Batman Haunted Knight$14.99DC
175804Naruto Vol. 32$7.95Viz
176188World Of Warcraft HC Vol. 1$19.99DC
177949Teen Titans Go Vol. 3 Bring It On$6.99DC
178319Justice Vol. 2$14.99DC
179230Hellboy Vol. 7 The Troll Witch & Others$17.95Dark Horse
180192Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Guilty Pleasures HC Vol. 2$19.99Marvel
181195Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 4$19.95Dark Horse
182821Death Note Vol. 3$7.99Viz
183231Hellboy Vol. 3 Chained Coffin And Others$17.95Dark Horse
184325Preacher Vol. 5 Dixie Fried New Edition$14.99DC
185215Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 3: Days of Fear$18.95Dark Horse
186328Jack Of Fables Vol. 4 Americana$14.99DC
187204Loeg Black Dossier$19.99DC
188849Bleach Vol. 23$7.95Viz
189637Ex Machina Vol. 1 The First Hundred Days$9.99DC
190241Batman The Jokers Last Laugh$17.99DC
191206Essential Godzilla$19.99Marvel
192657Kingdom Hearts II Vol. 2$9.99TokyoPop
193387Fallen Son Death Of Captain America$13.99Marvel
194345Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 Torn$14.99Marvel
19531Starman Omnibus HC Vol. 1$49.99DC
196347Criminal Vol. 1 Coward$14.99Marvel
197348Mighty Avengers Vol. 1 Ultron Initiative$14.99Marvel
1984Absolute Sandman HC Vol. 3$99.00DC
1991427Vertigo First Cut$4.99DC
200355Green Lantern Rebirth$14.99DC
201899Naruto Vol. 33$7.95Viz
20279X-Men Vol. 2 Complete Onslaught Epic$29.99Marvel
203141Spider-Man Back In Black$24.99Marvel
20480X-Men Messiah Complex$29.99Marvel
205298What If Civil War$16.99Marvel
206330Daredevil Vol. 2 Hell To Pay$15.99Marvel
207271Preacher Vol. 7 Salvation New Edition$17.99DC
208223New Avengers Prem HC Illuminati$19.99Marvel
209273Preacher Vol. 9 Alamo$17.99DC
210274Preacher Vol. 6 War In The Sun New Edition$17.99DC
211305Punisher Max Vol. 10 Valley Forge$16.99Marvel
212336X-Men Poptopia$15.95Marvel
213370Avengers Initiative Vol. 1 Basic Training$14.99Marvel
214375Hulk Incredible Herc$14.99Marvel
215279Hellboy Vol. 6 Strange Places$17.95Dark Horse
216379Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 Gifted$14.99Marvel
217280Hellboy Vol. 4 Right Hand Of Doom$17.95Dark Horse
218434Berserk Vol. 21$13.95Dark Horse
219278Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 2 Cities of Heaven$17.99Marvel
220815Barks Rosa Coll Vol. 2 Donalds Atom Bomb$8.99Gemstone
221495DMZ Vol. 2 Body Of A Journalist$12.99DC
222383Loeg Vol. Two$14.99DC
223233Superman Last Son HC$19.99DC
224235X-Men Endangered Species$19.99Marvel
225236Sandman Vol. 4 Season Of Mists$19.99DC
226388Amory Wars Vol. 1 Second Stage Turbine Blade$14.99Image
227720Scalped Vol. 1 Indian Country$9.99DC
228508DMZ Vol. 3 Public Works$12.99DC
229294Star Wars Legacy Vol. 1 Broken$17.95Dark Horse
230242Freakangels Vol. 1$19.99Avatar
231731Fruits Basket Vol. 21$9.99TokyoPop
232452Berserk Vol. 22$13.95Dark Horse
233297Conan Vol. 5 Rogues in House$17.95Dark Horse
234732Mini Marvels Vol. 1 Rock Paper Scissors Digest$9.99Marvel
235403Empowered Vol. 4$14.95Dark Horse
236360Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 10 Ghosts$15.99Marvel
237968Naruto Vol. 27$7.95Viz
238299B.P.R.D. Vol. 9 1946$17.95Dark Horse
239457Berserk Vol. 23$13.95Dark Horse
24099Uncanny X-Men Rise & Fall of Shiar Empire$29.99Marvel
241301Preacher Vol. 8 All Hells A Coming$17.99DC
242981Bleach Vol. 24$7.95Viz
24312Watchmen The Absolute Edition HC$75.00DC
244410Spider-Man Reign$14.99Marvel
245163House Of M$24.99Marvel
246102X-Men Vs Apocalypse Vol. 1 The Twelve$29.99Marvel
247335Frank Miller Sin City Vol. 1 2nd Hard Goodbye$17.00Dark Horse
248253Countdown To Final Crisis Vol. 3$19.99DC
2491000Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 2 Crash Course$7.95Dark Horse
250315Abe Sapien Vol. 1 The Drowning$17.95Dark Horse
251425Iron Man Extremis$14.99Marvel
252258Spider-Man One More Day$19.99Marvel
2531005Death Note Vol. 4$7.99Viz
254771New York Four$9.99DC
255546Green Lantern No Fear$12.99DC
256547Uncanny X-Men Divided We Stand$12.99Marvel
2571160Justice League Adventures Vol. 2 Friends & Foes$6.95DC
258174Hulk Prem HC Vol. 1 Red Hulk$24.99Marvel
259110House Of M HC$29.99Marvel
260111Comic Book Tattoo Sc$29.99Image
261269Thunderbolts By Ellis Vol. 1 Faith in Monsters$19.99Marvel
262270Mighty Avengers Prem HC Vol. 1 Ultron Initiative$19.99Marvel
2631031Death Note Vol. 5$7.99Viz
264447Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1$14.99Marvel
26537Hellboy Library Ed HC Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction & Wake Devil$49.95Dark Horse
2661189Teen Titans Go Vol. 1 Truth Justice Pizza$6.99DC
2671048Runaways Vol. 1 Pride And Joy Digest$7.99Marvel
268117Scud Disposable Assassin The Whole Shebang$29.99Image
269458X-Men Phoenix Warsong$14.99Marvel
270193Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection Vol. 2$24.99Marvel
271340Hellboy Vol. 5 Conqueror Worm$17.95Dark Horse
272525Berserk Vol. 24$13.95Dark Horse
273459Wolverine Evolution$14.99Marvel
274421Ultimates 2 Vol. 1 Gods & Monsters$15.99Marvel
275287Justice League Of America HC Vol. 3 Injustice League$19.99DC
276122Y The Last Man Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$29.99DC
2771064Death Note Vol. 6$7.99Viz
278530Hellsing Vol. 9$13.95Dark Horse
279201Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 5$24.95Dark Horse
280202Batman The Black Glove HC$24.99DC
281127League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Black Dossier HC$29.99DC
282291All Star Superman HC Vol. 1$19.99DC
283346Ultimates Vol. 2 Homeland Security$17.99Marvel
284130Heroes HC Vol. 1$29.99DC
285472Daredevil Cruel Unusual$14.99Marvel
286473Criminal Vol. 2 Lawless$14.99Marvel
287296Sandman Vol. 5 A Game Of You$19.99DC
288438Star Wars Legacy Vol. 4 Alliance$15.95Dark Horse
289353Mouse Guard Fall 1152$17.95Random House
290486Hellblazer Joy Ride$14.99DC
291611Green Lantern Revenge of Green Lanterns$12.99DC
292494Teen Titans Titans Of Tomorrow$14.99DC
293332Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 4 Daze Of Hate$18.95Dark Horse
294308X-Force Prem HC Vol. 1 Angels Demons$19.99Marvel
2951098Bleach Vol. 25$7.95Viz
296142X-Men Vol. 3 Complete Onslaught Epic$29.99Marvel
297310Combat Zone True Tales of Gis In Iraq Vol. 1$19.99Marvel
298402Hulk Front Line$16.99Marvel
299620Invincible Vol. 1 Family Matters$12.99Image
300505Nextwave Agents of Hate Vol. 2: I Kick Your Face$14.99Marvel

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