August 2008 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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August continued the pattern in which the Direct Market was doing slightly worse than last year most months in the periodical categories, but slightly better most months in the trade paperbacks. The market finished the month $10 million behind in the Top 300 year-to-date, almost $2 million ahead in the Top 100 trades in the year-to-date — and then the rest is made up by comics and trades outside the top groupings. The January-to-August total for 2008 was just $47,000 higher than the total for the same period from the previous year — about the contribution of a single issue of a single mid-list comic book!

This was also the first month in some time where Marvel had so many more items than DC on the list — 19. (They weren't all new titles, and a lot were variant covers and second printings.)

August 2008 saw a major database crash and consequent forced redesign at Comichron, as mentioned in our later-than-usual original report from the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Secret Invasion5$3.99Marvel165,871
22Final Crisis3$3.99DC123,815
34New Avengers44$2.99Marvel106,329
68Astonishing X-Men26$2.99Marvel94,195
73Amazing Spider-Man568$3.99Marvel93,346
89Mighty Avengers17$2.99Marvel92,900
1013Uncanny X-Men501$2.99Marvel85,353
1114Captain America41$2.99Marvel84,990
1215Justice League of America24$2.99DC81,408
1316Buffy The Vampire Slayer17$2.99Dark Horse79,265
1418Amazing Spider-Man569$2.99Marvel77,909
1519Justice Society of America18$2.99DC73,447
1621Detective Comics847$2.99DC71,096
1722Avengers Invaders4$2.99Marvel68,974
1924Ultimate Origins3$2.99Marvel68,301
2010Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds1$3.99DC68,270
2125Amazing Spider-Man567$2.99Marvel68,094
2226X-Men Legacy215$2.99Marvel68,011
2311DC Universe Last Will & Testament1$3.99DC67,027
2427Secret Invasion Thor1$2.99Marvel65,474
2528Secret Invasion X-Men1$2.99Marvel64,481
267Final Crisis Superman Beyond1$4.50DC63,104
2729Avengers Initiative16$2.99Marvel60,350
2832Fantastic Four559$2.99Marvel59,759
2917Final Crisis Revelations1$3.99DC58,403
3033Invincible Iron Man4$2.99Marvel58,124
3134Secret Invasion Amazing Spider-Man1$2.99Marvel56,633
3437Ultimate Spider-Man125$2.99Marvel54,717
3520Final Crisis Rogues Revenge2$3.99DC54,376
3638Superman Batman51$2.99DC51,673
3739Kick Ass4$2.99Marvel51,135
3840Incredible Hercules120$2.99Marvel51,073
3941Skaar Son of Hulk3$2.99Marvel50,814
4143Secret Invasion Inhumans1$2.99Marvel49,944
4244Action Comics868$2.99DC49,530
4548Ultimate X-Men97$2.99Marvel47,025
4851Green Lantern Corps27$2.99DC46,021
5053Secret Invasion Front Line2$2.99Marvel45,772
5256Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers2$2.99Marvel45,285
5431Angel After The Fall11$3.99IDW44,882
5559Venom Dark Origin1$2.99Marvel44,312
5761Teen Titans62$2.99DC43,236
5864Guardians of Galaxy4$2.99Marvel40,264
5966Ultimate Iron Man II5$2.99Marvel38,608
6067Young X-Men5$2.99Marvel38,359
6270She-Hulk 232$2.99Marvel38,048
6372Captain Britain and M.I. 134$2.99Marvel36,806
6445Marvel 19854$3.99Marvel36,319
6573Wonder Woman23$2.99DC35,543
6654Halo Uprising3$3.99Marvel34,249
6774Iron Man Director ofShield32$2.99Marvel34,238
6875Ultimate Fantastic Four57$2.99Marvel33,845
6976Batman & Outsiders10$2.99DC33,628
7057Wolverine Killing Made Simple0$3.99Marvel33,628
7158Spike After The Fall2$3.99IDW33,617
7277Black Panther40$2.99Marvel33,565
7378Runaways 31$2.99Marvel33,234
7479Booster Gold11$2.99DC32,882
7562X-Factor Special Layla Miller0$3.99Marvel31,516
7680Brave & Bold16$2.99DC31,505
7882Moon Knight21$2.99Marvel30,884
8084New Warriors15$2.99Marvel30,667
8163Iron Man Viva Las Vegas2$3.99Marvel30,418
8265Nyx No Way Home1$3.99Marvel29,911
8486Green Arrow Black Canary11$2.99DC28,679
8569X-Men Origins Jean Grey0$3.99Marvel28,596
8687Star Wars Legacy27$2.99Dark Horse28,534
8990Squadron Supreme 22$2.99Marvel28,037
9091Teen Titans Year One6$2.99DC27,726
9495Immortal Iron Fist18$2.99Marvel27,416
9596Ghost Rider26$2.99Marvel27,012
9699Legion of Super Heroes45$2.99DC25,769
97100Conan The Cimmerian2$2.99Dark Horse25,749
99103Punisher War Journal22$2.99Marvel25,542
100104Hellboy The Crooked Man2$2.99Dark Horse25,542
101107Batman Confidential20$2.99DC24,641
102110Walking Dead51$2.99Image23,109
103111New Exiles10$2.99Marvel23,036
104112New Exiles9$2.99Marvel22,974
10598Hawkman Special1$3.50DC22,487
107115Birds of Prey121$2.99DC22,394
10871Punisher Kills Marvel Universe0$4.99Marvel22,363
109101Rann Thanagar Holy War4$3.50DC21,825
110119Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic32$2.99Dark Horse21,266
111120World of Warcraft10$2.99DC20,872
112121Batman Gotham After Midnight4$2.99DC20,852
113122Star Wars Rebellion16$2.99Dark Horse20,665
114123DC Wildstorm Dreamwar5$2.99DC20,448
115109Reign In Hell2$3.50DC20,448
116124Tangent Supermans Reign6$2.99DC20,303
11797Ghost Rider Annual2$3.99Marvel20,013
118125Wolverine First Class6$2.99Marvel19,433
121127Last Defenders6$2.99Marvel18,346
122108Iron Fist Origin of Danny Rand0$3.99Marvel18,274
124132House of Mystery4$2.99DC17,559
125134BPRD The Warning2$2.99Dark Horse16,721
126117Newuniversal Conqueror0$3.99Marvel16,213
127137Jack of Fables24$2.99DC15,944
129141Jack of Fables25$2.99DC15,634
130128Criminal 24$3.50Marvel15,613
132144Amazing Spider-Girl23$2.99Marvel15,147
133106Final Crisis1 Dir's Cut$4.99DC14,929
134146Red Sonja36$2.99Dynamic14,826
135147Ambush Bug Year None2$2.99DC14,619
136148Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 21$2.99Marvel14,401
137135Terry Moore's Echo5$3.50Abstract14,039
138129Frank Frazettas Dracula Meets Wolf-Man0$3.99Image13,573
139113Amazing Spider-Man Family1$4.99Marvel13,542
140116King Size Spider-Man Summer Special0$4.99Marvel13,408
141130Transformers All Hail Megatron2$3.99IDW13,356
142152Wildcats Worlds End2$2.99DC13,304
143153X-Men First Class Vol. 215$2.99Marvel13,242
144154Madame Xanadu3$2.99DC13,045
145155DC Special Cyborg4$2.99DC13,004
147157Jonah Hex34$2.99DC12,962
148145Lone Ranger12$3.50Dynamic12,900
149159True Believers2$2.99Marvel12,838
150160Fantastic Four True Story2$2.99Marvel12,817
151162Patsy Walker Hellcat2$2.99Marvel12,807
152133Transformers Movie Sequel Reign of Starscream4$3.99IDW12,693
154164Blue Beetle30$2.99DC12,662
156136Doctor Who6$3.99IDW12,155
157166Broken Trinity Darkness (One Shot)0$2.99Image11,958
158138Transformers Movie Sequel Reign of Starscream5$3.99IDW11,803
159140Marvel Comics Presents12$3.99Marvel11,751
160169Simon Dark11$2.99DC11,523
161142Angel Revelations4$3.99Marvel11,492
162143Doctor Who Forgotten1$3.99IDW11,440
164175Gen 1321$2.99DC11,068
167179100 Bullets94$2.99DC10,716
168118Universal War One2$5.99Marvel10,623
169149Haunt of Horror Lovecraft3$3.99Marvel10,302
170150Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer0$3.99IDW10,291
171206Tiny Titans7$2.25DC10,229
172182Supernatural Rising Son5$2.99DC10,105
173151Transformers Movie Prequel Saga of Allspark2$3.99IDW10,074
174183War That Time Forgot4$2.99DC9,960
175158Anna Mercury3$3.99Avatar9,680
176184Goon27$2.99Dark Horse9,680
177185Dark Ivory3$2.99Image9,670
180178Army of Darkness11$3.50Dynamic9,183
181192Simpsons Comics145$2.99Bongo8,862
182168Transformers Animated Arrival1$3.99IDW8,666
183193Stormwatch PHD Worlds End13$2.99DC8,645
184195Hellblazer Presents Chas Knowledge2$2.99DC8,604
185170Foolkiller White Angels2$3.99Marvel8,604
187197Infinity Inc12$2.99DC8,573
188172Star Trek Assignment Earth4$3.99IDW8,469
189201Madman Atomic Comics10$2.99Image8,096
190177Star Trek Year Four Enterprise Experiment5$3.99IDW8,086
191180Doktor Sleepless8$3.99Avatar7,941
192204Young Liars6$2.99DC7,858
193181Welcome To Hoxford1$3.99IDW7,775
194212Storming Paradise2$2.99DC7,278
195198Lost Boys Reign of Frogs4$3.50DC7,216
197234Sonic Hedgehog191$2.25Archie7,102
198188Dark Tower Long Road Home1$3.99Marvel7,061
200214Amory Wars II3$2.99Image6,957
201202Hack Slash Series15$3.50Devil's Due6,802
202205Voltron A Legend Forged2$3.50Devil's Due6,709
203243Batman Strikes48$2.25DC6,699
204216Army @ Love The Art of War1$2.99DC6,688
205217Secret History Authority Hawksmoor6$2.99DC6,678
206244Super Friends6$2.25DC6,668
207191Secret Invasion2$3.99Marvel6,657
208218Bart Simpson Comics43$2.99Bongo6,657
209285Sdcc 2008 Astonishing X-Men25 Sketch Var$1.50Marvel6,543
210167Halloween 30th Ann Special0$5.50Devil's Due6,460
211194Secret Invasion3$3.99Marvel6,450
212211Hack Slash Series14$3.50Devil's Due6,274
214223Marvel Spotlight Spider-Man Brand New Day0$2.99Marvel6,253
215224Skrulls Vs Power Pack2$2.99Marvel6,243
216226Marvel Adventures Super Heroes2$2.99Marvel5,953
217254Legion of Super Heroes In 31st Century17$2.25DC5,922
218207Final Crisis Requiem1$3.99DC5,756
219228Marvel Adventures Spider-Man42$2.99Marvel5,715
221230Atomic Robo Dogs of War1$2.95Red 55,663
222208Doctor Who Classics9$3.99IDW5,663
223209Galaxy Quest Global Warning1$3.99IDW5,653
224210Franklin Richards Summer Smackdown0$3.99Marvel5,622
226237Marvel Adventures Avengers27$2.99Marvel5,197
228241Vinyl Underground11$2.99DC5,104
229266Family Dynamic1$2.25DC5,083
230190Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons3 Balan Cvr$5.50Devil's Due4,970
231289Amazing Spider-Man568 Toronto Var$1.80Marvel4,959
232245Special Forces3$2.99Image4,959
233200Shonen Jump Sept 080$4.99Viz4,897
234219Final Crisis Rogues Revenge1$3.99DC4,887
235247Fear Agent23$2.99Dark Horse4,876
236221Fallen Angel29$3.99IDW4,763
237273Sonic X36$2.25Archie4,752
238251Astonishing X-Men25$2.99Marvel4,700
239225Warhammer 40k Exterminatus2$3.99Boom4,587
240253Marvel Adventures Hulk14$2.99Marvel4,535
241227Fall of Cthulhu Godwar1$3.99Boom4,390
242240Brothers In Arms3$3.50Dynamic4,379
243203Dragonlance Legends Time of Twins2$5.50Devil's Due4,307
244171Uncle Scrooge377$7.99Gemstone4,286
245286Scooby Doo135$2.25DC4,224
246173Uncle Scrooge378$7.99Gemstone4,224
247231Buckaroo Banzai: The Prequel1$3.99Moonstone4,152
248232Warhammer 40k Fire & Honor1$3.99Boom4,121
249215Hulk Chronicles2$4.99Marvel4,069
250261Ultimates 34$2.99Marvel4,007
251252Helm2$3.50Dark Horse3,986
252236Transformers Best of the UK Time Wars1$3.99IDW3,914
254239Simpsons Comics Treasure Trove1$3.99Bongo3,851
255265Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four39$2.99Marvel3,831
256268Skaar Son of Hulk1$2.99Marvel3,779
258270Freedom Formula1$2.99Radical3,717
259246Cthulhu Tales4$3.99Boom3,696
260256Gargoyles Bad Guys4$3.50Slave Labor3,655
261249Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers3$3.99Marvel3,603
262250Zombie Tales4$3.99Boom3,530
263260Red Star Sword of Lies3$3.50Archie3,499
264276Casey Blue Beyond Tomorrow4$2.99DC3,489
265277Firebreather Series2$2.99Image3,479
266278Ultimate Origins2$2.99Marvel3,458
267279Marvel Illustrated Moby Dick6$2.99Marvel3,437
268281Invincible Iron Man3 2nd Ptg$2.99Marvel3,386
269262Emily The Strange II Alone Issue4$3.50Dark Horse3,375
270284Rex Mundi Dh Ed13$2.99Dark Horse3,313
271264Knights of the Dinner Table Special Ed Last Man Standing0$3.49Kenzer3,303
273257Okko Cycle of Earth1$3.95Archaia3,210
274258Mack Bolan Executioner Devils Tools5$3.99IDW3,137
279269Bloodrayne Tokyo Rogue2$3.99Digital Webbing2,795
282321Looney Tunes165$2.25DC2,661
283275Igor Movie Adaptation1$3.99IDW2,650
284248Demonwars Vol. 2 Demon Spirit2$5.50Devil's Due2,630
285280Okko Cycle of Earth2$3.95Archaia2,588
286288Drafted10$3.50Devil's Due2,557
287282Final Crisis2$3.99DC2,495
288283Igor Movie Adaptation2$3.99IDW2,485
289340SDCC 2008 Angel After The Fall10 Previews Excl$2.00IDW2,485
290331Betty & Veronica237$2.25Archie2,371
291304Freedom Formula2$2.99Radical2,371
292296Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles49$3.25Mirage2,361
293307Guardians of Galaxy3 2nd Ptg$2.99Marvel2,278
295339Sabrina Vol. 296$2.25Archie2,205
296311Captain Britain & M.I. 133 2nd Ptg$2.99Marvel2,153
297312Bond of Saint Marcel1$2.99Archaia2,153
298291I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates Outerspace2$3.99Platinum2,143
299293Voyages of Shebuccaneer2$3.99Great Big2,050
300317Vertigo Double Shot1$2.99DC2,040

August 2008 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 100 Graphic Novel chart. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

The new Watchmen printing continued to post huge sales numbers.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
23Star Wars Force Unleashed$15.95Dark Horse9,722
38Batman Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC6,212
414Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 20 & His Amazing Friends$12.99Marvel6,150
515DMZ Vol. 5 Hidden War$12.99DC6,140
616All Star Superman Vol. 1$12.99DC6,140
711World of Warcraft HC Vol. 1$19.99DC4,379
821Batman: The Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC4,141
922Mighty Avengers Vol. 1$14.99Marvel4,131
1012Spider-Man One More Day$19.99Marvel4,069
1161Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #693$7.99Gemstone4,007
1262Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #692$7.99Gemstone3,976
1319Star Wars Dark Times Vol. 2 Parallels$17.95Dark Horse3,738
1443Wolverine Get Mystique$10.99Marvel3,593
159X-Men Vol. 3 Complete Onslaught Epic$29.99Marvel3,458
1627Showcase Presents House of Secrets Vol. 1$16.99DC3,292
1735X-Men Divided We Stand$12.99Marvel3,251
1860Walt Disneys Vacation Parade Vol. 5$9.95Gemstone3,241
1930Terry Moore's Echo Vol. 1 Moon Lake$15.95Abstract3,189
2078Donald Duck Family Daan Jippes Collection Vol. 1$8.99Gemstone3,189
2120Batman The Long Halloween$19.99DC3,178
2225Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Vol. 4 Daze of Hate$18.95Dark Horse2,982
2310JLA Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$29.99DC2,940
24135Americas Best Comics Primer$4.99DC2,889
2523Myspace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 1$19.95Dark Horse2,889
2663Warcraft Legends Vol. 1$10.99Tokyopop2,878
2772Oh My Goddess Vol. 30$10.95Dark Horse2,713
285Creepy Archives HC$49.95Dark Horse2,702
2918Punisher Premium HC Welcome Back Frank$24.99Marvel2,692
3057Sandman Presents Dead Boy Detectives$12.99DC2,682
3132Countdown Arena$17.99DC2,650
3244Superman Chronicles Vol. 5$14.99DC2,578
3345Batman Year One Deluxe$14.99DC2,506
3431X-Men Legacy Prem HC Vol. 1 Divided He Stands$19.99Marvel2,485
3549Spider-Man Kravens Last Hunt$14.99Marvel2,443
3651Simon Dark What Simon Does$14.99DC2,423
3754Astounding Wolf Man 01$14.99Image2,402
386Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man HC Vol. 10$54.99Marvel2,350
3942Showcase Presents Atom Vol. 2$16.99DC2,340
4013New X-Men By Morrison Ultimate Coll Book 2$34.99Marvel2,319
4124Justice League International HC Vol. 2$24.99DC2,298
4248New Exiles Vol. 1 New Life New Gambit$15.99Marvel2,298
4426All Star Batman & Robin Boy Wonder HC Vol. 1$24.99DC2,247
4529Brave & Bold HC Vol. 2 Book of Destiny$24.99DC2,081
4638Wolverine Logan Premiere HC$19.99Marvel2,060
4740Thunderbolts By Ellis Prem HC Vol. 2 Caged Angels$19.99Marvel2,050
482Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier HC$99.00DC2,029
4952Supergirl Beyond Good & Evil$17.99DC2,009
5070Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image1,988
5158Essential Man-Thing Vol. 2$16.99Marvel1,988
5256Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed. SC$17.99DC1,957
537Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Marvel Comics HC Vol. 3$59.99Marvel1,884
5487Batman Hush Vol. 1$12.99DC1,884
5547Suicide Squad From The Ashes$19.99DC1,843
5680She-Hulk Vol. 6 Jaded$14.99Marvel1,822
57100Starcraft Frontline Vol. 1$10.99Tokyopop1,781
5884Robin Year One$14.99DC1,708
59104Blood Plus Vol. 3$10.95Dark Horse1,688
6036Punisher War Journal Classic Vol. 1$24.99Marvel1,667
6159Doctor Who Agent Provacateur$19.99IDW1,657
6271Witchblade Vol. 5$17.99Image1,657
6339Civil War$24.99Marvel1,646
6497Batman Hush Vol. 2$12.99DC1,646
6576Countdown Lord Havok & Extremists$17.99DC1,605
6688Testament Vol. 4 Exodus$14.99DC1,594
6790Midnighter Vol. 2 Anthem$14.99DC1,553
6866Batman Dark Victory$19.99DC1,543
6968New Warriors Vol. 2 Thrashed$19.99Marvel1,532
7091Y The Last Man: Vol. 10 Whys & Wherefores$14.99DC1,532
7199Y The Last Man: Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC1,522
724Daredevil By Bendis Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.99Marvel1,501
7369Young Inhumans$19.99Marvel1,501
74158D Gray Man Vol. 10$7.99Viz1,481
7546Flash The Wild Wests HC$24.99DC1,481
7673Complete Zombies Vs Robots$19.99IDW1,481
7750Off Hb Marvel Univ A To Z Prem HC Vol. 4$24.99Marvel1,460
78103Black Lagoon Vol. 1$12.99Viz1,439
7953Moon Knight Prem HC Vol. 3 God & Country$24.99Marvel1,439
8185Foolkiller Fools Paradise$17.99Marvel1,398
8217E.C. Archives Tales From The Crypt HC Vol. 3$49.95Gemstone1,387
83141Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC1,387
8494Cthulhu Tales Vol. 1$15.99Boom1,387
8541Grendel God & The Devil$29.95Dark Horse1,346
86177Marvel Adventures Hulk Vol. 3 Strongest Digest$7.99Marvel1,325
8798Fear Agent Vol. 4 Hatchet Job$14.95Dark Horse1,325
8882V For Vendetta$19.99DC1,315
89101Fantastic Four Visionaries Walt Simonson Vol. 2$14.99Marvel1,294
90118Y The Last Man: Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC1,284
91149Spider-Man J Vol. 1 Japanese Knights Digest$9.99Marvel1,263
9264Metal Men HC$24.99DC1,263
9386Deathblow and Then You Live$19.99DC1,253
94152Trinity Blood Vol. 7$9.99Tokyopop1,242
95123GTO Early Years Vol. 8 Shonan Junai Gumi$12.99Tokyopop1,242
96189Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol. 3 Digest$7.99Marvel1,232
9795Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite$17.95Dark Horse1,232
98105Brit Vol. 2 AWOL$14.99Image1,232
9989Batman Dark Knight Strikes Again$19.99DC1,180
100196Pokemon Ranger & The Temple of the Sea$7.99Viz1,180