December 2009 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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DC's Blackest Night again topped the list of comics ordered by comics shops in December, closing out the first down year in nearly a decade. The Direct Market was off by only about 2% in 2009, or less than $10 million dollars. It's the first down year overall since 2000, breaking a remarkable run — but given general economic conditions, the potential for a larger drop was clearly there.

December was an off month across all categories, squared up as it was against a mammothDecember 2008 that featured a whopping 119 Marvel titles in the Top 300 comics. This December Marvel again had a large impact on the charts, with 111 titles making the list, but unit sales were lower by more than a million copies overall. Marvel approached 50% of the units sold in the direct market, including comics and trade paperbacks; in dollars, the gap between Marvel and DC was narrower.

In a new move for December, Diamond did not slate new comics for shipping in the fifth week of the month. It's not clear how this affected sales levels across the board, but it does seem to have coincided with smaller slates making the Top 300, with Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW combining for 242 slots in December, as opposed to 267 slots in the same month in 2008. In a first, Boom Studios had the third largest number of entries in the Top 300 comics. In December 2008 the 300th place title had orders of 4,607 copies; in 2009, the figure was 3,403.

As a result of December's orders, overall comics shop orders of comic books, trade paperbacks, and magazines for the year look to have landed around $429 million, near 2008 and 2007's totals of $436.6 million and $430 million respectively. It's likely a further loss when figured against inflation, which was a significant factor in the comics market in 2009; the year closed with the highest average prices for new comic books in history: $3.59, beating the old record by several cents. Apparently, raising cover prices amid a general recession wasn't a helpful strategy.

Read more in our preliminary and final analysis posts for the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Small Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
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Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Blackest Night 6$3.99DC100,651
26Green Lantern 49$2.99DC97,285
32Captain America Reborn 5$3.99Marvel91,790
44Captain America Reborn Who Will Wield The Shield0$3.99Marvel80,771
511Blackest Night The Flash 1$2.99DC80,313
614Green Lantern Corps 43$2.99DC77,774
77New Avengers 60$3.99Marvel72,790
815Blackest Night Wonder Woman 1$2.99DC70,758
99Dark Avengers 12$3.99Marvel69,799
1018Blackest Night JSA 1$2.99DC68,721
118Justice League of America 40$3.99DC68,672
1210Siege Cabal0$3.99Marvel68,655
1320Uncanny X-Men 518$2.99Marvel68,572
1422Uncanny X-Men 519$2.99Marvel67,043
1521Batman 694$2.99DC65,908
1625Amazing Spider-Man 615$2.99Marvel63,738
1713Fall of Hulks Alpha0$3.99Marvel62,785
1829Thor 604$2.99Marvel61,608
193New Avengers Annual 3$4.99Marvel61,435
205Dark Avengers Annual 1$4.99Marvel60,524
2112Adventure Comics 5$3.99DC59,876
2228Amazing Spider-Man 614$2.99Marvel59,696
2332Amazing Spider-Man 616$2.99Marvel58,856
2436Astonishing X-Men 33$2.99Marvel57,592
2539Thor 605$2.99Marvel55,242
2616Hulk 18$3.99Marvel53,222
2717Detective Comics 860$3.99DC52,295
2819X-Force 22$3.99Marvel51,859
2944X-Men Legacy 231$2.99Marvel50,929
3023X-Men Legacy 230$3.99Marvel49,776
3145Superman Batman 67$2.99DC49,650
3246Mighty Avengers 32$2.99Marvel48,662
3347Dark Wolverine 81$2.99Marvel48,102
3449Invincible Iron Man 21$2.99Marvel47,330
3526Fall of Hulks Gamma0$3.99Marvel46,883
3652Deadpool 18$2.99Marvel45,914
3727Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 5$3.99Marvel45,849
3842Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow One Shot0$3.50Dark Horse45,136
3933Incredible Hulk 605$3.99Marvel43,964
4031Teen Titans 78$3.99DC43,400
4135X-Force Annual 1$3.99Marvel43,113
4234JSA All Stars 1$3.99DC42,493
4337Dark X-Men 2$3.99Marvel42,207
4438Nation X 1$3.99Marvel41,796
4556Justice Society of America 34$2.99DC41,734
4641X Necrosha Gathering0$3.99Marvel40,766
4740Booster Gold 27$3.99DC40,256
4859Red Robin 7$2.99DC39,528
4963Daredevil 503$2.99Marvel38,680
5064Fantastic Four 574$2.99Marvel38,431
5143Outsiders 25$3.99DC37,847
5267Deadpool Merc With A Mouth 6$2.99Marvel37,051
5330X-Factor 200$4.99Marvel36,577
5468Wolverine Origins 43$2.99Marvel36,528
5569Deadpool Team-Up 898$2.99Marvel36,308
5648Doom Patrol 5$3.99DC35,348
5751Marvels Project 4$3.99Marvel34,775
5870Superman World of New Krypton 10$2.99DC33,868
5953Wolverine Weapon X 8$3.99Marvel33,470
6071Superman 695$2.99DC33,372
6174Batgirl 5$2.99DC32,482
6277Avengers Initiative 31$2.99Marvel32,291
6379New Mutants 8$2.99Marvel32,240
6424Batman 80 Page Giant 1$5.99DC32,200
6554Action Comics 884$3.99DC31,873
6655Rebels 11$3.99DC31,489
6757Dark Tower Battle of Jericho Hill 1$3.99Marvel30,756
6885Secret Warriors 11$2.99Marvel30,748
6958Batman Streets of Gotham 7$3.99DC30,290
7087Thunderbolts 139$2.99Marvel29,957
7189Spider-Woman 4$2.99Marvel29,755
7286Gotham City Sirens 7$2.99DC29,709
7361Ultimate Comics Armor Wars 3$3.99Marvel29,439
7460Web of Spider-Man 3$3.99Marvel29,368
7562Cable 21$3.99Marvel29,094
7690Haunt 3$2.99Image28,390
7765Dark Tower Battle of Jericho Hill 2$3.99Marvel28,350
7891Supergirl 48$2.99DC28,176
7966Image United 2$3.99Image27,469
8097Wonder Woman 39$2.99DC26,152
8198Titans 20$2.99DC25,887
8272What If Astonishing X-Men0$3.99Marvel25,060
83135Archie 604$2.50Archie25,058
84103Punisher 12$2.99Marvel24,985
8573What If Secret Invasion0$3.99Marvel24,966
8675What If World War Hulk0$3.99Marvel24,582
8776Stand Soul Survivors 3$3.99Marvel24,308
88106Walking Dead 68$2.99Image24,230
89102Boys 37$2.99Dynamic24,025
9082Incredible Hercules 139$3.99Marvel23,591
91111Worlds Finest 3$2.99DC23,295
9283Punishermax 2$3.99Marvel23,110
9384Psylocke 2$3.99Marvel23,018
94115Secret Six 16$2.99DC22,638
95114Power Girl 7$2.99DC22,533
96117Ms Marvel 48$2.99Marvel22,527
97131Spider-Man and Secret Wars 1$2.99Marvel22,397
9888What If Spider-Man House of M0$3.99Marvel22,287
99119Guardians of Galaxy 21$2.99Marvel22,271
100120Nova 32$2.99Marvel22,202
101124Vengeance of Moon Knight 4$2.99Marvel21,482
10292What If Daredevil Vs Elektra0$3.99Marvel21,411
10380Angel 28$3.99IDW21,301
10493Realm of Kings Inhumans 2$3.99Marvel21,242
105123Star Wars Legacy 43$2.99Dark Horse20,983
106126Brave and The Bold 30$2.99DC20,932
107109Black Widow Deadly Origin 2$3.99Marvel20,925
108104Hellboy Bride of Hell One Shot0$3.50Dark Horse20,761
10994Realm of Kings Imperial Guard 2$3.99Marvel20,647
110129Fables 91$2.99DC20,450
11195Amazing Spider-Man Presents Anti Venom 3$3.99Marvel20,364
11296Iron Man Vs Whiplash 1$3.99Marvel20,126
113133Arkham Reborn 3$2.99DC19,580
114100Wolverine Under Boardwalk One-Shot0$3.99Marvel19,271
115101X-Men Forever 13$3.99Marvel18,870
116105Dark Avengers Ares 3$3.99Marvel18,597
117107X-Men Forever 14$3.99Marvel18,376
118108Spider-Man Clone Saga 4$3.99Marvel18,324
119110Strange 2$3.99Marvel18,005
120145Black Panther 2 11$2.99Marvel17,989
121144Azrael 3$2.99DC17,757
122147War Machine 12$2.99Marvel17,572
123116Powers 2$3.95Marvel17,181
124113Green Arrow Black Canary 27$3.99DC16,904
12550Angel Annual 1$7.99IDW16,616
126150Cinderella From Fabletown With Love 2$2.99DC16,598
127122Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without A Face 1$3.99Marvel16,447
128151Batman Confidential 38$2.99DC16,132
129152Batman The Unseen 5$2.99DC16,078
130125X-Men Noir Mark of Cain 1$3.99Marvel16,043
131153Batman Confidential 39$2.99DC15,906
132127Marvelous Land of Oz 2$3.99Marvel15,783
133112G.I. Joe 13$3.99IDW15,759
13499Incorruptible 1$3.99Boom15,710
135128Iron Man Vs Whiplash 2$3.99Marvel15,494
13681DC Holiday Special 2009 1$5.99DC15,461
137154Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 48$2.99Dark Horse15,445
138156Invincible 69$2.99Image15,161
139130Jonah Hex 50$3.99DC15,131
140132Ghost Riders Heavens On Fire 5$3.99Marvel15,128
142121G.I. Joe 12$3.99IDW14,824
143161Doctor Voodoo Avenger of Supernatural 3$2.99Marvel14,769
144148Criminal Sinners 3$3.50Marvel14,624
145164Unwritten 8$2.99DC14,257
146137Deathlok 2$3.99Marvel14,059
147171Black Widow and Marvel Girls 1$2.99Marvel13,873
148140Torch 4$3.99Marvel13,782
149142Hulk Winter Guard One-Shot0$3.99Marvel13,611
150118Irredeemable 9$3.99Boom13,515
151143Captain America Theater of War Prisoners of Duty0$3.99Marvel13,511
15278Lobo Highway To Hell 2$6.99DC13,435
153173Star Wars Clone Wars 11$2.99Dark Horse13,098
154179Jack of Fables 40$2.99DC12,970
155177B.P.R.D. War On Frogs 4$2.99Dark Horse12,904
156175Chew 7$2.99Image12,902
157182Witchblade 133$2.99Image12,811
158165Project Superpowers Chapter Two 5$2.99Dynamic12,794
159136Crossed 8$3.99Avatar12,757
160149Punisher Noir 4$3.99Marvel12,603
161181Jack of Fables 41$2.99DC12,559
162138Transformers Ongoing 2$3.99IDW12,516
163141G.I. Joe Origins 10$3.99IDW12,295
164188Ex Machina 47$2.99DC12,192
165162Aliens 4$3.50Dark Horse12,105
166189Black Widow and Marvel Girls 2$2.99Marvel12,087
167190Daytripper 1$2.99DC12,010
168187Darkness Pitt 3$2.99Image11,968
169146Supergod 2$3.99Avatar11,398
170159X-Babies 3$3.99Marvel11,184
171196Red Tornado 4$2.99DC11,009
172139Iron Man Requiem0$4.99Marvel11,008
173202Magog 4$2.99DC10,700
174180Escape From Wonderland 3$2.99Zenescope10,628
175245Vampirella Second Coming 4$1.99Harris10,565
176166Halo Blood Line 1$3.99Marvel10,551
177169Anita Blake Lc Executioner 2$3.99Marvel10,454
178170Spider-Man 1602 3$3.99Marvel10,392
179206Hellblazer 262$2.99DC10,334
180167World of Warcraft Special 1$3.99DC10,323
181174Terry Moores Echo 17$3.50Abstract10,282
182184Grimm Fairy Tales 43$2.99Zenescope10,246
183157Transformers Bumblebee 1$3.99IDW10,205
184209House of Mystery 20$2.99DC10,175
185211Uncanny X-Men First Class 6$2.99Marvel10,021
186160G.I. Joe Movie Snake Eyes 3$3.99IDW9,908
187216Sweet Tooth 4$2.99DC9,817
188212Angelus 1$2.99Image9,781
189172Angel Hole In The World 1$3.99IDW9,748
190176Freddy Jason Ash Nightmare Warriors 6$3.99DC9,599
191185Black Terror 6$3.50Dynamic9,545
192168Angel Only Human 5$3.99IDW9,532
193155Complete Alice In Wonderland 1$4.99Dynamic9,388
194197Chimichanga 1$3.00Albatross Exploding9,111
195221Warlord 9$2.99DC9,102
196224Great Ten 2$2.99DC8,760
197163Talisman Road of Trials 2$3.99Random House8,755
198227Madame Xanadu 18$2.99DC8,686
199230Pilot Season Murderer 1$2.99Image8,454
200194Empowered One Shot0$3.99Dark Horse8,361
201234Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode 2$2.99Image8,223
202250Sonic The Hedgehog 207$2.50Archie8,198
203134Giant-Size Grimm Fairy Tales 2009 Holiday Ed0$5.99Zenescope8,127
204238Northlanders 23$2.99DC8,069
205203Nomad Girl Without A World 4$3.99Marvel8,031
206260Tiny Titans 23$2.50DC8,017
207239Authority The Lost Year 4$2.99DC7,999
208240Sword 20$2.99Image7,887
209243Authority 17$2.99DC7,829
210246Greek Street 6$2.99DC7,802
211204Groo Hogs of Horder 2$3.99Dark Horse7,787
212192Locke & Key Crown of Shadows 2$3.99IDW7,707
213186Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 6$3.99Boom7,557
214201Doctor Who Ongoing 6$3.99IDW7,448
215217Barack The Barbarian 3$3.50Devil's Due7,447
216252Victorian Undead 2$2.99DC7,430
217235Simpsons Comics 161$2.99Bongo7,414
218214Shield 4$3.99DC7,316
219220Garth Ennis Battlefields Happy Valley 1$3.50Dynamic7,193
220219Enders Game Command School 4$3.99Marvel7,129
221193Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 7$3.99Boom7,042
222191Enders Game War of Gifts One-Shot0$4.99Marvel6,995
223257DMZ 48$2.99DC6,977
224195Street Fighter II Turbo 10$3.95Udon6,972
225256Astounding Wolf-Man 20$2.99Image6,897
226210Ghostbusters Past Present Future (One Shot)0$3.99IDW6,868
227231Incredibles 3$2.99Boom6,849
228259Scalped 33$2.99DC6,752
229198Doctor Voodoo Origin of Jericho Drumm0$4.99Marvel6,743
230270Sonic Universe 11$2.50Archie6,697
231222Web 4$3.99DC6,653
232225Enders Shadow Command School 4$3.99Marvel6,628
233215Star Trek Deep Space 9 Fools Gold 1$3.99IDW6,623
234454Invincible Iron Man 20$3.99Marvel6,507
235265Wildcats 18$2.99DC6,487
236264God Complex 1$2.99Image6,463
237178Batman Arkham Asylum Special0$5.99DC6,414
238288Batman The Brave and The Bold 12$2.50DC6,342
239207Farscape Ongoing 2$3.99Boom6,336
240236Army of Darkness Ash Saves Obama 4$3.50Dynamic6,295
241237Hack Slash Series 28$3.50Devil's Due6,260
242183Last Days of American Crime 1$4.99Radical6,163
243271Unknown Soldier 15$2.99DC6,134
244251Muppet Show 0$2.99Boom6,120
245233Frank Frazettas Dark Kingdom 3$3.99Image6,108
24621328 Days Later 4$3.99Boom6,105
247223Ghostbusters Displaced Aggression 4$3.99IDW6,044
248200Complete Dracula 4$4.99Dynamic5,981
249262Wall-E 1$2.99Boom5,946
250263Bart Simpson Comics 51$2.99Bongo5,936
251247Zorro 18$3.50Dynamic5,927
252249Robert E. Howard Thulsa Doom 4$3.50Dynamic5,899
253228Star Trek Alien Spotlight Cardassians0$3.99IDW5,828
254241Tank Girl Nuggets (One Shot)0$3.99Image5,803
255276Beasts of Burden 4$2.99Dark Horse5,777
256258Savage Dragon 155$3.50Image5,736
257279Air 16$2.99DC5,733
258278Gen 13 33$2.99DC5,718
259205Complete Dracula 5$4.99Dynamic5,664
260229Absolution 4$3.99Avatar5,581
261199G.I. Joe Vs Cobra Fall Special Crimson Strike0$4.95Fun5,521
262282Mighty 11$2.99DC5,500
263283North 40 6$2.99DC5,490
264253Dantes Inferno 1$3.99DC5,431
265232Farscape Dargos Quest 1$3.99Boom5,215
266218Simpsons Winter Wingding 4$4.99Bongo5,214
267255Modern Warfare 2 Ghost 2$3.99DC5,214
268269Toy Story 0$2.99Boom5,052
269274Usagi Yojimbo 125$3.50Dark Horse4,980
270248Absolution 5$3.99Avatar4,978
271272Uncle Scrooge 386$2.99Boom4,946
272293Mice Templar Destiny 5$2.99Image4,890
273273Walt Disneys Comics & Stories 701$2.99Boom4,885
274308Super Friends 22$2.50DC4,837
275266Starr The Slayer 4$3.99Marvel4,832
276309Billy Batson and The Magic of Shazam 11$2.50DC4,795
277268Outsiders 24$3.99DC4,786
278275Mickey Mouse & Friends 298$2.99Boom4,761
279226Shonen Jump January 20100$4.99Viz4,712
280281Donald Duck and Friends 348$2.99Boom4,571
281277Marvel 70th Anniversary Frame Art One-Shot0$3.99Marvel4,411
282303Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 58$2.99Marvel4,352
283280The Good The Bad & The Ugly 6$3.50Dynamic4,276
284286Athena 3$3.50Dynamic4,192
285306Marvel Super Hero Squad 4$2.99Marvel4,132
286640TMNT Full Color One-Shot0$3.25Mirage4,067
287295Cars Radiator Springs 4$2.99Boom4,020
288287Blackest Night 1 3rd Ptg$3.99DC4,003
289267Kill Audio 3$3.99Boom3,912
290325Scooby Doo 151$2.50DC3,906
291244Transformers Timeless Fall Special Wings of Honor0$4.95Fun3,901
292242Knights of the Dinner Table 156$4.99Kenzer3,880
293292Blackest Night 5$3.99DC3,760
294285Transformers Tales of the Fallen 5$3.99IDW3,710
295294official Index To Marvel Universe 12$3.99Marvel3,689
2963001001 Arabian Nights Adventures of Sinbad 10$2.99Zenescope3,657
297305Monsters Inc Laugh Factory 4$2.99Boom3,508
298307Elephantmen 23$3.50Image3,461
299298Dark Reign List Punisher One Shot0$3.99Marvel3,459
300284Anchor 3$3.99Boom3,403
305313Glamourpuss 10$3.00Aardvark-Vanaheim3,228
311312A Very Zombie Christmas0$3.50Antarctic2,996

December 2009 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 Graphic Novel charts, plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

DC topped the trade paperback list with the eighth reprint collection of Ex Machina.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
112Ex Machina Vol. 8 Dirty Tricks$12.99DC5,033
213Deadpool Vol. 2 Dark Reign$14.99Marvel4,121
340Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 4 Colossus of Destiny$7.99Dark Horse3,680
49Irredeemable Vol. 2$16.99Boom3,423
531Bleach Vol. 29$9.99Viz3,097
626Batman The Cat and The Bat $12.99DC2,847
711Marvel Zombies Return HC$24.99Marvel2,694
86Rocketeer Complete Collection HC Vol. 1$29.99IDW2,457
921Goon Vol. 6 Chinatown & Mystery Mr Wicker$15.95Dark Horse2,448
1016Ultimatum X-Men Fantastic Four $19.99Marvel2,375
1123Secret Warriors Vol. 1 Nick Fury Agent of Nothing$16.99Marvel2,333
12100Legend of Zelda Vol. 8$7.99Viz2,297
137X-Force Cable Messiah War $34.99Marvel2,283
1477Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 1 Slaves of Republic$9.95Dark Horse2,278
1517Star Wars Legacy Vol. 7 Storms$17.95Dark Horse2,278
1618Ultimatum March On Ultimatum$19.99Marvel2,114
1737Transmetropolitan Vol. 5 Lonely City New Ed.$14.99DC2,107
1842Punisher Frank Castle Max Welcome To Bayou$14.99Marvel2,085
1929Showcase Presents Wonder Woman Vol. 3$17.99DC1,965
2051Teen Titans Deathtrap $14.99DC1,963
2153Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 2$14.99DC1,932
228Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy HC Vol. 1$34.95Dark Horse1,931
2354X-Men Spider-Man $14.99Marvel1,918
2424Thor Ages of Thunder$19.99Marvel1,907
2548Tales From Wonderland Vol. 2$12.99Zenescope1,893
2667Gantz Vol. 8$12.99Dark Horse1,892
2725X-Infernus $19.99Marvel1,890
2838Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man $16.99Marvel1,878
2919Classic G.I. Joe Vol. 6$19.99IDW1,873
3027Fantastic Four Masters of Doom$19.99Marvel1,862
3170Yotsuba & ! Vol. 7$10.99Hachette1,849
324Marvel Masterworks Nick Fury Agent of Shield HC Vol. 2$54.99Marvel1,834
3362Amory Wars Vol. 2 Second Stage Turbine Blade$14.99Image1,802
3483Superman Supergirl Maelstrom $12.99DC1,783
3585Supergirl Cosmic Adventures In The Eighth Grade $12.99DC1,747
3615Ex Machina Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 2$29.99DC1,732
3735X-Force Prem HC Vol. 3 Not Forgotten$19.99Marvel1,706
3833Anita Blake Prem HC Book 02 Lc Necromancer$19.99Marvel1,680
3947Batman The Wrath $17.99DC1,672
40116Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image1,641
4163Dark Reign Young Avengers $16.99Marvel1,610
4265Street Fighter Vol. 5 Kick It Into Turbo$13.99Udon1,552
4344Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection Gn$19.99Marvel1,546
4439Fringe $19.99DC1,540
45118Nge Shinji Ikari Raising Project Vol. 3$9.99Dark Horse1,517
4684Spawn Origins Vol. 3$14.99Image1,500
4749Batman The Cult $19.99DC1,493
4850Chronicles of Kull Vol. 1 King Comes Riding$18.95Dark Horse1,486
495Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Sub-Mariner HC Vol. 3$59.99Marvel1,478
50141Chew Vol. 1$9.99Image1,472
5155Agents of Atlas Dark Reign$19.99Marvel1,458
521Rocketeer Complete Collection Dlx Ed HC Vol. 1$75.00IDW1,456
5357Sky Doll Vol. 1$19.99Marvel1,452
5474Hideyuki Kikuchis Vampire Hunter D Vol. 4$13.95Digital Manga1,449
55120Rosario Vampire Vol. 10$9.99Viz1,435
5659Dark Reign Hood $19.99Marvel1,432
5796Booster Gold Blue and Gold $14.99DC1,413
5830Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men Vol. 2$24.99Marvel1,406
5961Spider-Man Red-Headed Stranger Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,402
60140Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 14 Thwip Digest$9.99Marvel1,401
6160Ms Marvel Vol. 7 Dark Reign$19.99Marvel1,397
6232Marvels $24.99Marvel1,372
6398Terra $14.99DC1,362
6493Black Panther Deadliest of Species$15.99Marvel1,348
6536Dark Reign Underside $24.99Marvel1,338
66105Uncanny X-Men First Class Hated and Feared Gn$14.99Marvel1,319
67145One Piece Vol. 23$7.95Viz1,316
6866Chronicles of Solomon Kane Vol. 1$18.95Dark Horse1,303
6968Essential X-Factor Vol. 3$19.99Marvel1,287
70139Inu Yasha Vol. 43$9.99Viz1,275
71102Fear Agent Vol. 5 I Against I$14.95Dark Horse1,265
72123Irredeemable Vol. 1$9.99Boom1,246
7356Atomic Robo Vol. 3$18.95Red 51,245
7488Green Arrow Black Canary Enemies List $17.99DC1,240
7520Popeye HC Vol. 4 Plunder Island$29.99Fantagraphics1,238
7692365 Samurai & Few Bowls of Rice Sc$16.95Dark Horse1,202
7722Art of Steve Ditko HC$29.99IDW1,196
7894Mighty Vol. 1$17.99DC1,191
7981New Mutants Prem HC Return of Legion$19.99Marvel1,190
80110Street Fighter Legends Vol. 2 Chun Li$12.95Udon1,187
8178JLA Year One $19.99DC1,182
82104Runaways Good Die Young $16.99Marvel1,169
8391Wolverine Weapon X 100 Project $12.99Hero Initiative1,169
8410Batman Dark Knight Archives HC Vol. 6$59.99DC1,160
852Tomb of Dracula Omnibus HC Vol. 2$99.99Marvel1,158
8669Gravel Vol. 2 The Major Seven$19.99Avatar1,144
8734What If Classic Vol. 6$29.99Marvel1,143
8890Thunderbolts Prem HC Widowmaker$19.99Marvel1,120
8989Rann Thanagar Holy War Vol. 2$19.99DC1,110
90109One Model Nation Gn$17.99Image1,103
9176Doctor Who Through Time and Space $19.99IDW1,090
92198Transformers Animated Vol. 12$7.99IDW1,088
93106Simon Dark Vol. 3 The Game of Life$17.99DC1,084
94124Naoki Urasawa 20th Century Boys Vol. 6$12.99Viz1,075
9599Sub-Mariner Depths$19.99Marvel1,033
963Daredevil Omnibus HC Vol. 2 By Bendis & Maleev$99.99Marvel1,018
9772Guardians of Galaxy Prem HC Vol. 3 War of Kings Bk 02$24.99Marvel1,014
9875Punisher Dead End Prem HC$24.99Marvel992
99158Finding Nemo Reef Rescue $9.99Boom982
10052More Than Complete Action Philosophers $24.99Evil Twin964
10182X-Factor Overtime Prem HC$24.99Marvel950
102137Walking Dead Vol. 10 What We Become$14.99Image946
103199Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC943
104112Dark Reign Skrull Kill Krew $19.99Marvel920
105134Little Lulu Vol. 21 Miss Feenys Folly & Stories$14.95Dark Horse918
106160Dead At 17 Afterbirth Vol. 1$12.99Image909
107119Vixen Return of the Lion $17.99DC893
10843Wolverine HC Old Man Logan$34.99Marvel885
109131Genext United $16.99Marvel879
110108Classic Transformers Vol. 5$19.99IDW875
111114Myspace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 4$19.95Dark Horse812
112113Asterix HC Asterix & Obelix Birthday$14.95Orion788
113125Runaways True Believers Prem HC$19.99Marvel784
114127Ms Marvel Prem HC Vol. 8 War of Marvels$19.99Marvel776
11546House of M HC Spider-Man Fantastic Four X-Men$39.99Marvel773
116213Yu Gi Oh R Vol. 2$9.99Viz764
117128Watchmen $19.99DC761
118132Green Lantern Agent Orange HC$19.99DC742
119175Batman Dark Knight Returns $14.99DC737
120152Fables Vol. 12 The Dark Ages$17.99DC731
121287Yellow II Vol. 1$6.95Digital Manga722
122146Incognito $18.99Marvel722
123142Incredible Hercules Prem HC Mighty Thorcules$19.99Marvel722
12473Exiles Ultimate Collection Book 03$34.99Marvel716
125168Electropolis $14.95Dark Horse715
126205Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC709
127144V For Vendetta $19.99DC699
128174Knights of the Dinner Table Bundle of Trouble Vol. 29$12.99Kenzer699
129115Unthinkable $19.99Boom696
130156Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 35-36$14.99Random House693
131133Beanworld HC Vol. 3 Remember Here$19.95Dark Horse690
132171Nightmare World Vol. 1 13 Tales of Terror (Image Ed)$15.99Image689
133185Incredible Hercules Dark Reign$14.99Marvel688
134147Trojan War Prem HC$19.99Marvel683
135101Wonderful Wizard Oz HC$29.99Marvel677
13614Boys Definitive Ed HC Vol. 2 W/ Slipcover$75.00Dynamic671
13758Alec SC Years Have Pants Life Size Omnibus$35.00Top Shelf664
138143Doctor Grordbort Presents Victory HC$19.95Dark Horse662
139193Preacher Vol. 1 Gone To Texas New Edition$14.99DC662
140151Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC661
141126Atomic Robo Vol. 1 New Ptg$18.95Red 5660
14287Brian Michael Bendis 10 Years At Marvel $34.99Marvel658
143200Dogs Vol. 2$12.99Viz648
144192Our Kingdom Arabian Nights Gn$12.95Digital Manga641
145177Battlestar Galactica Final Five $14.99Dynamic641
146154Mirrors Edge $19.99DC636
14779Asterios Polyp Gn$29.95Random House636
148197Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$14.99Image634
149129Boys Vol. 5 Herogasm$19.99Dynamic631
15064Tick Color Series Complete Works Vol. 1$34.95New England615
15197Boys HC Ltd Ed Vol. 3 Good For The Soul$29.99Dynamic613
152187Battlestar Galactica Cylon War $14.99Dynamic608
153202Walking Dead Vol. 9 Here We Remain$14.99Image608
154103Boys HC Ltd Ed Vol. 4 We Gotta Go Now$29.99Dynamic599
155163Batman Battle For The Cowl HC$19.99DC595
156237Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$12.99DC585
157292Emma Vol. 10$9.99DC571
158229Criminal Macabre Cell Block 666 $12.99Dark Horse568
159336Pokemon Adventures Vol. 4 2nd Ed$7.99Viz556
160221Green Lantern Rebirth $14.99DC550
161282Excel Saga Vol. 20$9.99Viz550
162194Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed Sc$17.99DC546
16345Complete Little Orphan Annie HC Vol. 4$49.99IDW546
164159Dot Hack Legend of the Twilight Comp Col $19.99Tokyopop544
165149Art of Emily The Strange HC$22.95Dark Horse543
166219Olympus Vol. 1$14.99Image542
167148Civil War $24.99Marvel541
168288Eyeshield 21 Vol. 29$9.99Viz541
169150Batman Hush Complete $24.99DC539
170121Final Crisis HC$29.99DC537
171176Boys Vol. 4 We Gotta Go Now$19.99Dynamic536
172179Batman The Long Halloween $19.99DC534
173228Marvel Illustrated Kidnapped$14.99Marvel534
174117Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta HC Vol. 2$29.99Image532
175220Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$14.99Image529
176232Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1$14.99DC527
177227Noble Causes Vol. 9$14.99Image526
178166Winterworld HC$19.99IDW522
179234Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol. 2$14.99DC520
180122Azumanga Daioh Coll Ed$24.99Hachette517
181155Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1$24.99Marvel514
182280Princess Ai Vol. 2 The Prism of Midnight Dawn$10.99Tokyopop513
183188Dead She Said $17.99IDW507
184268Y The Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC503
185215Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 5 Predator & Prey$15.95Dark Horse502
186260Pandora Hearts Vol. 1$10.99Hachette501
187241Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$14.99DC499
188172Demons of Sherwood Gn$19.99IDW498
189308Butterflies Flowers Vol. 1$9.99Viz492
190250Ooku Inner Chambers Vol. 2$12.99Viz492
191201Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.95Dark Horse488
192181Eureka Seven Manga Collection SC Vol. 1$19.99Bandai482
193196Itazura Na Kiss Vol. 1$16.95Digital Manga481
194294Engineer HC$9.95Archie477
195135Farscape HC Vol. 3 Gone and Back$24.99Boom477
196354100 Bullets Vol. 1 First Shot Last Call$9.99DC476
197164Batman Rip Deluxe Edition HC$24.99DC476
198272Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei Vol. 4$10.99Random House476
199165Scourge of Gods Prem HC Fall$24.99Marvel475
200111War of Kings HC$39.99Marvel474
201245Electric Hands$12.95Digital Manga465
202278PTA Night HC$12.99Image465
203136Gogo Monster Gn$27.99Viz464
204182Complete Crumb Comics SC Vol. 12 Curr Ptg$19.99Fantagraphics463
205173Yellow Omnibus Vol. 1$19.95Digital Manga461
206279Bamboo Blade Vol. 3$10.99Hachette460
207204Rurouni Kenshin Vizbig Ed Vol. 8$17.99Viz459
208235Boys Vol. 1 Name of the Game$16.99Dynamic452
209264Batman Year One Deluxe Sc$14.99DC451
210208Joker HC$19.99DC449
211258Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$14.99Image441
212244Return of King Doug HC$14.95Oni440
213397Sublife Vol. 2$7.99Fantagraphics438
214275Detroit Metal City Vol. 3$12.99Viz437
215252Street Fighter Vol. 1 New Ed$12.95Udon434
216211Legion Prophets Gn$17.99IDW433
217271Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 Back On The Street$14.99DC429
218380Bakugan Battle Brawlers Vol. 4 Dan & Drago$7.99Random House429
219180Green Lantern Corps Emerald Eclipse HC$24.99DC427
220267Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$14.99Image424
221305North World Vol. 3 Other Sagas$11.95Oni418
222186Charleys War HC Vol. 6 Underground & Over The Top$19.95Titan418
223253Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 1 Long Way Home$15.99Dark Horse417
224239Fables Vol. 4 March of the Wooden Soldiers$17.99DC417
225303Moyasimon Vol. 1$10.99Random House416
226167Definitive Prince Valiant Companion Sc$24.99Fantagraphics415
227191Modesty Blaise Vol. 16 Scarlet Maiden$19.95Random House414
228283Deadpool Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$14.99Marvel412
229207Life and Times of Savior 28 Vol. 1$19.99IDW411
230170Great Anti War Cartoons$24.99Fantagraphics406
231225Dark Avengers Vol. 1 Assemble$19.99Marvel405
232318Y The Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.99DC402
233153Misery Obscura Photography of Eerie Von HC$29.95Dark Horse401
234247Kingdom Come New Edition$17.99DC401
235262Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 4 Time of Your Life$15.99Dark Horse400
236249Fables Vol. 11 War and Pieces$17.99DC400
237363Mixed Vegetables Vol. 6$9.99Viz400
238230Sandman Vol. 2 The Dolls House$19.99DC393
239285Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image393
240183Crossing Empty Quarter & Other Stories HC$24.95Dark Horse388
241300Connie Vol. 1 Captives of Space Pirates$11.95Pacific384
242298Preacher Vol. 2 Until The End of the World New Edition$14.99DC383
243274Love Buzz$14.95Oni383
244301Princess Resurrection Vol. 7$11.99Random House382
245169Deadpool Classic Vol. 3$29.99Marvel381
246402Scalped Vol. 1 Indian Country$9.99DC380
247327Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$12.99Image380
248350Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 Sp Precious Little Life (May042851)$11.95Oni380
249345All Star Superman Vol. 1$12.99DC377
250263Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC375
251203Green Lantern Rage of the Red Lanterns HC$24.99DC375
252330Walking Dead Vol. 7 The Calm Before$12.99Image375
25328Absolute Sandman HC Vol. 2$99.00DC366
254390Gestalt Vol. 4$9.99Viz364
255309Fables Vol. 5 The Mean Seasons$14.99DC362
256222Original Johnson Vol. 1$19.99IDW362
257242Dead Run Vol. 1$16.99Boom358
258311Preacher Vol. 3 Proud Americans New Edition$14.99DC357
259226Complete Crumb Comics SC Curr Ptg Vol. 7$19.99Fantagraphics357
260346Night Head Genesis Vol. 1$10.99Random House356
261317Invincible Iron Man Prem HC Vol. 1$24.99Marvel353
262248Hellblazer Original Sins $19.99DC352
263251Boys Vol. 3 Good For The Soul$19.99Dynamic352
264333Bone Color Ed SC Vol. 1 Out Boneville$10.99Scholastic352
265316Justice Vol. 2$14.99DC351
266399Monkey High Vol. 8$9.99Viz351
267427DMZ Vol. 1 On The Ground$9.99DC350
268320Y The Last Man Vol. 8 Kimono Dragons$14.99DC348
269277Fables Vol. 10 The Good Prince$17.99DC347
270321Y The Last Man Vol. 5 Ring of Truth$14.99DC345
271236Unclothed Man In 35th Century Ad HC$19.99Fantagraphics344
272328Connie Vol. 2 Battle For Titan$11.95Pacific343
273233Manga Best Sellers Triple Pack$19.99Viz342
274238Witchblade Takeru Manga SC Collection$19.99Bandai340
275190Deadpool Classic Vol. 1$29.99Marvel340
276259Boys Vol. 2 Get Some$19.99Dynamic339
277405Honey & Clover Vol. 8$9.99Viz339
278361Raiders Vol. 1$10.99Hachette338
279243Vietnam Journal Vol. 1 Indian Country$17.99Transfuzion337
280217Stand American Nightmares Prem HC$24.99Marvel336
281281Kashimashi Omnibus Vol. 2$14.99Seven Seas336
282339Hell Girl Vol. 6$11.99Random House335
283290Fables Vol. 9 Sons of Empire$17.99DC334
284372Y The Last Man Vol. 6 Girl On Girl$12.99DC334
285395Dark Reign Deadpool Thunderbolts $12.99Marvel331
286375Y The Last Man Vol. 4 Safeword$12.99DC330
287184Mouse Guard HC Vol. 2 Winter 1152$24.95Archie329
288324Usagi Yojimbo HC Yokai$14.95Dark Horse329
289338Fables Vol. 6 Homelands$14.99DC329
290335Preacher Vol. 4 Ancient History New Edition$14.99DC329
291341Y The Last Man Vol. 10 Whys and Wherefores$14.99DC328
292343Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 Worlds Most Wanted$14.99Marvel327
293442Broken Blade Vol. 2$9.99DC324
294296Fables Vol. 8 Wolves$17.99DC323
295344Sandman Vol. 3 Dream Country$14.99DC322
296295Superman Red Son $17.99DC322
297347Fables Vol. 7 Arabian Nights and Days$14.99DC321
298310X-Men Worlds Apart $15.99Marvel321
299313Children of the Sea Vol. 2$14.99Viz320
300357League of Extarordinary Gentlemen Vol. One $14.99DC317