March 2010 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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A significant moment passed, as $3.99 became the most cover common price for new comic books in March. That would change with DC's later price rollback, but in March it contributed to the first growth quarter since the 2009 recession. Orders placed for comic books through Diamond Comic Distributors leapt in March — 14% for Top 300 Comics Units, 20% for Top 300 Comics Dollars. The first quarter that was up in all categories except for the Top 300 Trade Paperbacks grouping, which was up against a comparative 2009 quarter influenced by the Watchmen movie. 

DC's raise-the-dead event comic book Blackest Night shipped in the last week of March, but interest in the Geoff Johns series was enough to make it the top comic book ordered by comics shops in the month. All eight issues of Blackest Night took the top spot; only the skip month of January prevented the series from racking up those months consecutively.

Another signifcant moment happened during the month: the release of Apple's iPad, which finally made digital comics a viable platform. It's of note that it landed during a week in which the top comic book, Blackest Night #8, included a double gatefold, something that no tablet could adequately replicate. Print, as it turned out, did some things digital could not!

Read more in our preliminary and final analysis posts for the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Small Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Blackest Night8$3.99DC135,059
35Green Lantern52$2.99DC97,368
410Batman and Robin10$2.99DC85,290
53Green Lantern Corps46$3.99DC76,721
64New Avengers63$3.99Marvel76,147
76Dark Avengers15$3.99Marvel72,257
87Ultimate New Ultimates1$3.99Marvel71,278
98Uncanny X-Men522$3.99Marvel67,994
1016Amazing Spider-Man623$2.99Marvel66,062
119X-Men Second Coming1$3.99Marvel66,013
1423Amazing Spider-Man624$2.99Marvel60,215
1512Ultimate Avengers5$3.99Marvel58,099
1614Captain America604$3.99Marvel56,962
1713Justice League of America43$3.99DC56,460
1827Amazing Spider-Man627$2.99Marvel54,203
1928Amazing Spider-Man625$2.99Marvel54,179
2011Kevin Smith Green Hornet1$3.99Dynamic54,124
2129Amazing Spider-Man626$2.99Marvel53,867
2335Mighty Avengers35$2.99Marvel51,084
2515Justice League Rise and Fall Special1$3.99DC50,363
2738Mighty Avengers34$2.99Marvel49,855
2818Justice League Cry for Justice7$3.99DC49,770
2939Dark Wolverine84$2.99Marvel49,470
3041Invincible Iron Man24$2.99Marvel49,238
3144X-Men Legacy234$2.99Marvel48,216
3219Incredible Hulk608$3.99Marvel47,146
3345Buffy The Vampire Slayer33$2.99Dark Horse46,571
3525Siege Embedded3$3.99Marvel43,452
3826Ultimate Spider-Man8$3.99Marvel40,969
4057Avengers Initiative34$2.99Marvel38,615
4134Fall of Hulks Red Hulk3$3.99Marvel38,535
4232First Wave1$3.99DC38,364
4333Superman Last Stand of New Krypton1$3.99DC38,205
4558Justice Society of America37$2.99DC37,379
4661Wolverine Origins45$2.99Marvel37,055
4740Prelude to Deadpool Corps1$3.99Marvel37,012
4860Red Robin10$2.99DC36,706
4962New Mutants11$2.99Marvel36,627
5043Justice League The Rise of Arsenal1$3.99DC36,021
5163Fantastic Four577$2.99Marvel35,789
5266Batman Widening Gyre5$2.99DC34,340
5468Wolverine Origins46$2.99Marvel34,003
5546American Vampire1$3.99DC33,765
5647Dark X-Men5$3.99Marvel33,740
5773Deadpool Merc with a Mouth9$2.99Marvel33,404
5948Fall of Hulks Savage She-Hulks1$3.99Marvel33,288
6042Kevin Smith Green Hornet2$3.99Dynamic32,866
6174Superman Batman70$2.99DC32,193
6275Prelude to Deadpool Corps2$2.99Marvel32,022
6378Prelude to Deadpool Corps3$2.99Marvel31,068
6680Prelude to Deadpool Corps4$2.99Marvel30,254
6953Wolverine Weapon X11$3.99Marvel29,802
7155Nation X4$3.99Marvel29,227
7286Prelude to Deadpool Corps5$2.99Marvel29,037
7491Secret Warriors14$2.99Marvel28,579
7590Deadpool Team-Up895$2.99Marvel28,573
7656Jsa All Stars4$3.99DC28,524
7788Green Arrow31$2.99DC28,487
7859Marvels Project7$3.99Marvel28,126
7993X-Men Hope1$2.99Marvel27,820
8196Gotham City Sirens10$2.99DC26,548
8264Batman Streets of Gotham10$3.99DC26,395
8365Teen Titans81$3.99DC25,759
8598Wonder Woman42$2.99DC25,239
8672Hulk Let Battle Begin1$3.99Marvel25,239
87225Image Firsts Walking Dead1$1.00Image24,334
89107Secret Six19$2.99DC23,179
9079Hercules Fall of an Avenger1$3.99Marvel23,038
9283Stand Soul Survivors5$3.99Marvel22,292
9585Deadpool Corps Rank And Foul1$3.99Marvel21,900
96115Guardians of Galaxy24$2.99Marvel21,643
9787Web of Spider-Man6$3.99Marvel21,576
9976Green Hornet Year One1$3.99Dynamic21,332
10092Stephen King's N1$3.99Marvel21,093
101120Power Girl10$2.99DC20,799
103123Brave and The Bold32$2.99DC20,463
104124Booster Gold30$2.99DC20,188
10697X-Men Origins Nightcrawler1$3.99Marvel19,821
107125Star Wars Legacy46$2.99Dark Horse19,790
10954Superman 80 Page Giant1$5.99DC19,393
110132Vengeance of Moon Knight6$2.99Marvel19,093
111100Cloak and Dagger1$3.99Marvel18,995
11299Peter Parker1$3.99Marvel18,965
114101X-Factor Forever1$3.99Marvel18,549
116105Realm of Kings Inhumans5$3.99Marvel18,188
117133Conan The Cimmerian19 Linsner Cvr$2.99Dark Horse18,133
118106Wolverine Mr. X1$3.99Marvel17,950
119137Joe The Barbarian3$2.99DC17,674
120109Realm of Kings Imperial Guard5$3.99Marvel17,265
121110Realm of Kings Son of Hulk2$3.99Marvel17,197
123140Batman Confidential42$2.99DC16,653
124112Avengers vs. Atlas3$3.99Marvel16,482
125114X-Men Forever19$3.99Marvel16,182
12695Punisher Max Butterfly1$4.99Marvel16,164
127116X-Men Forever20$3.99Marvel15,993
128104She-Hulk Sensational1$4.99Marvel15,583
129134Guild1$3.50Dark Horse15,289
130147Cinderella From Fabletown with Love5$2.99DC15,283
131289Captain America MGC1$1.00Marvel15,142
132292Thor MGC1$1.00Marvel14,555
133141Criminal Sinners5$3.50Marvel14,292
134150Doom Patrol8$2.99DC14,195
136126G.I. Joe15$3.99IDW13,607
137135Twelve Spearhead1$3.99Marvel13,540
139129G.I. Joe16$3.99IDW13,289
140138Astro City The Dark Age Book Four2$3.99DC13,118
142160BPRD King of Fear3$2.99Dark Horse12,874
144166Spider-Man and Secret Wars4$2.99Marvel12,635
145139Astro City The Dark Age Book Four3$3.99DC12,629
146122Siege1 Directors Cut$4.99Marvel12,403
148175Ex Machina48$2.99DC12,091
149316Wonderful Wizard of Oz MGC1$1.00Marvel12,030
150136Transformers Ongoing5$3.99IDW11,993
153178Jack of Fables43$2.99DC11,877
154145X-Men Pixie Strikes Back2$3.99Marvel11,840
157180Jonah Hex53$2.99DC11,565
158186Jack of Fables44$2.99DC11,473
161142Gi Joe Origins13$3.99IDW11,045
162149Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without a Face4$3.99Marvel10,758
164162Terminator1$3.50Dark Horse10,599
165146Gi Joe Cobra Ii3$3.99IDW10,562
166336Punisher Max MGC1$1.00Marvel10,476
167164Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Neverland1$2.99Zenescope10,403
168185Queen Sonja5$2.99Dynamic10,391
170168Escape from Wonderland5$2.99Zenescope10,195
171154The Mystic Hands of Dr. Strange1$3.99Marvel10,146
17282Angel Special Lorne 0$7.99IDW10,109
173155X-Men Noir Mark of Cain4$3.99Marvel10,073
175161Breaking Into The Marvel Way1$3.99Marvel9,871
176156God of War1$3.99DC9,840
177179Escape from Wonderland6$2.99Zenescope9,767
178203Sweet Tooth7$2.99DC9,718
179184Mass Effect Redemption3$3.50Dark Horse9,644
180205Cyberforce Hunter Killer5$2.99Image9,461
181165Anita Blake LC Executioner5$3.99Marvel9,455
183172Terry Moores Echo20$3.50Abstract9,375
184207House of Mystery23$2.99DC9,351
185174Breaking into The Marvel Way2$3.99Marvel9,131
186213Nemesis The Impostors1$2.99DC9,002
187190Grimm Fairy Tales45$2.99Zenescope8,917
188193Grimm Fairy Tales44$2.99Zenescope8,825
189158Gi Joe Operation Hiss2$3.99IDW8,819
190181Marvel Boy Uranian3$3.99Marvel8,819
191159Transformers Nefarious1$3.99IDW8,813
192182Halo Blood Line4$3.99Marvel8,684
194163Transformers Bumblebee4$3.99IDW8,599
195220Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers Unleashed1$2.99Marvel8,556
197222Human Target2$2.99DC8,403
200227Sparta Usa1$2.99DC8,213
201228Madame Xanadu21$2.99DC8,189
202173Red Sonja Wrath of the Gods2$3.99Dynamic8,152
204202Tarot Witch of the Black Rose61$2.95Broadsword8,097
205362Invincible Iron Man Mgc1$10.00Marvel8,060
206240Sonic The Hedgehog210$2.50Archie7,926
207215Executive Assistant Iris4$2.99Aspen7,883
208262Tiny Titans26$2.50DC7,877
209183Transformers Last Stand of the Wreckers3$3.99IDW7,853
212244Sonic The Hedgehog211$2.50Archie7,785
214199Black Terror9$3.50Dynamic7,669
215171Talisman Road of Trials5$3.99Random House7,498
216192Angel Hole in the World4$3.99IDW7,486
219148Milestone Forever2$5.99DC7,223
222195Locke & Key Crown of Shadows4$3.99IDW7,009
223197Doctor Who Ongoing9$3.99IDW6,990
224251Authority The Lost Year7$2.99DC6,941
225236Soulfire Vol.ume Two3$2.99Aspen6,929
226226Solomon Kane Deaths Black Riders3$3.50Dark Horse6,899
228208Groo Hogs of Horder4$3.99Dark Horse6,868
231252Supernatural Beginning's End3$2.99DC6,764
233273Sonic Universe14$2.50Archie6,617
234263Greek Street9$2.99DC6,605
235266Demo Vol. 22$2.99DC6,574
236264Great Ten5$2.99DC6,556
238176Complete Alice in Wonderland3$4.99Dynamic6,452
239250A-Team Shotgun Wedding1$3.99IDW6,440
241219Iron Man 2 Spotlight1$3.99Marvel6,373
242198Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep9$3.99Boom6,360
243270Victorian Undead5$2.99DC6,287
244286Batman The Brave And The Bold15$2.50DC6,207
245211Robert Jordan Wheel of Time1$3.99Dynamic6,122
246200Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep10$3.99Boom6,091
248221WWE Heroes1$3.99Titan5,926
249238Garth Ennis Battlefields4$3.50Dynamic5,804
250209Street Fighter Legends Ibuki1$3.95Udon5,804
252153Conan Legacy Frazetta Cover4$6.99Dark Horse5,651
253243Hack Slash Series30$3.50Devil's Due5,645
254224Star Trek Movie Adaptation2$3.99IDW5,620
255280Unknown Soldier18$2.99DC5,608
256212Farscape Ongoing5$3.99Boom5,596
257261Savage Dragon158$3.50Image5,578
259283Super Hero Squad3$2.99Marvel5,400
260231Jericho Season 33$3.99Devil's Due5,394
261232Star Trek The Next Generation Ghosts5$3.99IDW5,357
263235Star Trek Deep Space 9 Fools Gold4$3.99IDW5,266
26622328 Days Later8$3.99Boom5,186
267253Resident Evil4$3.99DC5,076
268255Modern Warfare 2 Ghost4$3.99DC5,027
270246Dragon Age1$3.99IDW4,984
272269Ultimate X1$3.99Marvel4,954
273277Usagi Yojimbo127$3.50Dark Horse4,893
274249Army of Darkness26$3.99Dynamic4,782
276317Super Friends25$2.50DC4,679
277151Women of Marvel Celebrating Seven Decades1$9.99Marvel4,654
278281Muppet Show3$2.99Boom4,556
279259Zorro Matanzas2$3.99Dynamic4,526
281268A-Team Shotgun Wedding2$3.99IDW4,458
282247Farscape Dargos Quest4$3.99Boom4,428
283267A-Team War Stories Ba1$3.99IDW4,373
284214Aladdin Legacy of the Lost2$4.99Radical4,354
285335Billy Batson And The Magic of Shazam14$2.50DC4,226
286272A-Team War Stories Hannibal1$3.99IDW4,214
287309Marvel Adventures Spider-Man61$2.99Marvel4,201
290278Tank Girl Royal Escape1$3.99IDW3,957
291352Ghost Projekt1$3.99Oni3,957
292294Walt Disneys & Stories704$2.99Boom3,914
294279Locke & Key Crown of Shadows3$3.99IDW3,859
295344Scooby Doo154$2.50DC3,847
297299Fade To Black1$3.50Image3,835
298298Toy Story2$2.99Boom3,804
300302Wizards of Mickey2$2.99Boom3,706

March 2010 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 Graphic Novel charts, plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

The hardcover for Kick-Ass took the top spot in the bound-edition list, in advance of the movie. The Twilight manga from Yen Press came in tenth.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
11Kick Ass Prem HC$24.99Marvel7,251
24Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 6 Retreat$15.99Dark Horse7,029
32Boys Vol. 6 Self-Preservation Society$19.99Dynamic6,640
43Hellboy Vol. 9 Wild Hunt$19.99Dark Horse5,701
533Haunt Vol. 1$9.99Image3,895
618Northlanders Vol. 3 Blood In The Snow$14.99DC3,806
76Captain America Reborn Premiere HC$24.99Marvel3,742
87Planetary HC Vol. 4$24.99DC3,699
917Archie Wedding: Archie In Will You Marry Me$14.95Archie3,552
109Twilight Manga Vol. 1$19.99Hachette3,541
1147Greek Street Vol. 1 Blood Calls For Blood$9.99DC3,430
1215Deadpool Suicide Kings $19.99Marvel3,090
1324Batman Heart of Hush $14.99DC2,979
1451Bleach Vol. 30$9.99Viz2,953
1536Superman Brainiac$12.99DC2,945
165Avengers X-Men Utopia$34.99Marvel2,936
1712Star Wars Omnibus Boba Fett Vol. 1$24.99Dark Horse2,721
1820Bronx Kill HC$19.99DC2,538
1939X-Force Vol. 3 Not Forgotten$14.99Marvel2,513
2022Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 7$15.99Zenescope2,385
2128Unknown Soldier Vol. 2 Easy Kill$17.99DC2,379
2245Transmetropolitan Vol. 6 Gouge Away New Ed$14.99DC2,301
2334Spider-Man American Son$16.99Marvel2,276
2431Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol. 1$17.99DC2,219
2593Chew Vol. 1$9.99Image2,155
2696Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$9.99Image2,131
2711Invincible Iron Man HC Vol. 1$39.99Marvel2,122
2852Walking Dead Vol. 11 Fear the Hunters$14.99Image2,101
2938Batman International$17.99DC2,088
3040Showcase Presents Worlds Finest Vol. 3$17.99DC2,049
3156Wolverine Origins Romulus$14.99Marvel1,999
3271Gantz Vol. 9$12.99Dark Horse1,928
3323Superman New Krypton HC Vol. 3$24.99DC1,839
3425Captain America Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection$24.99Marvel1,800
3526Iron Man Extremis HC$24.99Marvel1,776
36124Super Hero Squad Get Yer Hero On Digest$9.99Marvel1,750
3746Essential Rampaging Hulk Vol. 2$19.99Marvel1,716
3861Aliens More Than Human Vol. 1$15.99Dark Horse1,671
3921X-Men Prelude To Onslaught$29.99Marvel1,667
4063Iron Man End$16.99Marvel1,665
4119Spider-Man Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 01$34.99Marvel1,645
4267Ghost Riders Heavens On Fire$16.99Marvel1,630
4350Chronicles of Kull Vol. 2 Hell Beneath Atlantis$18.99Dark Horse1,627
4414Creeper By Steve Ditko HC$39.99DC1,627
4529Chobits Dark Horse Omnibus Ed Vol. 1$24.99Dark Horse1,609
46114Sam Kieth Sketchbooks Vol. 1$9.99IDW1,607
4732Marvel Masterworks Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1$24.99Marvel1,605
4882Wonder Woman Ends of The Earth$14.99DC1,590
4910Marvel Masterworks X-Men HC Vol. 8$54.99Marvel1,583
5084New Avengers Reunion$14.99Marvel1,563
5197Xxxholic Vol. 15$10.99Random House1,559
528Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales To Astonish HC Vol. 3$59.99Marvel1,553
5376X-Men Forever Vol. 2 Secret History of Sentinels$16.99Marvel1,531
5457Ultimate Iron Man Armor Wars Prem HC$19.99Marvel1,505
5570Fables Vol. 13 The Great Fables Crossover$17.99DC1,502
5641Dark Avengers Ares$24.99Marvel1,498
5758Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 War of Kings Bk 02$19.99Marvel1,477
5827Iron Man Armor Wars Prologue$29.99Marvel1,472
5972Oracle The Cure$17.99DC1,467
6042Ultimate Spider-Man Prem HC World According$24.99Marvel1,467
6181Simpsons Get Some Fancy Book Learnin$14.99Bongo1,432
6230Thor Tales of Asgard$29.99Marvel1,407
6313Newsboy Legion By Simon And Kirby HC Vol. 1$49.99DC1,405
6477Justice League International Vol. 4$17.99DC1,397
6580Last Days of Animal Man$17.99DC1,357
6660Grendel Behold The Devil HC$19.99Dark Horse1,347
67102Runaways Homeschooling$14.99Marvel1,347
6892Iron Man I Am Iron Man$16.99Marvel1,318
6987Mysterius The Unfathomable$17.99DC1,286
7037Strange Tales HC$29.99Marvel1,282
71113Pluto Urasawa X Tezuka Vol. 8$12.99Viz1,258
72131Darkness Origins Vol. 1$12.99Image1,254
73152Inu Yasha Vol. 46$9.99Viz1,246
74110Phonogram Vol. 2 Singles Club$14.99Image1,240
75156One Piece Vol. 34$9.99Viz1,199
76158One Piece Vol. 38$9.99Viz1,193
77159One Piece Vol. 35$9.99Viz1,191
78160One Piece Vol. 37$9.99Viz1,191
7935Complete Peanuts HC Vol. 13 1975-1976$28.99Fantagraphics1,188
80163One Piece Vol. 36$9.99Viz1,185
81119Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$14.99Image1,172
8259Wolverine Weapon X Prem HC Vol. 2 Insane In The Brain$24.99Marvel1,164
8386Black Widow Prem HC Deadly Origin$19.99Marvel1,162
8485Authority Rule Brittania$19.99DC1,161
8574Doctor Who Ongoing Vol. 1 Fugitive$19.99IDW1,161
86154Oh My Goddess Rtl Vol. 14$10.99Dark Horse1,161
8762Avengers Standoff Prem HC$24.99Marvel1,145
8848Iron Man Iron Monger Prem HC$29.99Marvel1,139
89125Walking Dead Vol. 10 What We Become$14.99Image1,138
9099Arkham Asylum Anniversary Ed$17.99DC1,129
9149Mighty Avengers HC Secret Invasion$29.99Marvel1,126
9265Iron Man Demon In A Bottle$24.99Marvel1,122
93197Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$9.99DC1,119
9466Iron Man Armor Wars$24.99Marvel1,115
9595Wolverine Dark Wolverine Prem HC Vol. 2 My Hero$19.99Marvel1,111
9668Superman Nightwing And Flamebird HC Vol. 1$24.99DC1,097
97104Brave And The Bold Demons And Dragons$17.99DC1,095
9869Black Widow Web of Intrigue Prem HC$24.99Marvel1,094
99105Warlord The Saga$17.99DC1,092
10089Hack Slash Vol. 7 New Blood Old Wounds$18.99Devil's Due1,066
101139Krazy & Ignatz HC Tiger Tea$12.99IDW1,043
102167Monsters Inc Laugh Factory Vol. 1$9.99Boom1,034
103100Strange Adventures$19.99DC1,032
10443Wolverine HC Old Man Logan$34.99Marvel1,032
10554Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis Slipcase HC$24.95Abrams1,025
106218Unwritten Vol. 1 Tommy Taylor Bogus Identity$9.99DC1,018
10755Killer HC Vol. 2 W/ Dust Jacket$24.95Archaia1,012
10844Amazing Spider-Man By Jms Ultimate Coll Book 03$34.99Marvel1,007
10916Robin Archives HC Vol. 2$59.99DC1,004
110143Night Owls Vol. 1$14.99DC993
11179Enders Shadow Commandhool Prem HC$24.99Marvel990
112123Final Crisis Aftermath Escape$17.99DC970
113147Walking Dead Vol. 9 Here We Remain$14.99Image962
11464New Mutants Classic Vol. 5$29.99Marvel956
115109Iron Man official Index To Marvel Universe$19.99Marvel951
116194Fate Stay Night Vol. 7$10.99Tokyopop949
117150Fell Vol. 1 Feral City$14.99Image946
11853Army of Darkness Omnibus Vol. 1$29.99Dynamic939
119178Y The Last Man Vol. 1 Unmanned$12.99DC939
120106Irredeemable Vol. 2$16.99Boom917
121101Gi Joe Origins Vol. 2$19.99IDW914
122111Starr Slayer A Starr Is Born$19.99Marvel914
12378It Was War O/T Trenches HC$24.99Fantagraphics903
124121Punisher Noir Prem HC$19.99Marvel900
12594Enders Game Commandhool Prem HC$24.99Marvel890
126134Final Crisis Aftermath Ink$17.99DC888
127288Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure Vol. 6$7.99Viz863
128128Avengers Initiative Prem HC Dreams & Nightmares$19.99Marvel855
12975Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep HC Vol. 2$24.99Boom844
130267Flash Gordon Secret History of Mongo$7.95Ardden844
131216Trinity Blood Vol. 12$10.99Tokyopop838
132169Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$14.99Image838
133177Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1$14.99DC832
134193Sparrow HC Vol. 15 Pushead$11.99IDW832
13598Spectacular Spider-Girl Who Killed Gwen Reilly$24.99Marvel827
136176Spider-Girl Vol. 12 Games Villains Play Digest$14.99Marvel818
137451Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 1$16.99Marvel809
138248Shaman King Vol. 27$9.99Viz808
139179Nomad Girl Without A World$14.99Marvel806
140190Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$14.99Image805
141180Batman Dark Knight Returns$14.99DC798
142185Preacher Vol. 1 Gone To Texas New Edition$14.99DC798
143469Essential Daredevil Vol. 1$16.99Marvel790
144214Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$12.99DC786
145234Invincible Iron Man Prem HC Vol. 1$24.99Marvel786
146196Samurai Harem Asu No Yoichi Vol. 4$12.99Tokyopop780
147220All Star Superman Vol. 1$12.99DC767
148230All Star Superman Vol. 2$12.99DC766
149244Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally Vol. 5$10.99Bandai765
150108Daredevil Echo Prem HC Parts of A Hole$24.99Marvel765
151191Tor A Prehistoric Odyssey$14.99DC760
152140V For Vendetta$19.99DC754
153122Boys Vol. 5 Herogasm$19.99Dynamic752
154406Essential Godzilla$19.99Marvel751
155144Hardware The Man in the Machine$19.99DC749
156483Essential Spider-Man Vol. 2$16.99Marvel746
157245Disneys Hero Squad Vol. 1 Save The World$9.99Boom743
158221Fairy Tail Vol. 10$10.99Random House743
159222Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol. 5$10.99Hachette734
16091Donald Duck Classics HC Vol. 1 Quack Up$24.99Boom733
161112Civil War$24.99Marvel732
162243Y The Last Man Vol. 2 Cycles$12.99DC725
163212Hack Slack 4 Koma$12.99Tokyopop724
164199Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$14.99Image722
165120Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC717
166505Essential Moon Knight Vol. 1$16.99Marvel713
167155High Soft Lisp$16.99Fantagraphics713
168250Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk Prem HC$24.99Marvel703
169148Tezukas Black Jack Vol. 10$16.95Random House699
170516Essential Marvel Horror Vol. 1$16.99Marvel698
171137Red Sonja Vol. 7 Born Again$19.99Dynamic693
172138Star Trek Alien Spotlight Vol. 2$19.99IDW691
173129Flash Gordon Vol. 1 Mercy Wars$19.95Ardden685
174461Possessions Vol. 1 Unclean Getaway$5.99Oni684
175219Tick Golden Age Complete Works$10.95New England683
176149Penny Century$18.99Fantagraphics682
177526Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 1$16.99Marvel676
178524Essential X-Men Vol. 8$16.99Marvel675
179207How To Seduce A Vampire$12.95Digital Manga675
180528Essential X-Men Vol. 4$16.99Marvel674
181546Essential Ms. Marvel Vol. 1$16.99Marvel667
182157Runaways Parental Guidance Prem HC$19.99Marvel667
184533Essential Avengers Vol. 6$16.99Marvel665
185536Essential Power Man and Iron Fist Vol. 1$16.99Marvel660
186541Essential Silver Surfer Vol. 2$16.99Marvel660
187251Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$12.99Image659
18873I Kill Giants Titan Ed HC Vol. 1$39.99Image658
189280Gundam 00 Season 2 Vol. 1$10.99Bandai653
190554Essential X-Men Vol. 5$16.99Marvel651
191189Fables Vol. 12 The Dark Ages$17.99DC651
192170Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC650
193518Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 4$16.99Marvel648
194563Essential X-Men Vol. 6$16.99Marvel647
195321Mesmo Delivery Vol. 1$9.99Dark Horse647
196242Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War Vol. 2$14.99DC644
197237Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$14.99DC642
198186Wondermark Vol. 3 Dapper Caps & Pedal-Copters$16.99Dark Horse641
199344100 Bullets Vol. 1 First Shot Last Call$9.99DC640
200568Essential Spider-Man Vol. 8$16.99Marvel640
201173Losers Volume 1 And 2$19.99DC638
203579Essential Spider-Man Vol. 5$16.99Marvel633
204673Essential Wolverine Vol. 3$14.95Marvel633
205578Essential Wolverine Vol. 4$16.99Marvel632
206209Mome Vol. 17 2010$14.99Fantagraphics631
207262Walking Dead Vol. 7 The Calm Before$12.99Image631
208276Y The Last Man Vol. 3 One Small Step$12.99DC631
209136Dark Tower Fall of Gilead Prem HC$24.99Marvel628
210571Essential X-Factor Vol. 1$16.99Marvel628
211585Essential Captain America Vol. 4$16.99Marvel622
212586Essential Hulk Vol. 4$16.99Marvel622
213588Essential Moon Knight Vol. 2$16.99Marvel622
214592Essential Savage She-Hulk Vol. 1$16.99Marvel622
215322Skip Beat Vol. 20$9.99Viz622
216241Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image622
217130Black Blizzard$19.95Drawn & Quarterly621
218593Essential X-Men Vol. 7$16.99Marvel621
219323Arata The Legend Vol. 1$9.99Viz620
220606Essential Marvel Two In One Vol. 1$16.99Marvel617
221298Maid Sama Vol. 4$10.99Tokyopop617
222200Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.95Dark Horse615
223598Essential Spider-Man Vol. 7$16.99Marvel614
224115Final Crisis HC$29.99DC611
225608Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 2$16.99Marvel610
226604Essential Spider-Woman Vol. 1$16.99Marvel610
227607Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 3$16.99Marvel605
228285Invincible Vol. 1 Family Matters$12.99Image602
229183Batman The Long Halloween$19.99DC601
230422Scalped Vol. 1 Indian Country$9.99DC599
231182Boys Vol. 1 Name of The Game$16.99Dynamic597
232618Essential Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2$16.99Marvel597
233624Essential Nova Vol. 1$16.99Marvel597
234117Spawn Origins HC Vol. 1$29.99Image596
235229Animal Crackers A Gene Luen Yang Collection$14.95Slave Labor591
236204Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC591
237316Dark Avengers Prem HC Vol. 1 Assemble$24.99Marvel591
238626Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 5$16.99Marvel590
239625Essential Daredevil Vol. 4$16.99Marvel587
240132Grimjack Omnibus Vol. 1$24.99IDW587
241249PVP Vol. 7 PVP Levels Up$14.99Image586
242255Dorohedoro Vol. 1$12.99Viz585
243252Deadpool Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$14.99Marvel584
244614Essential Punisher Vol. 2$16.99Marvel583
245337Wild Ones Vol. 9$9.99Viz583
246118Walking Dead HC Vol. 1$29.99Image580
247630Essential Man-Thing Vol. 1$16.99Marvel577
248641Essential Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2$16.99Marvel577
249187Girls On Top Pin Up Art of Matt Dixon$14.95SQP576
250188Dragonball Z Vizbig Ed Vol. 6$17.99Viz574
251636Essential Doctor Strange Vol. 2$16.99Marvel574
252661Benny And Penny Just Pretend$4.99Raw Junior569
253215Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 Dallas$17.99Dark Horse569
254639Essential Doctor Strange Vol. 3$16.99Marvel566
255650Essential Fantastic Four Vol. 6$16.99Marvel566
256657Essential Spider-Woman Vol. 2$16.99Marvel565
257658Essential Daredevil Vol. 3$16.99Marvel564
258192Kabuki Vol. 1 Circle of Blood$19.99Image560
259670Essential Werewolf By Night Vol. 2$16.99Marvel557
260327Red Hot Chili Samurai Vol. 1$10.99Tokyopop557
261665Essential Marvel Two In One Vol. 2$16.99Marvel556
262269Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 Back On The Street$14.99DC556
263664Essential Classic X-Men Vol. 2$16.99Marvel552
264290Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 Sp Precious Little Life$11.95Oni548
265275Y The Last Man Vol. 5 Ring of Truth$14.99DC548
266256Physical Attraction$12.95Digital Manga545
267663Essential X-Factor Vol. 2$16.99Marvel544
268319Y The Last Man Vol. 4 Safeword$12.99DC544
269686Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol. 3$16.99Marvel540
270271Batman Year One Deluxe$14.99DC539
271166Batman Rip Deluxe Edition HC$24.99DC538
272281Preacher Vol. 2 Until The End of The World New Edition$14.99DC538
273238Fables Vol. 4 March of The Wooden Soldiers$17.99DC537
274181Last Resort Vol. 1$19.99IDW537
275142Resurrection Vol. 1 Deluxe Ed$24.99Oni537
276261In The Walnut Vol. 1$12.95Digital Manga536
277698Essential Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 3$16.99Marvel535
278246Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Vol. 1 Long Way Home$15.99Dark Horse534
279126Gunnerkrigg Court HC Vol. 2 Research$26.95Archaia534
280373Sa Vol. 15$9.99Viz532
281161Spin Angels Prem HC$24.99Marvel532
28288Tick Color Series Complete Works Vol. 2$34.95New England531
283175Boys Vol. 4 We Gotta Go Now$19.99Dynamic530
284692Essential Defenders Vol. 2$16.99Marvel530
285217Book of Grickle HC$17.99Dark Horse526
286164Die Hard Year One HC Vol. 1$19.99Boom526
287208Doctor Who Classics Vol. 5$17.99IDW523
288286DC Universe Origins$14.99DC520
289116Hulk Planet Hulk$34.99Marvel519
290709Essential Dazzler Vol. 1$16.99Marvel516
291172Tezukas Mw$19.95Random House516
292711Essential Defenders Vol. 3$16.99Marvel510
293174Riftwar Prem HC$24.99Marvel505
294247Superman Red Son$17.99DC505
295226Joker HC$19.99DC504
29690Complete Milt Gross Comic Book Stories HC Vol. 1$39.99IDW503
297206King of Flies HC Vol. 1$18.99Fantagraphics502
298299Fables Vol. 5 The Mean Seasons$14.99DC501
299283Kurashina Senseis Passion Vol. 2$12.95Digital Manga499
300383Yu Gi Oh GX Vol. 4$9.99Viz495