2015 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for
Diamond's Comics, Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year

around $579 Million

(up 7.17% year-over-year)


#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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January saw the release of the best-selling comic book in nearly 20 years in the Direct Market, Marvel's Star Wars #1. British sales and reorders took the comic's sales over a million copies. February saw another Loot Crate variant boosting the sales of a single issue by several hundred thousand copies, giving IDW its first chart-topper in Orphan Black #1, boosted again by Loot Crate's orders. March saw Marvel's Princess Leia #1 leading the market in a weaker month for graphic novels. The first quarter closed out up 10% overall.

April orders set another Diamond Exclusive Era record, assisted by strong graphic novel sales and DC's Convergence launch. May saw strong sales from Marvel's Secret Wars event launch — and more distortion in the sales charts from Loot Crate, with Bravest Warriors taking second place with half a million copies shipped. The second quarter closed out strongly in June; at $154.32 million in comics and graphic novel orders, it was the strongest quarter to that point in the Diamond Exclusive Era.

In part because of lower new release volume, sales in July slipped for the first month year-over-year since May of 2014. August saw sales increases, mostly on the graphic novel side. New comics sales slumped considerably in September, but graphic novels remained positive.

The Marvel relaunch drove sales in October, but many fewer products were released than had been issued in the previous October. DC scored a major win with the third Dark Knight series launch in November. December finished the year off very strong, with a month that was up 22% overall.

The end result was a year that was up 7.17% overall, with comics outperforming graphic novels, although both categories were up. Diamond sold 98 million comic books in the year, up from 92 million.

The final rankings for all comics and trade paperbacks during the year appear below. Several issues saw their sales boosted by inclusion in subscription boxes by companies like Loot Crate; these are marked if Diamond handled the shipping to them.

You can find the first-month sales for these issues in the monthly charts; click one of the months at the bottom of the page or use the search tool at the top of the page to find the specific issue. Click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the year. You can also check out our Industry-Wide Report for 2015, including sectors outside the comics shop market. 

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's end-of-year chart.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Items marked with daggers [†] included 350,000 to 450,000 copies from the online reseller Loot Crate.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Star Wars†1$4.99Marvel1,073,027
23Secret Wars1$4.99Marvel550,467
313Bravest Warriors Tales Holo John†1$4.99Boom502,964
411Orphan Black†1$3.99IDW502,023
52Dark Knight III Master Race1$5.99DC449,099
66Star Wars Vader Down1$4.99Marvel410,620
74Darth Vader1$4.99Marvel315,578
912Invincible Iron Man1$3.99Marvel282,432
109Princess Leia1$3.99Marvel271,019
125Amazing Spider-Man1$5.99Marvel247,633
138Secret Wars2$4.99Marvel234,017
1417Secret Wars3$3.99Marvel230,028
1518Secret Wars4$3.99Marvel227,284
1628Star Wars2$3.99Marvel219,689
1721Star Wars4$3.99Marvel216,325
1819Star Wars: Shattered Empire1$3.99Marvel215,191
1920Secret Wars5$3.99Marvel207,173
2023Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows1$3.99Marvel206,499
2125Star Wars Lando1$3.99Marvel200,431
2326Secret Wars6$3.99Marvel193,241
2430Star Wars3$3.99Marvel184,489
2531Secret Wars7$3.99Marvel177,305
2616Civil War1$4.99Marvel176,305
2734Secret Wars8$3.99Marvel169,667
2835Star Wars7$3.99Marvel165,182
2937Star Wars6$3.99Marvel161,190
3015Dark Knight III Master Race2$5.99DC158,188
31131Guardians Team-Up1$3.99Marvel155,537
3239Star Wars5$3.99Marvel155,043
3433Doctor Strange1$4.99Marvel149,752
3524Justice League of America1$5.99DC148,624
3643Star Wars8$3.99Marvel147,427
3845Darth Vader2$3.99Marvel143,350
3932Deadpools Secret Secret Wars1$4.99Marvel142,372
4052Darth Vader4$3.99Marvel141,505
4146Star Wars13$3.99Marvel139,918
4248Star Wars9$3.99Marvel138,153
4350Darth Vader3$3.99Marvel136,212
4449Star Wars10$3.99Marvel135,897
4536Extraordinary X-Men1$4.99Marvel135,502
4641Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1$3.99DC134,526
4738All New All Different Avengers1$4.99Marvel129,988
4842Old Man Logan1$4.99Marvel129,100
5254Star Wars11$3.99Marvel127,745
5429Uncanny X-Men600$5.99Marvel126,455
5560Star Wars12$3.99Marvel125,138
5764Star Wars: Shattered Empire2$3.99Marvel122,604
5840All New Wolverine1$4.99Marvel122,402
60108Guardians of Infinity1$4.99Marvel121,407
6161Guardians of the Galaxy1$3.99Marvel120,791
6470Darth Vader5$3.99Marvel119,657
6669Darth Vader13$3.99Marvel117,610
6972Darth Vader7$3.99Marvel116,727
7278Amazing Spider-Man2$3.99Marvel113,964
7347Mighty Thor1$4.99Marvel113,498
7480Darth Vader6$3.99Marvel112,649
7675Deadpool Vs Thanos1$3.99Marvel110,030
7786Star Wars: Shattered Empire4$3.99Marvel109,920
7888Star Wars: Shattered Empire3$3.99Marvel109,643
7984Princess Leia2$3.99Marvel109,452
80100Princess Leia3$3.99Marvel109,178
8266Uncanny Avengers1$4.99Marvel107,269
8390Amazing Spider-Man14$3.99Marvel106,874
8453X-Men 921$4.99Marvel106,759
8798Amazing Spider-Man13$3.99Marvel104,361
90116Infinity Gauntlet1$3.99Marvel101,949
91101Darth Vader8$3.99Marvel101,629
92102Darth Vader9$3.99Marvel101,618
9499Amazing Spider-Man15$3.99Marvel100,646
95104Amazing Spider-Man17$3.99Marvel100,110
97103Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows5$3.99Marvel97,514
98106Darth Vader14$3.99Marvel97,457
10191Justice League41$4.99DC96,464
102105Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows2$3.99Marvel95,597
103114Darth Vader10$3.99Marvel94,834
104117Amazing Spider-Man3$3.99Marvel94,768
105120Darth Vader11$3.99Marvel93,650
107122Amazing Spider-Man16$3.99Marvel92,778
10876Star Wars Annual1$4.99Marvel92,711
10973Harley's Little Black Book1$4.99DC92,266
111124Howard The Duck1$3.99Marvel92,220
11296Uncanny Inhumans1$4.99Marvel92,038
115112Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows3$3.99Marvel91,258
116128Darth Vader12$3.99Marvel90,373
11877Age of Apocalypse1$4.99Marvel90,109
120130Amazing Spider-Man18$3.99Marvel89,036
12389Darth Vader Annual1$4.99Marvel86,478
124230We Stand On Guard1$2.99Image86,265
125141Old Man Logan2$3.99Marvel86,251
126137Justice League43$3.99DC85,119
127139Justice League47$3.99DC84,970
128118Invader Zim1$3.99Oni84,754
129136Fight Club 21$3.99Dark Horse84,751
131143Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows4$3.99Marvel84,487
132144Justice League42$3.99DC84,202
133296Walking Dead145$2.99Image83,671
13494Mad Max Fury Road Max1$4.99DC83,280
135153Guardians of Knowhere1$3.99Marvel82,856
13695Batman Annual4$4.99DC82,643
13797Batman Europa1$4.99DC82,545
138147Justice League40$3.99DC82,316
139149Amazing Spider-Man4$3.99Marvel82,066
140111Contest of Champions1$4.99Marvel81,669
142152All New X-Men1$3.99Marvel81,342
143148Princess Leia4$3.99Marvel81,064
144174Ultimate End1$3.99Marvel81,004
14555Gwenpool Special1$5.99Marvel80,768
146151Justice League44$3.99DC80,630
147252Paper Girls1$2.99Image80,620
148129Back To The Future1$3.99IDW80,507
15092Ms. Marvel1$4.99Marvel80,089
151176Age of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies1$3.99Marvel79,920
152250Walking Dead144$2.99Image79,882
153126Planet Hulk1$4.99Marvel79,876
154161Amazing Spider-Man5$3.99Marvel79,122
155154Batman and Robin Eternal1$3.99DC78,912
156159Justice League45$3.99DC78,416
157156Princess Leia5$3.99Marvel77,990
158165Civil War2$3.99Marvel77,915
159167Uncanny Avengers1$3.99Marvel77,777
161193Astonishing Ant-Man1$3.99Marvel76,630
162133Batman Arkham Knight1$3.99DC75,921
163115Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special1$4.99DC75,747
165172Justice League46$3.99DC75,660
166175Justice League39$3.99DC75,492
167179Amazing Spider-Man16.1$3.99Marvel75,177
168123Totally Awesome Hulk1$4.99Marvel74,471
169178Deadpools Secret Secret Wars2$3.99Marvel74,376
170180Secret Wars Battleworld1$3.99Marvel74,230
171289Harley Quinn16$2.99DC73,976
172183Star Wars Lando2$3.99Marvel73,559
173140Years of Future Past1$4.99Marvel73,146
175188New Avengers1$3.99Marvel72,607
177189Old Man Logan3$3.99Marvel72,448
179185Justice League of America2$3.99DC72,335
181196Invincible Iron Man2$3.99Marvel71,493
182195Star Wars Lando3$3.99Marvel71,374
183194Justice League38$3.99DC71,202
187217Armor Wars1$3.99Marvel70,664
188201Old Man Logan4$3.99Marvel70,585
189200Amazing Spider-Man17.1$3.99Marvel70,398
190207Mighty Thor2$3.99Marvel70,331
191204Civil War3$3.99Marvel70,239
193274Convergence Harley Quinn1$3.99DC70,063
194307Walking Dead141$2.99Image69,970
195209All New Hawkeye1$3.99Marvel69,970
196158Star Trek Green Lantern1$3.99IDW69,929
197310Walking Dead146$2.99Image69,799
198311Walking Dead139$2.99Image69,652
199233Harley Quinn17$3.99DC69,406
200232All New Hawkeye1$3.99Marvel69,369
201313Walking Dead143$2.99Image69,325
202198Harley Quinn23$3.99DC69,168
203142Howard The Duck1$4.99Marvel69,167
204315Walking Dead142$2.99Image69,079
205216Giant Size Little Marvel1$3.99Marvel69,024
206210Justice League of America3$3.99DC68,504
208328Harley Quinn15$2.99DC68,445
209206Deadpool Vs Thanos2$3.99Marvel68,321
210323Walking Dead147$2.99Image68,007
211336Harley Quinn14$2.99DC67,900
213214Amazing Spider-Man19.1$3.99Marvel67,559
214145Uncanny Inhumans0$4.99Marvel67,556
215218All New All Different Avengers2$3.99Marvel67,154
216332Walking Dead138$2.99Image67,008
217334Walking Dead140$2.99Image66,944
218222Doctor Strange2$3.99Marvel66,863
219221Extraordinary X-Men2$3.99Marvel66,844
220333Walking Dead136$2.99Image66,799
221220Amazing Spider-Man18.1$3.99Marvel66,719
222341Walking Dead148$2.99Image66,446
223225Amazing Spider-Man1.1$3.99Marvel66,092
224375Harley Quinn & Power Girl1$3.99DC65,876
225226Amazing Spider-Man20.1$3.99Marvel65,866
226345Walking Dead137$2.99Image65,681
229350Walking Dead149$2.99Image65,406
230219Harley Quinn19$3.99DC65,155
233263Captain America Sam Wilson1$3.99Marvel63,953
234277Robin Son of Batman1$3.99DC63,858
235264Future Imperfect1$3.99Marvel63,698
236324Convergence Justice League1$3.99DC63,377
238163Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Black Vortex Alpha1$4.99Marvel63,062
240164Guardians of the Galaxy25$4.99Marvel62,813
241242Old Man Logan5$3.99Marvel62,693
242240Infinity Gauntlet2$3.99Marvel62,680
244169Web Warriors1$4.99Marvel62,251
245246Guardians of the Galaxy24$3.99Marvel62,152
246270House of M1$3.99Marvel62,104
247236DC Comics Bombshells1$3.99DC61,985
248322Convergence Harley Quinn2$3.99DC61,925
249247Star Wars Lando4$3.99Marvel61,747
252173Captain America White1$4.99Marvel61,049
255256Invincible Iron Man3$3.99Marvel60,495
257357Fight Club 22$3.99Dark Horse60,423
258170Avengers Ultron Forever1$4.99Marvel60,330
259248Harley Quinn18$3.99DC60,292
260258Star Wars Lando5$3.99Marvel60,093
261261All New X-Men38$3.99Marvel59,823
262260Venom Space Knight1$3.99Marvel59,726
264352Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat1$3.99DC59,574
265265Civil War4$3.99Marvel59,344
266285Inhumans Attilan Rising1$3.99Marvel59,236
267269Spider-Man 20991$3.99Marvel59,120
268182Thor Annual1$4.99Marvel58,940
269273All New X-Men39$3.99Marvel58,755
270271Civil War5$3.99Marvel58,742
271257Harley Quinn22$3.99DC58,734
272259Harley Quinn20$3.99DC58,652
273327Detective Comics41$3.99DC58,361
275275Deadpools Secret Secret Wars4$3.99Marvel58,218
276191All New Inhumans1$4.99Marvel58,123
277298All New X-Men40$3.99Marvel58,062
278262Scarlet Witch1$3.99Marvel57,835
280278Deadpools Secret Secret Wars3$3.99Marvel57,659
281266Invincible Iron Man4$3.99Marvel57,639
285384Convergence Batman & Robin1$3.99DC57,383
286382Convergence Detective Comics1$3.99DC57,355
287279Sandman Overture5$3.99DC57,278
288184Deadpool and Cable Split Second1$4.99Marvel57,198
289286Doctor Strange3$3.99Marvel57,135
290280Justice League of America4$3.99DC56,854
292282Detective Comics40$3.99DC56,742
293287All New Wolverine2$3.99Marvel56,727
294203New Avengers33$4.99Marvel56,378
295202Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Black Vortex Omega1$4.99Marvel56,331
296290Sandman Overture6$3.99DC56,307
297478Batman and Robin40$2.99DC56,303
299284Detective Comics44$3.99DC56,177
300294All New X-Men2$3.99Marvel56,168
301295Extraordinary X-Men3$3.99Marvel56,100
302473Batman and Robin Eternal2$2.99DC56,079
304488Batman and Robin39$2.99DC55,690
305297Uncanny Avengers2$3.99Marvel55,667
306403Convergence Justice League2$3.99DC55,543
307483We Stand On Guard2$2.99Image55,540
308293Detective Comics39$3.99DC55,457
309291Justice League of America6$3.99DC55,410
311288Harley Quinn21$3.99DC55,282
312503Batman and Robin38$2.99DC55,265
316318Squadron Sinister1$3.99Marvel54,824
317302Infinity Gauntlet3$3.99Marvel54,692
319303Deadpool Vs Thanos3$3.99Marvel54,286
321306Guardians of the Galaxy26$3.99Marvel54,036
322300Detective Comics43$3.99DC53,797
323518Batman and Robin Eternal3$2.99DC53,770
326314Guardians of the Galaxy3$3.99Marvel53,627
327309Marvel Zombies1$3.99Marvel53,621
328390I Hate Fairyland1$3.50Image53,492
329498Batman Beyond1$2.99DC53,362
331317Uncanny Avengers3$3.99Marvel53,216
333308Justice League of America5$3.99DC53,027
334320Age of Apocalypse2$3.99Marvel52,801
335224Multiversity Mastermen1$4.99DC52,786
336227X-Men 922$4.99Marvel52,765
337321Guardians of the Galaxy2$3.99Marvel52,729
339325Uncanny Avengers2$3.99Marvel52,588
340429Convergence Superman1$3.99DC52,577
341329All New X-Men35$3.99Marvel52,257
342223Batman Europa2$4.99DC52,235
343335Ultimate End2$3.99Marvel52,023
345331Guardians of the Galaxy23$3.99Marvel51,850
346338New Avengers2$3.99Marvel51,672
347160Harley Quinn Road Trip Special1$5.99DC51,668
348231Amazing Spider-Man Special1$4.99Marvel51,653
350562Batman and Robin Eternal4$2.99DC51,566
352340Deadpool Vs Thanos4$3.99Marvel51,273
353343Guardians of Knowhere2$3.99Marvel51,266
354454Convergence Nightwing Oracle1$3.99DC51,251
356330Detective Comics42$3.99DC51,055
357347All New Wolverine3$3.99Marvel50,990
358346Uncanny Avengers3$3.99Marvel50,939
361235X-Men 923$4.99Marvel50,614
362838Book of Death1$3.99Valiant50,587
363460Convergence Batman & Robin2$3.99DC50,510
364383Mrs Deadpool and Howling Commandos1$3.99Marvel50,508
365351All New Captain America3$3.99Marvel50,405
366353Planet Hulk2$3.99Marvel50,202
367358Uncanny X-Men32$3.99Marvel50,049
368443Batman Superman21$3.99DC49,946
369245E Is For Extinction1$4.99Marvel49,866
370241Multiversity Ultra Comics1$4.99DC49,845
376451Convergence Action Comics1$3.99DC49,692
377363All New X-Men36$3.99Marvel49,604
379408We Are Robin1$3.99DC49,597
380362Guardians of the Galaxy27$3.99Marvel49,568
381238Batman Europa3$4.99DC49,474
382365Uncanny X-Men33$3.99Marvel49,472
383366Uncanny X-Men30$3.99Marvel49,464
385371Extraordinary X-Men4$3.99Marvel49,079
386373Howard The Duck2$3.99Marvel48,900
387374All New X-Men41$3.99Marvel48,833
388376Planet Hulk3$3.99Marvel48,612
393623Avengers Vs Infinity1$5.99Marvel48,363
394628Paper Girls2$2.99Image48,346
395387Captain Marvel and Carol Corps1$3.99Marvel48,258
396391Squadron Supreme1$3.99Marvel48,247
397369Detective Comics45$3.99DC48,220
398386Years of Future Past2$3.99Marvel48,176
399389All New X-Men37$3.99Marvel48,130
400446Fight Club 23$3.99Dark Horse48,117
401388Uncanny X-Men35$3.99Marvel48,111
402427Secret Wars 20991$3.99Marvel48,034
404509Convergence Detective Comics2$3.99DC47,994
405394Guardians of Knowhere3$3.99Marvel47,883
411519Convergence Batgirl1$3.99DC47,330
412381Detective Comics46$3.99DC47,280
413514Convergence Superman2$3.99DC47,221
415525Convergence Green Lantern Parallax1$3.99DC47,207
416399X-Tinction Agenda1$3.99Marvel47,170
417400Uncanny X-Men31$3.99Marvel47,082
418660Batman Eternal41$2.99DC47,043
422406Uncanny Avengers4$3.99Marvel46,776
423517Convergence Flash1$3.99DC46,747
424396Batman Eternal52$3.99DC46,741
425670Batman Eternal42$2.99DC46,639
426671Batman Eternal43$2.99DC46,618
427409Ms. Marvel2$3.99Marvel46,610
428533Convergence Justice League America1$3.99DC46,607
429668Batman and Robin Eternal5$2.99DC46,431
431392Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat1$3.99Marvel46,198
432521Green Lantern41$3.99DC46,109
433401Harley Quinn & Power Girl2$3.99DC46,044
434212All New All Different Point One1$5.99Marvel45,905
435404Detective Comics47$3.99DC45,867
436413Secret Wars 20992$3.99Marvel45,817
437417Secret Wars Battleworld2$3.99Marvel45,794
438690Batman and Robin Eternal6$2.99DC45,766
439641Wonder Woman41$3.99DC45,740
442407Green Lantern47$3.99DC45,706
444696Batman Eternal44$2.99DC45,698
445410Robin Son of Batman2$3.99DC45,674
446459Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde1$3.99Marvel45,664
448701Batman Eternal45$2.99DC45,603
449551Convergence Wonder Woman1$3.99DC45,551
450422Uncanny X-Men34$3.99Marvel45,533
451704Wonder Woman40$2.99DC45,457
452411Batman Superman19$3.99DC45,456
453424Infinity Gauntlet4$3.99Marvel45,400
454712Batman Eternal46$2.99DC45,399
455713Batman Eternal47$2.99DC45,399
456127Multiversity Guidebook1$7.99DC45,399
457697We Stand On Guard3$2.99Image45,321
458556Convergence Nightwing Oracle2$3.99DC45,185
459472Howling Commandos of Shield1$3.99Marvel45,139
460426Secret Wars Journal1$3.99Marvel45,076
461283Robin War1$4.99DC45,058
462721Batman Eternal50$2.99DC45,011
463418Batman Superman20$3.99DC45,009
465724Batman Eternal51$2.99DC44,949
466344Invader Zim2$3.99Oni44,941
468584Convergence Batman Shadow of the Bat2$3.99DC44,904
469434Ultimate End4$3.99Marvel44,903
470431Hail Hydra1$3.99Marvel44,890
471726Batman Eternal48$2.99DC44,764
472433Planet Hulk4$3.99Marvel44,743
474419Batman Superman23$3.99DC44,704
476725Batman and Robin Eternal7$2.99DC44,652
477730Batman Eternal49$2.99DC44,649
478558Convergence New Teen Titans1$3.99DC44,638
479573Convergence Batman & The Outsiders1$3.99DC44,629
480436Age of Apocalypse3$3.99Marvel44,619
481437New Avengers31$3.99Marvel44,607
482439Years of Future Past3$3.99Marvel44,532
483557Convergence Suicide Squad1$3.99DC44,488
484583Action Comics41$3.99DC44,456
485421Fight Club 24$3.99Dark Horse44,348
488739Wonder Woman39$2.99DC44,330
489428Tokyo Ghost1$3.99Image44,296
492447All New Hawkeye2$3.99Marvel43,898
493370Sonic Worlds Unite Battles1$3.99Archie43,881
495826Paper Girls3$2.99Image43,737
497449Uncanny Avengers5$3.99Marvel43,713
498457Unbeatable Squirrel Girl1$3.99Marvel43,656
499453Secret Wars Battleworld3$3.99Marvel43,617
501751Batman and Robin Eternal8$2.99DC43,589
502591Convergence Speed Force1$3.99DC43,470
504759Green Lantern40$2.99DC43,232
505981New Suicide Squad9$2.99DC43,224
5061004Green Lantern The Lost Army1$2.99DC43,108
507299New Avengers Ultron Forever1$4.99Marvel43,085
509471Uncanny Inhumans3$3.99Marvel43,036
513461Batman Superman18$3.99DC42,854
514448Superman American Alien1$3.99DC42,842
515452Green Lantern43$3.99DC42,750
516479Ultimate End3$3.99Marvel42,721
517465Return of Living Deadpool1$3.99Marvel42,633
520481New Avengers30$3.99Marvel42,566
523780Green Lantern39$2.99DC42,459
524487Legendary Star Lord10$3.99Marvel42,256
525319X-Men 924$4.99Marvel42,239
526793Wonder Woman38$2.99DC42,214
528485Spider-Man 20992$3.99Marvel42,207
529493Uncanny Inhumans2$3.99Marvel42,206
530486New Avengers3$3.99Marvel42,202
531491Legendary Star Lord9$3.99Marvel42,183
532466Action Comics43$3.99DC42,149
534494All New Captain America4$3.99Marvel42,075
536462Fight Club 25$3.99Dark Horse42,010
537495Future Imperfect2$3.99Marvel41,993
538476Batman Superman22$3.99DC41,985
539500Captain America Sam Wilson2$3.99Marvel41,982
541789Batman and Robin Eternal9$2.99DC41,943
543501Inhumans Attilan Rising2$3.99Marvel41,904
544497Captain America White2$3.99Marvel41,894
547208Jem & The Holograms Outrageous Annual1$7.99IDW41,791
549765Earth 2 Society1$2.99DC41,763
551482Justice League Darkseid War Batman1$3.99DC41,610
553505Age of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies2$3.99Marvel41,549
554799Batman and Robin Eternal10$2.99DC41,505
555507Legendary Star Lord11$3.99Marvel41,495
556627Convergence Batgirl2$3.99DC41,482
557511Guardians Team-Up3$3.99Marvel41,322
560513New Avengers29$3.99Marvel41,285
562620Superman Wonder Woman18$3.99DC41,077
5631013Black Canary1$2.99DC41,006
564339Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever1$4.99Marvel40,989
566830Detective Comics Endgame1$2.99DC40,936
567820We Stand On Guard4$2.99Image40,904
568636Convergence Titans1$3.99DC40,882
570237Fantastic Four645$5.99Marvel40,823
571527House of M2$3.99Marvel40,798
572650Convergence Adventures of Superman1$3.99DC40,770
573647Convergence Shazam1$3.99DC40,768
574531New Avengers32$3.99Marvel40,732
575532Infinity Gauntlet5$3.99Marvel40,630
576648Convergence Green Lantern Parallax2$3.99DC40,615
577788Red Hood Arsenal1$2.99DC40,597
578829Batman and Robin Eternal11$2.99DC40,557
582805Constantine The Hellblazer1$2.99DC40,335
583833Batman and Robin Eternal12$2.99DC40,297
584539Black Knight1$3.99Marvel40,287
585516Batman Superman24$3.99DC40,271
588530Superman Wonder Woman17$3.99DC40,167
589523Wonder Woman43$3.99DC40,128
590520Wonder Woman47$3.99DC40,123
591652Convergence Justice League America2$3.99DC40,018
592540Marvel Zombies2$3.99Marvel40,002
594545Age of Apocalypse4$3.99Marvel39,975
595852Teen Titans8$2.99DC39,939
596550Angela Queen of Hel1$3.99Marvel39,921
598663Convergence Speed Force2$3.99DC39,822
600355Batman and Robin Annual3$4.99DC39,765
601552Guardians of Knowhere4$3.99Marvel39,730
602535Green Lantern42$3.99DC39,708
603657Convergence Flash2$3.99DC39,679
604856Batman and Robin Eternal13$2.99DC39,613
605534Harley Quinn & Power Girl3$3.99DC39,532
606689Convergence Justice Society of America1$3.99DC39,524
607541Robin Son of Batman3$3.99DC39,523
608538Green Lantern44$3.99DC39,501
609555Superior Iron Man4$3.99Marvel39,494
610435Invader Zim3$3.99Oni39,455
611543Action Comics40$3.99DC39,451
612542Superman Wonder Woman20$3.99DC39,381
613572Red Wolf1$3.99Marvel39,288
614563Planet Hulk5$3.99Marvel39,263
616576Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur1$3.99Marvel39,162
617566Future Imperfect3$3.99Marvel39,161
618683Convergence Justice League Intl1$3.99DC39,090
619565Guardians Team-Up2$3.99Marvel39,087
620546Green Lantern46$3.99DC39,053
621679Convergence Wonder Woman2$3.99DC39,037
622564Rocket Raccoon8$3.99Marvel39,028
623567Rocket Raccoon7$3.99Marvel38,991
624579All New Hawkeye3$3.99Marvel38,980
625571All New Captain America5$3.99Marvel38,975
626580Armor Wars2$3.99Marvel38,829
6275811602 Witch Hunter Angela1$3.99Marvel38,803
628582Secret Wars Battleworld4$3.99Marvel38,803
629559Robin Son of Batman4$3.99DC38,777
630587Captain America White3$3.99Marvel38,591
631548Archie Vs Predator1$3.99Dark Horse38,590
6321118Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta7$2.99Image38,574
633397Doctor Who 9th1$3.99Titan38,567
634574Superman Wonder Woman16$3.99DC38,529
635568Action Comics39$3.99DC38,519
636561Green Lantern45$3.99DC38,519
637590Years of Future Past4$3.99Marvel38,474
638895Batman Arkham Knight Genesis1$2.99DC38,468
640569Action Comics42$3.99DC38,434
641890New Suicide Squad11$2.99DC38,434
644707Convergence Green Lantern Corps1$3.99DC38,340
646705Convergence Aquaman1$3.99DC38,274
647575Batman Superman26$3.99DC38,181
648702Convergence Action Comics2$3.99DC38,132
649578Action Comics44$3.99DC38,130
651600Age of Apocalypse5$3.99Marvel37,991
652709Convergence Green Arrow1$3.99DC37,986
653570Fight Club 26$3.99Dark Horse37,934
654718Convergence Suicide Squad2$3.99DC37,880
655731Convergence Catwoman1$3.99DC37,859
656601Spider-Man 20998$3.99Marvel37,823
657604All New Captain America6$3.99Marvel37,789
659588Batman Superman25$3.99DC37,772
660723Convergence New Teen Titans2$3.99DC37,705
661594Superman Wonder Woman19$3.99DC37,676
662915We Stand On Guard5$2.99Image37,653
663402Uncanny Avengers Annual1$4.99Marvel37,537
664736Convergence Superman Man of Steel1$3.99DC37,454
665606Rocket Raccoon9$3.99Marvel37,450
666603Superman Wonder Woman15$3.99DC37,449
671458Jem & The Holograms1$3.99IDW37,310
672599DC Comics Bombshells2$3.99DC37,306
673613Superior Iron Man6$3.99Marvel37,295
674450James Bond1$3.99Dynamite37,273
6751062Bloodshot Reborn1$3.99Valiant37,240
676605Wonder Woman42$3.99DC37,183
6781141Martian Manhunter1$2.99DC37,003
680747Convergence Batman & The Outsiders2$3.99DC36,849
681618Mrs Deadpool and Howling Commandos2$3.99Marvel36,848
682621Age of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies3$3.99Marvel36,831
683625Howard The Duck3$3.99Marvel36,759
685609Action Comics45$3.99DC36,694
686631New Avengers4$3.99Marvel36,669
690612Harley Quinn & Power Girl4$3.99DC36,525
692617Wonder Woman44$3.99DC36,478
693592Ant-Man Last Days1$3.99Marvel36,398
696645Giant Size Little Marvel2$3.99Marvel36,136
698643Secret Wars 20993$3.99Marvel36,097
699763Convergence Titans2$3.99DC36,067
700649Future Imperfect4$3.99Marvel36,036
703630Superman Lois and Clark1$3.99DC35,991
704632Robin Son of Batman5$3.99DC35,981
705432Ultimate End5$4.99Marvel35,926
706634Robin Son of Batman6$3.99DC35,904
707629Action Comics46$3.99DC35,898
708964New Suicide Squad10$2.99DC35,842
711659Superior Iron Man5$3.99Marvel35,564
712654Return of Living Deadpool2$3.99Marvel35,399
713666Spider-Man 20993$3.99Marvel35,369
714673All New Hawkeye2$3.99Marvel35,363
715991Teen Titans7$2.99DC35,304
716674Inhumans Attilan Rising3$3.99Marvel35,276
717667Rocket Raccoon10$3.99Marvel35,266
718676X-Tinction Agenda2$3.99Marvel35,261
719993Batman Beyond2$2.99DC35,238
720987We Stand On Guard6$2.99Image35,177
721791Convergence Supergirl Matrix1$3.99DC35,149
722678Contest of Champions2$3.99Marvel35,144
723675Spider-Man and X-Men2$3.99Marvel35,062
724986New Suicide Squad12$2.99DC35,013
725735Korvac Saga1$3.99Marvel35,012
726687Years of Future Past5$3.99Marvel34,981
727681Marvel Zombies3$3.99Marvel34,955
7291017Batgirl Endgame1$2.99DC34,892
731801Convergence Booster Gold1$3.99DC34,872
733662Robin Son of Batman7$3.99DC34,815
734913Convergence Question1$3.99DC34,783
737691Howard The Duck4$3.99Marvel34,659
740672Superman Wonder Woman21$3.99DC34,636
741698Captain America Sam Wilson3$3.99Marvel34,610
742695Superior Iron Man7$3.99Marvel34,579
743809Convergence Swamp Thing1$3.99DC34,576
744656Fight Club 27$3.99Dark Horse34,565
7451222Doctor Fate1$2.99DC34,514
746706House of M3$3.99Marvel34,514
747819Convergence Crime Syndicate1$3.99DC34,508
748699Spider-Man 20999$3.99Marvel34,497
749708All New Inhumans2$3.99Marvel34,471
750677Wonder Woman46$3.99DC34,454
751685Justice League Darkseid War Flash1$3.99DC34,435
752816Convergence Superboy1$3.99DC34,434
755586Invader Zim4$3.99Oni34,265
756688Wonder Woman45$3.99DC34,251
757682Harley Quinn & Power Girl5$3.99DC34,221
758710Thanos Vs Hulk2$3.99Marvel34,212
759827Convergence Superboy & The Legion1$3.99DC34,204
760703Return of Living Deadpool3$3.99Marvel34,201
7621221Wrath of the Eternal Warrior1$3.99Valiant34,157
7651057Ms. Marvel18$2.99Marvel34,062
766720Superior Iron Man9$3.99Marvel34,007
7671042New Suicide Squad6$2.99DC34,002
770719Return of Living Deadpool4$3.99Marvel33,909
771711Justice League Darkseid War Superman1$3.99DC33,887
7721084Bitch Planet2$3.50Image33,867
7731107Ms. Marvel16$2.99Marvel33,847
774171TMNT Ongoing50$7.99IDW33,820
7751043Teen Titans9$2.99DC33,804
776732Ghost Racers1$3.99Marvel33,789
7781044New Suicide Squad13$2.99DC33,584
779502Howard The Duck2$4.99Marvel33,578
781740Spider-Man 209910$3.99Marvel33,463
782853Convergence Hawkman1$3.99DC33,417
783859Convergence Atom1$3.99DC33,411
784743Red Skull1$3.99Marvel33,393
786849Convergence Shazam2$3.99DC33,312
787748Fantastic Four644$3.99Marvel33,297
788844Convergence Adventures of Superman2$3.99DC33,289
789745Captain America White4$3.99Marvel33,287
791734Justice League Darkseid War Green Lantern1$3.99DC33,267
7931054New Suicide Squad14$2.99DC33,219
794860Convergence Worlds Finest Comics1$3.99DC33,197
795754Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde2$3.99Marvel33,144
796854Convergence Justice League Intl2$3.99DC33,084
7971066Jupiters Circle1$3.50Image33,063
798879I Hate Fairyland2$3.50Image33,054
7991235Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta8$2.99Image33,021
802737DC Comics Bombshells3$3.99DC32,939
803756Fantastic Four643$3.99Marvel32,937
804761Future Imperfect5$3.99Marvel32,922
807876Convergence Blue Beetle1$3.99DC32,770
808746Titans Hunt1$3.99DC32,768
809361Avengers Vs1$5.99Marvel32,753
8101191Spawn Resurrection1$2.99Image32,746
8111098Ms. Marvel13$2.99Marvel32,703
812866Convergence Aquaman2$3.99DC32,700
814753We Are Robin2$3.99DC32,668
8151075Teen Titans11$2.99DC32,621
817869Convergence Green Arrow2$3.99DC32,506
8181109Ms. Marvel15$2.99Marvel32,499
819758Justice League United10$3.99DC32,479
821771Spider-Man 20994$3.99Marvel32,464
824764Justice League United9$3.99DC32,344
826774Armor Wars3$3.99Marvel32,327
829760Superman Wonder Woman22$3.99DC32,264
830784Inhumans Attilan Rising4$3.99Marvel32,254
831766Justice League Darkseid War Lex Luthor1$3.99DC32,226
832781Venom Space Knight2$3.99Marvel32,210
834886Convergence Green Lantern Corps2$3.99DC32,126
835888Convergence Catwoman2$3.99DC32,118
8361126Ms. Marvel14$2.99Marvel32,116
837786Superior Iron Man8$3.99Marvel32,112
8381110New 52 Futures End48$2.99DC32,089
8401104Earth 2 Society2$2.99DC32,074
842792Giant Size Little Marvel3$3.99Marvel32,003
844796All New Hawkeye4$3.99Marvel31,910
8451111New Suicide Squad8$2.99DC31,882
847898Convergence Justice Society of America2$3.99DC31,862
8481117Green Lantern The Lost Army2$2.99DC31,847
8491115New Suicide Squad7$2.99DC31,844
851797Astonishing Ant-Man2$3.99Marvel31,816
8521120Teen Titans6$2.99DC31,779
8541149Ms. Marvel19$2.99Marvel31,682
855905Convergence Superman Man of Steel2$3.99DC31,661
856800Spider-Man 209911$3.99Marvel31,649
857779Superman Wonder Woman23$3.99DC31,641
858655TMNT Ongoing44$3.99IDW31,625
859807Web Warriors2$3.99Marvel31,614
860794Thanos Vs Hulk3$3.99Marvel31,613
861798Angela Asgards Assassin3$3.99Marvel31,601
8621151Ms. Marvel17$2.99Marvel31,600
863547Batman Superman Annual2$4.99DC31,586
864806Spider-Verse Team Up3$3.99Marvel31,584
866642Dying and the Dead1$4.50Image31,550
867767Fight Club 28$3.99Dark Horse31,544
868802Mrs Deadpool and Howling Commandos3$3.99Marvel31,538
8691124Batman Beyond4$2.99DC31,518
8701140New 52 Futures End37$2.99DC31,504
871814E Is For Extinction2$3.99Marvel31,500
872812Squadron Sinister2$3.99Marvel31,495
8731143New 52 Futures End38$2.99DC31,440
874810Age of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies4$3.99Marvel31,380
875787Harley Quinn & Power Girl6$3.99DC31,375
876818Fantastic Four642$3.99Marvel31,316
877821All New Hawkeye5$3.99Marvel31,312
8781139Batman Beyond3$2.99DC31,276
879804Justice League Darkseid War Shazam1$3.99DC31,160
880680Back To The Future2$3.99IDW31,079
8811051Bat Mite1$2.99DC31,058
884824Rocket Raccoon11$3.99Marvel31,049
885803Superman American Alien2$3.99DC31,025
886927Convergence Plastic Man Freedom Fighters1$3.99DC31,004
8881157Secret Six5$2.99DC30,884
890823Deadpools Art of War4$3.99Marvel30,868
8921155Green Arrow47$2.99DC30,834
8952705True Believers Civil War1$1.00Marvel30,761
897828Mortal Kombat X1$3.99DC30,661
900840Captain Marvel14$3.99Marvel30,618
9011081Convergence Infinity Inc1$3.99DC30,609
902841Secret Wars 20994$3.99Marvel30,602
904847House of M4$3.99Marvel30,480
9051178New 52 Futures End46$2.99DC30,444
906585Green Lantern Annual4$4.99DC30,382
908931Convergence Question2$3.99DC30,347
9091181New 52 Futures End40$2.99DC30,339
9101186New 52 Futures End39$2.99DC30,310
9111168Green Arrow43$2.99DC30,298
9131206Ms. Marvel11$2.99Marvel30,259
914940Convergence Supergirl Matrix2$3.99DC30,253
9151190New 52 Futures End47$2.99DC30,243
9161189New 52 Futures End41$2.99DC30,230
918858Unbeatable Squirrel Girl2$3.99Marvel30,227
919815Archie Vs Predator2$3.99Dark Horse30,180
9201344Book of Death2$3.99Valiant30,175
921813Avengers Operation Hydra1$3.99Marvel30,160
9221192Green Lantern Corps39$2.99DC30,146
923865Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde3$3.99Marvel30,133
924595Flash Annual4$4.99DC30,112
925727Invader Zim5$3.99Oni30,106
9261444Green Arrow41$2.99DC30,098
9271197New 52 Futures End42$2.99DC30,098
928868Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man9$3.99Marvel30,092
9291198New 52 Futures End44$2.99DC30,083
931845Green Lantern Corps40$3.99DC30,029
9321199New 52 Futures End43$2.99DC30,022
933836Batman Superman27$3.99DC30,021
9341202New 52 Futures End45$2.99DC29,985
936867Scarlet Spiders3$3.99Marvel29,942
939873Unbeatable Squirrel Girl3$3.99Marvel29,905
940872Amazing X-Men15$3.99Marvel29,895
9421195Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta9$2.99Image29,834
943851JLA Gods and Monsters Batman1$3.99DC29,828
944857Tokyo Ghost2$3.99Image29,770
945744Rick & Morty1$3.99Oni29,770
946871Thanos Vs Hulk4$3.99Marvel29,755
950883X-Tinction Agenda3$3.99Marvel29,709
9511210Batman Beyond5$2.99DC29,626
952608Batgirl Annual3$4.99DC29,621
953885Captain America White5$3.99Marvel29,600
956884Spider-Man and X-Men3$3.99Marvel29,533
957891Captain America Sam Wilson4$3.99Marvel29,512
958966Convergence Superboy2$3.99DC29,484
959619All New Captain America Special1$4.99Marvel29,475
960615Wonder Woman Annual1$4.99DC29,475
9611240Ms. Marvel12$2.99Marvel29,454
962894Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man12$3.99Marvel29,432
963616Jupiters Legacy5$4.99Image29,367
964896Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man10$3.99Marvel29,364
9651431Justice League 30011$2.99DC29,332
966974Convergence Swamp Thing2$3.99DC29,272
968899Spider-Man 209912$3.99Marvel29,175
969903Contest of Champions3$3.99Marvel29,165
972738Ant-Man Larger Than Life1$3.99Marvel29,153
973901Marvel Zombies4$3.99Marvel29,131
974893Justice League United8$3.99DC29,105
975907Secret Wars Journal2$3.99Marvel29,074
977983Convergence Booster Gold2$3.99DC29,046
978909Captain Marvel and Carol Corps2$3.99Marvel29,034
980908Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man11$3.99Marvel29,022
981902Mrs Deadpool and Howling Commandos4$3.99Marvel29,022
982882Action Comics47$3.99DC29,021
9841342Secret Six3$2.99DC28,999
985910Guardians Team-Up4$3.99Marvel28,988
9861238Teen Titans10$2.99DC28,963
987912Amazing X-Men16$3.99Marvel28,896
988664Doctor Who 2015 Four Doctors1$3.99Titan28,869
989773Back To The Future3$3.99IDW28,835
990626Superman Annual3$4.99DC28,802
9921252Earth 2 Society3$2.99DC28,671
996790Star Trek Green Lantern2$3.99IDW28,506
999930Convergence Superboy & The Legion2$3.99DC28,451

2015 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top Graphic Novel charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novels were up 3% year-over-year in dollar terms.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
13Saga Vol. 4$14.99Image46,627
29Saga Vol. 1$9.99Image45,661
32Saga Vol. 5$14.99Image44,758
41Civil War$24.99Marvel42,602
58Walking Dead Vol. 23 Whispers Into Screams$14.99Image33,208
65Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC32,060
711Saga Vol. 2$14.99Image31,376
812Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$14.99Image30,964
916Saga Vol. 3$14.99Image29,123
1010Star Wars Vol. 1 Skywalker Strikes$19.99Marvel27,195
1114Walking Dead Vol. 24 Life And Death$14.99Image26,792
1215Batman Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$16.99DC24,996
1322Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 No Normal$15.99Marvel23,777
1448Wicked & Divine Vol. 1 The Faust Act$9.99Image23,024
1519Fables Vol. 22$17.99DC21,215
1632Sex Criminals Vol. 2 Two Worlds One Cop$14.99Image21,205
177Batman Earth One HC Vol. 2$24.99DC21,154
1871Wytches Vol. 1$9.99Image20,034
1921Batman Dark Knight Returns$19.99DC19,883
2034Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe$14.99Marvel18,981
2178Sex Criminals Vol. 1$9.99Image18,227
2229Batman Vol. 2 The City of Owls$16.99DC18,062
2337Rat Queens Vol. 2 Far Reaching Tentacles of Nrygoth$14.99Image17,745
2413Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel17,322
2545Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$14.99Image17,186
2691Low Vol. 1 The Delirium of Hope$9.99Image17,118
2798Rat Queens Vol. 1 Sass & Sorcery$9.99Image16,640
2825Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 1 Vader$19.99Marvel16,624
2935Batman Vol. 3 Death of the Family$16.99DC16,522
30102Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta Vol. 1$9.99Image16,374
3139Ms. Marvel Vol. 2 Generation Why$15.99Marvel16,286
3220Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC16,206
3323Superman Earth One HC Vol. 3$22.99DC15,917
3447Wicked & Divine Vol. 2 Fandemonium$14.99Image15,458
3644Batman Vol. 5 Zero Year Dark City$16.99DC14,569
3741Harley Quinn Vol. 1 Hot In The City$16.99DC14,542
3843Lumberjanes Vol. 1$14.99Boom14,351
3924Sandman Overture Deluxe Ed HC$24.99DC14,155
4053Deadpool Vol. 1 Dead Presidents Now$15.99Marvel13,959
4150Flash Vol. 1 Move Forward$16.99DC13,429
4267Suicide Squad Vol. 1 Kicked In The Teeth$14.99DC13,301
4379Walking Dead Vol. 22 A New Beginning$14.99Image13,300
4417Wolverine Old Man Logan$29.99Marvel13,203
45153Bitch Planet Vol. 1 Extraordinary Machine$9.99Image13,051
4627Avengers Rage of Ultron HC$24.99Marvel12,995
4774Black Science Vol. 2 Welcome Nowhere$14.99Image12,832
4856Batman Vol. 4 Zero Year Secret City$16.99DC12,767
49155East of West Vol. 1 The Promise$9.99Image12,751
5089Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$14.99Image12,697
51157Descender Vol. 1 Tin Stars$9.99Image12,664
52108Trees Vol. 1$14.99Image11,268
5395East of West Vol. 4 Who Wants War$14.99Image11,202
5452Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC11,097
5594Ms. Marvel Vol. 3 Crushed$15.99Marvel10,889
5672Fables Vol. 21 Happily Ever After$17.99DC10,839
5755Preacher Book 1$19.99DC10,804
58200Black Science Vol. 1 How To Fall Forever$9.99Image10,780
59208Fade Out Vol. 1$9.99Image10,526
60113Batman Year One Deluxe SC$14.99DC10,517
61104Superman Red Sonition$17.99DC10,424
6238Batman The Long Halloween$24.99DC10,402
63139Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$14.99Image10,098
64309Young Terrorists #1$6.99Black Mask10,095
6542Batman HC Vol. 7 Endgame$24.99DC10,011
66103Justice League Vol. 1 Origin$16.99DC9,891
67147Walking Dead Vol. 21 All Out War Pt 2$14.99Image9,846
68232Jupiters Legacy Vol. 1$9.99Image9,815
69105Star Wars: Journey to Force Awakens: Shattered Empire$16.99Marvel9,802
70106Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool$16.99Marvel9,675
71248Southern Bastards Vol. 1 Here Was A Man$9.99Image9,550
7226Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 1$34.99Marvel9,516
73100Hawkeye Vol. 4 Rio Bravo$17.99Marvel9,454
74251Southern Bastards Vol. 2 Gridiron$9.99Image9,399
75171Fables Vol. 1 Legends In Exile$12.99DC9,398
77266Deadly Class Vol. 1 Reagan Youth$9.99Image9,318
78151Deadly Class Vol. 2 Kids of the Black Hole$14.99Image9,205
794Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 3$59.99Image9,103
80120New Suicide Squad Vol. 1 Pure Insanity$16.99DC9,017
8136Deathstroke Book And Mask Set$29.99DC8,832
8254Joker Death of the Family$24.99DC8,782
83417Night Nurse #1$7.99Marvel8,709
84177Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$14.99Image8,654
85129Nemo River of Ghosts HC$14.95IDW8,616
866Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1$59.99Image8,523
87131Batman Vol. 6 Graveyard Shift$16.99DC8,343
8860Thanos Infinity Relativity HC$24.99Marvel8,330
89140Hawkeye Vol. 1 My Life As Weapon Now$16.99Marvel8,240
90110V For Vendetta$19.99DC8,190
91329Birthright Vol. 1 Homecoming$9.99Image8,149
9264Batman HC Vol. 6 The Graveyard Shift$24.99DC8,147
93198Walking Dead Vol. 20 All Out War Pt 1$14.99Image8,108
94341Chrononauts Vol. 1$9.99Image8,083
95143Star Wars Princess Leia$16.99Marvel8,030
96182Chew Vol. 9 Chicken Tenders$14.99Image7,986
97146Kingdom Come New Ptg$19.99DC7,923
98134Deadpool Vol. 7 Axis$17.99Marvel7,880
9918Private Eye Dlx Ed HC$49.99Image7,845
100109Batman Harley Quinn$19.99DC7,844
101116Blackest Night$19.99DC7,835
102209East of West Vol. 2 We Are All One$14.99Image7,691
10390March Book 2$19.95IDW7,691
104752Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions Vol. 1$7.99Marvel7,655
10592Legend of Zelda Link to the Past$19.99Viz7,619
106382Autumnlands Vol. 1 Tooth & Claw$9.99Image7,585
107214East of West Vol. 3 There Is No Us$14.99Image7,545
108160Flash Vol. 4 Reverse$16.99DC7,531
10976Jessica Jones Vol. 1 Alias$24.99Marvel7,506
110175Amazing Spider-Man Edge of Spider-Verse$15.99Marvel7,451
111194Deadpool Kills Deadpool$14.99Marvel7,448
112161March Book 1$14.95IDW7,423
113127Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 Cosmic Avengers$19.99Marvel7,421
114192Black Science Vol. 3 Vanishing Point$14.99Image7,360
115238Walking Dead Vol. 6 Sorrowful Life$14.99Image7,338
116181Deadpool Vol. 2 Soul Hunter Now$15.99Marvel7,299
117252Deadpools Art of War$12.99Marvel7,282
118229Gotham Academy Vol. 1$14.99DC7,110
11958Deadpool Classic Vol. 1$29.99Marvel7,088
120173Lumberjanes Vol. 2$14.99Boom7,081
121407Wayward Vol. 1 String Theory$9.99Image7,045
122267Walking Dead Vol. 17 Something To Fear$14.99Image7,008
12346Age of Ultron$34.99Marvel7,005
124207Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta Vol. 2$14.99Image7,005
125268Walking Dead Vol. 18 What Comes After$14.99Image7,002
126271Walking Dead Vol. 19 March To War$14.99Image6,970
127231Lazarus Vol. 3 Conclave$14.99Image6,967
128138Y The Last Man Book 1$19.99DC6,960
129312Batgirl Vol. 1 The Batgirl of Burnside$14.99DC6,895
130438Copperhead Vol. 1 A New Sheriff In Town$9.99Image6,855
131201Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 Squirrel Power$15.99Marvel6,838
132184Suicide Squad Vol. 2 Basilisk Rising$16.99DC6,796
133461Nailbiter Vol. 1 There Will Be Blood$9.99Image6,791
13497Deadpool Vol. 8 All Good Things$24.99Marvel6,779
135299Walking Dead Vol. 7 The Calm Before$14.99Image6,746
136223Injustice Gods Among Us Vol. 1$14.99DC6,708
137239Manifest Destiny Vol. 2$14.99Image6,682
138101Harley Quinn HC Vol. 2 Power Outage$24.99DC6,676
139363Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 10 Smoke & Shadow Part 1$10.99Dark Horse6,658
140193Flash Vol. 2 Rogues Revolution$16.99DC6,584
141458Chew Vol. 1$9.99Image6,506
142235Mad Max Fury Road$14.99DC6,501
143216Deadpool Vol. 3 Good Bad And Ugly Now$15.99Marvel6,495
144197Return of Living Deadpool$16.99Marvel6,418
145279Attack On Titan Vol. 1$10.99Random House6,401
146477ODYC Vol. 1$9.99Image6,365
147332Captain Marvel Vol. 1 Higher Further Faster More$17.99Marvel6,361
148112Thor Prem HC Vol. 1 Goddess of Thunder$24.99Marvel6,342
149272Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1$12.99Viz6,324
150326Walking Dead Vol. 8 Made To Suffer$14.99Image6,290
151117Batman A Death In The Family$24.99DC6,241
152211Night of Living Deadpool$16.99Marvel6,225
153167Daredevil Man Without Fear$19.99Marvel6,220
15440Batman Death of the Family Book & Joker Mask Set$39.99DC6,212
155195Ms. Marvel Vol. 4 Last Days$17.99Marvel6,150
156269Deathstroke Vol. 1 Gods of War$14.99DC6,144
15777Joker Endgame HC$29.99DC6,136
158164Batman Dark Knight Strikes Again$19.99DC6,112
159168Forever Evil$19.99DC6,101
16059Secret Wars$34.99Marvel6,094
161521Injection Vol. 1$9.99Image6,050
162286Izombie Vol. 1 Dead To The World$14.99DC6,014
163619Red Sonja #1973$7.99Dynamite5,960
164123Batman Court of Owls Book & Mask Set$24.99DC5,925
165285Chew Vol. 10 Blood Puddin$14.99Image5,925
16665Avengers Vs. X-Men$34.99Marvel5,873
167141Locke & Key Vol. 1 Welcome To Lovecraft$19.99IDW5,872
168324Nailbiter Vol. 2 Bloody Hands$14.99Image5,851
169130Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 Spider-Verse$24.99Marvel5,828
170275Deadpool Vol. 5 Wedding of Deadpool Now$15.99Marvel5,827
171180Star Wars Kanan Vol. 1 Last Padawan$19.99Marvel5,809
172237Spider-Gwen Vol. 0 Most Wanted$16.99Marvel5,802
173277Deadpool Vol. 4 Deadpool Vs. Shield Now$15.99Marvel5,794
174374Walking Dead Vol. 9 Here We Remain$14.99Image5,767
175185Sandman Vol. 2 The Dolls House$19.99DC5,741
176245Deadpool Vs. Carnage$16.99Marvel5,726
177323Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Blood$14.99DC5,674
178319Justice League Vol. 5 Forever Heroes$14.99DC5,668
179315Mortal Kombat X Vol. 1$14.99DC5,660
18063Walking Dead HC Vol. 11$34.99Image5,653
181284Deadpool Ones With Deadpool$15.99Marvel5,646
182608Lazarus Vol. 1$9.99Image5,618
183338Starlight Vol. 1$14.99Image5,616
184318Low Vol. 2 Before The Dawn Burns Us$14.99Image5,587
185317Sunstone Vol. 2$14.99Image5,583
186196Hellblazer Vol. 1 Original Sins$19.99DC5,537
187308Hawkeye Vol. 3 La Woman$15.99Marvel5,529
188400Walking Dead Vol. 10 What We Become$14.99Image5,520
189325Deadly Class Vol. 3 The Snake Pit$14.99Image5,519
190342Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two Vol. 1$14.99DC5,421
191265Harley Quinn Vol. 2 Power Outage$16.99DC5,409
19257Batman Eternal Vol. 2$39.99DC5,318
193507Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 11 Smoke & Shadow Part 2$10.99Dark Horse5,315
194261Black Widow Vol. 2 Tightly Tangled Web$17.99Marvel5,294
195370Flash Rebirth$14.99DC5,226
196437Fade Out Vol. 2$12.99Image5,188
198296Deadpool Vs. Thanos$16.99Marvel5,159
199156Batman Adventures Mad Love Deluxe Ed HC$24.99DC5,158
200845The Valiant$9.99Valiant5,125
201377Suicide Squad Vol. 3 Death Is For Suckers$14.99DC5,095
202456Teen Titans Go Vol. 1 Party Party$12.99DC5,079
203459Walking Dead Vol. 11 Fear The Hunters$14.99Image5,079
204314Justice League Vol. 2 The Villains Journey$16.99DC5,077
205656Pretty Deadly Vol. 1$9.99Image5,071
206321Hawkeye Vol. 2 Little Hits Now$16.99Marvel5,063
207460Walking Dead Vol. 16 A Larger World$14.99Image5,042
208467Walking Dead Vol. 14 No Way Out$14.99Image5,030
209224Preacher Book 2$19.99DC5,027
210305Steven Universe Vol. 1$14.99Boom5,017
211355Ant-Man Vol. 1 Second Chance Man$15.99Marvel5,009
21266Batman Eternal Vol. 1$39.99DC5,004
213169House of M$24.99Marvel5,004
214115V For Vendetta Book And Mask Set$29.99DC5,000
215298Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 Parker Luck$17.99Marvel4,994
216464Walking Dead Vol. 12 Life Among Them$14.99Image4,987
217322Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 1 Face It I Rule$16.99Marvel4,979
218236Gotg All New X-Men Trial of Jean Grey$19.99Marvel4,978
219369Captain America Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection$24.99Marvel4,970
220674Jupiters Circle Vol. 1$9.99Image4,956
221136Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol. 6$24.99Oni4,955
22231Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 2$59.99Image4,954
223165Star Wars HC Episode Iv New Hope$24.99Marvel4,949
224485Walking Dead Vol. 15 We Find Ourselves$14.99Image4,936
225327Flash Vol. 3 Gorilla Warfare$16.99DC4,930
226385Velvet Vol. 2 The Secret Lives of Dead Men$14.99Image4,914
227240Y The Last Man Book 2$19.99DC4,894
228397Deadpool Killustrated$14.99Marvel4,885
229692Theyre Not Like Us Vol. 1 Black Holes For The Young$9.99Image4,836
230510Walking Dead Vol. 13 Too Far Gone$14.99Image4,816
231346Injustice Gods Among Us Vol. 2$16.99DC4,799
23281Sculptor HC$29.99St. Martins4,786
233260Daredevil Born Again$19.99Marvel4,773
234411Fables Vol. 2 Animal Farm$14.99DC4,727
235717Manifest Destiny Vol. 1$9.99Image4,706
236273Joker HC$19.99DC4,632
237183Gotham City Sirens Book 2$24.99DC4,625
238504Manhattan Projects Vol. 1 Science Bad$14.99Image4,606
23949Saga Dlx Ed HC Vol. 1$49.99Image4,591
240111Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 2$34.99Marvel4,585
241424Sunstone Vol. 3$14.99Image4,576
242345Deadpool Vol. 6 Original Sin$17.99Marvel4,558
243368Batman Detective Comics Vol. 1 Faces of Death$16.99DC4,548
244448Aquaman Vol. 1 The Trench$14.99DC4,546
245776Batman Vs. Superman$9.99DC4,540
246454Nightwing Vol. 1 Traps And Trapezes$14.99DC4,539
247190Kick-Ass 3$24.99Marvel4,535
248362Invincible Vol. 21$16.99Image4,508
249291Jessica Jones Vol. 2 Alias$19.99Marvel4,503
250351Batman Mad Love And Other Stories$17.99DC4,501
251348Wolverine Old Man Logan Vol. 0 Warzones$17.99Marvel4,497
252290Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 1$19.99DC4,483
2531399Marvel Universe Ant-Man Digest$9.99Marvel4,469
254118Original Sin$34.99Marvel4,465
256961The Shadow Special 2014$7.99Dynamite4,413
257593Alex + Ada Vol. 2$12.99Image4,408
258393Batman The Black Mirror$16.99DC4,389
259697Batman Earth One$14.99DC4,377
260389Wonder Woman Vol. 5 Flesh$16.99DC4,374
261114Walking Dead HC Vol. 1$34.99Image4,364
262289Bobs Burgers Mini-Series$17.99Dynamite4,355
26328Spider-Verse HC$75Marvel4,349
264434Captain Marvel Vol. 2 Stay Fly$15.99Marvel4,342
265861Rumble Vol. 1 What Color of Darkness$9.99Image4,323
2661095Shutter Vol. 1 Wanderlost$9.99Image4,308
267121Walking Dead HC Vol. 12$34.99Image4,294
268441Hawkeye Vol. 5 All New Hawkeye$15.99Marvel4,287
269295Grayson HC Vol. 1 Agents of Spyral$22.99DC4,254
2701086Sonic Mega Man Worlds Collide Vol. 1$11.99Archie4,254
271380Moon Knight Vol. 1 From Dead$17.99Marvel4,251
272212Rocket Raccoon Prem HC Vol. 1 Chasing Tale$24.99Marvel4,245
273128Hulk Planet Hulk$34.99Marvel4,243
274501Deadpool Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$14.99Marvel4,239
275500Green Arrow Vol. 1 The Midas Touch$14.99DC4,235
276402Bee And Puppycat Vol. 1$14.99Boom4,170
2771200House of Hem$7.99Marvel4,166
278518Suicide Squad Vol. 4 Discipline And Punish$14.99DC4,135
279234Crisis On Infinite Earths$29.99DC4,131
280330Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Guardians Disassembled$19.99Marvel4,127
281340Harley Quinn Preludes And Knock Knock Jokes$19.99DC4,127
282364Lady Killer$17.99Dark Horse4,105
2831614Image Firsts 2014 Compendium$5.99Image4,097
284548Sunstone Vol. 1$14.99Image4,086
285217Death of Wolverine HC$24.99Marvel4,084
286270Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two HC Vol. 2$22.99DC4,072
287654We Can Never Go Home$9.99Black Mask4,071
288428Superman Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Power Couple$16.99DC4,065
289227Gotham City Sirens Book 1$24.99DC4,045
290405Black Widow Vol. 1 Finely Woven Thread$17.99Marvel4,032
291529Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 Back On The Street$14.99DC4,008
292316Hellboy and the Bprd 1952$19.99Dark Horse3,993
293950Humans Vol. 1 Humans For Life$9.99Image3,989
294358Final Crisisition$19.99DC3,986
295440Adventure Time Vol. 1$14.99Boom3,971
296530Flash Vol. 5 History Lessons$14.99DC3,961
297543Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1 Redemption$14.99DC3,944
298336Serenity HC Vol. 4 Leaves On Wind HC$19.99Dark Horse3,942
299241Batman Dark Victory$24.99DC3,925
300294Rick & Morty Vol. 1$19.99Oni3,908
301415Batman Arkham Knight HC Vol. 1$19.99DC3,901
302596Criminal Vol. 1 Coward$14.99Image3,893
30373Avengers And X-Men Axis HC$49.99Marvel3,889
304247Harley Quinn HC Vol. 1 Hot In The City$24.99DC3,888
305381Sandman Vol. 3 Dream Country$19.99DC3,884
306466Justice League Vol. 3 Throne of Atlantis$16.99DC3,882
307545Superman Earth One Vol. 3$14.99DC3,870
308465Batman & Robin Vol. 1 Born To Kill$16.99DC3,860
309119Batman Eternal Vol. 3$39.99DC3,851
310435Moon Knight Vol. 2 Dead Will Rise$17.99Marvel3,847
311188Batman Knightfall Vol. 1$29.99DC3,832
312243Harley Quinn HC Vol. 3 Kiss Kiss Bang Stab$24.99DC3,831
313561Fairest Vol. 5 The Clamor For Glamour$14.99DC3,806
315478Damian Son of Batman$16.99DC3,779
316681Birthright Vol. 2$12.99Image3,773
317154Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Vol. 1 Empire$34.99Marvel3,752
318815Revival Vol. 1 You'Re Among Friends$12.99Image3,750
319901Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 1 Promise Part 1$10.99Dark Horse3,715
320615Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 2$12.99Viz3,706
321394Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Angela$19.99Marvel3,704
322174Bryan Lee O'Malley Seconds$25Random House3,687
323583Nailbiter Vol. 3 Blood In The Water$14.99Image3,677
324801Chew Vol. 2 International Flavor$12.99Image3,675
325125Big Hard Sex Criminals HC$39.99Image3,668
326551Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 Graveyard Shift$15.99Marvel3,663
327516Suicide Squad Vol. 5 Walled In$16.99DC3,658
328199All Star Superman$29.99DC3,657
329281Justice League HC Vol. 6 Injustice League$24.99DC3,654
330672Attack On Titan Vol. 15$10.99Random House3,649
331601Green Arrow Vol. 6 Broken$14.99DC3,640
332811Alex + Ada Vol. 1$12.99Image3,631
333302Hulk WWH$24.99Marvel3,600
3351624Harbinger Vol. 1 Omega Rising$9.99Valiant3,598
336420Batman Arkham Asylum 25Th Anniv Dlx Ed$19.99DC3,596
337479Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 1 Out of Time$17.99Marvel3,593
338491Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 Spider-Verse Prelude$17.99Marvel3,585
33985Multiversity Dlx Ed HC$49.99DC3,579
340414Batman Night of the Owls$19.99DC3,573
341409Preacher Book 3$19.99DC3,556
342304Star Wars Episode V HC Empire Strikes Back$24.99Marvel3,542
343422Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 2 Revelations$19.99Marvel3,530
344215Daredevil By Miller Janson Vol. 1$29.99Marvel3,528
345410Batman Adventures Vol. 2$19.99DC3,524
346482Serenity HC Vol. 1 Those Left Behind$17.99Dark Horse3,517
347356Jem & The Holograms Vol. 1 Showtime$19.99IDW3,511
348166Deadpool Classic Vol. 11 Merc With Mouth$34.99Marvel3,510
349542Prophet Vol. 4 Joining$17.99Image3,488
350419Flash Season Zero$19.99DC3,479
3511101Roche Limit Vol. 1$9.99Image3,476
352720Lazarus Vol. 2 Lift$14.99Image3,475
353626Spread Vol. 1 No Hope$14.99Image3,474
3541108Invisible Republic Vol. 1$9.99Image3,473
355213Convergence HC$29.99DC3,467
356640Wonder Woman Vol. 6 Bones$14.99DC3,467
357519Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 My Own Worst Enemy Now$17.99Marvel3,463
358416My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 7$17.99IDW3,460
3591118Nowhere Men Vol. 1 Fates Worse Than Death$9.99Image3,453
360360My Little Pony Fiendship Is Magic$19.99IDW3,452
361540Adventure Time Vol. 6$14.99Boom3,450
362442Daredevil Vol. 2 West Case Scenario$19.99Marvel3,444
363433Wolverine Origin II$19.99Marvel3,437
364226Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol. 1$24.99Oni3,432
365665Adventure Time Original Vol. 5 Graybles Schmaybles$12.99Boom3,427
366549Thanos Vs. Hulk$16.99Marvel3,419
367436Rocket Raccoon Vol. 1 A Chasing Tale$19.99Marvel3,396
368179Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 3$34.99Marvel3,381
369554Batman Detective Comics Vol. 5 Gothtopia$16.99DC3,377
370658Secret Origins Vol. 1$14.99DC3,377
371523Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows$17.99Marvel3,376
372493Hellboy Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction$17.99Dark Horse3,375
373725Attack On Titan Vol. 2$10.99Random House3,372
3741004One Punch Man Vol. 1$9.99Viz3,359
375655Revival Vol. 5 Gathering of Waters$14.99Image3,358
376567Batman & Robin Vol. 5 The Big Burn$16.99DC3,328
377453Sandman Vol. 4 Season of Mists$19.99DC3,325
378225New 52 Futures End Vol. 2$29.99DC3,324
379537Fables Vol. 3 Storybook Love$17.99DC3,322
380855Secret Service Kingsman Movie Ed$12.99Marvel3,320
381562Wayward Vol. 2$16.99Image3,311
382375Flash HC Vol. 5 History Lessons$22.99DC3,302
383844Alex + Ada Vol. 3$12.99Image3,297
384502Empowered Vol. 9$17.99Dark Horse3,282
385471Jessica Jones Vol. 3 Alias$19.99Marvel3,278
386713Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 3$12.99Viz3,277
387395Batgirl HC Vol. 1 The Batgirl of Burnside$24.99DC3,270
388954Secret Invasion HC$34.99Marvel3,266
389883Captain Marvel Vol. 3 Alis Volat Propriis$12.99Marvel3,257
391868Scooby Doo Team Up$12.99DC3,240
392357Thor Prem HC Vol. 2 Who Holds Hammer$24.99Marvel3,239
393555Loki Agent of Asgard Vol. 2 I Cannot Tell A Lie$17.99Marvel3,231
394191Secret Wars Prelude$34.99Marvel3,219
395726Batgirl Vol. 1 The Darkest Reflection$14.99DC3,213
3961459Minions Digest Vol. 1 Banana$6.99Random House3,213
397689Serenity HC Vol. 3 Shepherds Tale$14.99Dark Horse3,210
398246Earth 2 Worlds End Vol. 1$29.99DC3,206
399881Tiny Titans Return To The Treehouse$12.99DC3,206
400354Star Wars HC Episode VI Return of Jedi$24.99Marvel3,201
401723Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2 Squirrel You Know Its Tru$14.99Marvel3,199
402349Free Country A Tale of the Childrens Crusade HC$24.99DC3,198
403739Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Guts$14.99DC3,188
404617Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 Spiral$16.99Marvel3,173
4051433Vampirella #1969 Cvr A Hack$7.99Dynamite3,170
406463TMNT Ghostbusters$17.99IDW3,164
407676She-Hulk Vol. 2 Disorderly Conduct$15.99Marvel3,160
408480My Little Pony Friends Forever Vol. 3$17.99IDW3,153
409492My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 1$17.99IDW3,149
410635Justice League Vol. 4 The Grid$16.99DC3,145
411508Silk Vol. 0 Life And Times of Cindy Moon$19.99Marvel3,138
412864Spawn Origins Vol. 1$14.99Image3,135
413586Magneto Vol. 2 Reversals$17.99Marvel3,129
414202Venom By Remender Complete Collection Vol. 1$34.99Marvel3,124
4151049Aliens Salvation HC$10.99Dark Horse3,122
416620Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two Vol. 2$16.99DC3,120
417779Green Lantern Vol. 1 Sinestro$14.99DC3,103
418372Disney Princess Treasury Vol. 1$19.99Joe Books3,090
419503Fables The Wolf Among Us Vol. 1$19.99DC3,090
4201131Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Vol. 7$9.99Viz3,090
421761Teen Titans Earth One$14.99DC3,075
422641Batman Superman Vol. 2 Game Over$16.99DC3,069
423206Deadpool Classic Vol. 12 Deadpool Corps$34.99Marvel3,061
424594Batgirl Vol. 5 Deadline$17.99DC3,053
425418Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet HC$22.99DC3,053
426803Batman The Man Who Laughs$14.99DC3,043
4271199Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 4 Search Part 1$10.99Dark Horse3,041
428532American Vampire Vol. 1$19.99DC3,038
4291283Wolf Vol. 1$9.99Image3,038
430612Shield Vol. 1 Perfect Bullets$17.99Marvel3,034
431652Howard The Duck Vol. 0 What The Duck$16.99Marvel3,033
432408Locke & Key Vol. 2 Head Games$19.99IDW3,027
4331502New Vampirella Vol. 1 Our Lady of Shadows$24.99Dynamite3,026
434791Constantine Vol. 3 The Voice In The Fire$14.99DC3,022
435794Big Hero 6 Manga Vol. 1$12Hachette3,008
436957Batman The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Vol. 2$12.99DC3,005
437429Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three HC Vol. 1$22.99DC3,005
438387Lady Mechanika Vol. 1 Mystery of Mechanical Corpse$19.99BEN3,005
439649Batman The Doom That Came To Gotham$16.99DC2,999
440614Supergirl Vol. 5 Red Daughter of Krypton$17.99DC2,993
441293Deadpool Classic Vol. 2$29.99Marvel2,992
4421909X-O Manowar Vol. 2 Enter Ninjak$14.99Valiant2,988
443391Black Widow Vol. 3 Last Days$24.99Marvel2,982
444718Prometheus Fire & Stone$14.99Dark Horse2,982
445533Hellblazer Vol. 10 In The Line of Fire$19.99DC2,981
446531Deathstroke The Terminator Vol. 1 Assassins$19.99DC2,976
447746Spider-Woman Vol. 1 Spider-Verse$15.99Marvel2,962
448824Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 6 Lost & Found$14.99DC2,960
449662Death Note Black Ed Vol. 1$14.99Viz2,959
4501201Naruto Vol. 69$9.99Viz2,959
451741Aliens Fire And Stone$14.99Dark Horse2,957
452925Attack On Titan Vol. 16$10.99Random House2,957
453632Teen Titans Vol. 5 The Trial of Kid Flash$17.99DC2,956
454677Marvels Avengers Age of Ultron Prelude$16.99Marvel2,955
455757Daredevil Vol. 3 Daredevil You Know$15.99Marvel2,953
456307Infinity War$29.99Marvel2,952
457219Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Coll Book 1$34.99Marvel2,946
4581364Drifter Vol. 1 Out of the Night$9.99Image2,932
459383Johnny Homicidal Maniac Directors Cut Sc$21.95Slave Labor2,921
460573Rachel Rising Vol. 5 Night Cometh$16.99Abstract2,913
461228Guardians of the Galaxy HC Vol. 1$34.99Marvel2,895
462564Batman Batman And Son$19.99DC2,894
4631227Naruto Vol. 70$9.99Viz2,894
464704Amulet Sc Vol. 1 Stonekeeper$12.99Scholastic2,893
465170Avatar Last Airbender Rift Library Ed HC$39.99Dark Horse2,891
466773Alien Vs. Predator Fire & Stone$14.99Dark Horse2,890
467553Preacher Book 4$19.99DC2,888
468995Fatale Vol. 1 Death Chases Me$14.99Image2,887
469222Deadpool Classic Companion$34.99Marvel2,880
470603Elfquest Final Quest Vol. 1$17.99Dark Horse2,873
4711043Morning Glories Vol. 8$12.99Image2,868
472558New Teen Titans Vol. 2$19.99DC2,868
473795Inhuman Vol. 2 Axis$15.99Marvel2,866
474696Unwritten Vol. 11$16.99DC2,866
475313Southern Bastards HC Vol. 1$29.99Image2,865
476850Gotham By Midnight Vol. 1 We Do Not Sleep$14.99DC2,851
477233Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Vol. 1 New Republic$34.99Marvel2,850
478708Aquaman Vol. 5 Sea of Storms$16.99DC2,846
4792255James Pattersons Witch & Wizard HC Vol. 1 Battle Shadowland$17.99IDW2,843
480877Death of Superman$14.99DC2,838
481574Secret Six Vol. 1 Villains United$19.99DC2,837
482577Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 Original Sin$19.99Marvel2,827
4831363Plants Vs. Zombies HC Timepocalypse$9.99Dark Horse2,824
4841146Chew Vol. 3 Just Desserts$12.99Image2,822
485670Infinite Crisis$17.99DC2,820
486584Harley Quinn Welcome To Metropolis$19.99DC2,819
487585All New X-Men Vol. 5 One Down$19.99Marvel2,818
488256Gotg By Abnett And Lanning Complete Coll Vol. 1$34.99Marvel2,818
489569Y The Last Man Book 3$19.99DC2,817
490249Deadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll Vol. 4$34.99Marvel2,805
491412Flash By Geoff Johns Book 1$24.99DC2,797
492892Rasputin Vol. 1$14.99Image2,793
4931175Invincible Vol. 1 Family Matters$12.99Image2,790
494865Copperhead Vol. 2$14.99Image2,785
4952448Mark Waid Green Hornet Vol. 1$19.99Dynamite2,783
496755Harley Quinn Night And Day$16.99DC2,778
497559Halo Escalation Vol. 1$19.99Dark Horse2,777
498889Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 1$14.99DC2,777
499581Suicide Squad Vol. 1 Trial By Fire$19.99DC2,776
5001274Naruto Vol. 72$9.99Viz2,771
501666Disney Frozen Cinestory$14.99Joe Books2,768
502762A-Force Warzones Vol. 0$16.99Marvel2,767
503875Supreme Blue Rose$14.99Image2,762
504598Avengers Time Runs Out Vol. 1$19.99Marvel2,760
505912Batman Rip$14.99DC2,758
506339Batman Under The Red Hood$29.99DC2,753
507602Thor God of Thunder Vol. 4 Last Days of Midgard$19.99Marvel2,745
508758Batman The Dark Knight Vol. 4 Clay$16.99DC2,743
509144East of West The Apocalypse Year One HC$49.99Image2,739
510258Runaways Complete Collection Vol. 1$34.99Marvel2,738
511597Nightwing Vol. 2 Rough Justice$19.99DC2,735
5121485Velvet Vol. 1 Before The Living End$9.99Image2,735
513145Superman Doomed HC$49.99DC2,730
514923Aquaman Vol. 2 The Others$14.99DC2,720
515610Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 Good Bad Inhuman$19.99Marvel2,718
516451Batman HC Vol. 5 Zero Year Dark City$24.99DC2,717
517506Batman Earth One HC Vol. 1$22.99DC2,716
518702Fables Vol. 4 March of the Wooden Soldiers$17.99DC2,716
519310He-Man & Masters of Universe HC Minicomic Collection$29.99Dark Horse2,715
520768Batman & Robin Vol. 6 The Hunt For Robin$16.99DC2,710
521254Deadpool Classic Vol. 13 Deadpool Team Up$34.99Marvel2,709
522449Batman & Robin HC Vol. 6 The Hunt For Robin$24.99DC2,706
523774Batman Adventures Vol. 3$16.99DC2,706
5241865Blade Undead By Daylight$7.99Marvel2,704
525443DC Comics Zero Year$24.99DC2,703
526848Harrow County Vol. 1 Countless Haints$14.99Dark Horse2,702
5271013Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 Precious Little Life$11.99Oni2,701
5281271Legend of Zelda Vol. 1 Ocarina Time Pt 1$9.99Viz2,700
529906Black Canary And Zatanna Bloodspell$14.99DC2,699
530699Green Lantern Vol. 5 Test of Wills$17.99DC2,697
531515Wonder Woman HC Vol. 6 Bones$22.99DC2,696
5321440Apocalyptigirl An Aria For The End Times$9.99Dark Horse2,693
533347New 52 Futures End Vol. 3$29.99DC2,693
534852Wolverines Vol. 1 Dancing With Devil$15.99Marvel2,688
5351376Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 5 Search Part 2$10.99Dark Horse2,686
536570Shaolin Cowboy HC The Shemp Buffet$19.99Dark Horse2,683
5371258Civil War Captain America$11.99Marvel2,682
5381006Sailor Moon Kodansha Ed Vol. 1$10.99Random House2,681
539867Silver Surfer Vol. 2 Worlds Apart$15.99Marvel2,678
540450Doctor Who 10Th HC Vol. 1 Revolutions Terror$19.99Titan2,675
541149Batman The Dark Knight Saga HC$49.99DC2,673
5421056Manhattan Projects Vol. 5 The Cold War$14.99Image2,672
543527Orphan Black Vol. 1$19.99IDW2,671
544627Hulk Future Imperfect New Ptg$19.99Marvel2,670
545210New 52 Futures End Vol. 1$39.99DC2,665
546283Daredevil By Bendis & Maleev Ult Coll Book 1$34.99Marvel2,661
547637Fables Vol. 20 Camelot$19.99DC2,661
548379Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas HC$24.99IDW2,660
5491519Runlovekill Vol. 1$9.99Image2,656
5501025Criminal Vol. 2 Lawless$14.99Image2,654
551473Batman HC Vol. 3 Death of the Family$24.99DC2,652
552934Arkham Manor Vol. 1$14.99DC2,649
553975Nightwing Vol. 2 Night of the Owls$14.99DC2,641
5543014Daredevil Season One Prem HC With Dig Cde$24.99Marvel2,637
5551237Battling Boy Fall of House of West Gn$9.99St. Martins2,629
556750Angela Asgards Assassin Vol. 1 Priceless$17.99Marvel2,628
557736Death of Wolverine Logan Legacy$17.99Marvel2,627
558971Justice League Dark Vol. 5 Paradise Lost$14.99DC2,620
559590Bprd Hell On Earth Vol. 10 Devils Wings$19.99Dark Horse2,618
560159Guardians of the Galaxy And X-Men HC Black Vortex$49.99Marvel2,606
561882Predator Fire & Stone$14.99Dark Horse2,606
5621424Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 7 Rift Part 1$10.99Dark Horse2,604
5631711My Little Pony Pageants & Ponies$7.99IDW2,602
564288Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Vol. 1 Old Republic$34.99Marvel2,602
565367Scalped HC Book 1 Deluxe Edition$29.99DC2,600
566629Serenity HC Vol. 2 Better Days & Other Stories$19.99Dark Horse2,597
567843Arrow Vol. 1$16.99DC2,593
568991Teen Titans Vol. 1 Its Our Right To Fight$14.99DC2,593
569831Big Trouble In Little China Vol. 1$14.99Boom2,586
570280Deadpool Classic Vol. 14 Suicide Kings$34.99Marvel2,582
571544American Vampire HC Vol. 7$22.99DC2,580
5722622Grimm Vol. 1$19.99Dynamite2,575
5731398One Punch Man Vol. 2$9.99Viz2,575
574218Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Vol. 2 Empire$39.99Marvel2,575
575618True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys$19.99Dark Horse2,575
576301Black Panther By Priest Vol. 1 Complete Collection$34.99Marvel2,574
5771437Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 9 Rift Part 3$10.99Dark Horse2,572
578474Mad Max Fury Road Inspired Artists Dlx Ed HC$24.99DC2,572
579446Complete Elfquest Vol. 2$24.99Dark Horse2,571
5803020Project Superpowers Chapter Two Vol. 1$9.99Dynamite2,570
581488Deadpool Vs. Marvel Universe$24.99Marvel2,568
582846Batman Dark Knight Vol. 1 Knight Terrors$16.99DC2,567
5832534Superman Batman Vengeance$12.99DC2,563
584483Hellblazer Vol. 11 Last Man Standing$24.99DC2,561
585993Earth 2 Vol. 4 The Dark Age$14.99DC2,556
586660Hellblazer Vol. 2 The Devil You Know$19.99DC2,556
587303Ms. Marvel HC Vol. 1$34.99Marvel2,555
588663Preacher Book 5$19.99DC2,548
589871Batman Adventures Vol. 1$19.99DC2,547
5901017Green Arrow Year One$14.99DC2,539
5911479Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 6 Search Part 3$10.99Dark Horse2,535
592673Harley Quinn Vengeance Unlimited$19.99DC2,534
5931878Complete Dracula HC$24.99Dynamite2,532
5941015Men of Wrath$14.99Marvel2,531
595509Ant-Man Scott Lang$24.99Marvel2,527
596481Death Vigil Vol. 1$24.99Image2,525
597675New Avengers Vol. 3 Other Worlds$19.99Marvel2,523
5981173Manhattan Projects Vol. 2$14.99Image2,515
5991486Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 2 Promise Part 2$10.99Dark Horse2,514
6002870Dean Koontzs Fear Nothing Vol. 1$14.99Dynamite2,508
601576My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 8$19.99IDW2,508
6021446Giant Days Vol. 1$9.99Boom2,506
603818Uncanny Avengers Vol. 1 Counter Evolutionary$17.99Marvel2,506
604732Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.99Dark Horse2,503
605669Btvs Season 10 Vol. 2 I Wish$18.99Dark Horse2,496
6061607Color Your Own Age of Ultron$9.99Marvel2,493
607306Batman Noir The Dark Knight Returns Dlx Ed HC$34.99DC2,491
608384Lucifer Vol. 1$29.99DC2,490
609701Justice League Trinity War$19.99DC2,487
6101177Attack On Titan Vol. 17$10.99Random House2,486
611311Deadpool By Posehn And Duggan HC Vol. 2$34.99Marvel2,481
6121351Chew Vol. 8 Family Recipes$12.99Image2,480
6131045Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 2 Starfire$14.99DC2,479
614388Batman Cataclysm$29.99DC2,477
615823Identity Crisis$17.99DC2,472
616520Batman Detective Comics HC Vol. 6 Icarus$24.99DC2,471
6171487Naruto Vol. 71$9.99Viz2,470
618651My Little Pony Friends Forever Vol. 1$17.99IDW2,467
619694Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 2 Rise of Black Vortex$19.99Marvel2,462
6202542Venom Lethal Protector$16.99Marvel2,460
621401Crossed Vol. 1$24.99Avatar2,457
6221061Constantine Vol. 1 Spark and the Flame$14.99DC2,456
6231877Batman Gotham By Gaslight$12.99DC2,449
6241051Izombie Vol. 2 Uvampire$14.99DC2,448
62533Star Wars Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125Marvel2,444
6261768Spider-Man By Mark Millar Ultimate Collection$34.99Marvel2,443
627896Aquaman and the Others Vol. 1 Legacy of Gold$16.99DC2,441
628851Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 Revival$17.99Marvel2,439
629476Two Brothers HC$24.99Dark Horse2,438
6301266Superman Earth One Vol. 1$12.99DC2,437
631984Storm Vol. 1 Make It Rain$15.99Marvel2,432
6321657Life After Vol. 1$9.99Oni2,431
633721Thor God of Thunder Vol. 1 God Butcher$19.99Marvel2,429
634698New Teen Titans Vol. 1$19.99DC2,428
635938Bone Color Ed Sc Vol. 1 Out Boneville$12.99Scholastic2,427
636712Sandman Vol. 5 A Game of You$19.99DC2,425
637914Moon Knight Vol. 3 In Night$16.99Marvel2,420
6381393Chew Vol. 4 Flambe$12.99Image2,411
6394610Spider-Woman HC Agent of Sword W/ Motion Dvd$29.99Marvel2,411
640710Axis Carnage And Hobgoblin$19.99Marvel2,409
641859Inhuman Vol. 1 Genesis$17.99Marvel2,407
642536Superior Iron Man Prem HC Vol. 1 Infamous$24.99Marvel2,407
6431066American Vampire Vol. 7$14.99DC2,403
644915Love And Rockets New Stories Vol. 7 (Res)$14.99Fantagraphics2,398
645535Flash HC Vol. 6 Out of Time$24.99DC2,391
646916Swamp Thing Vol. 6 The Sureen$16.99DC2,390
647706My Little Pony Friends Forever Vol. 4$17.99IDW2,389
648772X-Men Days of Future Past$19.99Marvel2,381
649952Deathstroke Vol. 1 Legacy$16.99DC2,378
650343Marvel Zombies Vol. 1 Complete Collection$34.99Marvel2,378
651588Locke & Key Vol. 3 Crown of Shadows$19.99IDW2,377
652749Avengers Vol. 5 Adapt Or Die$19.99Marvel2,374
653178Dc The New Frontier Deluxe Ed HC$49.99DC2,374
6541106Marvels Ant-Man Prelude$14.99Marvel2,373
655668Empowered Unchained Vol. 1$19.99Dark Horse2,370
6561270Teen Titans Go Truth Justice And Pizza$12.99DC2,367
6571020Daredevil Vol. 4 Autobiography of Matt Murdock$15.99Marvel2,366
658907Goon Vol. 14 Occasion of Revenge$16.99Dark Horse2,365
6591572Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 8 Rift Part 2$10.99Dark Horse2,362
6601083Mortal Kombat X Vol. 2$14.99DC2,361
661350Hawkeye HC Vol. 2$34.99Marvel2,359
662747Batman Second Chances$19.99DC2,354
663331Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Rise of Sith Vol. 1$34.99Marvel2,350
664948Infinity Gauntlet Warzones$16.99Marvel2,346
665894Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol. 3 Game Over$17.99Marvel2,343
666274Miracleman Prem HC Book 3 Olympus$39.99Marvel2,342
667895Civil War Amazing Spider-Man$17.99Marvel2,340
6681084Shutter Vol. 2 Way of the World$14.99Image2,339
6691223Criminal Vol. 3 The Dead and the Dying$14.99Image2,336
670565Batman HC Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$24.99DC2,332
671898Flashpoint World of Flashpoint Batman$17.99DC2,324
672611Alan Moore Neonomicon$19.99Avatar2,319
673572All New X-Men Prem HC Vol. 6 Ultimate Adventure$24.99Marvel2,318
674966Superman Vol. 4 Psiwar$16.99DC2,317
675968X-Men Years of Future Past$16.99Marvel2,315
676967Justice League of America Vol. 2 Survivors of Evil$16.99DC2,314
6771593Avatar Last Airbender Vol. 3 Promise Part 3$10.99Dark Horse2,311
6781172Supergirl Vol. 1 Last Daughter of Krypton$14.99DC2,309
6791163Captain Marvel Vol. 1 In Pursuit of Flight$14.99Marvel2,307
680282Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection Book 1$39.99Marvel2,306
681919Daredevil Vol. 1 Devil At Bay$17.99Marvel2,302
6821190Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 4$12.99Viz2,298
6831236Attack On Titan Vol. 3$10.99Random House2,290
6841359Teen Titans Go Titans Together New Ptg$12.99DC2,290
6851149Batman Arkham Origins$14.99DC2,287
686557Doctor Who 11Th HC Vol. 1 After Life$19.99Titan2,287
6871019Sword Art Online Progressive Vol. 1$13Hachette2,287
688798Preacher Book 6$19.99DC2,284
689430Batman The Road To No Mans Land Vol. 1$29.99DC2,283
6901573My Little Pony Adventures In Friendship HC Vol. 2$9.99IDW2,283
691754TMNT Ongoing Vol. 10 New Mutant Order$17.99IDW2,281
6921071Guardians of Knowhere$15.99Marvel2,275
693816Sandman Vol. 6 Fables And Reflections$19.99DC2,273
694455Superman Unchained Deluxe Ed HC$29.99DC2,273
6951002Wonder Woman Vol. 3 Iron$16.99DC2,272
696745TMNT Ongoing Vol. 1$17.99IDW2,271
697988Age of Apocalypse Warzones$16.99Marvel2,269
6981161Batman 66 Vol. 2$14.99DC2,267
6992736Mystique By Brian K Vaughan Ultimate Collection$24.99Marvel2,266
700921Spider-Island Warzones$17.99Marvel2,264
7011741Postal Vol. 1$9.99Image2,263
7021070Space Riders Vol. 1 Vengeful Universe$12.99Black Mask2,263
703978Red One HC Welcome To America$16.99Image2,262
704781TMNT Ongoing Vol. 11 Attack On Technodrome$17.99IDW2,259
705814Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 2 Spider-Verse$19.99Marvel2,255
706657Crossed Plus 100 Vol. 1$19.99Avatar2,252
707722Frankenstein Underground$19.99Dark Horse2,250
7081010Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Vol. 1 Man On Wall$16.99Marvel2,245
709716Archie Vs. Predator HC$19.99Dark Horse2,242
710644Get Jiro Blood And Sushi HC$22.99DC2,242
711538Usagi Yojimbo Saga Vol. 2$24.99Dark Horse2,242
712809Death of Wolverine Weapon X Program$19.99Marvel2,240
7131812Venom Vs. Carnage$9.99Marvel2,238
714940Loki Agent of Asgard Vol. 3 Last Days$17.99Marvel2,234
715591Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4 Vs. Shield$24.99Marvel2,232
716802Arrow Season 2.5$19.99DC2,230
717671Mouse Guard Legends of Guard HC Vol. 3$19.99Boom2,230
7181102Captain Marvel And Carol Corps$15.99Marvel2,227
719838All New X-Men Vol. 1 Yesterdays X-Men$19.99Marvel2,226
720813Suicide Squad Vol. 2 The Nightshade Odyssey$19.99DC2,220
721842Avengers Vol. 1 Avengers World$19.99Marvel2,219
722835Avengers Vol. 6 Infinite Avengers$19.99Marvel2,217
723911Disney Inside Out Cinestory$14.99Joe Books2,217
724955Fables Vol. 5 The Mean Seasons$17.99DC2,217
725475Locke & Key Vol. 6 Alpha & Omega$24.99IDW2,217
726158The Incal HC New Ptg$44.95Humanoids2,216
7271044Bobs Burgers Ongoing Vol. 1 Medium Rare$14.99Dynamite2,215
7291144Kill La Kill Vol. 1$12.99Udon2,210
730300Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Infinities$39.99Marvel2,210
731376Superior Spider-Man HC Vol. 3$34.99Marvel2,208
7321030Batman Detective Comics Vol. 2 Scare Tactics$16.99DC2,202
733829Batman Arkham Riddler$19.99DC2,201
7341785Prophet Vol. 1 Remission$9.99Image2,201
7351021Catwoman Vol. 6 Keeper of the Castle$16.99DC2,195
7362424Quantum & Woody Vol. 1 Worlds Worst Superhero Team$9.99Valiant2,193
737963Spider-Verse Warzones$17.99Marvel2,193
7381292Phonogram Vol. 1 Rue Britanna$14.99Image2,191
7391037Batman Beyond Justice Lords Beyond$16.99DC2,188
740606Superman Wonder Woman HC Vol. 2 War And Peace$24.99DC2,187
741613Guardians Galaxy Prem HC Vol. 4 Original Sin$24.99Marvel2,186
742297Rat Queens Dlx HC Vol. 1$39.99Image2,185
743836Swamp Thing The Root of All Evil$19.99DC2,185
744599Avengers Ultron Unbound$24.99Marvel2,184
745600Wonder Woman HC Vol. 7 War Torn$24.99DC2,181
7461050Aquaman Vol. 3 Throne of Atlantis$16.99DC2,180
7471039Cyanide & Happiness Stab Factory$14.99Boom2,180
748789Abe Sapien Vol. 5 Sacred Places$19.99Dark Horse2,175
7491034Superman Wonder Woman Vol. 2 War And Peace$16.99DC2,174
750778Bprd Hell On Earth Vol. 11 Flesh And Stone$19.99Dark Horse2,171
751847Nightwing Vol. 1 Bludhaven$19.99DC2,170
752447Game of Thrones HC Vol. 4$25Random House2,169
7531065Nightwing Vol. 3 Death of the Family$16.99DC2,168
7541067Batman & Robin Vol. 2 Pearl$16.99DC2,155
7551053Teen Titans Vol. 1 Blinded By The Light$16.99DC2,155
7561247Batman Superman Vol. 1 Cross World$14.99DC2,153
7571265Sex Vol. 3 Broken Toys$14.99Image2,153
7581575Chew Vol. 5 Major League Chew$12.99Image2,147
7591852Oddly Normal Vol. 1$9.99Image2,146
7601259Green Lantern Rebirthition$14.99DC2,143
762638All New Captain America Prem HC Vol. 1 Hydra Ascendant$24.99Marvel2,140
763625Punisher Vol. 3 Last Days$24.99Marvel2,139
764678Locke & Key Vol. 4 Keys To The Kingdom$19.99IDW2,136
765630Step Aside Pops Hark A Vagrant Collection HC$19.95Drawn & Quarterly2,136
7661585Chew Vol. 7 Bad Apples$12.99Image2,135
7671159Age of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies$15.99Marvel2,133
7681498Inhuman Vol. 3 Lineage$12.99Marvel2,129
7691449Manhattan Projects Vol. 3$14.99Image2,128
7701450Manhattan Projects Vol. 4 Four Disciplines$14.99Image2,128
771910Rachel Rising Vol. 6 Secrets Kept$16.99Abstract2,124
7721171Marvel Zombies Battleworld$15.99Marvel2,123
7731627Legend of Zelda Vol. 3 Majoras Mask$9.99Viz2,122
774392X-Men Age of Apocalypse Vol. 1 Alpha$34.99Marvel2,122
775858New Teen Titans Vol. 3$19.99DC2,119
776873New Avengers Vol. 4 Perfect World$19.99Marvel2,116
7771250Superman Action Comics Vol. 5 What Lies Beneath$14.99DC2,115
7781079Sinestro Vol. 2 Sacrifice$16.99DC2,110
7791255Green Arrow Vol. 7 Kingdom$14.99DC2,102
780870Batman Black And White Vol. 4$19.99DC2,101
7811089Avengers Ultron Forever$16.99Marvel2,099
782650Avengers Time Runs Out Prem HC Vol. 1$24.99Marvel2,098
7831207She-Hulk Vol. 1 Law And Disorder$15.99Marvel2,093
784899Daredevil Yellow$19.99Marvel2,091
7851206Magneto Vol. 3 Shadow Games$15.99Marvel2,089
786985Squee$15.95Slave Labor2,088
7871027Wolverine And X-Men Vol. 2 Death of Wolverine$17.99Marvel2,087
788452Game of Thrones HC Vol. 1$25Random House2,080
7891107Green Lantern New Guardians Vol. 5 Godkillers$16.99DC2,078
790647Batman & Robin HC Vol. 7 Robin Rises$24.99DC2,075
7911120Green Lantern Vol. 2 Revenge of Black Hand$16.99DC2,075
792900Uncanny Avengers Vol. 4 Avenge Earth$19.99Marvel2,072
7931282A-Force Presents Vol. 1$14.99Marvel2,071
794514Fables Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 10$29.99DC2,071
7951911Kaptara Vol. 1 Fear Not Tiny Alien$9.98Image2,071
7963406Star Trek Countdown To Darkness$17.99IDW2,070
79770Shield Complete Collection Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel2,069
7981300Justice League Dark Vol. 1 In The Dark$14.99DC2,068
799664Disney Pixar Treasury Vol. 1$19.99Joe Books2,067
800390Walking Dead HC Vol. 2$34.99Image2,067
801371Disney Darkwing Duck Omnibus Vol. 1$29.99Joe Books2,066
8021125Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3 Death of Family$16.99DC2,066
8031452Revival Vol. 2 Live Like You Mean It$14.99Image2,064
804905All New X-Men Vol. 6 Ultimate Adventure$19.99Marvel2,061
80669Hawkeye By Matt Fraction And David Aja Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel2,060
8081298Transmetropolitan Vol. 2 Lust For Life$14.99DC2,054
8091145Wolverine Origin$16.99Marvel2,053
8101142Green Arrow Vol. 4 The Kill Machine$16.99DC2,050
8111345I Kill Giants Fifth Annv Ed$19.99Image2,046
8121288Constantine Vol. 4 The Apocalypse Road$14.99DC2,042
813680Avengers Time Runs Out Prem HC Vol. 2$24.99Marvel2,040
8141317Green Arrow Vol. 2 Triple Threat$14.99DC2,038
8151346Batman And Robin Vol. 1 Batman Reborn$14.99DC2,037
8161349Civil War Road To Civil War$14.99Marvel2,036
817353Iron Fist Epic Collection Fury of Iron Fist$39.99Marvel2,036
818731Locke & Key Vol. 5 Clockworks$19.99IDW2,035
8191987Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy Digest$9.99Marvel2,033
820931Sandman Vol. 7 Brief Lives$19.99DC2,033
8211160Superman Action Comics Vol. 1 Superman Men of Steel$16.99DC2,033
822946JLA Vol. 1$19.99DC2,032
8231350Wonder Woman Vol. 4 War$14.99DC2,032
8241947Batman Lil Gotham Vol. 1$12.99DC2,031
8251169Black Butler Vol. 1 New Ptg$13Hachette2,027
8261538Chew Vol. 6 Space Cakes$14.99Image2,026
827782Letter 44 Vol. 2 Redshift$19.99Oni2,025
8281482Attack On Titan Before The Fall Vol. 4$10.99Random House2,022
829526League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Omnibus$29.99DC2,022
830780Batman Superman HC Vol. 3 Second Chance$22.99DC2,021
8311150Batwoman Vol. 6 The Unknowns$16.99DC2,021
8321304Batman Superman Vol. 3 Second Chance$14.99DC2,020
8331327Guardians of the Galaxy Best Story Ever$14.99Marvel2,020
8341389Zero Vol. 3 Tenderness of Wolves$14.99Image2,020
835682Avengers Time Runs Out Prem HC Vol. 3$24.99Marvel2,019
8361154Justice League Dark Vol. 6 Lost In Forever$16.99DC2,014
8371182Nightwing Vol. 5 Setting Son$16.99DC2,014
838687Top 10$24.99DC2,014
839690Avengers Time Runs Out Prem HC Vol. 4$24.99Marvel2,008
8401151Jim Hensons Dark Crystal Vol. 1 Creation Myths$14.99Boom2,008
8411305Revival Vol. 6 Thy Loyal Sons & Daughters$14.99Image2,007
843359Runaways Complete Collection Vol. 3$39.99Marvel2,005
844933Secret Six Vol. 2 Money For Murder$19.99DC2,004
845942Green Lantern Corps Vol. 5 Uprising$19.99DC2,003
846812Lenore Pink Bellies HC$17.99Titan2,002
8472946Bobs Burgers Comic Bento Ed$2.7Dynamite2,000
8482544Hulk Gray$19.99Marvel1,998
849932Superman Adventures Vol. 1$19.99DC1,998
850862Bprd Hell On Earth Vol. 12 Metamorphosis$19.99Dark Horse1,997
851917My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 6$17.99IDW1,997
852740God Is Disappointed In You HC$19.95IDW1,996
8531007Hellboy In Hell Vol. 1 Descent$17.99Dark Horse1,993
854432Nextwave Agents of Hate Complete Collection New Ptg$34.99Marvel1,993
8551073Groo Vs. Conan$16.99Dark Horse1,992
8561448Hero Cats Vol. 1$11.99Action Lab1,992
857423Howard The Duck Vol. 1 Complete Collection$34.99Marvel1,992
8581094Fables Vol. 6 Homelands$17.99DC1,991
859960Spider-Man And X-Men$19.99Marvel1,988
860431Venom By Remender Complete Collection Vol. 2$34.99Marvel1,988
8611188Batgirl Vol. 2 Knightfall Descends$16.99DC1,985
862935Robin Vol. 1 Reborn$19.99DC1,984
8631430Princeless Vol. 1 New Ptg$11.99Action Lab1,981
8641109Operation Sin Agent Carter$17.99Marvel1,980
8651370Coffin Hill Vol. 2 Dark Endeavors$14.99DC1,976
8661375Justice League 3000 Vol. 2 The Camelot War$14.99DC1,976
8671183Supergirl Vol. 6 Crucible$16.99DC1,976
868939Btvs Season 10 Vol. 3 Love Dares You$18.99Dark Horse1,971
869366Power Man And Iron Fist Epic Collection Heroes For Hire$39.99Marvel1,971
870439Inhumans By Paul Jenkins And Jae Lee New Ptg$34.99Marvel1,970
871703Forever Evil HC$24.99DC1,969
8721115X-Men Vol. 4 Exogenous$17.99Marvel1,965
8731191Batman Dark Night Dark City$16.99DC1,958
87475Fantastic Four Omnibus HC Vol. 3 Ross Cvr$99.99Marvel1,956
8751110Birds of Prey Vol. 5 Soul Crisis$17.99DC1,955
8761405Batman & Robin Vol. 3 Death of the Family$14.99DC1,954
8771414Nightwing Vol. 4 Second City$14.99DC1,953
878958TMNT Ongoing Vol. 12 Vengeance Pt 1$17.99IDW1,945
8791277Marvel 1872$15.99Marvel1,943
8801392Red Lanterns Vol. 6 Forged In Blood$14.99DC1,943
8811658Just The Tips HC$12.99Image1,942
882714Rocket Raccoon Prem HC Vol. 2 Storytailer$24.99Marvel1,942
8831012New Avengers Vol. 1 Everything Dies$19.99Marvel1,941
884575Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol. 2$24.99Oni1,941
8851390America Vs. The Justice Society of America$14.99DC1,940
886595Star Trek City On The Edge of Forever HC$24.99IDW1,940
887972Superman Vs. Darkseid$19.99DC1,940
8882368Emma Frost Ultimate Collection$34.99Marvel1,939
8891321Deadpool Vs. X-Force$15.99Marvel1,934
8901224Adventure Time Vol. 7$14.99Boom1,930
891560Spider-Man Maximum Carnage$29.99Marvel1,929
892992Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 2$19.99DC1,927
8931369Avatar Last Airbender Lost Adventures Vol. 1$14.99Dark Horse1,926
8943641Marvels Avengers Black Widow Strikes$12.99Marvel1,926
8951205Superman Vol. 5 Under Fire$16.99DC1,926
896556Batman Knightfall Vol. 2 Knightquest$29.99DC1,925
897719Superman The Men of Tomorrow HC$24.99DC1,925
898563Deadpool Classic Vol. 3$29.99Marvel1,924
8992443Life After Vol. 1$19.99Oni1,924
9003444Kevin Smith Green Hornet Vol. 1 Sins of the Father$19.99Dynamite1,921
901444Batman War Games Vol. 1$34.99DC1,919
902728Batman HC Vol. 2 The City of Owls$24.99DC1,916
904949My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 2$17.99IDW1,916
9052033Casanova Acedia Vol. 1$9.99Image1,915
9062019Goners Vol. 1 We All Fall Down$9.99Image1,915
9071234Woods Vol. 2$14.99Boom1,915
908913Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 18$19.99Dark Horse1,911
9091404Lobo Vol. 1 Targets$14.99DC1,910
910469Deadpool By Posehn And Duggan HC Vol. 1$34.99Marvel1,908
911777X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga$24.99Marvel1,908
912742Figment HC (Res)$24.99Marvel1,904
9131484God Hates Astronauts Vol. 2 A Star Is Born$14.99Image1,904
914998Birds of Prey Vol. 1$19.99DC1,898
9151413Criminal Vol. 4 Bad Night$14.99Image1,897
9161016Avengers Time Runs Out Vol. 2$19.99Marvel1,895
9171467Earth 2 Vol. 1 The Gathering$14.99DC1,894
9181406Big Man Plans$14.99Image1,893
919743Batman Gothic Deluxe Edition HC$24.99DC1,891
9201456Batman 66 Vol. 1$14.99DC1,889
9211536Attack On Titan No Regrets Vol. 1$10.99Random House1,888
9221341Wolverines Vol. 2 Claw Blade And Fang$15.99Marvel1,887
923472Avengers Epic Collection Behold Vision$34.99Marvel1,885
924783All New X-Men Prem HC Vol. 7 Utopians$24.99Marvel1,884
9253568Kevin Smith Green Hornet Vol. 2 Wearing Green$19.99Dynamite1,883
926953My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Vol. 3$17.99IDW1,882
927468Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Ult Coll Book 2$34.99Marvel1,880
9281352Star-Lord And Kitty Pryde$15.99Marvel1,880
9291423Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet$14.99DC1,879
9301028Hulk Vol. 2 Omega Hulk Book 1$19.99Marvel1,879
9311253Secret Wars 2099$16.99Marvel1,879
9321462Superman Vol. 1 What Price Tomorrow$14.99DC1,877
933884Atomic Robo Vol. 9 Knights of Golden Circle$17.95Red 51,876
934592Daredevil By Miller Janson Vol. 2$29.99Marvel1,873
935769Jessica Jones Vol. 4 Alias$24.99Marvel1,873
936775Punisher Welcome Back Frank$24.99Marvel1,869
9371024Secret Origins Vol. 2$19.99DC1,865
9381384Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol. 1$15.99Marvel1,864
9391048Sandman Vol. 9 The Kindly Ones$19.99DC1,863
940550Blacksad HC$29.99Dark Horse1,859
941787Guardians of the Galaxy Prem HC Vol. 5 Through Looking Glass$24.99Marvel1,859
9421488New Lone Wolf And Cub Vol. 4$13.99Dark Horse1,856
943552Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Library HC Vol. 1$29.99Dark Horse1,854
944790100 Bullets Book 1$24.99DC1,850
945487Deadpool By Posehn And Duggan HC Vol. 3$34.99Marvel1,849
9461143Hellboy Vol. 2 Wake The Devil$17.99Dark Horse1,848
9472089Material Vol. 1$9.99Image1,848
948964Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 19$19.99Dark Horse1,848
9491464He Man The Eternity War Vol. 1$14.99DC1,847
950980Massive Vol. 5 Ragnarok$19.99Dark Horse1,846
9511033Nightwing Vol. 3 False Starts$19.99DC1,846
9521286Aquaman Vol. 4 Death of A King$16.99DC1,844
9533333Daredevil Echo Prem HC Parts of A Hole$24.99Marvel1,844
9541396Nova Vol. 5 Axis$15.99Marvel1,842
9551291Wolverine By Claremont & Miller$16.99Marvel1,840
956977Big Guy & Rusty Boy Robot HC Second Ed$19.99Dark Horse1,838
9571495Izombie Vol. 3 Six Feet Under And Rising$14.99DC1,838
958605Fables Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$29.99DC1,836
9591064Uncanny Avengers Vol. 5 Axis Prelude$19.99Marvel1,835
9601054Batman 66 HC Vol. 3$19.99DC1,834
961489Thanos Cosmic Powers$34.99Marvel1,834
9621681Beware The Batman Vol. 1$12.99DC1,832
9631221Iron Fist Living Weapon Vol. 2 Redemption$17.99Marvel1,831
9641926Assassination Classroom Vol. 2$9.99Viz1,830
965643Killing & Dying HC$22.95Drawn & Quarterly1,830
9661238Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 Troubled Mind Now$17.99Marvel1,827
9672150Morning Glories Vol. 1 For A Better Future$9.99Image1,825
968622Astonishing X-Men Whedon Cassaday Ult Coll Book 1$29.99Marvel1,823
969470Walking Dead HC Vol. 10$34.99Image1,822
970513Avengers By Jonathan Hickman HC Vol. 1$34.99Marvel1,818
972799Aquaman HC Vol. 6 Maelstrom$24.99DC1,816
973148Wonder Woman By George Perez Omnibus HC$75DC1,814
9741417Magneto Vol. 4 Last Days$15.99Marvel1,811
9751332Shazam Vol. 1$16.99DC1,811
976634Joker Death of the Family HC$29.99DC1,810
9771225Planet Hulk Warzones$17.99Marvel1,810
9781320Green Arrow Vol. 5 Outsiders War$16.99DC1,809
9791306Guardians Team-Up Vol. 1 Guardians Assemble$16.99Marvel1,807
9801888Legend of Zelda Vol. 2 Ocarina Time Pt 2$9.99Viz1,807
9812140No Mercy Vol. 1$9.99Image1,807
982822Black Panther Who Is Black Panther$24.99Marvel1,805
9832372My Little Pony A Canterlot Wedding$7.99IDW1,803
9841684Morning Glories Vol. 9$12.99Image1,799
9852131Spawn Resurrection Vol. 1$9.99Image1,798
9861726X-Men Vol. 5 Burning World$12.99Marvel1,795
987987Halo Escalation Vol. 2$19.99Dark Horse1,791
988808Earth 2 Worlds End Vol. 2$24.99DC1,789
98996Avengers Omnibus HC Vol. 2$99.99Marvel1,787
990827Green Lantern HC Vol. 6 The Life Equation$24.99DC1,787
991825100 Bullets Book 2$24.99DC1,786
9921438Deadpool Vol. 4 Monkey Business$15.99Marvel1,786
9931096Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 Omega Mutant$19.99Marvel1,783
9941975Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Vol. 8$9.99Viz1,783
9952013Bloodshot Reborn Vol. 1 Colorado$9.99Valiant1,781
996568Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 3$27.99Fantagraphics1,781
9971543New Lone Wolf and Cub Vol. 5$13.99Dark Horse1,781
9981357Fables Vol. 19 Snow White$16.99DC1,780
999833Amazing X-Men Vol. 3 Once And Future Juggernaut$24.99Marvel1,779
10001517Deathstroke The Terminator Vol. 2 Sympathy$14.99DC1,778

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