February 2017 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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February 2017 was another month in which a lot of comic books were shipped to the Direct Market at relatively little cost to retailers, although for a different reason than in January. That month, Marvel’s 10% minimum overship resulted in the largest number of comic books sent to market in any January since 1997. In February 2017, it was Image’s 25th anniversary — and its promotionally priced comic books — that caused the largest number of new comic books to be shipped than in any February since 1997.

More than 7.85 million comic books were shipped by Diamond to retailers in North America, and more than 750,000 of them were copies of Walking Dead #163, which retailers ordered at its 25-cent cost. Special no-cover-price variants were also offered for retailers who ordered 250 copies or more, and again for 500 copies or more.

Diamond does not include comics cover-priced under a dollar in its Top Sellers lists, a move made after Batman: The Ten-Cent Adventure, a nine-cent issue of Fantastic Four and a 13-cent Gen13 topped the charts in 2002, along with all the original Free Comic Book Day issues. (We removed those issues to the tops of their respective months, with asterisks rather than rankings, in the Comichron charts.) So while Diamond acknowledged the performance of the Walking Dead issue in its press release, it ranked Marvel's Star Wars: Darth Maul #1 as the top-seller for February.

The 25-cent Image copies resulted in a lopsided market share reading for the company; its unit share was 18.13%, as compared with a 9.58% dollar share. The 9.58% dollar share was Image’s best since January 2016, so while it’s on the high end, it had hit loftier marks relatively recently. We see the absence of the Walking Dead issues from the charts when we add up the sales of the Top 300 comics. 6.33 million copies of the Top 300 comics were sold, but 7.85 million copies were sold overall. That's a larger than usual gap unaccounted for, and includes the Walking Deads.

Retailers ordered $39.77 million in comics, graphic novels, and magazines across February’s four shipping weeks; that’s the first time the overall total has been below $40 million since February 2014. Comics dollar sales were off 4.47% and graphic novels off 3.3%, resulting in a year-over-year decline of 4.11%.

Read more in our preliminary and final analysis posts for the month. You can also click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 chart plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Small Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Items marked with asterisks [*] had their reported orders reduced by 10% due to returnability.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePricePublisherEst. units
11Star Wars Darth Maul1$4.99Marvel105,177
44Justice League of America1*$2.99DC93,494
53Super Sons1*$2.99DC90,345
68Walking Dead164$2.99Image83,999
72All Star Batman7$4.99DC77,096
86Star Wars28$3.99Marvel74,002
911Justice League of America Rebirth1*$2.99DC73,397
1016Justice League14$2.99DC65,458
1117Justice League15$2.99DC64,230
129Detective Comics950$3.99DC62,628
1310Amazing Spider-Man24$3.99Marvel61,953
1422Detective Comics951$2.99DC59,630
2123Batwoman Rebirth1*$2.99DC52,650
2237Wonder Woman16$2.99DC49,921
2313Wild Storm1*$3.99DC49,493
2418Clone Conspiracy5$3.99Marvel48,780
2540Suicide Squad11$2.99DC48,723
2641Wonder Woman17$2.99DC48,662
2745Suicide Squad12$2.99DC46,860
2821Unworthy Thor4$3.99Marvel46,006
2948Harley Quinn13$2.99DC45,400
3250Harley Quinn14$2.99DC43,798
3324Star Wars Doctor Aphra4$3.99Marvel43,475
3414Monsters Unleashed2$4.99Marvel43,355
3554Action Comics973$2.99DC43,047
3863Action Comics974$2.99DC41,712
4031Star Wars Poe Dameron11$3.99Marvel40,235
4132Mighty Thor16$3.99Marvel40,175
42188True Believers Wolverine Vs Hulk1$1.00Marvel39,177
4372Teen Titans5$2.99DC39,028
4433Old Man Logan17$3.99Marvel38,851
4535Old Man Logan18$3.99Marvel38,679
4836Spider-Man Deadpool14$3.99Marvel38,307
4919Monsters Unleashed3$4.99Marvel38,205
5075Green Lanterns16$2.99DC37,845
5138Doctor Strange17$3.99Marvel37,686
5276Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps14$2.99DC37,504
5478Green Lanterns17$2.99DC36,626
5542Captain America Steve Rogers11$3.99Marvel36,610
5643Invincible Iron Man4$3.99Marvel36,600
5780Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps15$2.99DC36,331
5946Black Panther11$3.99Marvel35,492
6047Uncanny X-Men18$3.99Marvel34,948
6386Green Arrow16$2.99DC33,371
6552Justice League Power Rangers2$3.99DC32,835
6655Captain America Steve Rogers12$3.99Marvel32,567
6787Green Arrow17$2.99DC32,392
6857Extraordinary X-Men19$3.99Marvel32,328
7161Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows4$3.99Marvel31,750
7468Guardians of Galaxy17$3.99Marvel31,093
7566Uncanny Avengers20$3.99Marvel31,089
7791Paper Girls11$2.99Image30,562
7869All New X-Men18$3.99Marvel30,334
7971Infamous Iron Man5$3.99Marvel29,685
8073All New Wolverine17$3.99Marvel29,255
8297Red Hood and the Outlaws7$2.99DC28,753
84101Batman Beyond5$2.99DC27,495
8759Doctor Strange1.MU$4.99Marvel27,212
8982Moon Knight11$3.99Marvel26,467
9181Kill or Be Killed6$3.99Image26,312
9384Jessica Jones5$3.99Marvel25,769
9467Batman TMNT Adventures4*$3.99IDW24,927
95117Batgirl and the Birds of Prey7$2.99DC24,466
9670All New X-Men1.MU$4.99Marvel24,202
9789Mighty Captain Marvel2$3.99Marvel24,172
9888Old Guard1$3.99Image23,867
10085Planet of Apes Green Lantern1$3.99Boom22,712
10298Ultimates 24$3.99Marvel21,235
10499Deadpool and Mercs For Money8$3.99Marvel20,745
105103Deadpool the Duck3$3.99Marvel20,519
108284True Believers Wolverine1$1.00Marvel19,911
109109Ms Marvel15$3.99Marvel19,870
110104Serenity No Power in the Verse5$3.99Dark Horse19,505
111111Us Avengers3$3.99Marvel19,476
112112Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme5$3.99Marvel19,402
114100Uncanny Inhumans19$3.99Marvel19,341
116115Deadpool The Duck4$3.99Marvel18,682
117120Black Widow11$3.99Marvel18,279
118118He Man Thundercats5$3.99DC18,278
11994Uncanny Inhumans1.MU$4.99Marvel18,159
120121Totally Awesome Hulk16$3.99Marvel18,136
121123Captain America Sam Wilson19$3.99Marvel18,105
122119Scooby Apocalypse10$3.99DC17,993
12395Doctor Strange Punisher Magic Bullets3$4.99Marvel17,981
125122God Country2$3.99Image17,701
126127Black Panther World of Wakanda4$3.99Marvel17,454
127114Mighty Morphin Power Rangers12$3.99Boom17,120
130128East of West31$3.99Image16,964
131160New Super Man8$2.99DC16,962
132133Spider-Man 209920$3.99Marvel16,690
133132Kamandi Challenge2$3.99DC16,650
135138Unstoppable Wasp2$3.99Marvel16,292
137137Future Quest10$3.99DC16,246
139168Blue Beetle6$2.99DC15,906
140144Rocket Raccoon3$3.99Marvel15,791
143143Wicked & Divine26$3.99Image15,651
145149Ghost Rider4$3.99Marvel15,339
146130TMNT Ongoing67$3.99IDW15,255
147145Curse Words2$3.99Image15,248
148148Sex Criminals16$3.99Image15,184
150151Power Man And Iron Fist13$3.99Marvel14,808
151135Mother Panic3*$3.99DC14,783
152136Red Sonja2$3.99Dynamite14,721
15396Supergirl Being Super2$5.99DC14,662
155125Star Trek Green Lantern Vol. 23*$3.99IDW14,526
156152Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 772$3.99DC14,484
157153Odyssey of the Amazons2$3.99DC14,334
158140Jim Henson Power of Dark Crystal1$3.99Boom14,314
160332True Believers Wolverine X-231$1.00Marvel13,870
161182Earth 2 Society21$2.99DC13,761
162154DC Comics Bombshells22$3.99DC13,204
164192Fall and Rise of Captain Atom2$2.99DC12,671
165163Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye5$3.99DC12,388
166348True Believers Wolverine Old Man Logan1$1.00Marvel12,155
167170Occupy Avengers4$3.99Marvel11,965
168155Invader Zim17$3.99Oni11,922
169171Unbeatable Squirrel Girl17$3.99Marvel11,898
170169Death of Hawkman5$3.99DC11,879
171158Steven Universe Ongoing1$3.99Boom11,671
172173Shade The Changing Girl5$3.99DC11,670
175142TMNT Universe7$4.99IDW11,452
176176Scarlet Witch15$3.99Marvel11,326
177174Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 114$3.99Dark Horse11,169
178205Injustice Ground Zero6$2.99DC11,110
179116My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic50$5.99IDW11,093
180208Injustice Ground Zero5$2.99DC11,043
182360True Believers Wolverine Weapon X1$1.00Marvel10,803
183172My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic51$3.99IDW10,552
184362True Believers Wolverine Origin1$1.00Marvel10,543
185179Black Science28$3.99Image10,478
187162Astro City41$4.99DC10,066
188187Great Lakes Avengers5$3.99Marvel9,823
189186Deadly Class26$3.99Image9,760
191195Midnighter and Apollo5$3.99DC9,366
192377True Believers All New Wolverine1$1.00Marvel9,352
193183My Little Pony Friends Forever37$3.99IDW9,200
194227Manifest Destiny26$2.99Image9,007
195185Motor Crush3*$3.99Image8,870
196189Rick & Morty23$3.99Oni8,702
197157Deadman Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love3$5.99DC8,669
198241Gotham Academy Second Semester6$2.99DC8,624
199239Teen Titans Go20$2.99DC8,601
201206Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur16$3.99Marvel8,440
203394True Believers Wolverine Enemy of State1$1.00Marvel8,338
204395True Believers Wolverine Save Tiger1$1.00Marvel8,167
206198Visitor How and Why He Stayed1*$3.99Dark Horse8,034
207259Super Powers4$2.99DC7,770
208213Aliens Vs Predator Life And Death3$3.99Dark Horse7,740
209191Star Trek Boldly Go5*$3.99IDW7,724
210193Back To The Future16*$3.99IDW7,648
211194Optimus Prime4*$3.99IDW7,600
212405True Believers Wolverine X-Men1$1.00Marvel7,570
214197Transformers Lost Light2*$3.99IDW7,534
215218Patsy Walker Aka Hellcat15$3.99Marvel7,532
216222Harbinger Renegade4*$3.99Valiant7,497
217236Divinity III Stalinverse3$3.99Valiant7,496
218210John Carter The End1$3.99Dynamite7,348
220202Sex Criminals16$4.69Image7,310
221211James Bond Hammerhead5$3.99Dynamite7,253
222269Green Valley5$2.99Image7,187
223199Back To The Future17*$3.99IDW7,156
226203Highlander American Dream1*$3.99IDW6,979
227214James Bond Felix Leiter2$3.99Dynamite6,976
228249Divinity III Shadowman1$3.99Valiant6,890
229401Invader Zim Dollar Edition1$1.00Oni6,886
230196Justice League Power Rangers1$3.99DC6,854
231207Transformers Lost Light3*$3.99IDW6,770
232283Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Prelude2$2.99Marvel6,702
233216Angel Season 112*$3.99Dark Horse6,681
234237Enchanted Tiki Room5$3.99Marvel6,672
235219Josie & The Pussycats4$3.99Archie6,583
238212Tank Girl Gold4$3.99Titan6,560
239233Lost Boys5$3.99DC6,527
241240Dark Tower Drawing of Three Sailor5$3.99Marvel6,471
242223Transformers Till All Are One7$3.99IDW6,426
244225Kiss Demon2$3.99Dynamite6,215
250263Baltimore The Red Kingdom1$3.99Dark Horse6,141
251231Will Eisner Spirit Corpse Makers1$3.99Dynamite6,033
253296Scooby Doo Team Up23$2.99DC5,959
254156Rom Annual 20170$7.99IDW5,901
255217Sun Bakery1$4.99Image5,876
256257Loose Ends2$3.99Image5,858
257242Simpsons Comics237$3.99Bongo5,799
259260Planetoid Praxis1$3.99Image5,753
260247Big Trouble Little China Escape New York5$3.99Boom5,627
261292Red Sonja1$3.99Dynamite5,549
262228Darkness Visible1*$3.99IDW5,534
264270Everafter From The Pages of Fables6$3.99DC5,399
265235Blood Blister1$3.99Aftershock5,389
266234Street Fighter Vs Darkstalkers0$3.99Udon5,388
267271Black Road7$3.99Image5,340
268272World of Tanks5$3.99Dark Horse5,185
269245Doctor Who 10th Year Three2$3.99Titan5,161
270261Cerebus in Hell1$4.00Aardvark-Vanaheim5,139
271275Violent Love4$3.99Image5,130
272248Doctor Who 11th Year Three2$3.99Titan5,122
273175Jem & The Holograms Annual 20170$7.99IDW5,088
274252Disney Frozen5$3.99Joe Books5,056
275277God Country1$3.99Image5,035
276254Black4$3.99Black Mask5,012
277253Doctor Who 12th Year Two14$3.99Titan5,003
279256Rough Riders on the Storm1$3.99Aftershock4,887
280255Jem Misfits2*$3.99IDW4,860
281258Torchwood 21$3.99Titan4,825
282289Ether4$3.99Dark Horse4,795
283295Clean Room16$3.99DC4,741
284274Adventure Time61$3.99Boom4,683
286181Ghostbusters Annual 20170$7.99IDW4,648
287265Doctor Who 3rd5$3.99Titan4,618
288264Forever War1$3.99Titan4,593
289204Grimm Fairy Tales Steampunk Alice In Wonderland0$5.99Zenescope4,573
290278All New Fathom1$3.99Aspen4,549
291267Quantum Teens Are Go1$3.99Black Mask4,541
292280Uber Invasion3$3.99Avatar4,532
293285Spongebob Comics65$3.99United Plankton4,456
294281Empowered Soldier of Love1*$3.99Dark Horse4,425
295336Scooby Doo Where Are You78$2.99DC4,362
296288Uncle Scrooge23$3.99IDW4,356
297290Death Be Damned1$3.99Boom4,300
298291War Stories22$3.99Avatar4,296
299304Dept H11$3.99Dark Horse4,097
300262Zombie Tramp Ongoing32$4.99Action Lab4,044
303299Generation Zero7$3.99Valiant3,997
308298Grimm Fairy Tales Van Helsing Vs The Mummy of Amun Ra1$3.99Zenescope3,676
313301Grimm Fairy Tales Day of the Dead1$3.99Zenescope3,589
322300Dollface2$4.99Action Lab3,146
326317Evil Heroes5$3.99Zenescope3,078
332323Stargate Atlantis Gateways2$3.99American Mythology2,929
333324Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood I Love Ny9$3.99Zenescope2,925
336327Disney Pixar Cars1$3.99Joe Books2,885
339329Grimm Fairy Tales Van Helsing Vs Frankenstein5$3.99Zenescope2,858
341331Grimm Fairy Tales Van Helsing Vs The Mummy of Amun Ra2$3.99Zenescope2,839
349294Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Apocalypse5$5.99Zenescope2,585
359314Grimm Fairy Tales Van Helsing Cover Gallery1$4.99Zenescope2,473
362351Grimm Fairy Tales Red Agent Human Order3$3.99Zenescope2,409
365313Hellina Scythe1$5.99Avatar2,266
366359Bedtime Stories For Impressionable Children1$3.99American Mythology2,229
367349Evil Dead 2 Revenge of Evil Ed1$4.50Space Goat2,189
368320Jungle Fantasy Ivory6$5.99Avatar2,183
369346Vampblade 98 One Shot0$4.99Action Lab2,181
373310Knights of the Dinner Table240$5.99Kenzer2,137
375369La Muerta Pin Ups One Shot0$3.99Coffin2,109
377268Hellina Scythe1$7.99Avatar2,065
378367Spirit Hunters4$3.99Zenescope2,054
380370Black Eyed Kids11$3.99Aftershock2,027

February 2017 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 300 Graphic Novel charts, plus any post-#300 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

On the graphic novel side of things, unit sales of graphic novels were down quite a bit against a February last year that had both a new Wicked & Divine and a new Lumberjanes volume. Seven to Eternity Vol. 1 led the chart.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
19Seven to Eternity Vol. 1$9.99Image8,911
211Love Is Love$9.99IDW6,852
37Batman Detective Vol. 1 Rise of the Batmen (Rebirth)$16.99DC5,920
421Snotgirl Vol. 1 Green Hair Dont Care$9.99Image5,504
510Wonder Woman Vol. 1 The Lies (Rebirth)$16.99DC5,252
66March Book 3$19.99IDW4,923
713Superman Action Comics Vol. 1 Path of Doom (Rebirth)$16.99DC4,102
814Hal Jordan & The GLC Vol. 1 Sinestros Law (Rebirth)$17.99DC3,743
919Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta Vol. 4$14.99Image3,738
102Civil War II HC$50.00Marvel3,086
1126Scooby Apocalypse Vol. 1$16.99DC3,052
1232Deadpool Back In Black$16.99Marvel2,671
1331Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys$16.99DC2,641
1435Autumnlands Vol. 2 Woodland Creatures$16.99Image2,547
1537Future Quest Vol. 1$16.99DC2,499
1640Sheriff of Babylon Vol. 2 Pow Pow Pow$16.99DC2,420
1792Wonder Woman Her Greatest Battles$9.99DC2,298
1851Deadpool and Mercs for Money Vol. 1 Mo Mercs Mo Monkey$15.99Marvel2,236
19186Marvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid Vol. 1$24.99Marvel2,188
2097Saga Vol. 1$9.99Image2,185
2123Batman Night of the Monster Men HC$24.99DC2,183
2247Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five Vol. 1$16.99DC2,149
2329March Book 2$19.95IDW2,075
2430Rick & Morty Vol. 4$19.99Oni2,047
2556Batman Vol. 1 I Am Gotham (Rebirth)$16.99DC2,017
2664Saga Vol. 6$14.99Image2,011
2757Locke & Key Small World Dlx HC Ed$14.99IDW2,005
2817Wolverine Vs Deadpool$29.99Marvel2,001
2918Wolverine Old Man Logan$29.99Marvel1,973
301Daredevil Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00Marvel1,921
3122Wind in the Willows HC Illus David Petersen$24.99IDW1,863
3212Star Wars Darth Vader HC Vol. 2$39.99Marvel1,855
3360Black History In Its Own Words HC$16.99Image1,826
3516Wolverine Old Man Logan HC New Ptg$34.99Marvel1,755
3682Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 11$12.99Viz1,753
37124Eclipse Vol. 1$9.99Image1,698
3880Daredevil Back In Black Vol. 3 Dark Art$15.99Marvel1,674
3941Doctor Strange Prem HC Vol. 3 Blood In Aether$24.99Marvel1,674
4079All New All Different Avengers Vol. 3 Civil War II$15.99Marvel1,673
41133Monstress Vol. 1$9.99Image1,655
4272Wonder Woman Vol. 9 Resurrection$16.99DC1,649
4377Captain Marvel Vol. 2 Civil War II$16.99Marvel1,621
4471Extraordinary X-Men Vol. 3 Kingdoms Fall$17.99Marvel1,592
45145Paper Girls Vol. 1$9.99Image1,591
4624Star Wars Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00Marvel1,582
4762New Teen Titans Vol. 6$19.99DC1,579
4853Rick & Morty Lil Poopy Superstar Vol. 1$19.99Oni1,575
4925Spider-Gwen HC Vol. 1$34.99Marvel1,547
5045Empress Book One Premiere HC$24.99Marvel1,516
5165Robin War$19.99DC1,511
523Alpha Flight By John Byrne Omnibus HC$100.00Marvel1,502
5378Flash Vol. 1 Lightning Strikes Twice (Rebirth)$17.99DC1,497
54156Color Your Own Wolverine$9.99Marvel1,457
5585Superman Vol. 1 Son of Superman (Rebirth)$16.99DC1,441
5652Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five HC Vol. 2$24.99DC1,426
5798Saga Vol. 2$14.99Image1,426
58118Paper Girls Vol. 2$12.99Image1,421
5994All New X-Men Vol. 3 Inevitable Hell Hath So Much Fury$15.99Marvel1,413
6028Star Wars Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol. 2$125.00Marvel1,388
6193Batgirl An Adult Coloring Book$15.99DC1,382
6299Angel Catbird HC Vol. 2 Castle Catula$14.99Dark Horse1,346
63151X-Men Legacy Vol. 1 Prodigal$15.99Marvel1,343
6439He-Man & Masters of Universe Newspaper Comic Strips HC$29.99Dark Horse1,324
65110Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$14.99Image1,319
66146How Train Your Dragon Vol. 1 Serpents Heir$10.99Dark Horse1,318
6842Deadpool and the Secret Defenders$29.99Marvel1,293
69100Wonder Woman 77 Vol. 2$16.99DC1,262
7036Hawkeye By Matt Fraction And David Aja Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel1,249
71102Green Lantern Vol. 8 Reflections$16.99DC1,247
725Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men HC Vol. 10$100.00Marvel1,246
73115Saga Vol. 5$14.99Image1,242
744War of Kings Aftermath Realm of Kings Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel1,219
7527Star Wars Legends Epic Collection Empire Vol. 3$39.99Marvel1,218
7648Batman The Golden Age Vol. 2$29.99DC1,211
77105Robin Son of Batman Vol. 2 Dawn of the Demons$16.99DC1,201
7890Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 1 Vader$19.99Marvel1,192
79107Lake of Fire$16.99Image1,180
80131Batman Beyond Vol. 3 Wired For Death$14.99DC1,130
81129Saga Vol. 4$14.99Image1,130
8233Batgirl A Celebration of 50 Years HC$39.99DC1,127
8373Invisibles Book 1$24.99DC1,119
8484My Little Pony Friends Forever Vol. 8$19.99IDW1,106
85117Teen Titans Vol. 4 When Titans Fall$16.99DC1,099
8638Wolverine Epic Collection Shadow of Apocalypse$39.99Marvel1,086
87200Kill Or Be Killed Vol. 1$9.99Image1,083
88119JLA Gods And Monsters$16.99DC1,080
89188One Piece Vol. 81$9.99Viz1,075
9086Captain America Return of Winter Soldier Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel1,063
9146X-Men Avengers Onslaught Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel1,061
93144Saga Vol. 3$14.99Image1,036
94125Justice League Vol. 1 The Extinction Machine (Rebirth)$16.99DC1,025
95138Junji Itos Dissolving Classroom$12.95Random House1,015
9655Star Wars Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol. 3$125.00Marvel1,008
9775Annihilation Conquest Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel996
98148Ghost Rider Wolverine Punisher Hearts of Darkness$15.99Marvel974
99112Jughead Vol. 2$17.99Archie964
100128Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC959
10143Daredevil Epic Collection Brother Take My Hand$39.99Marvel955
102140Earth 2 Vol. 6 Collision$16.99DC951
10359Guardians of Galaxy Solo Classic Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel946
10454Ghost In Shell Dlx Rtl HC Ed Vol. 1$29.99Random House943
10574Captain Marvel Vol. 3 Earths Mightiest Hero$29.99Marvel927
10663Werewolf By Night Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel926
107143Green Arrow Vol. 1 Death & Life of Oliver Queen (Rebirth)$16.99DC925
108165Walking Dead Vol. 26 Call To Arms$14.99Image924
109147Adventure Time Comics Vol. 1$14.99Boom923
11049Wolverine Prehistory$39.99Marvel918
111159Punisher And Bullseye Deadliest Hits$15.99Marvel912
11234Batman & The Outsiders HC Vol. 1$49.99DC903
113237Descender Vol. 1 Tin Stars$9.99Image902
115127Nightwing Vol. 1 Better Than Batman (Rebirth)$16.99DC898
11683James Bond HC Vol. 2 Eidolon$24.99Dynamite896
117135Penny Dreadful$14.99Titan890
118154Black Panther Book 1 Nation Under Our Feet$16.99Marvel885
11991Moby Dick HC$24.99Dark Horse883
120167Sherlock A Study In Pink$12.99Titan874
121247I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1 Madly Ever After$9.99Image865
12266Cosmic Odyssey Deluxe Edition HC$34.99DC860
12368Shield Complete Collection Omnibus HC Ross Cvr$99.99Marvel856
124106Invincible Iron Man Prem HC Vol. 3 Civil War II$24.99Marvel837
125164Batman Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$16.99DC827
12670Superman Batman Vol. 5$34.99DC823
127182Sex Vol. 5 Reflexology$14.99Image819
128170March Book 1$14.95IDW804
129150Weird Detective$17.99Dark Horse797
130265Wicked & Divine Vol. 1 The Faust Act$9.99Image789
131239My Hero Academia Vol. 7$9.99Viz779
13269Ghost In Shell Dlx Rtl HC Ed Vol. 2$29.99Random House777
133121Fantastic Four Omnibus HC Vol. 2$99.99Marvel768
134246Assassination Classroom Vol. 14$9.99Viz759
13581Cloak And Dagger Shadows And Light$34.99Marvel757
1368Absolute Wonder Woman By Azzarello & Chang HC Vol. 1$125.00DC749
137149Black Monday Murders Vol. 1 All Hail God Mammon$19.99Image747
138282Rat Queens Vol. 1 Sass & Sorcery$9.99Image744
139179Aquaman Vol. 1 The Drowning (Rebirth)$16.99DC743
140198Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$14.99Image733
141168Kong of Skull Island Vol. 1$16.99Boom730
142162Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 2 Shadows And Secrets$19.99Marvel722
143178Vision Vol. 1 Little Worse Than Man$17.99Marvel722
144126Guardians of Galaxy Prem HC Vol. 3 New Guard Civil War Ii$24.99Marvel705
145293East of West Vol. 1 The Promise$9.99Image701
14689Avengers Omnibus HC Vol. 2$99.99Marvel698
147171Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 4 End of Games$19.99Marvel692
148160Green Lanterns Vol. 1 Rage Planet (Rebirth)$16.99DC691
14987Avengers By Busiek And Perez Omnibus HC Vol. 2$125.00Marvel683
150208Walking Dead Vol. 25 No Turning Back$14.99Image672
151132Thanos Death Sentence Prose Novel HC$24.99Marvel671
152136Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC667
153215Young Avengers By Gillen And Mckelvie Omnibus HC$49.99Marvel667
15495Oz Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel656
155139Ghost In Shell Dlx Rtl HC Ed Vol. 1.5$19.99Random House654
156137Kid Eternity Book 1$24.99DC651
157155Ultimate Comics Spider-Man DOSM Omnibus HC$75.00Marvel650
159221Scooter Girl$14.99Image640
160163Iron Man By Kurt Busiek And Sean Chen Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel638
161122Uncanny Avengers Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel631
162142Fantastic Four By Matt Fraction Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel630
163319Low Vol. 1 The Delirium of Hope$9.99Image629
164166Jojos Bizarre Adv Stardust Crusaders HC Vol. 2$19.99Viz629
165224I Hate Fairyland Vol. 2 Fluff My Life$14.99Image615
16615Green Lantern The Silver Age Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.99DC611
167173Captain America Trial of Captain America Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel606
16888Elektra By Milligan Hama And Deodato Jr Comp Collect$39.99Marvel606
169210Red Thorn Vol. 2 Mad Gods And Scotsmen$16.99DC605
170227Wolverine Old Man Logan Vol. 3 Last Ronin$15.99Marvel593
171337Tokyo Ghost Vol. 1 Atomic Garden$9.99Image592
172194Star Wars Vader Down$19.99Marvel582
173309Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Vol. 16$9.99Viz581
174111Flight of the Raven$29.99IDW580
17558March Trilogy Slipcase Set$49.99IDW579
176175New Avengers Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00Marvel579
177245Descender Vol. 2$14.99Image570
178226Flash Vol. 1 Move Forward$16.99DC565
17961TMNT Coll HC Vol. 4$49.99IDW565
180216Another Castle Grimoire Vol. 1$15.99Oni565
181169Doctor Who Supremacy of the Cybermen HC$19.99Titan564
182228Ninjak Vol. 5 The Fist & The Steel$14.99Valiant563
183195Star Wars Vol. 4 Last Flight of the Harbinger$19.99Marvel562
184278Pix Vol. 1 One Weirdest Weekend$12.99Image561
185201Y The Last Man Book 1$19.99DC558
186197Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC557
187116Stand Omnibus HC Slipcase$150.00Marvel556
188152Fantastic Four By John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 2$125.00Marvel555
189219Vision Vol. 2 Little Better Than Beast$17.99Marvel554
190349DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 1 Finals Crisis$9.99DC550
191220Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 1 Isnt It Bromantic$17.99Marvel550
192184Crossed Plus 100 Vol. 3$19.99Avatar549
193233Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 3 Shu Torun War$16.99Marvel544
194101New Avengers by Bendis Complete Collection Vol. 2$39.99Marvel541
195261Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe$14.99Marvel533
196357Goddamned Vol. 1 The Flood$9.99Image529
197253Walking Dead Vol. 3 Safety Behind Bars$14.99Image528
199364Bitch Planet Vol. 1 Extraordinary Machine$9.99Image523
200263Wicked & Divine Vol. 4 Rising Action$14.99Image522
201161Fantastic Four Omnibus HC Vol. 3 Ross Cvr$99.99Marvel519
202260Rat Queens Vol. 3 Demons$14.99Image518
203214Wilson$15.95Drawn & Quarterly515
204206Land Called Tarot HC$19.99Image515
205211Harley Quinn Vol. 1 Hot in the City$16.99DC514
206212V For Vendetta New Edition$19.99DC513
207379Deadly Class Vol. 1 Reagan Youth$9.99Image510
208242Star Wars Han Solo$16.99Marvel510
209153Golden Age Captain America Omni HC Vol. 1 Weeks Cvr$125.00Marvel509
210256Wolverine Old Man Logan Vol. 2 Bordertown$15.99Marvel508
211274Runaways Vol. 2 Teenage Wasteland$14.99Marvel505
212644George RR Martin Wild Cards Hard Call HC$24.99Dynamite504
213235Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Vol. 1 BFF$17.99Marvel504
214248Archie 1000 Page Comics Compendium$14.99Archie502
215196Ghostbusters International Vol. 2$19.99IDW502
216318Disney Moana Comics Coll$9.99Joe Books501
217294Trekker Rites of Passage$12.99Dark Horse500
218183Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel498
219398Black Science Vol. 1 How to Fall Forever$9.99Image497
220270Descender Vol. 3 Singularities$14.99Image495
221187Howard Duck Omnibus HC$99.99Marvel495
222217Head Lopper Vol. 1 Island or a Plague of Beasts$19.99Image492
223333One Punch Man Vol. 1$9.99Viz487
224257TMNT Amazing Adventures Vol. 4$14.99IDW481
225254Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Vol. 2$14.99Viz480
226283Fuse Vol. 4 Constant Orbital Revolutions$14.99Image479
227191Injustice Gods Among Us Year One Complete Col$24.99DC478
228229Preacher Book 1$19.99DC474
229249Superman Red Son New Edition$17.99DC471
230408Marvel Universe Guardians of Galaxy Digest Vol. 4$9.99Marvel468
231176Jay Disbrow Monster Invasion HC$24.99IDW467
232288Rat Queens Vol. 2 Far Reaching Tentacles of Nrygoth$14.99Image467
233410Wytches Vol. 1$9.99Image462
234373Haikyu Vol. 8$9.99Viz462
235258Chew Vol. 12$16.99Image461
236280Once Our Land$12.99Scout458
237289Walking Dead Vol. 4 Hearts Desire$14.99Image455
238287Ms Marvel Vol. 1 No Normal$15.99Marvel455
239255Wolverine Old Man Logan Vol. 0 Warzones$17.99Marvel455
240213X-Force Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.99Marvel452
241268Batman Vol. 3 Death of the Family$16.99DC451
242296Wicked & Divine Vol. 2 Fandemonium$14.99Image450
243266Batman Vol. 2 The City of Owls$16.99DC448
244230Beatles All Our Yesterdays$16.99Random House445
245297Sunstone Ogn Vol. 5$14.99Image439
246428DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 2 Hits And Myths$9.99DC438
247307East of West Vol. 6$14.99Image438
248157Marvel Firsts 1990S Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel432
249334Fukufuku Kitten Tales Vol. 2$10.95Random House426
250207Civil War$24.99Marvel423
251231X-Files Origins$19.99IDW416
252209Avengers K Book 4 Secret Invasion$24.99Marvel416
25396Eerie Archives HC Vol. 23$49.99Dark Horse415
254114My Favorite Thing Is Monsters$39.99Fantagraphics415
255193Killer HC Vol. 5$24.99Boom413
256180Edgar Burroughs Tarzan Jesse Marsh Omnibus Vol. 1$29.99Dark Horse404
257172Ultimate Marvel Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.99Marvel403
258104Ec Archives Valor HC$49.99Dark Horse397
259277Neil Gaimans Forbidden Brides Slaves Dread Desire HC$17.99Dark Horse397
260222Batman The Long Halloween$24.99DC395
261335Ultraman Vol. 7$12.99Viz393
262344Donald Duck Big Sneeze$12.99IDW387
263267Star Wars Vol. 1 Skywalker Strikes$19.99Marvel385
264315Hinges Book 3 Mechanical Men$15.99Image384
265279Dark Knight Returns New Edition$19.99DC382
266234Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1$19.99Boom381
267343Sheriff of Babylon Vol. 1 Bang Bang Bang$14.99DC379
268347Tokyo Ghost Vol. 2$14.99Image377
269338Wicked & Divine Vol. 3$14.99Image376
270567Injection Vol. 1$9.99Image367
271555Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta Vol. 1$9.99Image367
272405Fate Zero Vol. 4$11.99Dark Horse366
273365Strawberry Shortcake HC Vol. 2 Strawberry Noir$12.99IDW364
274388Say I Love You Vol. 17$10.99Random House363
275359Low Vol. 3 Shore of the Dying Light$14.99Image360
276393Disney Manga Kilala Princess Vol. 4$10.99Tokyopop360
277371Low Vol. 2 Before the Dawn Burns Us$14.99Image358
278174Avengers by Busiek and Perez Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00Marvel356
279108Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1$59.99Image352
280366Deadpool Vol. 1 Secret Invasion$14.99Marvel352
281554Sex Criminals Vol. 1$9.99Image350
282355Moon Knight Vol. 1 Lunatic$15.99Marvel348
283346Harrow County Vol. 1 Countless Haints$14.99Dark Horse346
284240Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two Complete Coll$24.99DC346
285192X-23 Complete Collection Vol. 1$34.99Marvel345
286244Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HC$24.99DC344
287271Decelerate Blue Gn$17.99St. Martins342
288304Blackest Night$19.99DC340
28920Alex Toth Bravo For Adventure Artist Ed HC$75.00IDW338
290306Kingdom Come New Ptg$19.99DC337
291414Oh Joy Sex Toy Coloring Book$11.99Oni336
292316Snow Day$14.95Humanoids334
293385Berserk Vol. 1 Black Swordsman$14.99Dark Horse332
294324Shaft Imitation of Life$15.99Dynamite332
295376Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1$12.99Viz331
296250Mass Effect Omnibus Vol. 2$24.99Dark Horse330
297314Sabertooth Swordsman HC Vol. 1$17.99Dark Horse330
298513Black Clover Vol. 5$9.99Viz329
299382Walking Dead Vol. 5 Best Defense$14.99Image328
300386East of West Vol. 2 We Are All One$14.99Image327
301523Magi Vol. 22$9.99Viz326
306500One Punch Man Vol. 10$9.99Viz322
310378Girl From Other Side Siuil Run Vol. 1$12.99St. Martins316
311383Newsprints Vol. 1$12.99Scholastic315
312290Second Sight Vol. 1$17.99Aftershock313
314223Judge Dredd Cursed Earth Saga Uncensored$25.00Pocket309
317340Disney Beauty and the Beast Cinestory$14.99Joe Books308
322390Magical Girl Site Vol. 1$12.99St. Martins304
326130The Incal HC New Ptg$44.95Humanoids299
331404Magika Swordsman & Summoner Vol. 6$12.99St. Martins293
333380Archie Vol. 1$19.99Archie290
337259Serpieri Collection HC Vol. 4$22.50Lo Scarabeo288
338204Erased Vol. 1$30.00Hachette288
344395Bleach 3In1 Vol. 18$14.99Viz282
347425Theres a Demon Lord on Floor Vol. 1$12.99St. Martins277
349300Doctor Who Highgate Horror$19.99Panini275
353430Happiness Vol. 3$12.99Random House274
355472Fathom Coloring Book #2$12.99Aspen273
356301Jason Shiga Demon Sc Vol. 2$19.99St. Martins273
360276Haddon Hall When David Invented Bowie HC$22.95Abrams266
361438Smokin Parade Vol. 1$13.00Hachette266
366439Spirits & Cat Ears Vol. 1$13.00Hachette264
367444Nekogahara Stray Cat Samurai Vol. 2$12.99Random House262
377305Kindred Spirits on Roof Comp Coll$20.99St. Martins257
384650Kamisama Kiss Vol. 23$9.99Viz249
386461Persona 4 Vol. 6$13.99Udon248
387529Ten Count Vol. 3$12.99Viz248
389320Charmed Season 10 Vol. 3$19.99Zenescope247
392419Time Museum Vol. 1$14.99St. Martins244
396252Starseeds HC$29.99Fantagraphics242
402497Re Monster Vol. 2$12.99St. Martins238
405475Yu Gi Oh 3In1 Vol. 9$14.99Viz235
414336Fruits Basket Collectors Ed Vol. 10$20.00Hachette231
419691Yona of the Dawn Vol. 4$9.99Viz229
421517Love In Hell Death Life Vol. 2$12.99St. Martins228
423469Archie Vol. 2$19.99Archie226
425700Athena Voltaire Volcano Goddess$9.99Action Lab225
427350Freezing Omnibus Vol. 7$19.99St. Martins224
429527How To Build Dungeon Book of Demon King Vol. 2$12.99St. Martins223
435536My Pathetic Vampire Life Vol. 2$12.99St. Martins221
438462Please Tell Me Galko Chan Vol. 2$14.99St. Martins220