August 2018 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

August was a fourth growth month out of five, despite a dearth of new comics releases. Comics dollar sales were up 5% and units were down 5% in a five-week month that saw 11% fewer new comics released than the same month in the previous year. August 2017 was one of the most disappointing months of the comics recession that year, so a rebound was welcome. Graphic novels were also up, thanks to significant deep-discount sales; it was just the second month both comics and graphic novels were up since 2016.

In the wake the news of Disney's takeover of Fox's film assets, Marvel's First Family returned to the shelves with Fantastic Four #1 shipping nearly 369,000 copies. It was the second month of the year in which both comics and graphic novels increased in sales year over-year. Marvel's Fresh Start relaunch mostly past, the month saw only three comics selling over 100,000 copies. But DC saw a strong launch for Sandman Universe #1, placing third in dollars and sixth in units with around 83,500 copies shipped to the United States and Canada.

Marvel's shipments in dollar terms were up 22% in dollars over the previous August, a rate of increase that was better than the overall market's 4% rally, and a pace matched among top-ten publishers only by Boom. DC and Dark Horse were also up slightly.

The average cover price of comics in the Top 300 set a new record, $4.12; the previous record had been set in June 2017. Click to see monthly cover prices across time, and also all of our Diamond Exclusive Era records.

Batman #50 did not chart again, despite having led the comics reorder charts twice in July. The comic book was made retroactively returnable.

Unit sales comparisons during the year remained much distorted, due to Marvel's overships in January 2017 and Image's 25-cent anniversary issues that year, as well as the fact that the reported million-copy selling 25¢ book DC Nation #0 was not counted in Diamond's comparative charts.

We have a video walkthrough of the month's preliminary sales report here:

Read in our preliminary and final analysis posts for the month. And you can see the reorders that were placed during the month on our pages for reorders and advance reorders for the year.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 500 charts, plus any post-#500 items from its Top Independent Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Items marked with asterisks [*] had their reported orders reduced by 10% due to returnability.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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UnitsDollarsComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherEst. units
11Fantastic Four1$5.9908/08/18Marvel368,914
22Infinity Wars1$5.9908/01/18Marvel104,363
57Amazing Spider-Man3$3.9908/08/18Marvel86,259
63Sandman Universe1$4.9908/08/18DC83,531
79Amazing Spider-Man4$3.9908/22/18Marvel81,630
912Justice League5$3.9908/01/18DC76,592
1013Justice League6$3.9908/15/18DC75,156
128Infinity Wars2$4.9908/15/18Marvel70,348
1310Venom First Host1$3.9908/29/18Marvel68,050
1416Walking Dead182$3.9908/01/18Image65,101
1718Action Comics1002$3.9908/22/18DC61,916
1820Captain America2$3.9908/01/18Marvel61,197
2245Detective Comics986$2.9908/08/18DC53,346
2448Detective Comics987$2.9908/22/18DC51,362
2519Hunt For Wolverine Dead Ends1$4.9908/29/18Marvel49,540
2727Star Wars52$3.9908/01/18Marvel48,439
2828Star Wars Darth Vader19$3.9908/08/18Marvel48,411
2929Tony Stark Iron Man3$3.9908/15/18Marvel48,332
3030Immortal Hulk4$3.9908/01/18Marvel48,003
3132Cosmic Ghost Rider2$3.9908/01/18Marvel47,653
3233Justice League Dark2$3.9908/22/18DC46,545
3336Star Wars Darth Vader20$3.9908/22/18Marvel44,681
3625Web of Venom Ve Nam1$4.9908/29/18Marvel41,520
3743Mister Miracle10$3.9908/01/18DC41,267
3844Batman Kings of Fear1$3.9908/22/18DC40,036
3947X-Men Red7$3.9908/22/18Marvel39,634
4151Edge of Spider-Geddon1$3.9908/15/18Marvel36,991
4250Adventures of the Super Sons1$3.9908/01/18DC36,794
4352Wonder Woman52$3.9908/08/18DC36,259
4434Joker Daffy Duck Special1$4.9908/29/18DC35,935
4556Die Die Die2$3.9908/22/18Image35,294
4659Black Panther3$3.9908/22/18Marvel35,093
4757Wonder Woman53$3.9908/22/18DC34,990
4838West Coast Avengers1$4.9908/22/18Marvel34,512
5061Weapon H6$3.9908/15/18Marvel33,907
5141X-Men Gold Annual2$4.9908/01/18Marvel33,656
5237Cable Deadpool Annual1$4.9908/15/18Marvel33,639
5463X-Men Gold33$3.9908/01/18Marvel33,415
5565Astonishing X-Men14$3.9908/01/18Marvel33,186
5640Harley Quinn Gossamer Special1$4.9908/29/18DC33,118
5766Life of Captain Marvel2$3.9908/22/18Marvel33,101
5969Edge of Spider-Geddon2$3.9908/29/18Marvel32,608
6068Doctor Strange4$3.9908/15/18Marvel32,603
6171Hunt For Wolverine Mystery Madripoor4$3.9908/22/18Marvel32,294
6272X-Men Gold34$3.9908/22/18Marvel32,167
6370Teen Titans21$3.9908/22/18DC32,095
6446Star Wars Beckett1$4.9908/15/18Marvel31,972
6554Rick & Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons1$3.9908/29/18IDW31,559
6773Magic Order3$3.9908/15/18Image30,801
6976Death of Inhumans2$3.9908/01/18Marvel30,138
7077Old Man Logan45$3.9908/08/18Marvel29,909
7181Hunt for Wolverine Adamantium Agenda4$3.9908/08/18Marvel29,630
7278Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps50$3.9908/08/18DC29,579
7384Mr and Mrs X2$3.9908/22/18Marvel29,337
7485Marvel Two-In-One9$3.9908/29/18Marvel29,323
7579Oblivion Song By Kirkman and De Felici6$3.9908/08/18Image29,256
7683Hunt For Wolverine Weapon Lost4$3.9908/01/18Marvel29,230
7780Harley Quinn47$3.9908/01/18DC29,144
7886Old Man Logan46$3.9908/22/18Marvel29,008
7955Astonishing X-Men Annual1$4.9908/15/18Marvel28,900
8053Catwoman Tweety and Sylvester Special1$4.9908/29/18DC28,860
8182Harley Quinn48$3.9908/15/18DC28,705
8339X-Men Grand Design Second Genesis2$5.9908/29/18Marvel28,358
8490X-Men Blue33$3.9908/08/18Marvel28,263
8558Spider-Man Annual1$4.9908/08/18Marvel28,136
8689Suicide Squad45$3.9908/08/18DC28,068
8792X-Men Blue34$3.9908/29/18Marvel28,038
8894Hunt For Wolverine Claws of Killer4$3.9908/15/18Marvel27,721
8949Daredevil Annual1$4.9908/29/18Marvel27,420
9197Star Wars Doctor Aphra23$3.9908/22/18Marvel26,879
9422Mmpr Shattered Grid1$7.9908/29/18Boom25,925
9567Lex Luthor Porky Pig Special1$4.9908/29/18DC25,655
98103Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man308$3.9908/15/18Marvel24,476
99101Green Lanterns52$3.9908/01/18DC24,301
100104Green Lanterns53$3.9908/15/18DC23,923
101105Old Man Hawkeye8$3.9908/22/18Marvel23,905
103107Deadpool Assassin5$3.9908/15/18Marvel23,389
107113Star Wars Lando Double or Nothing4$3.9908/29/18Marvel22,911
109112Deadpool Assassin6$3.9908/29/18Marvel22,788
11088Nightwing Annual1$4.9908/29/18DC22,685
11191Star Wars Poe Dameron Annual2$4.9908/29/18Marvel22,562
112114Seven to Eternity10$3.9908/01/18Image22,355
11393Wakanda Forever Avengers1$4.9908/22/18Marvel22,170
11495Red Hood and the Outlaws25$4.9908/08/18DC21,874
115115Star Wars Poe Dameron30$3.9908/15/18Marvel21,720
116116Weapon X22$3.9908/15/18Marvel20,978
117117Spider-Man Deadpool37$3.9908/08/18Marvel20,727
118118Paper Girls23$3.9908/01/18Image20,542
120119Green Arrow43$3.9908/01/18DC20,241
121123Weapon X21$3.9908/01/18Marvel20,239
122130Fantastic Four1 Facsimile$3.9908/29/18Marvel19,646
123127Plastic Man3$3.9908/08/18DC19,596
124102Suicide Squad Annual1$4.9908/22/18DC19,378
125129Gideon Falls6$3.9908/15/18Image19,245
127132Injustice Vs. The Masters of the Universe2$3.9908/15/18DC18,474
128120Mighty Morphin Power Rangers30$3.9908/15/18Boom18,316
129124New Mutants Dead Souls6$3.9908/29/18Marvel18,293
130125Archie Meets Batman 662$3.9908/15/18Archie18,113
131133Moon Knight198$3.9908/29/18Marvel17,669
132161Immortal Men5$2.9908/08/18DC17,487
134137Star Wars Last Jedi Adaptation5$3.9908/01/18Marvel16,730
136121Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual2$4.9908/29/18DC16,132
137141Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows22$3.9908/08/18Marvel15,827
138126Batgirl Annual2$4.9908/29/18DC15,790
139140Batman Beyond23$3.9908/22/18DC15,743
141109Marvel Rising Ms. Marvel Squirrel Girl1$5.9908/01/18Marvel15,558
142135Rick & Morty41$3.9908/29/18Oni15,177
144148Multiple Man3$3.9908/15/18Marvel14,462
145174New Challengers4$2.9908/15/18DC14,182
147150Ant-Man and the Wasp4$3.9908/01/18Marvel13,980
148143Go Go Power Rangers12$3.9908/01/18Boom13,897
151153Wild Storm16$3.9908/15/18DC13,712
154152Seeds1$3.9908/01/18Dark Horse13,572
155154Death or Glory4$3.9908/08/18Image13,512
156145Sonic The Hedgehog8$3.9908/15/18IDW13,354
157159Ms. Marvel33$3.9908/29/18Marvel13,338
159160Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider22$3.9908/01/18Marvel13,220
160139Damage Annual1$4.9908/22/18DC12,766
161186Medieval Spawn Witchblade4$2.9908/08/18Image12,364
163162Raven Daughter of Darkness7$3.9908/22/18DC12,081
164163Scooby Apocalypse28$3.9908/08/18DC12,044
165193Curse of Brimstone5$2.9908/01/18DC11,966
166144Xerxes Fall of House of Darius5$4.9908/01/18Dark Horse11,809
168171Predator Hunters II1$3.9908/08/18Dark Horse11,663
169147Silencer Annual1$4.9908/29/18DC11,589
170165Cold Spots1$3.9908/22/18Image11,569
172168Black Hammer Age of Doom4$3.9908/22/18Dark Horse11,415
174157Lady Mechanika Dame Sans Merci2$3.9908/29/18Benitez11,054
175166Project Superpowers1$3.9908/01/18Dynamite10,563
176167Star Wars Adventures13$3.9908/29/18IDW10,451
177176Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12 The Reckoning3$3.9908/22/18Dark Horse10,324
179181Wicked & Divine38$3.9908/15/18Image10,124
180172Jim Henson Beneath Dark Crystal2$3.9908/15/18Boom9,966
181221Injustice 231$2.9908/01/18DC9,824
182173Black Badge1$3.9908/08/18Boom9,686
183225Injustice 232$2.9908/15/18DC9,669
184158Transformers Unicron3$4.9908/08/18IDW9,639
185175Jim Henson Labyrinth Coronation6$3.9908/22/18Boom9,616
186194Quantum Age From World of Black Hammer2$3.9908/01/18Dark Horse9,502
187189Marvel Super Hero Adventures Inferno1$3.9908/22/18Marvel9,364
189191Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur34$3.9908/22/18Marvel9,270
190198Disney Frozen Breaking Boundaries1$3.9908/01/18Dark Horse9,174
191237Teen Titans Go29$2.9908/15/18DC9,049
192197Quicksilver No Surrender4$3.9908/08/18Marvel8,909
193183Red Sonja19$3.9908/01/18Dynamite8,905
195185Red Sonja20$3.9908/29/18Dynamite8,625
196184My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic69$3.9908/08/18IDW8,608
197187TMNT Bebop Rocksteady Hit The Road1$3.9908/01/18IDW8,473
198205Unbeatable Squirrel Girl35$3.9908/08/18Marvel8,406
199192X-O Manowar18$3.9908/29/18Valiant8,276
200200TMNT Bebop Rocksteady Hit The Road2$3.9908/08/18IDW7,738
201223Terminator Sector War1$3.9908/15/18Dark Horse7,626
202202TMNT Bebop Rocksteady Hit The Road3$3.9908/15/18IDW7,622
203203TMNT Bebop Rocksteady Hit The Road4$3.9908/22/18IDW7,620
204201Invader Zim33$3.9908/08/18Oni7,606
205222Disney Pixar Incredibles 22$3.9908/15/18Dark Horse7,595
206204TMNT Urban Legends4$3.9908/15/18IDW7,563
207206Bloodshot Salvation12$3.9908/08/18Valiant7,545
208207TMNT Bebop Rocksteady Hit The Road5$3.9908/29/18IDW7,533
209218Royal City14$3.9908/22/18Image7,478
210208Star Trek TNG Terra Incognita2$3.9908/15/18IDW7,446
211219Ice Cream Man6$3.9908/15/18Image7,412
212179G.I. Joe a Real American Hero255$4.9908/29/18IDW7,407
213182TMNT Universe25$4.9908/01/18IDW7,316
214224Hey Kids Comics1$3.9908/08/18Image7,269
215236Beasts of Burden1$3.9908/22/18Dark Horse7,235
216211Red Sonja Tarzan4$3.9908/22/18Dynamite7,168
217213Bone Parish2$3.9908/29/18Boom7,114
218215Harbinger Wars 24$3.9908/29/18Valiant6,981
219234New World2$3.9908/29/18Image6,939
220216Jughead The Hunger8$3.9908/22/18Archie6,918
221217G.I. Joe a Real American Hero254$3.9908/01/18IDW6,808
222228Walk Through Hell4$3.9908/29/18Aftershock6,522
223209Infinity Wars Prime1$4.9907/25/18Marvel6,468
224229My Little Pony Ponyville Mysteries4$3.9908/29/18IDW6,453
227231Strangers In Paradise XXV5$3.9908/08/18Abstract6,333
229247Wildstorm Michael Cray10$3.9908/08/18DC6,282
230235Transformers Lost Light22$3.9908/08/18IDW6,269
231248Mage Hero Denied11$3.9908/15/18Image6,224
236252BPRD The Devil You Know9$3.9908/08/18Dark Horse6,005
238241Optimus Prime22$3.9908/08/18IDW5,960
240243Star Trek Discovery Succession4$3.9908/01/18IDW5,857
242256Shanghai Red3$3.9908/22/18Image5,822
243307Scooby Doo Team Up41$2.9908/22/18DC5,804
245199Amazing Spider-Man1$5.9907/11/18Marvel5,787
246232Hillbilly Red Eyed Witchery From Beyond1$3.9908/29/18Albatross5,771
247245Steven Universe Harmony1$3.9908/01/18Boom5,759
248259Curse Words Summer Special1$3.9908/22/18Image5,753
249227Sword Daughter$4.9908/08/18Dark Horse5,701
250210Zombie Tramp Ongoing51$4.9908/29/18Action Lab5,699
251238Street Fighter Summer Sports Special1$3.9908/15/18Udon5,627
252272Britannia Lost Eagles of Rome2$3.9908/22/18Valiant5,626
253242Tank Girl All Stars3$3.9908/29/18Titan5,422
254264Shade The Changing Woman6$3.9908/01/18DC5,414
255265Mother Panic Gotham AD6$3.9908/22/18DC5,383
256268Manifest Destiny36$3.9908/15/18Image5,329
257269Eternity Girl6$3.9908/08/18DC5,326
258257Bubba Ho-Tep & Cosmic Blood-Suckers2$3.9908/01/18IDW5,319
259266Last Siege3$3.9908/01/18Image5,303
260239She Could Fly2$4.9908/08/18Dark Horse5,264
262261Dejah Thoris7$3.9908/08/18Dynamite5,124
265283Cosmic Ghost Rider1$3.9907/25/18Marvel4,919
268282Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye6$3.9908/15/18DC4,865
269280Outpost Zero2$3.9908/08/18Image4,856
271286Port of Earth8$3.9908/08/18Image4,750
272276Quantum & Woody9$3.9908/22/18Valiant4,616
273180Bartman`S Spectaculary Super Secret Saga$7.9908/15/18Bongo4,610
274277Hot Lunch Special1$3.9908/08/18Aftershock4,569
275295Dead Hand5$3.9908/08/18Image4,564
276294Hack Slash Resurrection10$3.9908/22/18Image4,538
277278Spongebob Comics83$3.9908/08/18United Plankton4,452
278353Scooby Doo Where Are You94$2.9908/15/18DC4,424
279284X-Files Case Files Hoot Goes There2$3.9908/29/18IDW4,403
280285Jughead The Hunger7$3.9908/15/18Archie4,337
281310Usagi Yojimbo5$3.9908/15/18Dark Horse4,326
282287Dark Ark9$3.9908/01/18Aftershock4,294
284289Charlies Angels3$3.9908/08/18Dynamite4,285
285290Dungeons & Dragons Evil At Baldurs Gate4$3.9908/08/18IDW4,273
286244Zombie Tramp Ongoing50$4.9907/18/18Action Lab4,261
287315Blackwood4$3.9908/29/18Dark Horse4,242
290275Doctor Who Road to 13th Dr2$3.9908/08/18Titan4,208
291293Nancy Drew3$3.9908/08/18Dynamite4,207
292320Days of Hate7$3.9908/22/18Image4,175
294297Jeepers Creepers4$3.9908/15/18Dynamite4,084
296299Judge Dredd Under Siege4$3.9908/29/18IDW4,064
297270Captain America1$4.9907/04/18Marvel4,033
298304Ghostbusters Crossing Over5$3.9908/01/18IDW4,022
299301Steven Universe Ongoing19$3.9908/15/18Boom4,014
300324Aphrodite V2$3.9908/22/18Image4,001
301312Transformers Bumblebee Movie Prequel3$3.9908/29/18IDW3,947
304314Uncle Scrooge39$3.9908/29/18IDW3,903
305316Game of Thrones Clash of Kings12$3.9908/15/18Dynamite3,875
306328Ether Copper Golems4$3.9908/15/18Dark Horse3,865
308318Dungeons & Dragons Evil At Baldurs Gate5$3.9908/29/18IDW3,851
309333Cyber Force5$3.9908/29/18Image3,789
310335Savage Dragon237$3.9908/08/18Image3,773
311321House Amok1$3.9908/29/18IDW3,770
312354Die Die Die1$3.9907/11/18Image3,761
313337Immortal Hulk2$3.9908/01/18Marvel3,736
314300Grimm Fairy Tales19$3.9908/22/18Zenescope3,686
316323Uncle Scrooge38$3.9908/08/18IDW3,654
317340Thief of Thieves39$3.9908/01/18Image3,638
319306Life of Captain Marvel1$4.9907/18/18Marvel3,588
322326Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack12$3.9908/22/18Boom3,550
323344Witchfinder Gates of Heaven4$3.9908/15/18Dark Horse3,547
324327Uber Invasion15$3.9908/01/18Avatar3,527
326214WWE Attitude Era 2018 Special1$7.9908/01/18Boom3,506
327319Doomsday Clock1$4.9911/22/17DC3,426
328349Justice League Dark1$3.9907/25/18DC3,424
329336Jim Henson Fraggle Rock4$3.9908/29/18Boom3,407
330322Revenge of Wonderland2$3.9908/15/18Zenescope3,368
331296Highest House6$4.9908/01/18IDW3,327
332338Robocop Citizens Arrest5$3.9908/08/18Boom3,310
333325Immortal Hulk1$4.9907/11/18Marvel3,262
334317Doomsday Clock6$4.9907/25/18DC3,252
335212Mega Man Mastermix3$7.9908/22/18Udon3,249
336345Animosity Evolution7$3.9908/08/18Aftershock3,230
337347Betty and Veronica Vixens9$3.9908/22/18Archie3,227
338490Artifact One0$1.5008/22/18Aspen3,202
339230Lumberjanes Midsummer Nights Scheme1$7.9908/08/18Boom3,190
340405Proxima Centauri3$2.9908/15/18Image3,161
341332Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 32$3.9908/08/18Lion Forge3,156
342330Doomsday Clock2$4.9912/27/17DC3,115
343253Cinema Purgatorio15$6.9908/15/18Avatar3,110
345361Tomb Raider Inferno3$3.9908/08/18Dark Horse3,099
347365World of Tanks Citadel4$3.9908/08/18Dark Horse3,069
348363Teen Titans20$3.9907/25/18DC3,058
351355Fathom Vol. 72$3.9908/01/18Aspen2,982
352370Halo Collateral Damage3$3.9908/15/18Dark Horse2,972
353373Scales & Scoundrels11$3.9908/01/18Image2,959
354260Marvel Comics Digest8$6.9908/15/18Archie2,951
355305La Muerta Retribution1$4.9908/29/18Coffin2,929
356341Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses37$4.9908/01/18Image2,919
358376Wonder Woman51$3.9907/25/18DC2,890
359360Walt Disney Showcase5$3.9908/08/18IDW2,864
360381New Lieutenants of Metal2$3.9908/08/18Image2,847
361292Donald & Mickey Quarterly$5.9908/08/18IDW2,812
362352Doctor Who 7th3$3.9908/01/18Titan2,804
364382Justice League4$3.9907/18/18DC2,756
365356Penny Dreadful11$3.9908/29/18Titan2,716
366374Walt Disney Showcase6$3.9908/15/18IDW2,693
367390Justice League2$3.9908/08/18DC2,676
369377Lost City Explorers3$3.9908/15/18Aftershock2,662
370378Brothers Dracul5$3.9908/29/18Aftershock2,636
371379Sherlock Holmes Vanishing Man4$3.9908/15/18Dynamite2,621
372393Immortal Hulk3$3.9907/18/18Marvel2,617
373362Mike Hammer3$3.9908/22/18Titan2,609
375380Rockos Modern Life7$3.9908/01/18Boom2,599
376366Teenage Mutant Ninja Cerebi1$4.0008/01/18Aardvark-Vanaheim2,541
377367Warhammer 40000 Deathwatch3$3.9908/08/18Titan2,536
379385Robots Vs. Princesses1$3.9908/01/18Dynamite2,493
380368Death of Inhumans1$4.9907/04/18Marvel2,484
381398Gravediggers Union9$3.9908/15/18Image2,458
382407Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur32$3.9908/01/18Marvel2,447
383303Girl Who Danced With Death Mill Saga1$5.9908/15/18Titan2,445
384375Belle Beast Hunter4$3.9908/01/18Zenescope2,441
386388Shadow Roads2$3.9908/08/18Oni2,430
387392By Night3$3.9908/15/18Boom2,395
388372Eternal Empire10$4.9908/08/18Image2,379
390394Mech Cadet Yu11$3.9908/08/18Boom2,353
391383Paradise Court1$3.9908/01/18Zenescope2,310
392395Regular Show 25 Years Later3$3.9908/22/18Boom2,307
396435Rock & Roll Biographies Spinal Tap$3.5008/08/18Gumby2,238
397424Starcraft Scavengers2$3.9908/29/18Dark Horse2,181
399408Thrilling Adventure Hour2$3.9908/22/18Boom2,166
403413Delta 134$3.9908/01/18IDW2,120
404391Sonic The Hedgehog7$3.9907/25/18IDW2,106
405415Valiant High4$3.9908/01/18Valiant2,100
406430Mr and Mrs X1$3.9907/25/18Marvel2,083
407419Soulfire Vol. 72$3.9908/22/18Aspen2,065
408417Wilds4$3.9908/01/18Black Mask2,060
409397Dollman Kills The Full Moon Universe1$3.9908/01/18Full Moon2,049
411420Giant Days41$3.9908/01/18Boom2,038
412421Garfield Homecoming3$3.9908/08/18Boom2,019
414401Pacific Rim Aftermath6$3.9908/08/18Legendary2,005
415403Peek a Boo5$3.9908/01/18Zenescope1,992
416433Action Comics1001$3.9907/25/18DC1,990
417402Carson of Venus Fear On Four Worlds1$3.9908/01/18American Mythology1,984
418343Knights of the Dinner Table257$5.9908/08/18Kenzer1,978
419406Jasmine Crown of Kings4$3.9908/08/18Zenescope1,970
420437Modern Fantasy3$3.9908/29/18Dark Horse1,968
421427Her Infernal Descent4$3.9908/08/18Aftershock1,964
422444Doctor Strange3$3.9908/08/18Marvel1,905
423445Doctor Strange2$3.9908/01/18Marvel1,882
425432Archie Meets Batman 661$3.9907/18/18Archie1,825
426449Black Panther2$3.9908/01/18Marvel1,803
427425Paradise Court2$3.9908/29/18Zenescope1,803
429450Bedtime Games3$3.9908/22/18Dark Horse1,761
430359Assassins Creed Conspiracies1$5.9908/08/18Titan1,751
431364Monster Hunters Surv Guide Cs Files Wendigo1$5.9908/29/18Zenescope1,717
434308Jungle Fantasy Secrets2$7.9908/22/18Avatar1,659
435309Belladonna Fire Fury8$7.9908/08/18Avatar1,652
437456Swashbucklers Saga Continues5$3.9908/29/18Dynamite1,562
438455Executive Assistant Iris Vol. 54$3.9908/22/18Aspen1,560
439416Star Wars50$5.9907/04/18Marvel1,559
442481Multiple Man1$3.9908/01/18Marvel1,451
443479Tony Stark Iron Man2$3.9907/18/18Marvel1,444
444461Bone Parish1$3.9907/25/18Boom1,433
445452Dinosaucers1$3.9908/08/18Lion Forge1,424
446334Lookers Ember10$7.9908/15/18Avatar1,413
447411Jungle Fantasy Secrets2$5.9908/22/18Avatar1,410
448471Nick Calm Agent of Codpiece$4.0008/29/18Aardvark-Vanaheim1,409
449462Wasted Space4$3.9908/22/18Vault1,378
451473Real Science Adventures Nicodemus Job2$3.9908/22/18IDW1,359
452641Image Firsts Walking Dead Curr Ptg1$1.0012/12/12Image1,355
453467Infinity 85$3.9908/15/18Lion Forge1,316
454477Dissension War Eternal2$3.9908/29/18Aspen1,301
455468Pink Panther Presents The Ant and The Aardvark1$3.9908/22/18American Mythology1,298
456447Vampblade Season 34$4.9907/25/18Action Lab1,296
457429Belladonna Fire Fury8$5.9908/08/18Avatar1,290
460483Survival Fetish3$3.9908/01/18Black Mask1,256
461488Gold Digger255$3.9908/15/18Antarctic1,239
462474Larks Killer9$3.9908/15/18Devil's Due1,221
463496Magic Order2$3.9907/18/18Image1,190
464475Doomsday Clock5$4.9905/30/18DC1,175
465443Lookers Ember10$5.9908/15/18Avatar1,159
467484Gold Digger Summer Fun Special One-Shot$3.9908/22/18Antarctic1,140
468480Doomsday Clock3$4.9901/24/18DC1,132
469512Justice League1$3.9906/06/18DC1,108
470438Amazing Spider-Man795$3.9904/18/18Marvel1,056
471977Secret Empire3$3.9905/31/17Marvel1,030
472503Nu Way2$3.9908/15/18Aspen1,008
473702Image Firsts Saga Curr Ptg1$1.0012/12/12Image995
474497Vagrant Queen3$3.9908/15/18Vault993
475492Wakanda Forever X-Men1$4.9907/25/18Marvel988
476516Star Wars Darth Vader18$3.9907/11/18Marvel972
477507Portal Bound5$3.9908/01/18Aspen970
479453Brother Nash3$5.9908/01/18Titan955
481459Konungar War of Crowns3$5.9908/08/18Titan938
482434Amazing World of Gumball Grab Bag 2018$7.9908/22/18Boom931
483509Walk Through Hell1$3.9905/16/18Aftershock931
484504Riptide1$3.9508/08/18Red 5927
485502New World1$4.9907/25/18Image917
486463Daygloayhole Quarterly2$6.0008/08/18Silver Sprocket907
487505Doomsday Clock4$4.9903/28/18DC868
488511Rem 86$3.9908/08/18Rothic865
490605Image Firsts Monstress1$1.9907/13/16Image839
491493Street Fighter Summer Sports Special1$4.9908/15/18Udon831
492747Teen Titans Go to the Movies1$1.0007/18/18DC813
493517Cavewoman Raptorellas Revenge1$3.9908/01/18Amryl809
494567Detective Comics985$2.9907/25/18DC805
495535Aberrant3$3.9908/22/18Action Lab795
496518Long Live Pro Wrestling0$3.9908/08/18Scout792
497519Long Lost Book Two1$3.9908/01/18Scout789
498422Zombie Tramp Ongoing50$9.9907/25/18Action Lab788
499522Beast Hunter X1$3.9908/08/18American Mythology780
500523Cavewoman Raptorellas Revenge2$3.9908/15/18Amryl770

August 2018 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 500 charts, plus any post-#500 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novel sales were up for the month, in part due to a major sale; a larger number of deep-discounted volumes sold than had been seen in some months. The 157th place title, the history book Comic Book Implosion, was a misfile in this list, as it was not a graphic novel.

UnitsDollarsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
123Legend of Korra Vol. 3 Turf Wars Pt 3$10.99Dark Horse5,481
238DC Super Hero Girls Out of the Bottle$9.99DC4,566
312East of West Vol. 8$16.99Image4,523
46Black Panther Book 1 Nation Under Our Feet$16.99Marvel4,446
55Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 1 Isnt It Bromantic$17.99Marvel4,397
616Rat Queens Vol. 5 Colossal Magic Nothing$16.99Image4,046
77Flash Vol. 1 Lightning Strikes Twice$17.99DC4,036
819Kill or Be Killed Vol. 4$16.99Image3,790
918I Hate Fairyland Vol. 4$16.99Image3,778
1022Sex Criminals Vol. 5 Five-Fingered Discount$16.99Image3,736
1127Star Wars Vol. 8 Mutiny At Mon Cala$17.99Marvel3,388
1210Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel3,289
1326Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Blood$14.99DC3,217
1430Deadly Class Vol. 7 Love Like Blood$16.99Image3,205
1536Old Man Hawkeye Vol. 1 An Eye For Eye$17.99Marvel2,595
1624Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II HC$24.99DC2,528
1742Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta Vol. 6$16.99Image2,488
184Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Venom$39.99Marvel2,486
1943Rise of the Black Panther$17.99Marvel2,378
2098Saga Vol. 1$9.99Image2,328
2152Superman Vol. 6 Imperius Lex Rebirth$16.99DC2,305
2266Planet of Apes Visionaries Rod Serling Original HC$19.99Boom2,210
2317Dark Nights Metal Deluxe Ed HC$29.99DC2,168
2411Beatles Yellow Submarine HC$29.99Titan2,139
2548Harley Quinn Vol. 6 Angry Bird Rebirth$19.99DC2,033
2650Superman Action Comics Vol. 5 Booster Shot Rebirth$19.99DC2,008
2767Spider-Man Kravens Last Hunt$14.99Marvel1,994
2828New Gods By Jack Kirby$29.99DC1,989
2955Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC1,984
3058Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 1 Fallout$15.99IDW1,978
3159X-Men Gold Vol. 6 Til Death Do Us Part$17.99Marvel1,963
3263Vs Vol. 1$16.99Image1,843
3364Batman and the Signal$16.99DC1,830
3483Saga Vol. 8$14.99Image1,815
3586Venom Dark Origin$14.99Marvel1,780
3669Calexit Vol. 1$14.99Black Mask1,770
3744Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC1,711
3839Hellboy Complete Short Stories Vol. 2$24.99Dark Horse1,684
3934Batman The Caped Crusader Vol. 1$29.99DC1,659
4074Injustice 2 Vol. 2$16.99DC1,650
41319Wolverine Sabretooth HC$39.99Marvel1,635
4220Fantastic Four Epic Collection Coming of Galactus$39.99Marvel1,633
43128Star Wars The Last Jedi Adaptation$9.99IDW1,613
4479Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles$16.99DC1,605
45131My Hero Academia Vol. 14$9.99Viz1,565
46150Sugar Vol. 1$9.99Image1,550
47154Paper Girls Vol. 1$9.99Image1,546
4882Astonishing X-Men By Charles Soule Vol. 2 Man Called X$17.99Marvel1,539
491Punisher Max By Garth Ennis Omnibus HC Vol. 2$100.00Marvel1,523
50283X-Men Battle of Atom HC$49.99Marvel1,510
5133Bram Stokers Dracula HC$29.99IDW1,489
53159Monstress Vol. 1$9.99Image1,476
54100Captain America By Mark Waid Promised Land$15.99Marvel1,447
5599Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 3 Amazing Fantas$15.99Marvel1,444
5629Venom Along Came a Spider$39.99Marvel1,431
5796Batman Beyond Vol. 3 The Long Payback Rebirth$16.99DC1,426
5854Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica HC$24.99DC1,423
5956Batman The Long Halloween$24.99DC1,402
6077New Teen Titans Vol. 9$19.99DC1,384
62392X-Men Days of Future Past HC$39.99Marvel1,324
6332Spider-Man Kravens Last Hunt Deluxe Edition HC$39.99Marvel1,303
64518Spider-Man and Wolverine By Wells and Madureira HC$29.99Marvel1,297
65112Champions Vol. 3 Champion For a Day$15.99Marvel1,290
66101Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Vol. 1 Imperial Mach$17.99Marvel1,285
67107Monstress Vol. 2$16.99Image1,277
68110Shazam Vol. 1$16.99DC1,250
6946TMNT Bodycount HC$29.99IDW1,246
70124Avengers Back to Basics Mpgn$14.99Marvel1,243
71121Saga Vol. 2$14.99Image1,240
72158Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lost Chronicles Vol. 1$16.99Boom1,229
7347Fantastic Four By Hickman Complete Collection Vol. 1$34.99Marvel1,206
74114Jim Henson Power of Dark Crystal HC Vol. 3$24.99Boom1,181
75130Sheets Gn$12.99Lion Forge1,171
7670Legion of Super Heroes The Silver Age Vol. 1$24.99DC1,160
7761Dark Nights Metal Dark Nights Rising HC$29.99DC1,143
7972Batman a Lot of Lil Gotham$24.99DC1,136
809Seven Soldiers By Grant Morrison Omnibus HC$75.00DC1,126
8141Marvel Two In One Epic Collection Cry Monster$39.99Marvel1,122
8293Rick & Morty Vol. 1$19.99Oni1,118
83193Star Wars New Hope$9.99IDW1,112
84138Saga Vol. 7$14.99Image1,112
85126Batman Vol. 1 I Am Gotham$16.99DC1,071
86104Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes$19.99DC1,069
87165Lil Donnie HC Vol. 1 Executive Privilege$12.99Image1,067
88226Descender Vol. 1 Tin Stars$9.99Image1,064
893X-Men Revolution By Chris Claremont Omnibus HC$100.00Marvel1,058
90132Venom Lethal Protector$16.99Marvel1,054
91225Giant Days Vol. 8$14.99Boom1,040
9214Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk HC Vol. 12$75.00Marvel1,031
93166How to Train Your Dragon Dragonvine$10.99Dark Horse1,027
94777X-Men No More Humans Ogn HC$24.99Marvel1,025
9551Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 Complete Collection$39.99Marvel1,017
96102Bloom County Best Read Throne$19.99IDW1,015
97207My Hero Academia Vol. 1$9.99Viz1,008
98116Batman Vol. 4 The War of Jokes & Riddles$19.99DC999
9994Injustice 2 HC Vol. 3$24.99DC999
100157Saga Vol. 3$14.99Image998
101136Rose Vol. 2$16.99Image991
102827Oz HC Wonderful Wizard of Oz$24.99Marvel988
10335Fantastic Four Behold Galactus HC$50.00Marvel986
10480J Scott Campbell Danger Girl Gallery Ed HC$24.99IDW984
105164Paper Girls Vol. 4$14.99Image976
106118Batman Arkham Penguin$19.99DC968
10791Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 1 Vader$19.99Marvel965
109122Batman Flash The Button Deluxe Ed HC$19.99DC945
11075Jsa By Geoff Johns Book 2$29.99DC939
111736Wolverine Origin HC$29.99Marvel939
11276Aquaman By Peter David Book 2$29.99DC935
11388Wonderful World of Tank Girl HC$22.99Titan930
114160Snotgirl Vol. 2 California Screaming$15.99Image925
115173Rwby Official Manga Anthology Vol. 2 Mirror Mirror$12.99Viz919
116120Sullivans Sluggers HC$19.99Dark Horse916
117179Tokyo Ghoul Re Vol. 6$12.99Viz906
1188X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga Omnibus HC$100.00Marvel903
119152Flash Rogues Captain Cold$16.99DC901
12040Batman By Doug Moench and Kelley Jones HC Vol. 2$49.99DC900
12160Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Vol. 2 Ms. Marvel Years$39.99Marvel882
122156Stairway Ogn Vol. 1$16.99Image869
123162Batman Vol. 3 I Am Bane$16.99DC863
124282X-Men Adventures Digest$9.99Marvel850
12592Marvel Legacy$29.99Marvel839
126111Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Vol. 1$24.99Marvel833
127113Stabbity Bunny$19.99Scout831
128286Snotgirl Vol. 1 Green Hair Dont Care$9.99Image824
129263Black Torch Vol. 1$9.99Viz818
13013Secret Invasion By Bendis Omnibus HC$100.00Marvel815
131137Joker HC$19.99DC811
132148Thanos Wins By Donny Cates$19.99Marvel811
133199Saga Vol. 6$14.99Image810
13484Femme Magnifique$29.99IDW807
135117Astro City Broken Melody HC$24.99DC804
13665Defenders Epic Collection The New Defenders$39.99Marvel804
137232Paper Girls Vol. 2$12.99Image801
13897Supergirl The Silver Age Vol. 2$29.99DC794
139180Jimmys Bastards Vol. 2$14.99Aftershock791
140209Saga Vol. 4$14.99Image790
141210Saga Vol. 5$14.99Image786
142168Harley Quinn Vol. 1 Die Laughing$16.99DC784
143176Batman Vol. 2 I Am Suicide$16.99DC783
144303Deadly Class Vol. 1 Reagan Youth$9.99Image777
145525Marvels Thor Dark World Art of Movie HC Slipcase$49.99Marvel775
146174Jim Henson Storyteller Fairies HC$24.99Boom774
147277Tangled The Series Let Down Your Hair$9.99IDW772
148261Thicker Than Blood$9.95FPG755
14987Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan Vol. 4 Complete Collection$34.99Marvel751
15068Cloak and Dagger Predator and Prey$39.99Marvel749
15145Star Wars Classic Newspaper Comics HC Vol. 3$49.99IDW748
152203Lockjaw Whos a Good Boy$15.99Marvel748
1531140Amazing Spider-Man Family Business Ogn HC$24.99Marvel737
154119Gantz Omnibus Vol. 1$24.99Dark Horse735
155163Stray Bullets Sunshine & Roses Vol. 2$19.99Image729
156185Civil War Amazing Spider-Man$17.99Marvel724
157109Comic Book Implosion$21.95Two Morrows723
15873Human Torch and Thing Strange Tales Complete Collection$39.99Marvel719
159206Venom Vol. 1 Homecoming$17.99Marvel711
160196Death of Love$16.99Image710
161133Scalped Book 3$24.99DC704
162135Disney Gravity Falls Lost Legends HC$19.99Hachette702
163151Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Ed HC Vol. 2$19.99Viz691
164195Warlock Second Coming$17.99Marvel690
16562Tales of the Batman Gerry Conway HC Vol. 2$49.99DC687
16685Prince Valiant HC Vol. 17 1969-1970$34.99Fantagraphics684
167214Black Cloud Vol. 2 No Return$16.99Image674
16821New Teen Titans Omnibus HC Vol. 3$99.99DC673
169320Legend of Korra Vol. 1 Turf Wars Pt 1$10.99Dark Horse668
170115DC Bombshells The Deluxe Ed HC Book 1$29.99DC666
171280Paper Girls Vol. 3$12.99Image666
172247Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe$14.99Marvel661
173315One Piece Vol. 87$9.99Viz657
174216Bloodshot Salvation Vol. 2 The Book of the Dead$14.99Valiant650
1751673 Story Secret History of Giant Man Expanded$19.99Dark Horse649
176184Preacher Book 1$19.99DC649
177218Wonder Woman Vol. 1 The Lies$16.99DC647
178268Forever Evil HC$24.99DC643
179143Paybacks$24.99Dark Horse640
180172I Am a Hero Omnibus Vol. 7$19.99Dark Horse636
181171Mammon HC$19.99Dark Horse635
182106Deadpool By Posehn & Duggan Vol. 1 Complete Collection$34.99Marvel625
183366Wicked & Divine Vol. 1 The Faust Act$9.99Image624
1851359X-Men Lifedeath Prem HC$24.99Marvel621
1861626Thor Trials of Loki Prem HC$19.99Marvel620
18795BPRD Hell On Earth HC Vol. 2$34.99Dark Horse617
188369Kill or Be Killed Vol. 1$9.99Image617
189125Wolverine Old Man Logan$29.99Marvel616
190290Rasl Color Ed Vol. 1 Drift$9.99Publishers Group West614
191243Spider-Man Deadpool Vol. 2 Side Pieces$16.99Marvel612
192169Ducktales Classics Vol. 1$19.99IDW610
193129Infinity War$29.99Marvel609
194220Star Trek Discovery Light of Kahless$15.99IDW607
19515Fantastic Four By John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00Marvel604
196127Dark Days The Road to Metal HC$29.99DC603
1972Jack Kirby Marvel Heroes & Monsters Artist Ed HC$90.00IDW601
198299Baby Sitters Club Color Ed Vol. 6 Kristys Big Day$10.99Scholastic590
199155Adventure Zone Vol. 1 Here There Be Gerblins$19.99St. Martins587
200134Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four$29.99Marvel586
201217Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 Cries of the Fire Prince$17.99Dark Horse577
202391I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1 Madly Ever After$9.99Image572
203266Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 No Normal$15.99Marvel571
204245Batman Vol. 5 Rules of Engagement Rebirth$16.99DC568
205373Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Vol. 25$9.99Viz559
206251Batman Vol. 6 Bride or Burglar$16.99DC558
207272Spider-Man Miles Morales Vol. 1$15.99Marvel555
208105Hulk By Waid and Duggan Complete Collection$39.99Marvel552
2091515Thor For Asgard HC$24.99Marvel552
210405Adventure Time Vol. 15$14.99Boom547
211197Transformers Lost Light Vol. 3$19.99IDW547
212108Avengers Arena Complete Collection$39.99Marvel547
213123Thing and Human Torch By Dan Slott$34.99Marvel541
2141871Thor Iron Man Prem HC God Complex$19.99Marvel540
215284Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$14.99Image538
216260Postal Vol. 7$16.99Image536
217276Venom Vol. 2 Land Before Crime$16.99Marvel535
218257Walking Dead Vol. 29 Lines We Cross$16.99Image534
21931Deadpool By Daniel Way Omnibus HC Vol. 2$100.00Marvel533
221140Moorcock Lib Corum HC Vol. 2 Queen of Swords$24.99Titan533
222378Mysticons Vol. 1$10.99Dark Horse531
2231000Avengers Endless Wartime HC$24.99Marvel531
224219Identity Crisis$19.99DC529
225235Giants$17.99Dark Horse526
226353Life With Archie Vol. 1$10.99Archie525
227291I Hate Fairyland Vol. 2 Fluff My Life$14.99Image523
228231Kingdom Come$19.99DC517
22925Batman 66 Omnibus HC$125.00DC514
230149Robotech Archives Macross Saga Vol. 2$24.99Titan514
231264Lumberjanes Vol. 1$14.99Boom513
232386My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 1$9.99Viz509
233374Betty & Veronica Spectacular Vol. 1$10.99Archie507
234389Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack Vol. 1$16.99Boom506
235236Y The Last Man Book 1$19.99DC501
236239Bettie Page Vol. 2 Model Agent$17.99Dynamite499
237215Jojos Bizarre Adv 3 Stardust Crusaders HC Vol. 8$19.99Viz499
238191Destroyer By Robert Kirkman$24.99Marvel497
239189Dark Nights Metal The Resistance$24.99DC495
24057Batman By Grant Morrison Omnibus HC Vol. 1$75.00DC491
241201Civil War$24.99Marvel491
242285Harley Quinn Vol. 2 Joker Loves Harley$16.99DC490
243246Dark Knight Returns$19.99DC489
244139I Rene Tardi Prisoner of War In Stalag IIb HC Vol. 1$29.99Fantagraphics488
245274Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Vol. 2 Legacy's End$17.99Marvel488
24649Doom Patrol Omnibus HC$150.00DC486
247402Dragon Ball Super Vol. 3$9.99Viz486
248204Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest Comics Magazine$24.99Marvel484
24937Fantastic Four Omnibus HC Vol. 1$100.00Marvel482
250273Superman Red Son$17.99DC481
251161Minky Woodcock Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini HC$24.99Titan481
252175G.I. Joe a Real American Hero Omnibus Vol. 1$24.99IDW478
253211Casper The Friendly Ghost Classics Vol. 1$19.99American Mythology475
254227Love & Rockets Library Gilbert Vol. 7 Three Sisters$19.99Fantagraphics473
255300Backways Vol. 1$14.99Aftershock471
256363Attack On Titan Before The Fall Vol. 14$10.99Random House471
257414Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Vol. 3$9.99Viz471
259177Coyote Doggirl HC$22.95Drawn & Quarterly469
260506Peanuts Vol. 10$13.99Boom468
261434Best of Archie Americana Vol. 3 Bronze Age$9.99Archie464
262312Berserk Vol. 1 Black Swordsman$14.99Dark Horse463
263708Rover Red Charlie Vol. 1$19.99Avatar462
264317Vinegar Teeth$14.99Dark Horse461
2651802Avengers Season One Prem HC$24.99Marvel453
266323Black Butler Vol. 26$13.00Hachette452
267335Rat Queens Vol. 4 High Fantasies$14.99Image452
2681805Wolverine and X-Men Prem HC Alpha and Omega$24.99Marvel452
269480Rat Queens Vol. 1 Sass & Sorcery$9.99Image451
270333Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe Again$15.99Marvel451
271423Dragon Ball Super Vol. 1$9.99Viz450
272294Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 My Own Worst Enemy Now$17.99Marvel449
273296Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 Spider-Verse Prelude$17.99Marvel448
274429My Hero Academia Vol. 2$9.99Viz444
275310Batman Vol. 1 The Court of Owls$16.99DC443
276445Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Vol. 1$9.99Viz441
277344Deadly Class Vol. 2 Kids of the Black Hole$14.99Image438
2782269Trouble By Mark Millar Prem HC$19.99Marvel437
279419That Blue Sky Feeling Vol. 1$10.99Viz435
2801185Spider-Man Newspaper Strips HC Vol. 2$39.99Marvel434
281248Aquaman a Celebration of 75 Years HC$39.99DC432
28225330 Days of Night$19.99IDW430
283254James Bond Hammerhead$19.99Dynamite426
284318East of West Vol. 1 The Promise$16.99Image426
2851210Spider-Man Spider-Island Companion HC$39.99Marvel422
2861430Avengers Assemble By Bendis HC$34.99Marvel420
287153Valerian Complete Collection HC Vol. 4$29.99Cinebook419
2882354Ultimate Comics Captain America Prem HC$19.99Marvel417
289287Blackest Night$19.99DC416
2901648X-Men Fallen Angels Prem HC$29.99Marvel416
291361Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1$12.99Viz415
292329Valerian and Laureline Vol. 1 Shingouzlooz Inc$13.95Cinebook414
293465Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Vol. 2$9.99Viz414
294543Wytches Vol. 1$9.99Image413
295224Batman Dark Victory$24.99DC412
2962266Marvel Zombies Covers HC$19.99Marvel412
297551Seven to Eternity Vol. 1$9.99Image411
2991255Ultimate Comics Doomsday HC$39.99Marvel408
300234Mighty Thor Prem HC Thunder In Her Veins Vol. 1$24.99Marvel407
301489Promised Neverland Vol. 5$9.99Viz407
302238Mighty Thor Prem HC Vol. 2 Lords of Midgard$24.99Marvel405
303468My Hero Academia Vol. 13$9.99Viz404
3041484Invincible Iron Man HC Vol. 2$34.99Marvel403
305472One Punch Man Vol. 1$9.99Viz402
3061997Uncanny Avengers Prem HC Vol. 3 Ragnarok Now$24.99Marvel401
307271Delilah Dirk & Pillars of Her$17.99St. Martins401
308267Back to the Future Tales From The Time Train$19.99IDW397
3092350Sense & Sensibility Prem HC$19.99Marvel397
310341Southern Bastards Vol. 4 Gut Check$16.99Image396
311170Guardians of the Galaxy HC Vol. 5$34.99Marvel396
312454Teen Titans Go Vol. 1 Party Party$12.99DC394
3132456Steve Rogers Prem HC Super-Soldier$19.99Marvel394
314103Flash By Manapul & Buccellato Omnibus HC$99.99DC392
315352War For Planet of the Apes$14.99Boom391
31653Batman Brave & The Bold Bronze Age Omnibus HC Vol. 2$99.99DC391
317509Platinum End Vol. 6$9.99Viz391
318230Hellboy Omnibus Vol. 3 The Wild Hunt$24.99Dark Horse388
319398Batman Year One Deluxe$14.99DC387
3202023Wolverine Best There Is Prem HC Contagion$24.99Marvel387
321379Amazing Spider-Man Edge of Spider-Verse$15.99Marvel385
3221925Iron Man Prem HC Believe Vol. 1$24.99Marvel385
32478Absolute Authority HC Vol. 2$75.00DC383
3252086Thor World Eaters Prem HC$24.99Marvel383
326359Rome West$15.99Dark Horse382
327627Harley Quinn Night and Day$16.99DC382
328603Teen Titans Go Thier Greatest Hijinks$9.99DC382
329306Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 1$19.99DC380
330178Spider-Gwen HC Vol. 2$34.99Marvel379
331355Catwoman Vol. 1 Trail of the Catwoman$29.99DC378
332602DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 1 Finals Crisis$9.99DC378
333308Sandman Vol. 2 The Dolls House$19.99DC377
334181Spider-Gwen HC Vol. 1$34.99Marvel377
3352527Wolverine Goodbye Chinatown Prem HC$19.99Marvel377
336533Harley Quinn Vengeance Unlimited$19.99DC375
337187Disney Masters HC Vol. 4 Jippes Milton Donald Survival Test$29.99Fantagraphics375
3381317Captain Britain HC Vol. 2 Siege of Camelot$39.99Marvel375
339615Sex Criminals Vol. 1$9.99Image372
340368Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt Vol. 8$14.99Viz372
341893Night of the Living Dead Vol. 1$24.99Avatar370
342637Venom Vs. Carnage$9.99Marvel370
3432165Daredevil Season One Prem HC With Dig Cde$24.99Marvel369
3441541X-Force HC Vol. 2$34.99Marvel369
345371Persona 4 Vol. 7$13.99Udon367
346141Star Hawks HC Vol. 3 1979-1981$39.99IDW366
347526Dragon Ball Super Vol. 2$9.99Viz366
348358I Hate Fairyland Vol. 3 Good Girl$16.99Image364
349377Citrus Vol. 8$13.99St. Martins362
350252Hellboy Omnibus Vol. 2 Strange Places$24.99Dark Horse360
351380Batman Beyond Vol. 2 Rise of the Demon$16.99DC360
352356Doctor Strange Vol. 5 Secret Empire$17.99Marvel360
353540One Punch Man Vol. 14$9.99Viz360
354328V For Vendetta$19.99DC359
355194New Warriors Darkness & Light$34.99Marvel359
356336Tomb Raider 2016 Vol. 3 Survivors Crusade$17.99Dark Horse358
357182Urotsukidojj Legend of Overfiend Vol. 1$29.95Fakku357
358384Teen Titans Vol. 1 Damian Knows Best$16.99DC354
359583Black Clover Vol. 12$9.99Viz354
360301Look Back & Laugh$19.99IDW352
361588Shortcake Cake Vol. 1$9.99Viz352
362385Kill or Be Killed Vol. 3$16.99Image351
363200Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars$34.99Marvel351
364433Yuuna & Haunted Hot Springs Vol. 3$12.99Seven Seas350
365730Fang Vol. 1$7.99Fantagraphics349
366198Deadpool Worlds Greatest HC Vol. 5$34.99Marvel349
367237Spider-Man Maximum Carnage$29.99Marvel348
368662Tokyo Ghost Vol. 1 Atomic Garden$9.99Image347
3697152 Omnibus HC$150.00DC344
370233All Star Superman$29.99DC344
371208Secret Wars$34.99Marvel344
3721521Ultimate Comics Divided We Fall United We Stand HC$39.99Marvel343
373188Valerian Complete Collection HC Vol. 5$29.99Cinebook342
374307Roly Poly HC$19.99Fantagraphics339
375212Civil War II$34.99Marvel339
376487Ballad of Halo Jones Vol. 2 Color Ed$9.99Pocket339
377613Vampire Knight Memories Vol. 2$9.99Viz339
378395Descender Vol. 5 Rise of the Robots$16.99Image337
379357WWE Ongoing Vol. 3$16.99Boom335
380347All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder Vol. 1$19.99DC335
381504Dark Night a True Batman Story HC$22.99DC335
382396Head Lopper Vol. 2 Crimson Tower$16.99Image335
383494Fairy Tail Blue Mistral Vol. 4$10.99Random House334
384549Teen Titans Go Vol. 4 Smells Like Teen Spirit$12.99DC333
385213Inhumans Vs. X-Men$34.99Marvel332
386568Van Helsing Vs. Robyn Hood$9.99Zenescope332
387426How to Build Dungeon Book of Demon King Vol. 4$12.99St. Martins330
3882336Indestructible Hulk Prem HC Vol. 1 Agent of Shield Now$24.99Marvel329
389430Legion Son of X Vol. 1 Prodigal$15.99Marvel329
3902387Iron Man Season One Prem HC$24.99Marvel327
391698DC Super Hero Girls Date With Disaster$9.99DC326
392223Uzumaki 3In1 Dlx Ed HC Junji Ito$27.99Viz325
393455Birthright Vol. 1 Homecoming$14.99Image324
3942816X-Men Steve Rogers HC Escape From Negative Zone$19.99Marvel323
395435Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphic Project Vol. 1$12.99St. Martins323
396241Danzig Lyrics of the Left Hand Vol. 2$24.95Verotik323
397343Rasputin Voice of Dragon$19.99Dark Horse321
398796Bitch Planet Vol. 1 Extraordinary Machine$9.99Image320
399411Red Hood & The Outlaws Vol. 1 Dark Trinity$16.99DC319
4001055Lady Death Origins Vol. 1$19.99Avatar317
401675Nge Shinji Ikari Raising Project Vol. 18$9.99Dark Horse317
402420Quest of Ewilan HC Vol. 1 From One World to Another$14.99IDW317
403258Spider-Man Birth of Venom$29.99Marvel317
404728Black Science Vol. 1 How to Fall Forever$9.99Image316
4052410Avengers X-Sanction HC$24.99Marvel316
406626My Hero Academia Vol. 5$9.99Viz316
407628My Hero Academia Vol. 12$9.99Viz315
408517Flash HC Vol. 1 Move Forward$24.99DC313
409490Bitch Planet Vol. 2 President Bitch$14.99Image313
410364Black Monday Murders Vol. 1 All Hail God Mammon$19.99Image311
4112443Captain America Prem HC Vol. 1 Castaway Dimension Z Bk 1 Now$24.99Marvel310
412145Ec Archives War Against Crime HC Vol. 1$49.99Dark Horse309
413221X-Men Legion Shadow King Rising$34.99Marvel308
414760Low Vol. 1 The Delirium of Hope$9.99Image305
4152503Uncanny X-Men Prem HC Vol. 2 Broken$24.99Marvel305
416460Black Hammer Vol. 1 Secret Origins$14.99Dark Horse304
417381Hellblazer Vol. 1 Original Sins$19.99DC304
418758DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 3 Summer Olympus$9.99DC303
419256Mister Miracle By Jack Kirby$29.99DC303
420346March Book 2$19.95IDW303
421459Devilman Vs. Hades Vol. 2$12.99St. Martins303
422441Batman Vol. 2 The City of Owls$16.99DC301
4232950Wolverine Origins Prem HC Seven Hard Way$19.99Marvel300
424147Eerie Archives HC Vol. 24$49.99Dark Horse299
425673Harley Quinn Welcome to Metropolis$19.99DC297
4261109Night of the Living Dead Vol. 2$19.99Avatar296
427309Lady Mechanika Vol. 1 Mystery of Mechanical Corpse$19.99Benitez296
428609Super Sons Vol. 1 When I Grow Up$12.99DC295
429664My Hero Academia Vol. 4$9.99Viz295
430376Trumps Titans Vol. 1 Sick of Winning$16.99Keenspot294
431432Edge of Venomverse$17.99Marvel294
432452Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol. 1 Believe It$16.99Marvel294
433438Deadly Class Vol. 6$16.99Image293
434322Batman a Death In The Family$24.99DC292
4352590Ultimate Six Prem HC$24.99Marvel292
436479Captain Harlock Dimensional Voyage Vol. 5$12.99St. Martins292
4372599Thing Prem HC Liberty Legion$24.99Marvel291
4381146Night of the Living Dead Vol. 3$19.99Avatar290
439408Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.99Dark Horse289
440481Science Comics Trees Gn$12.99St. Martins289
441326Injustice Gods Among Us Year One Complete Coll$24.99DC288
442505Descender Vol. 2$14.99Image288
4432582Uncanny Avengers Prem HC Vol. 2 Apocalypse Twins$24.99Marvel288
444362Locke & Key Vol. 1 Welcome to Lovecraft$19.99IDW287
445360Catwoman a Celebration of 75 Years HC$39.99DC285
446144Best of Witzend HC$49.99Fantagraphics285
447516Rat Queens Vol. 3 Demons$14.99Image285
448331Attack On Titan Junior High Vol. 5$19.99Random House285
449663Teen Titans Go Vol. 2 Welcome to the Pizza Dome$12.99DC284
450394Head Lopper Vol. 1 Island or a Plague of Beasts$19.99Image284
451498Star Wars Darth Maul Son Dathomir$15.99Marvel284
452349Wonder Woman Earth One HC Vol. 1$22.99DC283
453462Seven to Eternity Vol. 2$16.99Image283
454689My Hero Academia Vol. 7$9.99Viz283
455448Spider-Gwen Vol. 1 Greater Power$17.99Marvel282
456464Kill or Be Killed Vol. 2$16.99Image280
457469Batman Vol. 3 Death of the Family$16.99DC279
458704One Punch Man Vol. 2$9.99Viz279
459314Hellboy Complete Short Stories Vol. 1$24.99Dark Horse278
460325Dumb HC Living Without a Voice Webber$22.99Fantagraphics278
461822Scales & Scoundrels Vol. 1 Into The Dragons Maw$9.99Image278
4621203Night of the Living Dead Aftermath Vol. 1$19.99Avatar277
463422Go Go Power Rangers Vol. 1$16.99Boom277
464305Love Letters Janes World$22.99Lion Forge277
465536East of West Vol. 2 We Are All One$14.99Image276
466522Walking Dead Vol. 2 Miles Behind Us$14.99Image276
467250Doctor Strange Damnation$34.99Marvel276
4681271Chronicles of Wormwood$19.99Avatar274
469727Blackest Night Rise of the Black Lanterns$19.99DC274
470304Green Arrow By Jeff Lemire Deluxe Ed HC$49.99DC274
471478Scooby Apocalypse Vol. 1$16.99DC274
472510Estranged Sc Vol. 1$12.99HarperCollins274
473512Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 Squirrel Power$15.99Marvel274
474843DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 2 Hits and Myths$9.99DC273
4752716Captain America American Nightmare Prem HC$24.99Marvel272
476458Marvel Two-In-One Vol. 1 Fate of the Four$17.99Marvel272
477559Descender Vol. 3 Singularities$14.99Image270
478476Walking Dead Vol. 28 A Certain Doom$16.99Image270
479415Y The Last Man Book 2$19.99DC269
4801188Escape of the Living Dead Resurrected$29.99Avatar268
481466Thanos Vol. 1 Thanos Returns$17.99Marvel268
482501Bone Color Ed Sc Vol. 1 Out Boneville$12.99Scholastic268
483418Sandman Overture$19.99DC267
484780Star Wars The Force Awakens$9.99IDW267
485496Star Wars Darth Maul$16.99Marvel266
4862732Uncanny X-Force Prem HC Otherworld$24.99Marvel266
487431Star Wars Vol. 1 Skywalker Strikes$19.99Marvel265
488269Venom By Remender Complete Collection Vol. 1$34.99Marvel265
489485Made In Abyss Vol. 3$13.99St. Martins265
490652UQ Holder Vol. 14$10.99Random House264
491393Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 1$19.99Boom263
4922152Marvels Project HC Birth of Super Heroes$34.99Marvel263
493547Venom Vol. 3 Lethal Protector Blood In The Water$15.99Marvel263
494739My Hero Academia Vol. 3$9.99Viz263
495316Suicide Squad The Silver Age Omnibus HC$49.99DC262
496582Wicked & Divine Vol. 2 Fandemonium$14.99Image262
497503Wicked & Divine Vol. 6 Imperial Phase Part 2$16.99Image262
498546Rogue & Gambit Ring of Fire$15.99Marvel262
500885DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 4 Past Times At Super Hero High$9.99DC260