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2019 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

OVERALL North American Dollar Sales for Diamond's Comics,
Graphic Novels, and Magazines for the year

around $207.93 Million

(down 0.7% year-over-year)

After 2017 was the first down year in six for the Direct Market, 2018 served as a year of recovery, with the year-and-a-half recession ending in spring. The only two months where we won't have even comparisons in 2019 will be July and August; August's fifth shipping week in 2018 goes to July in 2019.

The number of new comic books (not counting variants) released so far in 2019 is 1,381, up from 1,365 in the same period in 2018. The number of new graphic novels released so far in 2019 is 1,050, up from 895 in the same period in 2018.

January's market rebounded strongly from a slowdown at the end of 2018, with overall dollar sales of comic books and graphic novels up 14%. Every subcategory was up over the same month in 2018, which had the same number of shipping weeks. Batman Who Laughs #2 led unit sales for comics, while Captain Marvel #1 led dollar sales. Marvel saw the return of the Conan license from Dark Horse, and as a result had a new Conan the Barbarian #1 in fourth place, while a new omnibus led the graphic novel dollar chart.

February saw the smallest new comics slate since at least 2013, with only 389 new comics released, a full 60 fewer than in the same month in the previous year. Sales were consequently down overall but not by as much as new release volume; average sales per release thus improved.

In March, DC improved on its success with Action #1000 back in April 2018 with Detective Comics #1000, celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman. The issue had initial orders in North America of more than 526,000 copies, and by the end of April had passed all but Star Wars #1 to become the second bestselling comic book of the 21st Century. The month also saw the release of the Captain Marvel movie on March 8. The first quarter closed out positive, up 7.7%; it was the third quarterly increase out of the previous four quarters.

April featured the launch of War of the Realms, a major Marvel crossover lasting three months. In theaters, Shazam released April 5, Hellboy on April 12, and Avengers: Endgame on April 26. The latter set all-time records for first-weekend box office.

May kicked off with the launch of DCeased, which took the top spot with nearly a quarter-million copies shipped in its first month. Free Comic Book Day followed on May 4. Marvel released 118 new comic books in the month, its largest total in the century so far.

June's releases include the DC Artgerm Portfolio. June 7 sees the release of the Dark Phoenix movie.

July sees Spider-Man: Far From Home release in theaters on July 5. July also features the return of Jonathan Hickman to Marvel with House of X and Powers of X. July has a natural year-to-year advantage because of a fifth shipping week.

Marvel goes for some 80th anniversary sales magic of its own in August, with Marvel Comics #1000 releasing. The Absolute Carnage event by Donny Cates also launches at Marvel during the month. August has a natural year-to-year disadvantage because of a one fewer shipping week.

DC gets a movie release in October with Joker.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is set for a December release. It comes out on Dec. 20.

Projected rankings for comics and graphic novels sold by Diamond during the year appear below. These are aggregated from the Top 500 lists published by the distributor throughout the year, and undershoot sales by whatever months in which reorders did not make the Top 500. Year-end totals will appear on this page in January 2020 and will include those extra months' sales. These figures then should be considered as minimums for the number of copies shipped, with final orders for the year slightly higher.

You can also see our pages for reorders and advance reorders for 2019.

— John Jackson Miller

The chart below collates known information from Diamond's monthly charts for the year.

Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.

The links lead to current auctions for each issue on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

UnitsComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherEst. units
1Detective Comics1000$9.9903/27/19DC574,279
3War of Realms1$5.9904/03/19Marvel191,118
4Symbiote Spider-Man1$4.9904/10/19Marvel168,610
5Captain Marvel1$4.9901/09/19Marvel136,080
6Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight1$4.9903/13/19DC133,656
7Batman Who Laughs2$4.9901/16/19DC126,101
8Guardians of the Galaxy1$4.9901/23/19Marvel125,444
9Doomsday Clock9$4.9903/06/19DC121,156
10Doomsday Clock10$4.9905/29/19DC117,419
11Batman Last Knight On Earth1$5.9905/29/19DC113,287
12Savage Avengers1$4.9905/01/19Marvel111,736
13Batman Who Laughs3$4.9902/13/19DC110,224
14Batman Who Laughs5$4.9905/08/19DC108,677
15Conan The Barbarian1$4.9901/02/19Marvel107,036
16Batman Who Laughs4$4.9904/10/19DC105,264
17Immortal Hulk16$3.9904/03/19Marvel94,083
19Amazing Spider-Man21$3.9905/15/19Marvel92,538
20Amazing Spider-Man14$3.9901/30/19Marvel92,458
22Star Wars Galaxys Edge1$3.9904/24/19Marvel90,544
26Immortal Hulk17$3.9905/15/19Marvel87,444
28Heroes In Crisis4$3.9901/02/19DC86,921
35Heroes In Crisis5$3.9901/30/19DC81,638
36Heroes In Crisis6$3.9902/27/19DC80,993
37Amazing Spider-Man17$4.9903/13/19Marvel80,729
38Web of Venom Cult of Carnage1$4.9904/10/19Marvel80,238
39Heroes In Crisis7$3.9903/27/19DC79,783
40Heroes In Crisis8$3.9904/24/19DC79,512
41Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man1$4.9901/09/19Marvel78,667
42Amazing Spider-Man22$3.9905/29/19Marvel78,102
43War of Realms3$4.9905/01/19Marvel77,664
44Heroes In Crisis9$3.9905/29/19DC77,582
45Amazing Spider-Man20$3.9911/30/16Marvel77,544
46Young Justice1$4.9901/09/19DC76,654
47Amazing Spider-Man18$3.9903/27/19Marvel76,519
48War of Realms2$4.9904/17/19Marvel75,995
49Immortal Hulk18$3.9905/29/19Marvel75,983
50Amazing Spider-Man19$3.9904/10/19Marvel74,018
51Spider-Man City At War1$3.9903/20/19Marvel73,155
52War of Realms4$4.9905/15/19Marvel73,026
53Amazing Spider-Man15$3.9902/13/19Marvel71,407
54Detective Comics1001$3.9904/10/19DC70,710
55Uncanny X-Men12$3.9902/20/19Marvel70,473
57Incredible Hulk181 Facsimile Ed.$3.9905/29/19Marvel67,597
58Fantastic Four6$3.9901/16/19Marvel67,167
59Uncanny X-Men11$7.9902/06/19Marvel66,962
61Amazing Spider-Man16$4.9902/27/19Marvel66,785
62Amazing Spider-Man13$3.9901/16/19Marvel66,396
63Justice League20$3.9903/20/19DC66,034
65Detective Comics1003$3.9905/08/19DC65,709
66Avengers No Road Home1$4.9902/13/19Marvel65,477
67Detective Comics999$3.9902/27/19DC65,064
68War of Realms New Agents of Atlas1$3.9905/08/19Marvel64,990
70Detective Comics1004$3.9905/22/19DC63,161
71Wolverine Infinity Watch1$3.9902/20/19Marvel63,046
72Detective Comics1002$3.9904/24/19DC62,611
74Detective Comics998$3.9902/13/19DC61,113
76Major X1$4.9904/03/19Marvel60,402
77Justice League15$3.9901/09/19DC60,326
78Immortal Hulk15$3.9903/20/19Marvel60,195
79Justice League16$3.9901/23/19DC59,577
80Return of Wolverine5$4.9902/20/19Marvel59,313
81Return of Wolverine4$3.9901/16/19Marvel58,560
82Justice League19$3.9903/06/19DC57,733
83Justice League17$3.9902/06/19DC57,105
84Spider-Man Life Story1$4.9903/20/19Marvel56,976
85Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History1$3.9903/06/19Marvel56,727
86Justice League18$3.9902/20/19DC56,432
87Justice League22$3.9904/17/19DC56,094
89Detective Comics996$3.9901/16/19DC55,645
90Amazing Spider-Man16.HU$3.9903/06/19Marvel55,401
91Fantastic Four7$3.9902/27/19Marvel55,375
92Justice League21$3.9904/03/19DC55,245
94Justice League23$3.9905/01/19DC55,077
95Justice League24$3.9905/15/19DC54,862
96Detective Comics997$3.9901/30/19DC54,830
97Detective Comics995$3.9901/02/19DC54,772
98Green Lantern3$3.9901/09/19DC54,398
99Amazing Spider-Man18.HU$3.9904/03/19Marvel54,353
100Amazing Spider-Man19.HU$3.9904/17/19Marvel53,508
101Fantastic Four8$3.9903/27/19Marvel53,378
102Immortal Hulk14$3.9903/06/19Marvel53,235
103Amazing Spider-Man20.HU$3.9905/01/19Marvel52,728
105Uncanny X-Men10$4.9901/16/19Marvel52,365
106Uncanny X-Men8$3.9901/02/19Marvel52,162
107Symbiote Spider-Man2$3.9905/08/19Marvel52,088
108Batman and the Outsiders1$3.9905/08/19DC51,958
110Fantastic Four9$3.9904/24/19Marvel51,074
112Fantastic Four10$3.9905/29/19Marvel50,572
114Immortal Hulk12$3.9901/23/19Marvel50,460
115Uncanny X-Men13$3.9903/06/19Marvel50,430
117Green Lantern4$3.9902/06/19DC50,176
118Savage Sword of Conan1$4.9902/13/19Marvel49,640
120Green Lantern6$3.9904/03/19DC49,256
124Uncanny X-Men14$3.9903/20/19Marvel48,840
126Walking Dead191$3.9905/01/19Image48,743
128Star Wars Vader Dark Visions1$4.9903/06/19Marvel48,367
129Justice League Annual1$4.9901/30/19DC48,315
130Uncanny X-Men15$3.9904/03/19Marvel48,162
131Uncanny X-Men16$3.9904/17/19Marvel48,160
133Web of Venom Unleashed1$4.9901/09/19Marvel47,906
134Immortal Hulk11$3.9901/02/19Marvel47,871
136Immortal Hulk13$3.9902/06/19Marvel47,702
138Green Lantern5$3.9903/06/19DC47,325
139Wonder Woman65$3.9902/27/19DC47,052
141Uncanny X-Men9$3.9901/09/19Marvel46,566
142Walking Dead187$3.9901/02/19Image46,536
143Guardians of the Galaxy2$3.9902/20/19Marvel46,160
144Action Comics1006$3.9901/02/19DC46,140
145Wonder Woman64$3.9902/13/19DC45,866
146Green Lantern7$3.9905/01/19DC45,338
147Guardians of the Galaxy3$3.9903/20/19Marvel45,247
148Detective Comics Annual2$4.9905/29/19DC44,927
149Guardians of the Galaxy5$3.9905/15/19Marvel44,919
150Action Comics1008$3.9902/27/19DC44,622
151Walking Dead188$3.9902/06/19Image44,597
152Action Comics1007$3.9901/30/19DC44,405
153Harley Quinn59$3.9903/06/19DC44,298
156Conan The Barbarian2$3.9901/16/19Marvel43,638
157Guardians of the Galaxy4$3.9904/17/19Marvel43,364
158Uncanny X-Men Annual1$4.9901/23/19Marvel43,211
159Star Wars64$3.9904/03/19Marvel43,160
160Walking Dead189$3.9903/06/19Image43,061
161Spider-Man City At War2$3.9904/17/19Marvel43,026
162Action Comics1009$3.9903/27/19DC43,014
163Uncanny X-Men18$3.9905/15/19Marvel42,703
164Uncanny X-Men17$3.9905/01/19Marvel42,677
165Action Comics1010$3.9904/24/19DC42,317
166Captain America7$3.9901/30/19Marvel42,260
167Action Comics1011$3.9905/22/19DC42,207
168Walking Dead190$3.9904/03/19Image42,177
169Age of X-Man Alpha1$4.9901/30/19Marvel42,022
170Age of X-Man Marvelous X-Men1$3.9902/06/19Marvel42,021
172Star Wars59$3.9901/09/19Marvel41,655
173Star Wars66$3.9905/15/19Marvel41,474
174Wonder Woman67$3.9903/27/19DC41,434
175Star Wars Age of Republic Jango Fett1$3.9901/09/19Marvel41,371
176Star Wars Age of Rebellion Boba Fett1$3.9905/08/19Marvel41,145
177Conan The Barbarian4$3.9903/06/19Marvel41,010
181Spider-Man Life Story2$4.9904/17/19Marvel40,761
182Conan The Barbarian3$3.9902/06/19Marvel40,749
185Marvel Comics Presents1$4.9901/16/19Marvel40,543
186Star Wars62$3.9903/06/19Marvel40,514
187Star Wars61$3.9902/06/19Marvel40,483
188Star Wars Original Marvel Yrs108$5.9905/29/19Marvel40,284
189Avengers No Road Home6$4.9903/20/19Marvel40,003
190Marvel Team-Up1$3.9904/03/19Marvel39,892
191Captain Marvel2$3.9902/13/19Marvel39,498
196Captain America8$3.9902/27/19Marvel39,241
199Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III1$3.9905/01/19DC38,894

2019 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

The chart below collates known information from Diamond's monthly charts for the year.

The links lead to details about each title on Amazon. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

#1 #2 #3 #4

Projected rankings for hardcovers and trade paperbacks sold by Diamond during the year appear below. These are aggregated from the Top 500 lists published by the distributor throughout the year, and undershoot sales by whatever months in which orders did not make the Top 500. Year-end totals will appear on this page in January 2020 and will include those extra months' sales. These figures then should be considered as minimums for the number of copies shipped, with final orders for the year higher.

UnitsTrade Paperback titlePricePublisherEst. units
1Walking Dead Vol. 31$16.99Image12,160
2Mister Miracle$24.99DC11,652
3Saga Vol. 1$9.99Image10,723
4Monstress Vol. 1$9.99Image9,226
5Detective Comics 80 Years of Batman Dlx Ed HC$29.99DC9,216
6Infinity Gauntlet$24.99Marvel8,940
7Saga Vol. 9$14.99Image8,339
8Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.99Dark Horse7,548
9Dark Nights Metal$19.99DC7,464
10Paper Girls Vol. 1$9.99Image6,907
11Umbrella Academy Vol. 2 Dallas$17.99Dark Horse6,397
12Batman White Knight$19.99DC6,237
13Life of Captain Marvel$15.99Marvel5,939
14Deadly Class Vol. 1 Reagan Youth$9.99Image5,763
15Magic Order Vol. 1$19.99Image5,538
16Cosmic Ghost Rider Baby Thanos Must Die$15.99Marvel5,441
17Immortal Hulk Vol. 2 Green Door$15.99Marvel5,422
18Saga Vol. 2$14.99Image5,334
19Immortal Hulk Vol. 1 Or Is He Both$15.99Marvel5,275
20Under The Moon a Catwoman Tale DC Ink$16.99DC4,936
21Gideon Falls Vol. 1 Black Barn$9.99Image4,933
22Monstress Vol. 3$16.99Image4,847
23Wicked & Divine Vol. 8 Old Is The New New$17.99Image4,732
24Saga Vol. 8$14.99Image4,665
25Seven to Eternity Vol. 3$16.99Image4,512
26Wicked & Divine Vol. 1 The Faust Act$9.99Image4,432
27Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Vol. 4 Fortress Vade$19.99Marvel4,420
29Gideon Falls Vol. 2 Original Sins$16.99Image4,339
30Farmhand Vol. 1$12.99Image4,275
32Saga Vol. 3$14.99Image4,232
33Monstress Vol. 2$16.99Image4,160
34Batman Vol. 9 The Tyrant Wing$16.99DC4,159
35Middlewest Book 1$9.99Image4,149
36Venom By Donny Cates Vol. 2$17.99Marvel4,117
37East of West Vol. 9$16.99Image4,112
38DC Super Hero Girls Spaced Out$9.99DC4,111
39Immortal Hulk Vol. 3 Hulk In Hell$15.99Marvel4,085
40Mera Tidebreaker DC Ink$16.99DC3,903
41Legend of Korra Part 01 Ruins of Empire$10.99Dark Horse3,867
42Dark Nights Metal Dark Knights Rising$24.99DC3,825
43My Hero Academia Vol. 1$9.99Viz3,820
44Super Sons The Polarshield Project DC Zoom$9.99DC3,798
45Saga Vol. 7$14.99Image3,796
46Black Hammer Vol. 3 Age of Doom Part I$19.99Dark Horse3,703
47Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons$19.99IDW3,694
48Saga Vol. 4$14.99Image3,669
49Snotgirl Vol. 1 Green Hair Dont Care$9.99Image3,665
50Sheets Gn$12.99Lion Forge3,643
51Infinity Wars$34.99Marvel3,592
52Man-Eaters Vol. 1$12.99Image3,590
53Paper Girls Vol. 5$14.99Image3,582
54My Hero Academia Vol. 17$9.99Viz3,489
55Rat Queens Vol. 6 Infernal Path$16.99Image3,455
56Saga Dlx Ed HC Vol. 3$49.99Image3,452
57Saga Vol. 6$14.99Image3,447
58Dark Days Road to Metal$19.99DC3,420
59Avatar The Last Airbender Imbalance Part Two$10.99Dark Horse3,376
60Infinity Gauntlet Deluxe Edition$34.99Marvel3,357
61Return of Wolverine$17.99Marvel3,336
62Stranger Things Vol. 1 Other Side$17.99Dark Horse3,332
63Saga Vol. 5$14.99Image3,293
64Descender Vol. 1 Tin Stars$9.99Image3,291
65Batman The Killing Joke Special Ed HC$17.99DC3,214
66Paper Girls Vol. 2$12.99Image3,132
67Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici Vol. 2$16.99Image3,044
68My Hero Academia Vol. 18$9.99Viz3,034
69Hellboy Omnibus Vol. 1 Seed of Destruction$24.99Dark Horse3,013
70Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Fourever$15.99Marvel2,967
71Catwoman Vol. 1 Copycats$16.99DC2,953
72Sunstone Ogn Vol. 6$16.99Image2,935
73Star Wars Vol. 10 Escape$17.99Marvel2,931
74Justice League Vol. 2 Graveyard of Gods$19.99DC2,890
75Deadpool MPGN Secret Agent Deadpool$14.99Marvel2,864
76Paper Girls Vol. 4$14.99Image2,836
77Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Vol. 2$15.99Marvel2,818
78Avengers By Jason Aaron Vol. 2 World Tour$17.99Marvel2,814
79Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol. 4$125.00Marvel2,784
80Venom By Donny Cates Vol. 1 Rex$17.99Marvel2,780
81Captain America Vol. 1 Winter In America$17.99Marvel2,776
82Six Days Incredible Story of D Days Lost Chapter HC$24.99DC2,774
83Spider-Geddon Edge of Spider-Geddon$15.99Marvel2,755
84Deadly Class Vol. 2 Kids of the Black Hole$16.99Image2,743
85Kingdom Come$19.99DC2,694
86Blackbird Vol. 1$16.99Image2,690
87Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Coll Book 1$34.99Marvel2,660
88Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider Vol. 1 Spider-Geddon$15.99Marvel2,645
89Paper Girls Vol. 3$12.99Image2,643
90One Punch Man Vol. 15$9.99Viz2,636
91Sabrina Chilling Adventures Vol. 1$17.99Archie2,630
92Unnatural Vol. 1 Awakening$9.99Image2,581
93Justice League Dark Vol. 1 The Last Age of Magic$16.99DC2,577
94Deadpool Skottie Young Vol. 1 Mercin Hard For Money$17.99Marvel2,566
95Dragon Ball Super Vol. 4$9.99Viz2,564
96League of Legends Ashe Warmother$15.99Marvel2,558
97One Punch Man Vol. 16$9.99Viz2,541
98Infinity War$29.99Marvel2,520
99Sandman Vol. 1 Preludes & Nocturnes 30Th Anniv Ed$19.99DC2,511
100Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Vol. 3$15.99Marvel2,471
101Spawn Origins Vol. 1 (New Ptg)$9.99Image2,454
102Unnatural Vol. 2$16.99Image2,451
103Marvel Super Hero Adventures Captain Marvel$9.99Marvel2,434
104My Hero Academia Vol. 2$9.99Viz2,434
105Spider-Man Miles Morales Vol. 1$15.99Marvel2,426
106Jessica Jones Mpgn Purple Daughter$19.99Marvel2,411
107Conan The Barbarian Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00Marvel2,405
108Bitter Root Vol. 1 Family Business$16.99Image2,391
110Flash Vol. 9 Reckoning Forces$16.99DC2,365
111Dragon Ball Super Vol. 5$9.99Viz2,356
112Batman Detective Comics Vol. 9 Deface The Face$16.99DC2,355
113Rat Queens Vol. 1 Sass & Sorcery$9.99Image2,353
114Smashed Junji Ito Story Collection HC$22.99Viz2,351
115Adventures of the Super Sons Vol. 1 Action Detective$16.99DC2,339
116Punisher Vol. 1 World War Frank$15.99Marvel2,332
117Batman White Knight HC$29.99DC2,318
118Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$14.99Image2,315
119Batman Hush Complete$24.99DC2,282
120Spider-Gwen Vol. 1 Greater Power$17.99Marvel2,278
121Star Wars Doctor Aphra Vol. 4 Catastrophe Con$17.99Marvel2,270
122Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 X-Men Disassembled$39.99Marvel2,250
123Marvels Avengers Endgame Prelude$14.99Marvel2,234
124Batman & Harley Quinn$14.99DC2,228
125Shazam Origins$12.99DC2,227
126Spider-Man Noir Complete Collection$24.99Marvel2,216
127Problem of Susan and Other Stories HC$17.99Dark Horse2,202
128Shuri Vol. 1 Search For Black Panther$15.99Marvel2,186
129Kill or Be Killed Vol. 1$9.99Image2,183
130Marvels Captain Marvel Prelude$17.99Marvel2,144
131Paper Girls Dlx Ed HC Vol. 2$34.99Image2,115
132Tony Stark Iron Man Vol. 1 Self Made Man$15.99Marvel2,112
133Amazing Spider-Man By Nick Spencer Vol. 1 Back Basics$15.99Marvel2,107
134X-Men Black$17.99Marvel2,071
135Black Panther Book 6 Interg Empire Wakanda Pt 01$17.99Marvel2,068
136My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 3$9.99Viz2,066
137Deadly Class Vol. 3 The Snake Pit$14.99Image2,064
138Thanos Rising$17.99Marvel2,057
139Snotgirl Vol. 2 California Screaming$15.99Image2,055
140Black Panther Vs. Deadpool$15.99Marvel2,052
141Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol. 1$14.99Boom2,051
143DC Super Hero Girls Search For Atlantis$9.99DC2,045
144Isola Vol. 1$9.99Image2,036
145Star Wars Age of Republic Villains$17.99Marvel2,035
146Lady Mechanika Vol. 5 La Belle Dame Sans Merci$11.99Benitez2,005
147Ms. Marvel Vol. 10 Time and Again$19.99Marvel2,003
148Death of Inhumans$15.99Marvel1,990
149Mister Miracle HC$34.99DC1,979
150X-23 Vol. 1 Family Album$17.99Marvel1,969
151Savage Sword Conan HC Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus Vol. 1$125.00Marvel1,959
152Firefly Unification War HC Vol. 1$19.99Boom1,956
153Star Wars Age of Republic Heroes$17.99Marvel1,951
154Wonder Woman Vol. 8 Dark Gods$16.99DC1,935
155Spider-Man Spider-Verse Miles Morales$9.99Marvel1,916
156I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1 Madly Ever After$9.99Image1,913
158X-Men Red Vol. 2 Waging Peace$17.99Marvel1,905
159Wolverine Old Man Logan Vol. 10 End of World$17.99Marvel1,900
160Walking Dead Vol. 30 New World Order$16.99Image1,899
161My Hero Academia Vol. 3$9.99Viz1,893
162My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 4$9.99Viz1,847
163Man Without Fear Death of Daredevil$15.99Marvel1,841
164Fantastic Four Vol. 2 Mr and Mrs Grimm$15.99Marvel1,841
165Deadly Class Vol. 7 Love Like Blood$16.99Image1,831
166East of West Vol. 1 The Promise$16.99Image1,819
167Quantum Age From World of Black Hammer Vol. 1$19.99Dark Horse1,815
168Weatherman Vol. 1$17.99Image1,812
169Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici Vol. 1$9.99Image1,811
170Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord Sith Vol. 1 Imperial Mach$17.99Marvel1,808
171Pearl Vol. 1$16.99DC1,799
172Spider-Gwen Vol. 0 Most Wanted$16.99Marvel1,795
173Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan$12.99Marvel1,787
174Wicked & Divine Vol. 7 Mothering Invention$17.99Image1,781
175Cover Vol. 1$16.99DC1,772
176Teen Titans Vol. 1 Full Throttle$16.99DC1,766
177Skyward Vol. 1 My Low-G Life$9.99Image1,766
178Avengers Omnibus HC Vol. 4$100.00Marvel1,753
179Neil Gaiman American Gods HC Vol. 2 My Ainsel$29.99Dark Horse1,748
180Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vaders Castle$12.99IDW1,741
181One Punch Man Vol. 1$9.99Viz1,737
182Seven to Eternity Vol. 1$9.99Image1,736
183Justice League Odyssey Vol. 1 The Ghost Sector$16.99DC1,734
184Star Wars Han Solo Imperial Cadet$17.99Marvel1,733
185Batman & The Justice League Manga Vol. 2$12.99DC1,710
186Ronin By Frank Miller Black Label$19.99DC1,677
187Captain Marvel Earths Mightiest Hero Vol. 1$29.99Marvel1,677
188Batman The Long Halloween$24.99DC1,666
189Deadly Class Vol. 1 Media Tie-In Ed$9.99Image1,658
190Old Man Hawkeye Vol. 2 Whole World Blind$17.99Marvel1,653
191Bully Wars Vol. 1$12.99Image1,652
192Spidey Freshman Year$12.99Marvel1,649
193Deadly Class Vol. 5 Carousel$14.99Image1,634
194Transmetropolitan Book 1$19.99DC1,632
195Death of Captain Marvel$19.99Marvel1,617
196Marvel Universe The End$19.99Marvel1,616
197Marvel Action Avengers Book 1 New Danger$9.99IDW1,615
198New World$17.99Image1,607
199Spider-Geddon Covert Ops$17.99Marvel1,605
200Little Girls$17.99Image1,604

My analyses of orders from Diamond Comic Distributors for individual months can be found below. Covers for later months depict some of the top advance-reordered books for each month:

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