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March 2020 Comics Sales Early Look

Comics and Graphic Novels Reordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

March 2020 has four shipping weeks, the same as March 2019, so the year-to-year comparison will be an even one.

That March included Batman's 80th anniversary, giving the comics shop market a big boost; retailers ordered more than $43.5 million in comic books, graphic novels, and magazines. Detective Comics #1000 had first-month North American preorders near 527,000 copies. For March 2020, Flash #750 represents another DC anniversary. The first variant for that issue charted in advance reorders during the last week of January.

The estimated comics sales for the month will become available sometime in April 2020, likely in the second week or so. Follow @Comichron on Twitter to get the alert when the report becomes available. In the meantime, you can get a sense of what sales might be like from noting what products were most reordered by retailers.

Advance Reorders

Several weeks ago, retailers began placing advance reorders for items whose initial order deadlines had passed, but which had not yet released at the time the reorders were placed. These reorders, placed further out than regular reorders, tend to be more speculative in nature, as there is less certainty that stock will still be available. But they do give us the farthest-into-the-future look at potential sales. To see potential sales for this month, you generally want to look at the advance reorders placed from the month before.

Note that the listings mix hardcovers, softcovers, and comics together, and that they also rank items by dollars rather than units. Note, too, that advance reorder charts are ranked by retail dollars, so retailers' discounts have not yet been applied. There is no guarantee that these advance reorders will be filled. It's also likely that a lot of books in these lists won't synch up exactly with this month; reorders are placed all the time and reported weekly, while comics sales are reported monthly.

Advance reorders placed between Jan. 27-Feb. 2, 2020

• Top advance-reordered March-shipping comic book:
Flash #750 Mattina variant (DC)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
DC Poster Portfolio Stanley Artgerm Lau Vol. 2 (DC)
• Top advance-reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Batman Last Knight on Earth HC (DC)

One Flash #750 entry made the list in a week in which most charting comics were February releases.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1 Giant Size X-Men Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 $4.99Marvel02/26/20
2X-Men Fantastic Four #2 Brooks Var$3.99Marvel02/26/20
3 TMNT Jennika #1 Cvr A Revel $4.99IDW02/26/20
4Batman Last Knight On Earth HC$29.99DC04/01/20
5Star Wars #3$3.99Marvel02/26/20
6Far Sector #4 Ejikure Var Ed$3.99DC02/26/20
7DC Poster Portfolio Stanley Artgerm Lau TPB Vol. 2$24.99DC06/03/20
8Finger Guns #1 Cvr C Hickman Wraparound Var$3.99Vault02/26/20
9Amethyst #1$3.99DC02/26/20
10Avengers #31 JSC Gwen Stacy Var$4.99Marvel02/26/20
11Avengers #31$4.99Marvel02/26/20
12Web of Venom Good Son #1 2nd Ptg Neves Var$4.99Marvel02/26/20
13Bowie Stardust Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams Px HC Gn 2nd Ed $39.99Pocket04/01/20
14Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TPB Great Power New Ptg Dm$34.99Marvel03/25/20
15Joker 80 Years of the Clown Prince of Crime HC$29.99DC04/29/20
16Leviathan Dawn #1$4.99DC02/26/20
17Superman Villains #1$5.99DC02/26/20
18Giant Size X-Men Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 Coello Var Dx$4.99Marvel02/26/20
19X-Men #7 Dx$4.99Marvel02/26/20
20 Folklords #4 FOC Rubin Var $3.99Boom02/26/20
21Finger Guns #1 Cvr A Flip Cover$3.99Vault02/26/20
22Batman Beyond #41$3.99DC02/26/20
23X-Force #8$3.99Marvel02/26/20
24Flash #750 1990s Mattina Var Ed$7.99DC03/04/20
25Falcon & Winter Soldier #1$3.99Marvel02/26/20

Advance reorders placed between Feb. 3-9, 2020

• Top advance-reordered March-shipping comic book:
Strange Adventures #1 (DC)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons Vol. 2 Painscape (Oni)

A strange chart as Strange Adventures #1 and Strange Academy #1, shipping the same day, finished 1-2 in the first week that advance reorders were mostly from March.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Strange Adventures #1$4.99DC03/04/20
2Strange Academy #1$4.99Marvel03/04/20
3Strange Adventures #1 Evan Shaner Var Ed$4.99DC03/04/20
4Star Wars Rise Kylo Ren #1 3rd Ptg Crain Var$4.99Marvel03/04/20
5Strange Adventures #1 Blank Var Ed$4.99DC03/04/20
6Batman #90$3.99DC03/04/20
7Spider-Man Noir #1$3.99Marvel03/04/20
8Cimmerian Queen of Black Coast #1 Cvr B Mirka Andolfo.$3.99Ablaze03/04/20
9King of Nowhere #1 Foc Ward Var$3.99Boom03/04/20
10Thor #2 2nd Ptg Klein Var$3.99Marvel03/04/20
11Strange Academy #1 Js Campbell Var$4.99Marvel03/04/20
12Magnificent Ms Marvel #13$3.99Marvel03/04/20
13Star Wars #2 2nd Ptg Silva Var$3.99Marvel03/04/20
14King of Nowhere #1 Cvr A Jenkins$3.99Boom03/04/20
15Join The Future #1 Cvr A Kowalski$4.99Aftershock03/04/20
16X-Men Fantastic Four #2$3.99Marvel02/26/20
17X-Men Fantastic Four #2 Brooks Var$3.99Marvel02/26/20
18Mirka Andolfo Mercy #1 Cvr C Artgerm$3.99Image03/04/20
19Mirka Andolfo Mercy #1 Cvr A Andolfo$3.99Image03/04/20
20Marauders #9 Dx$3.99Marvel03/04/20
21Rick and Morty Vs D & D TPB Vol. 2 Painscape$19.99Oni03/04/20
22X-Men #5 2nd Ptg Yu Var$3.99Marvel03/04/20
23Weapon Plus World War Iv 2nd Ptg Giangiordano Var$4.99Marvel03/04/20
24Cimmerian Queen of Black Coast #1 Cvr C Ed Benes$3.99Ablaze03/04/20
25Cimmerian Queen of Black Coast #1 Cvr A Jason Metcalf$3.99Ablaze03/04/20

Advance reorders placed between Feb. 10-16, 2020

• Top advance-reordered March-shipping comic book:
Batman #89 2nd printing (DC)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
X-Men by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 1 (Marvel)

The week also saw the first advance reorders for the 80th anniversary celebration for Robin, with the leader being the Robin 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular #1 1940s Jim Lee variant.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Batman #89 2nd Ptg$3.99DC03/04/20
2Year of the Villain Hell Arisen #3 2nd Ptg$4.99DC03/04/20
3Decorum #1 Cvr C Mckelvie$4.99Image03/11/20
4Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1$3.99Marvel03/11/20
5Thor #4$3.99Marvel03/11/20
6Star Wars Darth Vader #2$3.99Marvel03/11/20
7Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 Andrews Var$3.99Marvel03/11/20
8Cable #1 Dx$4.99Marvel03/11/20
9Star Wars Darth Vader #1 2nd Ptg Ienco Var$4.99Marvel03/11/20
10Star Wars Rise Kylo Ren #4$3.99Marvel03/11/20
11Decorum #1 Cvr A Huddleston$4.99Image03/11/20
12X-Men Fantastic Four #1 2nd Ptg Dodson Var$4.99Marvel03/11/20
13Aggretsuko #1 2nd Ptg$3.99Oni03/11/20
14Robin 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1940s Jim Lee Var Ed$9.99DC03/18/20
15X-Men #8 Dx$3.99Marvel03/11/20
16Cable #1 Black Blank Var Dx$4.99Marvel03/11/20
17Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 Blank Var$3.99Marvel03/11/20
18Aggretsuko #2 Cvr A Williams$3.99Oni03/11/20
19 Robin 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 2010s Yasmin Putri $9.99DC03/18/20
20X-Men by Jonathan Hickman TPB Vol. 1$17.99Marvel04/08/20
21Stealth #1$3.99Image03/11/20
22Robin 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 2000S Derrick Chew$9.99DC03/18/20
23Immortal Hulk Great Power #1 2nd Ptg Molina Var$4.99Marvel03/11/20
24Avengers #32$3.99Marvel03/11/20
25Venom #24$3.99Marvel03/11/20

Advance reorder charts will be posted here as soon as they are released. Stay tuned!

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Reorders, by contrast, are orders for items that had already been released at the time of the order. In other words, these are the comics customers have been asking for, generally speaking; while deep discounts may also put titles on these lists, the charts are ranked by invoiced dollars, which is what retailers actually paid.

Reorder charts will be released weekly during the month. Stay tuned!

The true top sellers for the month will replace this page once they are released by Diamond.