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July 2020 Comics Sales through Diamond

Projections for Comics Ordered by North American Comics Shops
from Diamond Comic Distributors

This data refers to sales by Diamond. Click to see those from DC's distributors, and for the Overall market.

July 2020 was the first time since April 1997 that a retailer could not order all major publishers' comics from Diamond Comic Distributors. As of its July 7 ship-date releases, DC required retailers who wanted its comics to go through Lunar Distribution or UCS Comic Distributors (or one of those firms' subdistributors, such as Universal Distribution in Canada), and to go through Random House for its graphic novels. June 30 was further declared a skip week to give more retailers time to set up accounts.

But Diamond's retailers got a helpful boost right away in the month, thanks to Robert Kirkman and Image, who delivered a July Surprise for the third year in a row. The July 2018 surprise was the stealth-released Die Die Die #1; in July 2019, retailers got another shock when Walking Dead #193 turned out to be the final issue of that series. Kirkman did it again on July 1, releasing the $4.99 special Negan Lives #1 for free to a retail base beleagured by the Coronavirus pandemic and its shutdowns.

Free shipments were matched to retailers' sales to date of that Walking Dead finale, with two Silver Variants and one Gold Variant additionally sent to each storefront. An option to reorder was also made available. That resulted in the issue edging past Marvel's X-Men #10 for first place at Diamond in our projections below, although its projected dollar ranking was far lower, based as it was only on the reordered copies. (Another Kirkman production, Fire Power Vol. 1: Prelude released on July 1 in support of the comics series that also launched that day; at $9.99 it's sure to have led the graphic novel charts.)

Marvel's Empyre #1 appears to have been the top new comics release in dollars.

The number of new comics releases extended past 300 for the first time since the shutdowns began, but the slate remained lighter than the winter averages for Marvel, which had only 44 comics out to Image's 47. In addition to the changing volume of new offerings, many comics were made returnable or deeply discounted by their publishers during the month — all of which would have greatly complicated the chart-generation procedures Diamond has employed for decades. Traditional charting under such conditions would have been both more dificult logistically, and less likely to yield clear-cut results. As such, the distributor has yet to release monthly sales charts for July.

In their absence, Comichron has drawn upon a subset of known retail orders both to determine approximate rankings and to project the relative order volumes of comic-book releases. The subset represents a sizable number of copies, but it is not possible at present to know what portion of the overall population of store orders it represents, particularly as many stores were closed, had their accounts on hold, or had not established accounts with DC's distributors. Only periodicals were examined, and order totals are believed to be as of Final Order Cutoff. No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out.

The chart below features every new comic book released by Diamond into the Direct Market in July 2020. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The release dates are from Diamond; note that many titles had already been released earlier by DC's distributors. (See the DC distributors' July 2020 orders in isolation here.)

The order volumes are expressed in relation to Avengers #34, which we've chosen as the order index issue this month for Diamond. (Avengers usually corresponds fairly well to the title we've chosen for DC's distributors, Justice League.) For every 100 copies of Avengers #34 ordered in the subset, for example, there were 137 copies of Immortal Hulk #35.

Diamond offered three comic books with variants at a different price that sold well enough to merit their own entries; their sales have been fused by default below. You can find the component versions at the bottom of the chart, or by sorting by "Units" to see where its variants would have placed.

The dollar rankings are based on the totals of the fused entries.

Market shares: The market share charts, seen in the column at left, are of a variety that has long appeared on Comichron: they refer only to the Top 300 comics, with no graphic novels included. Further, they resemble the charts that appeared before 2003 in that the charts look only at initial and same-month orders for new releases; reorders and reprints of previous months' comics are not included.

Marvel sold roughly half the new comics that Diamond offered in July 2020, and those sold for about half of the new comics revenue. Marvel's slate of new comics offerings was still considerably smaller than had been usual for the publisher during a summer month. But variants (defined by Comichron as any first or later printing with a cover different from the first one in any solicitation) — were almost back to March levels, with 685 different ones on offer.

To underscore, graphic novels are not included in these projected shares. Actual market shares would differ considerably, most especially in the case of Dark Horse, which had only one comic book release out in July.

Things to remember: The retail order subset represents a sizable number of copies, but it is not possible at present to know what portion of the overall population of store orders it represents, particularly as many stores were closed, had their accounts on hold, or had not established accounts with DC's distributors. For example, Justice League had been seeing Diamond orders of more than 40,000 copies per issue in North America the first quarter of 2020, but we do not advise using that number to extrapolate overall sales for other titles — not until we have a better idea how the market size has changed.

We're sticking with whole numbers until we have a better handle on the margin of error. As such, note that a difference of a single point on the chart may not be meaningful, due to rounding. Projections for issues at the lower extremes are thus subject to more error due to the small quantities involved; while we rank such titles, we usually mark them with "no estimate" for that reason. Projected relative sales levels here are likely most reliable for regular series issues in the middle of the chart: orders for the highest sellers and first issues may tend to show more variation.

Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in, and different retailers are sampled in each, with no known overlap in reporting stores as of the generation of the below charts.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all comic books released by Direct Market Distributors in the month.
The Order Index by each comic book indicates how many copies were ordered within a known subset of retailer orders for every 100 Avengers #34s that were ordered.
"Fused" combines differently priced-variants; click the "Unit" arrow to do a sort separating them.
"No est." appears beside titles where we're making no Order Index estimate, but titles are still ranked.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

FusedDollarUnitComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherOrder Index
11121Negan Lives1 $4.9907/01/20Image255
222X-Men10 $3.9907/29/20Marvel252
353Wolverine3 $3.9907/22/20Marvel206
414Empyre1 $5.9907/15/20Marvel198
535Giant-Size X-Men Magneto1 $4.9907/15/20Marvel183
686Amazing Spider-Man44$3.9907/15/20Marvel175
747Amazing Spider-Man45$4.9907/29/20Marvel170
8108X-Men Fantastic Four4 $3.9907/22/20Marvel168
969Empyre2 $4.9907/22/20Marvel156
11711Empyre3 $4.9907/29/20Marvel142
121312Star Wars Darth Vader3$3.9907/29/20Marvel142
141414Fire Power1 $3.9907/01/20Image138
151515Immortal Hulk35$3.9907/15/20Marvel137
181218Empyre X-Men1 $4.9907/22/20Marvel121
193419Spawn308 $2.9907/29/20Image119
212021Cable2 $3.9907/29/20Marvel114
222222Fantastic Four21 $3.9907/15/20Marvel111
232323New Mutants11$3.9907/22/20Marvel106
242524Guardians of the Galaxy4$3.9907/15/20Marvel104
251825Amazing Spider-Man Sins Rising Prelude1$4.9907/22/20Marvel101
272827Hellions2 $3.9907/22/20Marvel100
283128Strange Academy2$3.9907/08/20Marvel98
293229Captain Marvel18 $3.9907/29/20Marvel96
302130Empyre Fantastic Four0$4.9907/08/20Marvel89
313531Empyre Avengers1 $3.9907/22/20Marvel87
323732Captain Marvel17$3.9907/15/20Marvel86
332433Oblivion Song25 $4.9907/08/20Image85
342634X-Men God Loves Man Kills Extended Cut1 $4.9907/08/20Marvel83
353935iWolverine 20201 $3.9907/15/20Marvel82
362936Empyre Savage Avengers1$4.9907/29/20Marvel80
373037Iron Man 20205 $4.9907/29/20Marvel80
384038Chu1 $3.9907/22/20Image79
394239Ghost Rider7$3.9907/08/20Marvel76
403340Marvels X4 $4.9907/08/20Marvel76
414341Doctor Strange5$3.9907/08/20Marvel73
424442Spider-Man Noir2 $3.9907/29/20Marvel72
434543Empyre Captain America1 $3.9907/29/20Marvel70
443644Lords of Empyre Emperor Hulkling1$4.9907/22/20Marvel69
454645Cimmerian Red Nails2 $3.9907/08/20Ablaze65
464746Symbiote Spider-Man Alien Reality5 $3.9907/29/20Marvel65
474847Vampirella10 $3.9907/01/20Dynamite64
484148Snake Eyes Deadgame1 $4.9907/15/20IDW63
494949Decorum3 $3.9907/22/20Image62
505050Vampirella11 $3.9907/15/20Dynamite62
515151Star Wars Doctor Aphra2$3.9907/22/20Marvel61
525252Red Sonja Age of Chaos5 $3.9907/15/20Dynamite60
535453Once & Future9$3.9907/15/20Boom56
545554Something Is Killing Children8$3.9907/08/20Boom55
553856Hedra (One-Shot)$5.9907/29/20Image55
565655Conan Battle For Serpent Crown3 $3.9907/15/20Marvel55
585858Mercy4 $3.9907/29/20Image53
596059Sacred Six1 $3.9907/15/20Dynamite51
606160That Texas Blood2 $3.9907/29/20Image51
616261Bliss1 $3.9907/22/20Image50
626362Die12 $3.9907/22/20Image50
636663Resistance3 $3.9907/22/20AWA48
646964Vengeance of Vampirella8 $3.9907/01/20Dynamite47
655365Witchblade1 $4.9907/29/20Image47
667066Firefly17 $3.9907/08/20Boom46
677167Firefly18 $3.9907/29/20Boom46
687268Vampirella Red Sonja9 $3.9907/29/20Dynamite45
697469Gideon Falls23 $3.9907/15/20Image44
707570Bettie Page1 $3.9907/15/20Dynamite43
717671Vengeance of Vampirella9 $3.9907/22/20Dynamite43
727772TMNT107 $3.9907/29/20IDW43
7367n.a.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers52 (All)$3.9907/29/20Boom43
747973Low23 $3.9907/22/20Image41
758074Boys Dear Becky3 $3.9907/29/20Dynamite41
768175TMNT106 $3.9907/15/20IDW40
7773n.a.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers51 (All)$3.9907/15/20Boom40
788276Red Sonja16 $3.9907/01/20Dynamite39
798377Red Sonja17 $3.9907/22/20Dynamite39
808478Red Sonja Vampirella Betty Veronica12 $3.9907/29/20Dynamite39
818579Boys Dear Becky2 $3.9907/01/20Dynamite39
828680Dejah Thoris6 $3.9907/08/20Dynamite37
838781Goddamned Virgin Brides1 $3.9907/01/20Image37
848882Family Tree7$3.9907/15/20Image37
858983Red Sonja Vampirella Betty Veronica11 $3.9907/15/20Dynamite37
869284Killing Red Sonja2 $3.9907/01/20Dynamite35
879385Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow1 $3.9907/08/20Boom34
899587Ascender11 $3.9907/29/20Image34
909788Die Die Die11 $3.9907/15/20Image33
919889Devils Highway1 $3.9907/01/20AWA33
926590TMNT Annual 2020$5.9907/29/20IDW33
939991Lost Soldiers1 $3.9907/29/20Image32
9410192Middlewest18 $3.9907/22/20Image32
9510293Black Panther and Agents of Wakanda8$3.9907/08/20Marvel31
9610394Blade Runner8 $3.9907/29/20Titan31
9710595It Eats What Feeds It1$3.9907/15/20Scout31
9810696Monstress29 $3.9907/22/20Image30
996499Vlad Dracul1 $6.9907/22/20Scout28
10010797Monster Men1 $3.9907/08/20American Mythology28
10110898Old Guard Force Multiplied5 $3.9907/15/20Image28
102100n.a.Goon11 (All)$3.9907/01/20Albatross28
103109100Transformers21 $3.9907/22/20IDW28
10491101G.I. Joe a Real American Hero Complete Silence$4.9907/22/20IDW28
105110102Stranger Things Into The Fire4 $3.9907/08/20Dark Horse28
106111103Sonic The Hedgehog29 $3.9907/22/20IDW27
107113104Red Border3 $3.9907/15/20AWA27
10859106Power Rangers Ranger Slayer1 $7.9907/22/20Boom27
10996107Vampblade Season 49 $4.9907/15/20Action Lab27
111115108Rick and Morty Go to Hell2 $3.9907/15/20Oni26
112116109Buffy The Vampire Slayer15 $3.9907/01/20Boom26
113117110Archangel 83 $3.9907/08/20AWA25
114118111Engineward1 $3.9907/15/20Vault25
115119112Transformers 84 Secrets & Lies1 $3.9907/15/20IDW25
116120113Canto & Clockwork Fairies One Shot Cvr a Zucker$3.9907/22/20IDW25
117121114Hotell3 $3.9907/22/20AWA24
118122116Sabrina Something Wicked2 $3.9907/08/20Archie24
119123117All-America Comix One-Shot$3.9907/01/20Image24
120124118Red Mother6$3.9907/15/20Boom24
121125119Year Zero3$3.9907/15/20AWA24
12268120Sonic The Hedgehog Annual 2020$7.9907/08/20IDW24
123126121Green Hornet1 $3.9907/22/20Dynamite23
124127122King of Nowhere3 $3.9907/01/20Boom23
125128123Star Wars Adventures32 $3.9907/15/20IDW23
126129124TMNT Urban Legends25 $3.9907/22/20IDW23
127130125Nailbiter Returns3$3.9907/29/20Image22
128131126Usagi Yojimbo10 $3.9907/22/20IDW22
129132127Transformers Galaxies7 $3.9907/08/20IDW22
130133128Bitter Root9 $3.9907/08/20Image22
131134129Marked6 $3.9907/01/20Image22
132135131Star Trek Year Five12 $3.9907/01/20IDW21
133137132Angel & Spike12 $3.9907/22/20Boom21
134138133Nailbiter Returns2$3.9907/01/20Image21
135139134Star Trek Deep Space 9 Too Long a Sacrifice1 $3.9907/15/20IDW21
136140135Death or Glory11 $3.9907/22/20Image20
137141137Join The Future3$3.9907/08/20Aftershock20
138142138Everglade Angels1 $3.9907/08/20Scout20
139143139Bleed Them Dry2$3.9907/29/20Vaultno est.
140144140Moonshine19 $3.9907/15/20Imageno est.
141145141Sleeping Beauties2 $3.9907/29/20IDWno est.
142146142TMNT Urban Legends24 $3.9907/01/20IDWno est.
143149143Alienated4 $3.9907/08/20Boomno est.
144150144Black Magick12 $3.9907/29/20Imageno est.
145151145Ghostbusters Year One4 $3.9907/01/20IDWno est.
146152148Money Shot6 $3.9907/08/20Vaultno est.
147153149Billionaire Island2 $3.9907/01/20Ahoyno est.
148154150Man Who Effed Up Time4$3.9907/22/20Aftershockno est.
149104151Vampirella30 Facs. Ed.$6.9907/15/20Dynamiteno est.
150155152Faithless II1 $3.9907/15/20Boomno est.
151156153Jim Henson Dark Crystal Age Resistance9 $3.9907/15/20Boomno est.
15278156Savage Dragon250 $9.9907/15/20Imageno est.
153136154Marvel Action Classics Avengers Starring Iron Man1$4.9907/01/20IDWno est.
154157155Robyn Hood Justice1 $3.9907/29/20Zenescopeno est.
155158157Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics4 $3.9907/08/20IDWno est.
156159158Godkillers4$3.9907/29/20Aftershockno est.
157160159Archie713 $3.9907/29/20Archieno est.
158161160Protector4 $3.9907/01/20Imageno est.
159162161Billionaire Island3 $3.9907/22/20Ahoyno est.
160163162Kidz4 $3.9907/01/20Ablazeno est.
161164163Stealth3 $3.9907/08/20Imageno est.
162148164Dose1 $4.9907/15/20It's Aliveno est.
163167165Ronin Island12 $3.9907/01/20Boomno est.
164168166Old Haunts2$3.9907/08/20AWAno est.
165169167Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics5 $3.9907/29/20IDWno est.
166170168Jim Henson Storyteller Ghosts3 $3.9907/01/20Boomno est.
167171169Tartarus4 $3.9907/22/20Imageno est.
168172170Gung Ho6 $3.9907/15/20Ablazeno est.
169173171Kidz5 $3.9907/22/20Ablazeno est.
170174172Reaver9 $3.9907/01/20Imageno est.
171175173Rogue Planet3$3.9907/29/20Onino est.
172176174Agretsuko4 $3.9907/08/20Onino est.
173177175James Bond6 $3.9907/29/20Dynamiteno est.
174178176Nomen Omen7 $3.9907/22/20Imageno est.
175179177Marvel Action Spider-Man3 $3.9907/29/20IDWno est.
176181178Faithless II2 $3.9907/15/20Boomno est.
177182179Sonata11 $3.9907/08/20Imageno est.
178147180Belle Vs. Black Knight One Shot1 $5.9907/01/20Zenescopeno est.
179183181Excellence8 $3.9907/08/20Imageno est.
180184182No Heroine1 $3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
181185183Artemis & Assassin3$3.9907/15/20Aftershockno est.
182186184Doctor Tomorrow4 $3.9907/29/20Valiantno est.
183187185Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tides4 $3.9907/08/20IDWno est.
184188186George R.R. Martin A Clash of Kings5 $3.9907/22/20Dynamiteno est.
185189187Kill Lock6 $3.9907/29/20IDWno est.
186190188Xira1$3.9507/22/20Red 5no est.
187191189Birthright45$3.9907/22/20Imageno est.
188192190Undone By Blood4$3.9907/15/20Aftershockno est.
189193191Grimm Fairy Tales38 $3.9907/08/20Zenescopeno est.
190194192Ludocrats3 $3.9907/15/20Imageno est.
191195193Dead Body Road Bad Blood2 $3.9907/29/20Imageno est.
192196194Ezequiel Himes Zombie Hunter1 $3.9907/01/20Amigono est.
193197195Sweet Heart2 $3.9907/22/20Action Labno est.
194199196Pretty Violent7 $3.9907/01/20Imageno est.
195180199Wynd2 $4.9907/22/20Boomno est.
196200197Loggerhead Bloody Bayou One Shot Cvr a Silverbax$3.9907/08/20Scoutno est.
197201198Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Death of Nancy Drew2 $3.9907/08/20Dynamiteno est.
198202200Yasmeen1$3.9907/22/20Scoutno est.
199165201Disney Comics and Stories13 $5.9907/15/20IDWno est.
200204202Quantum & Woody4 $3.9907/08/20Valiantno est.
201205204Attractive Cousins One Shot$4.0007/15/20Aardvark-Vanaheimno est.
20220820320Xx5 $3.9907/15/20Imageno est.
203209205Monstrous Witch Hunt1$3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
204210206On The Stump3 $3.9907/01/20Imageno est.
205211207Van Helsing Vs. League Monsters3 $3.9907/15/20Zenescopeno est.
206212208Plot5$3.9907/01/20Vaultno est.
207213209Wicked Things3 $3.9907/22/20Boomno est.
208215210Nancy In Hell Hells Door One Shot$3.9907/22/20Amigono est.
209216211Finger Guns3$3.9907/08/20Vaultno est.
210217212Ash & Thorn2 $3.9907/08/20Ahoyno est.
211218213Grimm Fairy Tales39 $3.9907/29/20Zenescopeno est.
212220214Backfired1 $3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
213221215No One's Rose3$3.9907/08/20Vaultno est.
214222216Space Riders Vortex of Darkness2 $3.9907/15/20Black Maskno est.
215223217Ash & Thorn3 $3.9907/29/20Ahoyno est.
216224218Dryad3$3.9907/08/20Onino est.
217207219Zombie Tramp70 $4.9907/22/20Action Labno est.
218225221Murder Hobo Beaten Broken Buggered1 $3.9907/15/20Scoutno est.
219198225Olympia5 $5.9907/01/20Imageno est.
220226223Dark Red10$3.9907/01/20Aftershockno est.
221227224Fuhrer and the Tramp4 $3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
222242222Betty & Veronica Friends Forever Danger Zone10$2.9907/15/20Archieno est.
223230226Dark Ark After Flood5$3.9907/29/20Aftershockno est.
224203227Shang2 $5.9907/22/20Zenescopeno est.
225234228Hollow1 $3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
226235229Osiris Path2 $3.9907/08/20Behemothno est.
227236230Pandemica5 $3.9907/29/20IDWno est.
228214231Ginseng Roots5$6.0007/08/20Uncivilizedno est.
229237232Nightmare Before Christmas Zeros Journey0 $3.9907/01/20Tokyopopno est.
230238233Ghost Wolf Vol. 3 End of All Tales2 $3.9907/01/20Amigono est.
231239234Monster Planet5 $3.9907/01/20Zenescopeno est.
232240235North Bend3$3.9907/08/20Scoutno est.
233241236Dragon Whisperer3$3.9507/15/20Red 5no est.
234244237Canopus4$3.9907/22/20Scoutno est.
235245238Ghosted In L.A.11 $3.9907/29/20Boomno est.
236246239Exciting Comics7 $3.9907/08/20Antarcticno est.
237247240Backtrack4 $3.9907/01/20Onino est.
238248241Midnight Sky5 $3.9907/01/20Scoutno est.
239206248World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest100$7.9907/22/20Archieno est.
240249242Ezequiel Himes Zombie Hunter2 $3.9907/22/20Amigono est.
241250243Ghost Wolf Vol. 3 End of All Tales3 $3.9907/01/20Amigono est.
242251244Offworld Sci Fi Double Feature1 $3.9907/08/20Antarcticno est.
243252245Offworld Sci Fi Double Feature2 $3.9907/15/20Antarcticno est.
244253246Shadow Roads9 $3.9907/29/20Onino est.
245254247Touching Evil6 $3.9907/01/20Source Pointno est.
246258249Battlecats Tales of Valderia4 $3.9907/08/20Mad Caveno est.
247259250Danger Devil2$3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
248260251Heist How to Steal a Planet6$3.9907/15/20Vaultno est.
249261252John Carpenters Tales Scifi Vortex 22$3.9907/29/20Storm Kingno est.
250262253Savage Bastards4 $3.9907/29/20Mad Caveno est.
251263254Storm Kids Hyperbreed2$3.9907/01/20Storm Kingno est.
252264255Wolvenheart7$3.9907/01/20Mad Caveno est.
253219257Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest284$7.9907/15/20Archieno est.
254265256Apocalypse Girl4 $3.9907/01/20Source Pointno est.
255266258Heathen11$3.9907/29/20Vaultno est.
256267259White Ash5$3.9907/29/20Scoutno est.
257268260Wretches6$3.9907/15/20Scoutno est.
258269261Zorro Timeless Tales1 $3.9907/15/20American Mythologyno est.
259270262Ghost Wolf Vol. 3 End of All Tales4 $3.9907/29/20Amigono est.
260271263Storm Kids Hyperbreed3$3.9907/08/20Storm Kingno est.
261272264Storm Kids Hyperbreed4$3.9907/15/20Storm Kingno est.
262273265Storm Kids Hyperbreed5$3.9907/22/20Storm Kingno est.
263228266B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest281$7.9907/08/20Archieno est.
264229267Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest283$7.9907/01/20Archieno est.
265255268Psychodrama Illustrated2 $4.9907/01/20Fantagraphicsno est.
266231269Archie Jumbo Comics Digest310$7.9907/08/20Archieno est.
267232270Archie Milestones Digest9$7.9907/29/20Archieno est.
268233271World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest99$7.9907/01/20Archieno est.
269166273Image Giant-Sized Artist Proof Oblivion Song1$19.9907/15/20Imageno est.
270274272I Can Sell You a Body4 $3.9907/01/20IDWno est.
271275274Zero Day Threat2$3.9507/15/20Red 5no est.
272256275Femforce189$5.9507/01/20ACno est.
273243276Archie Showcase Digest1 $7.9907/29/20Archieno est.
274276277Hellfighter Quin3 $3.9907/22/20Mad Caveno est.
275257278Breathers3 $7.9907/01/20It's Aliveno est.
276277279Bigs and Tiny1 $3.9907/29/20Blackboxno est.
277278280Freaks & Gods2$3.9907/08/20215 Inkno est.
278279281Shapes6 $3.9907/01/20Cave Picturesno est.
279280282Warcorns Combat Unicorns For Hire One Shot$3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
280281283Gutter Magic Smoke & Mirrors3$3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
28190284Batman Michael Turner Cover50 $99.9907/29/20Aspenno est.
282284285Project Icarus4$3.9907/01/20Blackboxno est.
283285286Project Icarus5$3.9907/29/20Blackboxno est.
284286287Accelerators17 $3.9907/29/20Blue Juiceno est.
285282289One Million Tiny Fires One Shot$10.0007/08/20Silver Sprocketno est.
286283288Gold Digger 35th Anniversary Special1 $9.9907/08/20Antarcticno est.
287287290Skylin1$3.9907/08/20Source Pointno est.
288288291Skylin3$3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
289289292Vagrant Queen Planet Called Doom4$3.9907/08/20Vaultno est.
290290293Norah Vol. 21 $3.9907/22/20Source Pointno est.
291291294Absolute Flipbook1$3.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
292292295Bad Reception5$3.9907/22/20Aftershockno est.
293293296Barbara The Barbarian3 $3.9907/01/20Amigono est.
294294297Carson of Venus Realm of Dead2 $3.9907/22/20American Mythologyno est.
295295298Darchon1$3.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
296296299Duel Identity1$3.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
297297300First Defense1 $4.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
298298301First Defense 1 Foil$9.9907/08/20Red Giantno est.
299299302Katrina1 $3.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
300300303Kona1 $9.9907/29/20It's Aliveno est.
301301304Magika1$3.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
302302305Rock & Roll Biographies Sublime$3.5007/15/20Gumbyno est.
303303306Shadow Children1 $3.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
304304307Starring Sonya Devereaux Spidershark Snakebear Main Cvr$3.9907/01/20American Mythologyno est.
305305308Tales of a Well Hung Man1 $3.5007/15/20Gumbyno est.
306306309Wayward Legends1$1.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
307307310Wayward Sons1 $3.9907/01/20Red Giantno est.
308308311You Will Be Okay Anti-Anxiety One Shot$5.0007/01/20Silver Sprocket no est.
n.a.n.a.115Mighty Morphin Power Rangers52 $3.9907/29/20Boom24
n.a.n.a.130Mighty Morphin Power Rangers51 $3.9907/15/20Boom21
n.a.n.a.136Goon11 $3.9907/01/20Albatross20
n.a.n.a.146Mighty Morphin Power Rangers51 Foil$4.9907/15/20Boom19
n.a.n.a.147Mighty Morphin Power Rangers52 Foil$4.9907/29/20Boom19
n.a.n.a.220Goon11 Card Stock$5.9907/01/20Albatross8

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July 2020 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Diamond did not release monthly totals of its graphic novel sales, but it is known that the number of graphic novels released to the Direct Market, already huge in June, grew even more in July. At least 516 new graphic novels were released, which was far over number of new comic books released. Book distributors had not paused during the initial Coronavirus outbreak, leading to a bottleneck of graphic novels shipping to the Direct Market during the spring.

Another Robert Kirkman production, Fire Power Vol. 1: Prelude released on July 1 in support of the comics series that also launched that day; at $9.99, it's very likely to have led the charts.

Some more information about Diamond's graphic novel sales can be found in its reorders, below.

July 2020 Comics Reorders

Comics and Graphic Novels Reordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

After items have been released by Diamond, retailers continue to place and receive reorders — often for many years after the the publication date. This section records the weekly reorder charts Diamond released during the month. Click to see the archived advance reorders, which are for books that had not yet shipped at time of the order.

Note that the listings mix hardcovers, softcovers, and comics together, and that they also rank items by dollars rather than units. Note, too, that these are invoiced dollars, so retailers' discounts have already been applied.

Reorders placed between July 1-7, 2020

• Top reordered July-shipping comic book:
Batman #92 Card Stock Artgerm Var Ed. (DC)
• Top reordered softcover graphic novel:
Umbrella Academy Vol. 1: Apocalypse Suite (Dark Horse)
• Top reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Postal Complete Collection (Image)

Diamond did not release a reorder list for the last week of May — and when the list returned, on the other side of DC's announcement that it had cut ties with Diamond, the chart was led by Batman #92. The reorder charts are supposed to be for books that have already been released, and Batman #92 had not yet come out — just one more peculiarity of the charts in this period.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherOn saleSee more at
1Batman #92 Card Stock Artgerm Var Ed$4.99DC06/10/20
2Batman #92$3.99DC06/10/20
3Postal Comp Collection HC$59.99Image05/27/20
4House of X Powers of X HC$60.00Marvel12/11/19
5Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 3$49.99Image05/27/20
6Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 2 Transcendentalism$49.99Image12/13/17
7Venom #25$5.99Marvel05/27/20
8Umbrella Academy TPB Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.99Dark HorseBacklist
9Detective Comics #1022$3.99DC06/03/20
10Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 1 Remastered Ed$49.99Image05/16/18
11Justice League #44$3.99DC05/20/20
12Lady Killer Library Ed Vol. 1$39.99Dark Horse06/10/20
13Hellblazer by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC$150.00DC05/19/20
14X-Men Revolution by Chris Claremont Omnibus HC$100.00Marvel08/01/18
15Batman Last Knight On Earth HC$29.99DC05/20/20
16Marvel Action Avengers #10 Sommariva$3.99IDW05/20/20
17Umbrella Academy TPB Vol. 3 Hotel Oblivion$19.99Dark Horse09/18/19
18Absolute V For Vendetta HC$99.99DCBacklist
19Justice League #45$3.99DC05/26/20
20Silver Surfer Black #5 2nd Ptg Moore Var$3.99Marvel12/11/19
21Marvel Masterworks Ghost Rider HC Vol. 1$75.00Marvel10/09/19
22He Man and The Masters of the Multiverse #6$3.99DC05/26/20
23Daredevil by Bendis & Maleev Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg$100.00Marvel01/08/20
24Harleen HC$29.99DC02/05/20
25Matrix Comics 20Th Ann Dlx Ed HC Pod Cvr (C: 0-1-0)$39.99Burlyman11/27/19

Reorders placed between July 8-14, 2020

• Top reordered July-shipping comic book:
Batman #92 (DC)
• Top reordered softcover graphic novel:
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Great Responsibility (Marvel)
• Top reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Hellblazer by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC (DC)

The pandemic-postponed Batman #92 finally released from Diamond, presumably giving DC one of its last leads in the reorder column in advance of the publisher's departure.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherOn saleSee more at
1Hellblazer by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC$150.00DC05/19/20
2Silver Surfer Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg$100.00Marvel06/17/20
3Annihilation Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00Marvel12/04/19
4Batman #92$3.99DC06/10/20
5Daredevil by Bendis & Maleev Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg$100.00Marvel01/08/20
6Daredevil by Bendis & Maleev Omnibus HC Vol. 2 New Ptg$100.00Marvel02/12/20
7Wonder Woman The Golden Age Omnibus HC Vol. 4$150.00DC03/18/20
8Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 1 Remastered Ed$49.99Image05/16/18
9 Neil Gaiman Library Edition HC $49.99Dark Horse06/17/20
10Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Great Responsibility TPB$39.99MarvelBacklist
11Silver Surfer Omnibus HC Vol. 1 Ribic Dm Var New Ptg$100.00Marvel06/17/20
12Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 2 Transcendentalism$49.99Image12/13/17
13Batman #92 Card Stock Artgerm Var Ed$4.99DC06/10/20
14Jack Kirbys Fourth World Omnibus HC$150.00DC12/06/17
15Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol. 4 Cho Var$125.00Marvel05/22/19
16Deadpool Classic Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
17House of X Powers of X HC$60.00Marvel12/11/19
18Oz Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
19Detective Comics #1022$3.99DC06/03/20
20Astonishing X-Men Whedon Cassaday Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg$100.00Marvel06/03/20
21Amazing Mary Jane #1 Blank Var$3.99Marvel10/23/19
22Marvel Universe by John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
23Joker 80 Years of the Clown Prince of Crime HC$29.99DC06/03/20
24Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
25Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00DCBacklist

Reorders placed between July 15-21, 2020

• Top reordered July-shipping comic book:
Batman #92 (DC)
• Top reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus HC (Publisher)

It was an all-hardcover reorder chart, with the exception of the two Batman issues for the month. It was the third week in a row that some version of Batman #92 was the top comic book.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherOn saleSee more at
1Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
2Deadpool Classic Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
3Captain America Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg$125.00MarvelBacklist
4Parker Martini Ed HC Slipcase Vol. 1$99.99IDW06/10/20
5Stan Lee Marvel Treasury Edition Slipcase HC$200.00MarvelBacklist
6Guardians of Galaxy by Abnett and Lanning Omnibus HC$100.00MarvelBacklist
7X-Men Adamantium Collection HC$200.00MarvelBacklist
8Daredevil by Frank Miller Omnibus Companion HC New Ptg$100.00MarvelBacklist
9Batman #92$3.99DC06/10/20
10Avengers Vibranium Collection Slipcase HC$200.00MarvelBacklist
11Infinite Crisis Omnibus HC New Ed$150.00DC06/10/20
12Avengers by John Byrne Omnibus HC$100.00MarvelBacklist
13Marvel Universe by John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
14Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus HC New Ptg$100.00MarvelBacklist
15Astonishing X-Men Whedon Cassaday Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg$100.00Marvel06/03/20
16Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 3$49.99Image05/27/20
17 DCeased HC$29.99DC11/20/19
18James Bond Comp Warren Ellis Omnibus HC$39.99Dynamite06/10/20
19Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 2 Transcendentalism$49.99Image12/13/17
20Black Science Premiere HC Vol. 1 Remastered Ed$49.99Image05/16/18
21Marvels Platinum Edition Slipcase HC$200.00MarvelBacklist
22Oz Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
23Detective Comics #1022$3.99DC06/03/20
24Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 1$49.99Dark Horse02/27/19
25Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 3$49.99Dark Horse10/23/19

Reorders placed between July 22-28, 2020

• Top reordered July-shipping comic book:
Mercy #3 Cvr A Andolfo (Image)
• Top reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Deadpool Classic Omnibus HC Vol. 1 (Marvel)

Mirka Andolfo's Mercy #3 was the top comic book on a list where all the other periodicals were DC issues. Otherwise, hardcovers again ruled the chart, with no trade paperbacks ranking whatsoever.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherOn saleSee more at
1Deadpool Classic Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
2King Size Kirby Slipcase HC$200.00MarvelBacklist
3Oz Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
4Marvel Universe by John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
5Mirka Andolfo Mercy #3 Cvr A Andolfo$3.99Image06/24/20
6 Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 $9.99DC06/10/20
7Captain America 75th Anniv Vibranium Collection HC$200.00MarvelBacklist
8Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
9Ultimate Marvel Omnibus HC Vol. 1$99.99MarvelBacklist
10Dark Nights Death Metal #1$4.99DC06/17/20
11Guardians of Galaxy Solo Classic Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
12Star Wars Droids and Ewoks Omnibus HC Droids Cvr$75.00MarvelBacklist
13Guardians of Galaxy by Abnett and Lanning Omnibus HC$100.00MarvelBacklist
14Muppets Omnibus HC Langridge Cvr$59.99MarvelBacklist
15Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1$9.99DC06/03/20
16Muppet Babies Omnibus HC$75.00MarvelBacklist
17 Critical Role HC Vol. 1 Chronicles of Exandria Mighty Nein $44.99Dark Horse06/10/20
18Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1980S Stanley La$9.99DC06/03/20
19Marvel Legacy of Jack Kirby Slipcase HC$49.99MarvelBacklist
20House of X Powers of X HC$60.00Marvel12/11/19
21Deadpool Minibus HC New Ptg$59.99MarvelBacklist
22 Catwoman 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 1960S J Scott Ca $9.99DC06/03/20
23Strange Adventures #2$4.99DCBacklist
24Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus HC New Ptg$100.00MarvelBacklist
25Joker 80 Years of the Clown Prince of Crime HC$29.99DC06/03/20

Reorders placed between July 29-July 5, 2020

• Top reordered July-shipping comic book:
Dark Nights Death Metal #1 (DC)
• Top reordered softcover graphic novel:
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Great Power (Marvel)
• Top reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol. 4 Cho Var (Marvel)

July ended with two Spider-Man books leading in the graphic novel categories.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherOn saleSee more at
1Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus HC Vol. 4 Cho Var$125.00Marvel05/22/19
2Morbius Living Vampire Omnibus HC$100.00Marvel06/24/20
3Dark Nights Death Metal #1$4.99DC06/17/20
4Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 5$49.99Dark Horse07/01/20
5Deadpool Classic Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
6Captain America Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg$125.00MarvelBacklist
7Batman #93$3.99DC06/24/20
8Negan Lives #1$4.99Image07/01/20
9Secret Wars HC$50.00MarvelBacklist
10Oz Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist
11Morbius Living Vampire Omnibus HC Dm Var$100.00Marvel06/24/20
12New X-Men Omnibus HC New Ptg$125.00MarvelBacklist
13King Size Kirby Slipcase HC$200.00MarvelBacklist
14Amazing Fantasy Omnibus HC New Ptg$75.00Marvel06/24/20
15Superman Batman Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00DC05/26/20
16Batman #93 Card Stock Francesco Mattina Var Ed$4.99DC06/24/20
17 Joker 80th Anniv 100 Page Super Spect #1 $9.99DC06/10/20
18Hellblazer by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC$150.00DC05/19/20
19Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus HC New Ptg$100.00MarvelBacklist
20Guardians of Galaxy by Abnett and Lanning Omnibus HC$100.00MarvelBacklist
21Doomsday Clock HC Part 1$24.99DC10/02/19
22Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TPB Great Power New Ptg Dm$34.99Marvel03/25/20
23House of X Powers of X HC$60.00Marvel12/11/19
24Marvel Universe by John Byrne Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.00MarvelBacklist
25Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus HC$125.00MarvelBacklist