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September 2020 DC Comic Book Sales

Projections for DC Comics Ordered by North American Comics Shops

This data refers only to sales by DC's distributors. Click to see the Overall charts and those from Diamond.

September 2020 was the third full month in which DC retailers had to order comics from Lunar Distribution or UCS Comic Distributors or one of those firms' subdistributors, such as Universal Distribution in Canada. And again, the Joker — and the "Joker War" titles — dominated retailer orders from them.

Comichron projects that the $6.99 Black Label title Batman: Three Jokers #2 was the top-ordered comic book from DC's distributors in the month in units, with the anniversary issue Detective Comics #1027, priced at $9.99 with many variants, the top dollar comic book. The expense of the latter issue helped propel the average comic retailers ordered from DC's distributors above the $5 mark for the first time since we began tracking the publisher separately.

Batman continued to chart highly in advance of its 100th issue in October — and three new Death Metal releases made DC's top ten. Superman #25 also made the top ten, placing ninth.

The performance of Three Jokers #2 followed the success of its first issue, which continued to appear atop the Best Sellers section on the UCS website through September.

As in previous months, the charts in that section co-mingled both preordered items and those that had not shipped yet; that can be seen from the September 28 snapshot at right, which had no September issues at all in the Top 4. UCS did not include information about what specific timeframe was being measured in the rankings, and the titles listed updated dynamically through the month. Lunar, meanwhile, released no data at all.

Given the lack of official information, Comichron has drawn upon a subset of known retail orders both to determine approximate rankings and to project the relative order volumes of comic-book releases. The subset represents a sizable number of copies, but it is not possible at present to know what portion of the overall population of store orders it represents, particularly as many stores were closed, had their accounts on hold, or had not established accounts with DC's distributors. Only periodicals were examined, and order totals are believed to be as of Final Order Cutoff. No statistical adjustments have been made for returnability and no later returns have been subtracted out.

Note, further, that our process only looks at first-month orders for comics, so no reordered titles from the month before or reprints appear in the chart below. Thus, Batman: Three Jokers #1, which surely would have charted again on a Diamond-style report, does not reappear.

The chart below features every new comic book released by DC in September 2020. Variant editions have been merged into single entries, following longtime industry practice. The release dates are from UCS. We make no attempt here to distinguish between the distributors DC sold through; the intent is to describe DC's business in the Direct Market.

The order volumes are expressed in relation to Justice League #53, which has been chosen as the order index issue for DC's distributors this month, as well as for Diamond. Note that a Death Metal crossover made it a much better seller than the other Justice League issue of the month.

For example, for every 100 copies of Justice League #53 in the order set, there were 80 copies of Nightwing #74.

DC offered 12 comic books with cardstock variants at a different price; their sales have been fused by default below. You can find the component versions at the bottom of the chart, or by sorting by "Units" to see where its variants would have placed. Dollar rankings are based on the fused title's sales and account for the two different prices.

Things to remember: A difference of a single point on the chart may not be meaningful, due to rounding; projections for issues at the lower extremes are subject to more error due to the small quantities involved. Projected relative sales levels here are likely most reliable for regular series issues in the middle of the chart: orders for the highest sellers and first issues may tend to show more variation.

Rankings in these charts should also be expected to differ — often significantly — from the sales-to-consumers charts available at other outlets. Those report sell-through and not sell-in, and different retailers are sampled in each, with no known overlap in reporting stores as of the generation of the below charts.

As is the case with all data on Comichron, it is subject to revision without notice in the event more authoritative and complete information about orders becomes available.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all DC items released by its distributors in the month.
The Order Index Number by each comic book indicates how many copies were ordered within the sample for every 100 Justice League #53s that were ordered.
"Fused" combines differently priced-variants; click the "Unit" arrow to do a sort separating them.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
The links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

FusedDollarUnitComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherOrder Index
121Batman Three Jokers2$6.9909/29/20DC411
212Detective Comics1027$9.9909/15/20DC380
34n.a.Batman98 (All)$3.9909/01/20DC217
45n.a.Batman99 (All)$3.9909/15/20DC193
53n.a.Batman The Joker War Zone1 (All)$5.9909/29/20DC168
610n.a.DCeased Dead Planet3 (All)$3.9909/01/20DC107
766Dark Nights Death Metal Multiverses End1$5.9909/29/20DC105
8127Justice League53$3.9909/15/20DC100
97n.a.Superman25 (All)$5.9909/08/20DC87
1088Dark Nights Death Metal Speed Metal1$5.9909/22/20DC85
1199Dark Nights Death Metal Trinity Crisis1$5.9909/08/20DC84
1316n.a.Wonder Woman762 (All)$3.9909/08/20DC76
151514Strange Adventures5$4.9909/01/20DC68
162116Action Comics1025$3.9909/22/20DC66
1711n.a.Catwoman25 (All)$5.9909/15/20DC66
1819n.a.Batman The Adventures Continue4 (All)$3.9909/01/20DC65
192317Justice League52$3.9909/01/20DC60
201418Joker Harley Criminal Sanity5$5.9909/08/20DC60
212519Batman Superman12$3.9909/22/20DC59
2220n.a.Wonder Woman763 (All)$3.9909/29/20DC59
232620Legion of Super-Heroes9$3.9909/29/20DC59
252922Green Lantern Season Two7$3.9909/08/20DC58
2624n.a.Batman's Grave10 (All)$3.9909/15/20DC57
271324Hellblazer Rise And Fall1$6.9909/01/20DC55
292227Justice League Annual2 $4.9909/29/20DC52
3032n.a.Justice League Dark26 (All)$3.9909/22/20DC46
313030Batman Superman Annual1 $4.9909/29/20DC45
323431Wonder Woman 19841$3.9909/29/20DC44
333532Suicide Squad9$3.9909/22/20DC44
343735John Constantine Hellblazer10 $3.9909/29/20DC39
362737Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey3$5.9909/29/20DC39
3836n.a.Young Justice18 (All)$3.9909/01/20DC37
404044Justice League Odyssey24$3.9909/08/20DC30
414147Batman Beyond47$3.9909/22/20DC28
424348Batman and the Outsiders16$3.9909/08/20DC27
444551Red Hood Outlaw49$3.9909/29/20DC25
455052Dollar Comics Batman663$1.0009/01/20DC25
464653Teen Titans45$3.9909/15/20DC24
474254Last God9 $4.9909/22/20DC22
484755Dreaming Waking Hours2 $3.9909/01/20DC21
494856Metal Men10$3.9909/15/20DC21
504961Books of Magic23 $3.9909/22/20DC13
515162DC Classics The Batman Adventures4 $1.9909/08/20DC11
525363Dollar Comics Catwoman (2002)1$1.0009/01/20DC10
535265Looney Tunes256 $2.9909/22/20DC5
n.a.n.a.5Batman The Joker War Zone1$5.9909/29/20DC115
n.a.n.a.11Batman98 Card Stock$4.9909/01/20DC78
n.a.n.a.15Batman99 Card Stock$4.9909/15/20DC66
n.a.n.a.23DCeased Dead Planet3 Card Stock$4.9909/01/20DC57
n.a.n.a.25Batman The Joker War Zone1 Card Stock$6.9909/29/20DC54
n.a.n.a.28DCeased Dead Planet3$3.9909/01/20DC50
n.a.n.a.29Batman The Adventures Continue4$3.9909/01/20DC47
n.a.n.a.33Wonder Woman762$3.9909/08/20DC44
n.a.n.a.34Batman's Grave10$3.9909/15/20DC42
n.a.n.a.41Wonder Woman762 Card Stock$4.9909/08/20DC32
n.a.n.a.42Catwoman25 Card Stock$6.9909/15/20DC31
n.a.n.a.43Wonder Woman763$3.9909/29/20DC30
n.a.n.a.45Justice League Dark26$3.9909/22/20DC29
n.a.n.a.46Wonder Woman763 Card Stock$4.9909/29/20DC29
n.a.n.a.49Young Justice18$3.9909/01/20DC27
n.a.n.a.57Batman The Adventures Continue4 Card Stock$4.9909/01/20DC17
n.a.n.a.58Justice League Dark26 Card Stock$4.9909/22/20DC17
n.a.n.a.59Batman's Grave10 Card Stock$4.9909/15/20DC15
n.a.n.a.60Superman25 Card Stock$6.9909/08/20DC15
n.a.n.a.64Young Justice18 Card Stock$4.9909/01/20DC10

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September 2020 DC Graphic Novel Sales

Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Ordered and Preordered by North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from UCS Comic Distributors

Comichron did not sample retailer sales data for DC's Direct Market graphic novel sales, but UCS Comic Distributors did break out graphic novels in its bestsellers page on its website. As mentioned above, the UCS charts appear to include both items which had shipped and had not yet shipped.

Based on UCS's charts appearing in July, August, and September, the top two graphic novels that shipped for the first time in September appear to have been Batman: Curse of the White Knight hardcover and the Joker: Killer Smile hardcover.

A list of all the graphic novels DC released appears below.

The links lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Trade Paperback titlePriceOn salePublisher
Absolute Dark Knight HC$99.9909/22/20DC
Animal Man By Grant Morrison Book 2 HC 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition$39.9909/08/20DC
Aquaman Vol. 3 Manta Vs. Machine$17.9909/08/20DC
Basketful of Heads HC$24.9909/08/20DC
Batman By Paul Dini Omnibus HC$125.0009/22/20DC
Batman Curse of the White Knight HC$29.9909/15/20DC
Batman Detective Comics Vol. 2 Arkham Knight$17.9909/08/20DC
Batman Detective Comics Vol. 3 Greetings From Gotham$17.9909/29/20DC
Batman Knight Out HC$39.9909/29/20DC
Batman The Demon Trilogy HC$75.0009/22/20DC
Batman The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 8 HC$125.0009/15/20DC
Booster Gold Future Lost HC$39.9909/01/20DC
Dark Knight Returns The Golden Child Deluxe Edition HC$17.9909/15/20DC
DC Poster Portfolio Francesco Mattina$24.9909/22/20DC
DC Super Hero Girls Midterms$9.9909/01/20DC
Doom Patrol Weight of the Worlds$19.9909/22/20DC
Flash Savage Velocity$39.9909/01/20DC
Flash Vol. 11 Greatest Trick of All$17.9909/22/20DC
Green Arrow The Longbow Hunters Saga Omnibus Vol. 1 HC$150.0009/01/20DC
Hawkman Vol. 3 Darkness Within$16.9909/15/20DC
He Man and the Masters of the Multiverse$17.9909/01/20DC
Hellblazer Vol. 23 No Future$29.9909/01/20DC
John Constantine Hellblazer Vol. 1 Marks of Woe$19.9909/29/20DC
Joker Killer Smile HC$29.9909/15/20DC
Legion of Super-Heroes Five Years Later Omnibus Vol. 1 HC$150.0009/22/20DC
Low Low Woods HC$24.9909/29/20DC
Powers The Best Ever HC$29.9909/01/20DC
Robin 80 Years of the Boy Wonder HC$29.9909/15/20DC
Spectre The Wrath of the Spectre Omnibus HC$125.0009/01/20DC
Supergirl Cosmic Adventures In The 8th Grade$9.9909/01/20DC
Teen Titans Beast Boy$16.9909/01/20DC