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December 2020 Comics Sales Early Look

Comics and Graphic Novels Reordered by North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

December 2019 has five shipping weeks, one more than December 2019, so the year-to-year comparison will be in 2020's favor.

The estimated comics sales for the month will become available sometime in January 2021, likely in the second week or so. Follow @Comichron on Twitter to get the alert when the report becomes available. In the meantime, you can get a sense of what sales might be like from noting what products were most reordered by retailers.

Advance Reorders

Several weeks ago, retailers began placing advance reorders for items whose initial order deadlines had passed, but which had not yet released at the time the reorders were placed. These reorders, placed further out than regular reorders, tend to be more speculative in nature, as there is less certainty that stock will still be available. But they do give us the farthest-into-the-future look at potential sales. To see potential sales for this month, you generally want to look at the advance reorders placed from the month before.

Note that the listings mix hardcovers, softcovers, and comics together, and that they also rank items by dollars rather than units. Note, too, that advance reorder charts are ranked by retail dollars, so retailers' discounts have not yet been applied. There is no guarantee that these advance reorders will be filled. It's also likely that a lot of books in these lists won't synch up exactly with this month; reorders are placed all the time and reported weekly, while comics sales are reported monthly.

Advance reorders placed between October 19-25, 2020

• Top advance-reordered December-shipping comic book:
TMNT The Last Ronin #1 2nd Printing (IDW)
• Top advance-reordered hardcover graphic novel:
X-Men Inferno Omnibus HC DM Var (Marvel)

In addition to December's TMNT Last Ronin #1 second printing, Local Comic Shop Day editions led the charts.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1 TMNT The Last Ronin #1 2nd Ptg $8.99IDW12/02/20
2 LCSD 2020 Something Is Killing Children #1 Foil Var $5.99Boom11/25/20
3 LCSD 2020 Power Rangers #1 Foil Var $5.99Boom11/25/20
4 LCSD 2020 Mighty Morphin #1 Foil Var $5.99Boom11/25/20
5Something Is Killing Children #12 Cvr C Bloody Blank Sketch$3.99Boom11/18/20
6 LCSD 2020 Dune House Atreides #2 Foil Var $5.99Boom11/25/20
7Star Wars Darth Vader #6 2nd Ptg Var$3.99Marvel11/18/20
8X-Men Inferno Omnibus HC Dm Var$125.00Marvel03/17/21
9Venom #27 4th Ptg Var$3.99Marvel11/18/20
10 LCSD 2020 Lumberjanes #75 Foil Var $7.99Boom11/25/20
11Marvels Voices Indigenous Voices #1 Ghost Rider Veregge Var$4.99Marvel11/18/20
12Something Is Killing Children #12 Main$3.99Boom11/18/20
13Critical Role Chronicles of Exandria Might Nein Dlx Ed HC$124.99Dark Horse11/11/20
14We Live #1 2nd Ptg$4.99Aftershock11/18/20
15We Live #2 Cvr A Miranda$3.99Aftershock11/18/20
16Sea of Sorrows #1 (Res)$3.99IDW11/18/20
17X-Men Inferno Omnibus HC$125.00Marvel03/17/21
18Cable #6 Xos$3.99Marvel11/18/20
19Thor #8 2nd Ptg Var$3.99Marvel11/18/20
20Symbiote Spider-Man King In Black #1$4.99Marvel11/18/20
21X-Force #14 Xos$3.99Marvel11/18/20
22Amazing Spider-Man #53 Last$3.99Marvel11/18/20
23Venom #30$3.99Marvel11/18/20
24Hellions #6 Xos$3.99Marvel11/18/20
25Symbiote Spider-Man King In Black #1 Black Blank Var$4.99Marvel11/18/20

Advance reorders placed between Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2020

• Top advance-reordered December-shipping comic book:
King in Black #1 (Marvel)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Something is Killing the Children TPB Vol. 2 (Boom)
• Top advance-reordered hardcover graphic novel:
Reckless HC (Image)

Another Donny Cates production, King in Black #1 led advance reorders.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1King In Black #1$5.99Marvel12/02/20
2Reckless HC$24.99Image12/16/20
3King In Black #1 Momoko Var$5.99Marvel12/02/20
4 TMNT The Last Ronin #2 $8.99IDW12/16/20
5 X of Swords Destruction #1 Henrichon LCSD Var $4.99Marvel11/25/20
6 LCSD 2020 Spawn #312 Cvr E Mcfarlane (Net) $2.99Image11/25/20
7King In Black #1 Bederman Tattoo Var$5.99Marvel12/02/20
8 LCSD 2020 Ice Cream Man #20 (Net) $4.99Image11/25/20
9 LCSD 2020 Invincible #1 Gold Foil Logo (Net) $4.99Image11/25/20
10King In Black #1 Clarke Spoiler Var$5.99Marvel12/02/20
11Department of Truth #3 Cvr A Simmonds$3.99Image11/25/20
12Knull Marvel Tales #1$7.99Marvel12/02/20
13 Amazing Spider-Man #53.LR $3.99Marvel11/25/20
14Thor #10 Lashley Knullified Var$3.99Marvel12/02/20
15King In Black #1 Black Blank Var$5.99Marvel12/02/20
16Spawn #312 Cvr B Mcfarlane$2.99Image11/25/20
17King In Black Handbook #1$4.99Marvel12/02/20
18Something Is Killing Children TPB Vol. 2$14.99Boom11/25/20
19Miles Morales Spider-Man #21 Inhyuk Lee Knullified Var$3.99Marvel12/02/20
20The Union #1 Kib$3.99Marvel12/02/20
21King In Black #1 Superlog Var$5.99Marvel12/02/20
22Thor #10$3.99Marvel12/02/20
23I Walk With Monsters #1 Cvr A Cantirino$3.99Vault11/25/20
24Lcsd 2020 Monstress Talk-Stories #1 Gold Foil (Net) ($3.99Image11/25/20
25X of Swords Destruction #1 Momoko Var$4.99Marvel11/25/20

Advance reorders placed between Nov. 2-8, 2020

• Top advance-reordered December-shipping comic book:
TMNT: The Last Ronin #2 (IDW)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Die Vol. 3: The Great Game (Image)

TMNT: The Last Ronin #2 led advance reorders in the same week in which the first issue led Diamond's reorders. AWA got a launch in third place in E Ratic #1.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1TMNT The Last Ronin #2$8.99IDW12/16/20
2 Venom #31 $3.99Marvel12/09/20
3E Ratic #1 Cvr A Andrews$3.99AWA12/02/20
4Conan The Barbarian #17 Gist Var$3.99Marvel12/09/20
5Captain Marvel #24$3.99Marvel12/09/20
6Vampirella #15 Momoko Sneak Peek Virgin Premium Foc Var$3.99Dynamite11/25/20
7Venom #31 Herrera Knullified Var Kib$3.99Marvel12/09/20
8E Ratic #1 Cvr B Deodato Jr$3.99AWA12/02/20
9Sword #1$4.99Marvel12/09/20
10Amazing Spider-Man #54 Siquera Knullified Var Lr$3.99Marvel12/09/20
11Knock Em Dead #1$4.99Aftershock12/02/20
12Venom #31 Stegman Var Kib$3.99Marvel12/09/20
13Giga #2 Cvr A Le$3.99Vault12/02/20
14Giga #1 Dlx Foil 2nd Ptg$9.99Vault12/02/20
15Marauders #16 Xos$3.99Marvel12/09/20
16Amazing Spider-Man #54 Lr$3.99Marvel12/09/20
17Mighty Morphin #1 2nd Ptg$4.99Boom12/02/20
18Avengers #39$3.99Marvel12/09/20
19Juggernaut #4$3.99Marvel12/09/20
20Strange Academy #6$3.99Marvel12/09/20
21Captain Marvel #24 Moore Knullified Var$3.99Marvel12/09/20
22King In Black Namor #1$3.99Marvel12/09/20
23Mighty Morphin #1 Cvr L 2nd Ptg Connecting Var$4.99Boom12/02/20
24Die TPB Vol. 3 Great Game$16.99Image12/16/20
25Dune House Atreides #1 3rd Ptg$4.99Boom12/02/20

Advance reorders placed between November 9-15, 2020

• Top advance-reordered December-shipping comic book:
Crossover #2 Cvr A Shaw (Image)
• Top advance-reordered softcover graphic novel:
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Goblin's Last Stand (Marvel)
• Top advance-reordered hardcover graphic novel:
X of Swords HC Brooks DM Var (Marvel)

The second issue of Image's Crossover series led advance reorders for the week.

Item and Diamond Catalog LinkPricePublisherShipsSee more at
1Crossover #2 Cvr A Shaw$3.99Image12/09/20
2King In Black #2$4.99Marvel12/23/20
3Savage Dragon #253 2nd Ptg Biden Harris$3.99Image12/09/20
4Spider-Woman #7 Momoko Knullified Var Kib$3.99Marvel12/23/20
5 TMNT The Last Ronin #2 $8.99IDW01/27/21
6Home Sick Pilots #1 Cvr B Concert Poster Var$3.99Image12/09/20
7 X of Swords HC Brooks DM Var $100.00Marvel01/20/21
8Home Sick Pilots #1 Cvr C Dani$3.99Image12/09/20
9King In Black Immortal Hulk #1$4.99Marvel12/16/20
10Star Wars Darth Vader #8$3.99Marvel12/16/20
11 Amazing Spider-Man #54.LR $3.99Marvel12/23/20
12Crossover #2 Cvr B Blank Cvr$3.99Image12/09/20
13Spider-Man by Stern Omnibus HC Spider-Man Hobgoblin Cvr$125.00Marvel04/14/21
14Home Sick Pilots #1 Cvr A Wijngaard$3.99Image12/09/20
15Wolverine Black White Blood #2$4.99Marvel12/16/20
16King In Black #2 Shalvey Spoiler Var$4.99Marvel12/23/20
17Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 7$49.99Dark Horse03/10/21
18Crossover #2 Cvr C 10 Copy Incv Shaw Virgin$3.99Image12/09/20
19Hellsing Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 3 $49.99Dark Horse03/17/21
20Taskmaster #2$3.99Marvel12/16/20
21King In Black #2 Bederman Tattoo Var$4.99Marvel12/23/20
22Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TPB Goblins Last Stand$39.99Marvel01/06/21
23Iron Man #4 Rapoza Knullified Var$3.99Marvel12/16/20
24Mighty Morphin #2 Cvr A Main$3.99Boom12/09/20
25Defenders Omnibus HC Vol. 1 Adams Dm Var$100.00Marvel04/07/21

Advance reorder charts will be posted here as soon as they are released. Stay tuned!

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Reorders, by contrast, are orders for items that had already been released at the time of the order. In other words, these are the comics customers have been asking for, generally speaking; while deep discounts may also put titles on these lists, the charts are ranked by invoiced dollars, which is what retailers actually paid.

Reorder charts will be released weekly during the month. Stay tuned!

The true top sellers for the month will replace this page once they are released by Diamond.