2021 Second and Later Printings

Reprint Editions of Comic Books Released to North American Comics Shops
by Diamond Comic Distributors and Lunar Distribution

Amazing Spider-Man #55With some notable exceptions, reprinted editions of comic books were long considered less desirable by collectors when compared to first printings. Many reprints had basically the same cover as the original, so there was no particular appeal to them. In the 2010s, however, with the number of variant-cover editions outnumbering the regular editions of comics, reprints became another kind of limited-edition variant. By 2021, many were in high demand.

We've collated below all confirmed shipments of such comics below, along with links to Diamond and UCS, where an identifying image of the cover can be found. "Auctions" leads to listings on eBay.

Sometimes, there's more than one version of a printing, so cover artist names, when known, appear in the "detail" category, as well as further identifying information such as "sketch" and "recolored" covers. We also include, where known, any platform variant information.

A word of caution: When you see a 25:1 ratio on a platform variant, that does not mean that there's one copy of the variant for every 25 copies of the regular version in existence, because only some retailers would have ordered 25 copies of the regular edition. The true ratio is going to be different; odds are there are well over 25 regular copies for every variant one.

Since Diamond combines all variants for a comic book — including reprints — in its monthly sales charts, the below list can also be helpful when trying to figure whether sales reported in a particular month refer to the first printing or a later one.

Diamond's reports include reordered copies, so if an issue is released in the last week of a month, there's a good chance any entry appearing in the following month includes at least some reorders. If there's several weeks between the printings, it's more likely that the later printing accounts for most of the sales.

This list includes all second- and later printings of comics shipped by Diamond and Lunar in 2021.
Catalog links lead to Diamond, for its products, and Lunar, for DC's products.
The "Detail" category assists identification when more than one variant of a printing appeared.
Auction links lead to current listings for each item on eBay. You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Item and Catalog LinkPrintingDetailPricePublisherOn saleAuctions
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #12ndDeWeese$3.99Behemoth02/03/21Auctions
Amazing Spider-Man #552ndGleason Ratio$3.99Marvel02/03/21Auctions
Amazing Spider-Man #552ndGleason$3.99Marvel02/03/21Auctions
Amazing Spider-Man #562ndBagley$4.99Marvel02/10/21Auctions
Batvark XXXXX One Shot2ndHobbs$4.00Aardvark-Vanaheim01/27/21Auctions
Crossover #22ndShaw$3.99Image01/13/21Auctions
Daredevil #252ndRatio Design$3.99Marvel01/20/21Auctions
Daredevil #252ndChecchetto$3.99Marvel01/20/21Auctions
Department of Truth #1 3rdSimmonds$3.99Image01/13/21Auctions
Department of Truth #22ndSimmonds$3.99Image01/13/21Auctions
Department of Truth #32ndSimmonds$3.99Image01/13/21Auctions
Fear Case #12ndSorrentino$3.99Dark Horse02/10/21Auctions
Future State Dark Detective #12ndMora Design$5.99DC02/02/21Auctions
Future State Harley Quinn #12ndMora Design$3.99DC02/02/21Auctions
Future State Kara Zor-El Superwoman #12ndSauvage Design$3.99DC02/09/21Auctions
Future State Swamp Thing #12ndPerkins Design$3.99DC02/02/21Auctions
Future State Teen Titans #12ndSandoval Design$3.99DC02/09/21Auctions
Future State The Flash #12ndPeterson Design$3.99DC02/09/21Auctions
Future State The Next Batman #12ndDerington Design$7.99DC02/02/21Auctions
Future State The Next Batman #22ndBraga Design$7.99DC02/02/21Auctions
Future State Wonder Woman #12ndJones Design$3.99DC02/02/21Auctions
Haha #12ndDel Rey$3.99Image02/10/21Auctions
I Walk With Monsters #12ndCantirino$3.99Vault02/10/21Auctions
It Eats What Feeds It #32ndLumazark$3.99Scout01/20/21Auctions
King In Black #12ndStegman$5.99Marvel02/10/21Auctions
King In Black #22ndSandoval$4.99Marvel02/10/21Auctions
Last Witch #12nd$4.99Boom02/03/21Auctions
Mighty Morphin #13rdLee$4.99Boom01/06/21Auctions
Mighty Morphin #22ndMora$3.99Boom01/06/21Auctions
Once & Future #102ndMora$3.99Boom01/20/21Auctions
Power Rangers #22ndMora$3.99Boom01/13/21Auctions
Recount #12ndIbarra Nunez$3.99Scout02/10/21Auctions
Seven Secrets #15thDi Nicuolo$3.99Boom02/10/21Auctions
Seven Secrets #2 3rdDi Nicuolo$3.99Boom02/10/21Auctions
Seven Secrets #3 3rdDi Nicuolo$3.99Boom02/10/21Auctions
Seven Secrets #42ndDi Nicuolo$3.99Boom02/10/21Auctions
Seven Secrets #52ndDi Nicuolo$3.99Boom02/10/21Auctions
Seven Secrets #62ndDi Nicuolo$3.99Boom02/10/21Auctions
Star Wars High Republic #12ndNoto$3.99Marvel01/27/21Auctions
Star Wars High Republic #13rdNoto$3.99Marvel02/10/21Auctions
Symbiote Spider-Man King In Black #12ndLand$4.99Marvel01/20/21Auctions
TMNT The Last Ronin #1 3rdRed logo$8.99IDW02/03/21Auctions
We Only Find Them When They're Dead #42ndDi Meo$3.99Boom01/13/21Auctions
Wolverine #72ndKubert$3.99Marvel01/06/21Auctions
Yasmeen #22ndMascolo$3.99Scout01/20/21Auctions

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