April 2022 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Comics Shipped to North American Comics Shops
Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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April 2022 marked the two-year anniversary of DC's partial (and later total) departure from its North American distribution agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors, and six months since Marvel moved to Penguin Random House for much of its distribution. It also appeared to be a very light month for new releases, with around 339 new comics out from all publishers, including DC. That compares with 474 in January 2022. The month saw both a paper shortage and supply chain issues, both of which reportedly have had an impact.

Diamond's comic-book orders during the month were led by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #5, a chart-topping end for the IDW mini-series whose run began a year and a half earlier. Orders were estimated at more than 111,000 copies once Diamond's returnability penalty was removed.

The comic book that placed second in Diamond's raw chart, however, certainly would have led sales had Diamond been its sole distributor. Amazing Spider-Man #1, another reboot of the venerable series, had orders over 92,000 copies just at Diamond, and likely would have topped a quarter-million copies including those distributed by Penguin Random House. Hulk #6 would also likely have well outsold Diamond's overall leader.

Diamond divided Brzrkr #8's orders into multiple entries, due to its having variants with differing cover prices; when combined, the issue's orders would have put it in fourth place. Something is Killing the Children #22 likewise would have wound up in fifth place with all orders combined.

Marvel accounted for 28% of the Top 300 comics and top 300 graphic novels at Diamond in dollar terms, as opposed to 19.5% for Image, and 11% for IDW and Boom.

April 2022 had four New Comic Book Days at Diamond, Penguin Random House, and DC's distributor, Lunar — the same as April 2021, which had four for both Diamond and Lunar. Diamond did not report its sales in that month, however, making comparisons speculative; we have to go back three years to get to an official Diamond comparative. Diamond reported data on 400 comic books in April 2022 with sales of 2.72 million copies (just 2.69 million for the top 300). Those sales total $12.83 million. Diamond sold 5.84 million copies of its Top 300 comics in March 2019 for $24.3 million, but that included DC and all of Marvel's distribution.

In October 2021, the month after Marvel moved its distribution, Diamond appeared to continue to represent about 36% of orders for Marvel's new comics as a wholesaler; looking at the first quarter sales from 2022, that ratio appears to still obtain. If correct, Marvel titles would fill out the Top Five, as seen here:

Top Five PROJECTED Comics from Diamond and Penguin Random House (DC excluded)

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

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Adding projected Marvel copies sold by Penguin Random House, the Top 400 moved around 4.33 million copies for $20.34 million (4.29 million copies for $20.08 million, counting just the Top 300).

Comichron estimates that if DC and comics not in the Top 400 were to be included, industrywide comic-book orders were between 6 and 7 million copies, which compares with 6.34 million copies in April 2019. Dollar sales would have been between $29 million and $30 million, about 20% higher.

Overall Direct Market comics and graphic novel orders likely would have been between $43 million and $45 million
, which compares with $37.75 million in April 2019.

With further changes to available data, Comichron for 2022 altered how data is presented below. In both the comics and graphic novel charts, Diamond's chart appears as it released it, with our direct estimates and then an additional column that accounts for projected overall Marvel sales.

The "Estimated Units" column is based directly on Diamond's reported Order Index numbers, and both the Units and Dollar rankings are the ones in the report Diamond released. By default, the table shows Diamond's original rankings. Diamond applies a 10% penalty to returnable issues, and this is noted by an asterisk (*) by the issue's number.

The "Projected" column in yellow restores that penalty to returnable issues in order to show the actual number that retailers ordered  — and it also projects the number of copies that Marvel sold overall, based on the percentage of Marvel's business that Diamond retained in October 2021 when Marvel moved its distribution business to Penguin Random House, which is estimated to be around 36%. To resort the chart to see where Marvel and returnable titles probably ranked, click on the arrow atop the "Projected" column. If you want to restore the original order, just click on the "Units" column.

The projections for Marvel are dependent upon the ratio mentioned above, but we expect that the share of each Marvel title's sales represented by Diamond would oscillate from month to month. As with any estimates on Comichron, they are subject to change pending the availability of more precise information.

DC titles have not been integrated into the main chart at this time, but appear separately in a chart further below. The leader among DC comics in April was projected to be Justice League #75.

You can click to skip to the Top Graphic Novels for the month. And you can see the reorders that were placed during the month on our pages for reorders and advance reorders for the year.

—John Jackson Miller

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 400 charts, plus any post-#400 items from its Top Independent Publisher charts.
If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Items marked with asterisks [*] had their reported orders reduced by 10% due to returnability.
The PROJECTED column restores the returnability penalty and adds Marvel copies projected to have been sold by Penguin Random House.
Click to read the methodology for this table's estimates.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
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Units $Comic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisherEst. unitsProjected
11TMNT The Last Ronin5*$8.9904/27/22IDW100,462111,624
22Amazing Spider-Man1$5.9904/27/22Marvel92,448256,800
411Gunslinger Spawn7$2.9904/27/22Image50,31150,311
59Blood Stained Teeth1 $3.9904/27/22Image44,80544,805
614Saga58 $2.9904/27/22Image44,57644,576
718Spawn Scorched4$2.9904/06/22Image43,46243,462
919King Spawn9$2.9904/13/22Image43,04243,042
107Alice Ever After1*$3.9904/06/22Boom41,52346,136
1110Something Is Killing The Children22*$3.9904/27/22Boom32,63236,257
128Something Is Killing The Children22 Die Cut Mask*$4.9904/27/22Boom30,84134,267
1422Town Called Terror 1* $3.9904/13/22Image27,37330,414
1525Nocterra9 $3.9904/13/22Image26,92026,920
1612X-Men Red1$4.9904/06/22Marvel26,73574,263
1723Lego Ninjago Garmadon1*$3.9904/06/22Image25,31128,123
1917Captain America0$4.9904/20/22Marvel23,52765,352
2128Godzilla Vs. Might Morphin Power Rangers2$3.9904/27/22IDW23,27323,273
2236Little Monsters2 $3.9904/06/22Image22,01922,019
2316Brzrkr8 Foil*$4.9904/27/22Boom22,00124,445
2427Immortal Red Sonja1*$3.9904/13/22Dynamite21,42123,801
2642Walking Dead Deluxe36 $3.9904/06/22Image20,94420,944
2729West of Sundown1*$3.9904/06/22Vault20,93523,261
2831Moon Knight10$3.9904/06/22Marvel20,82957,858
2945Walking Dead Deluxe37 $3.9904/20/22Image20,75620,756
3039Red Room Trigger Warnings2$3.9904/06/22Fantagr.20,01820,018
3115We Have Demons2 Manapul*$5.9904/27/22Dark Horse19,83222,035
3237Star Wars Crimson Reign4$3.9904/27/22Marvel19,53654,266
3324Knights of X1$4.9904/27/22Marvel19,47054,083
3620Devils Reign6$5.9904/06/22Marvel19,00952,802
3721Image 30th Anniversary Anthology1*$5.9904/13/22Image18,87820,975
3947Vampirella Dracula Unholy5$3.9904/27/22Dynamite18,60218,602
4151Spider-Gwen Gwenverse2$3.9904/20/22Marvel17,35948,219
4250Star Wars22$3.9904/13/22Marvel17,29648,044
4334Rocketeer The Great Race1$4.9904/06/22IDW16,48316,483
4533We Have Demons2*$4.9904/27/22Dark Horse16,12017,911
4746Secret History of War On Weed$4.9904/20/22Image16,05316,053
4957What If Miles Morales2$3.9904/13/22Marvel15,51243,088
5058Star Wars Darth Vader22$3.9904/13/22Marvel15,07041,861
5261Miles Morales Spider-Man37$3.9904/13/22Marvel14,91441,427
5362Black Panther5$3.9904/13/22Marvel14,76141,002
5463X-Men 92 House of XCII1$3.9904/13/22Marvel14,57440,483
5566Animal Castle5 $3.9904/20/22Ablaze14,39014,390
5668Red Sonja8$3.9904/27/22Dynamite14,30514,305
5775Radiant Red2$3.9904/06/22Image14,28114,281
5976Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee19$3.9904/06/22Image14,07014,070
6065Black Widow15$3.9904/06/22Marvel14,03638,988
6164John Carter of Mars1*$3.9904/20/22Dynamite13,53015,033
6270Sheena Queen Jungle5$3.9904/13/22Dynamite13,42113,421
63105Rogue Sun3$3.9904/27/22Image13,17613,176
6452Vampire Slayer (Buffy)1*$4.9904/20/22Boom12,88414,315
6577Mighty Morphin18$3.9904/13/22Boom12,86312,863
6785Ice Cream Man29 $3.9904/20/22Image12,46012,460
6859Power Rangers Universe5$4.9904/27/22Boom12,43612,436
6944Hulk Grand Design Madness1$5.9904/27/22Marvel12,37734,380
7078Fantastic Four42$3.9904/06/22Marvel12,35434,316
7181Power Rangers18$3.9904/20/22Boom12,31312,313
7383Die!Namite Never Dies2$3.9904/06/22Dynamite12,15112,151
7480Silver Surfer Rebirth4$3.9904/27/22Marvel11,93633,155
7571Step By Bloody Step3$4.9904/27/22Image11,64311,643
76115Slumber2 $3.9904/20/22Image11,58711,587
7887Cimmerian Hour of Dragon2 $3.9904/06/22Ablaze11,55411,554
7967Magic Hidden Planeswalker1$4.9904/20/22Boom11,44711,447
8088Hell Sonja4$3.9904/20/22Dynamite11,39711,397
8186Star Wars Bounty Hunters22$3.9904/06/22Marvel11,12630,905
8291Sonic The Hedgehog49$3.9904/27/22IDW11,11611,116
8369All New Firefly3$4.9904/27/22Boom11,04111,041
8489Amazing Spider-Man238 Facs. Ed.$3.9904/06/22Marvel10,95930,441
85101Norse Mythology III3 $3.9904/13/22Dark Horse10,68310,683
8672X-Force Annual1$4.9904/06/22Marvel10,31428,650
8735Godzilla Rivals Vs. King Ghidorah1$7.9904/27/22IDW10,21610,216
8894Doctor Strange Nexus of Nightmares1$3.9904/20/22Marvel10,07527,986
89100Project Superpowers Fractured States1$3.9904/06/22Dynamite9,9749,974
90113Joe Hill Rain4$3.9904/13/22Image9,9089,908
9173Ghost Cage2$5.9904/27/22Image9,6819,681
9299Captain Carter2$3.9904/13/22Marvel9,64426,788
93107Cowboy Bebop3$3.9904/27/22Titan9,6179,617
94103Deadpool Bad Blood1$3.9904/06/22Marvel9,41326,147
95122Scumbag13 $3.9904/27/22Image9,3629,362
97177Joneses1 $3.9904/06/22AWA9,2779,277
10082Naughty List1*$4.9904/27/22Aftershock9,10310,114
102102Nottingham6$3.9904/06/22Mad Cave8,9618,961
103116G.I. Joe A Real American Hero291$3.9904/06/22IDW8,7978,797
104125Radio Spaceman2$3.9904/13/22Dark Horse8,7868,786
105118Bettie Page Alien Agenda2$3.9904/13/22Dynamite8,7288,728
106120Jennifer Blood7 $3.9904/20/22Dynamite8,7248,724
107128Monstress39 $3.9904/27/22Image8,6228,622
108117Spectacular Spider-Man1 Facs. Ed.$3.9904/06/22Marvel8,51323,647
109127Stranger Things Kamchatka2$3.9904/20/22Dark Horse8,4758,475
11054G.I. Joe a Real American Hero 40th Anniv Special$7.9904/13/22IDW8,4578,457
111114Vermillion0 $3.9904/27/22Behemoth8,2848,284
11298Magic the Gathering13$4.9904/06/22Boom8,1378,137
113130Good Asian10 $3.9904/20/22Image8,1298,129
114124Star Trek Mirror War5$3.9904/06/22IDW8,1058,105
115123Break Out1*$3.9904/13/22Dark Horse8,0968,995
11692Kaiju Score Steal From Gods1*$4.9904/13/22Aftershock8,0448,937
117132Newburn6 $3.9904/27/22Image8,0208,020
118133British Paranormal Society Time Out of Mind1$3.9904/27/22Dark Horse7,9407,940
119121Dark Beach1 $3.9904/20/22Behemoth7,9167,916
120136Killadelphia21 $3.9904/20/22Image7,7387,738
12197Ocean Will Take Us1*$4.9904/06/22Aftershock7,6318,478
122137Arrowsmith4 $3.9904/20/22Image7,5547,554
123129We Live Age of Palladions2$3.9904/20/22Aftershock7,5417,541
124138Hellcop6 $3.9904/27/22Image7,4167,416
125110Captain Marvel Annual1$4.9904/06/22Marvel7,32020,333
12653Midnight Rose1*$8.9904/13/22Aftershock7,2918,101
129152Black Hammer Reborn11$3.9904/20/22Dark Horse6,7826,782
130104Transformers Beast Wars Annual 2022$5.9904/20/22IDW6,7796,779
131139Evil Ernie5$3.9904/13/22Dynamite6,7736,773
132151Farmhand16 $3.9904/13/22Image6,6966,696
133140Transformers Wars End3$3.9904/27/22IDW6,6956,695
13490TMNT The Armageddon Game Pre Game$6.9904/20/22IDW6,3846,384
135147Blade Runner Origins11 $3.9904/20/22Titan6,3736,373
136119Lady Death Cataclysmic Majesty2 $4.9904/06/22Coffin6,3636,363
1374Something Is Killing Children Slaughter Pack (Bundle)3$39.9904/13/22Boom6,3136,313
139145Collector Unit 7311*$3.9904/20/22Dark Horse6,2706,966
141153Seven Secrets16$3.9904/13/22Boom6,1916,191
142161Apache Delivery Service4$3.9904/06/22Dark Horse6,0096,009
143156Life Zero3 $3.9904/13/22Ablaze5,9815,981
144162Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog6 $3.9904/13/22Image5,9715,971
145163Loaded Bible Blood of My Blood2 $3.9904/06/22Image5,9065,906
146157Hit Me2 $3.9904/13/22AWA5,8965,896
147155The Thing6$3.9904/06/22Marvel5,84116,225
148126Zombies Vs. Robots Classic2 $5.9904/27/22Image5,8135,813
149143Something Is Killing The Children21$3.9903/30/22Boom5,8095,809
150109Vampire Slayer (Buffy)1 Red Foil Stamp*$5.9904/20/22Boom5,7216,356
151165Sword of Hyperborea4$3.9904/13/22Dark Horse5,6665,666
15295Star Trek Ferengi$7.9904/20/22IDW5,3975,397
153131Bolero4 $5.9904/20/22Image5,3335,333
154158Last Book Youll Ever Read7*$3.9904/13/22Vault5,2375,818
156166Usagi Yojimbo Lone Goat & Kid4$3.9904/27/22IDW5,1905,190
15796G.I. Joe a Real American Hero Cobraaaa$7.9904/27/22IDW5,1645,164
158164Ms. Marvel Beyond Limit5$3.9904/27/22Marvel5,15014,305
159160Follow Me Into The Darkness2 $3.9904/06/22Behemoth5,0885,088
160169Star Trek Discovery Adventures in the 32nd Century2$3.9904/06/22IDW4,9044,904
161170Primos3 $3.9904/20/22AWA4,8784,878
163141Jim Henson's Storyteller Shapeshifters2*$4.9904/06/22Boom4,7955,327
165112Lion & Eagle3$7.9904/27/22Aftershock4,6164,616
166185Home Sick Pilots14 $3.9904/20/22Image4,5924,592
167180Rick and Morty Infinity Hour2 $3.9904/27/22Oni4,4634,463
168188New Masters3$3.9904/06/22Image4,3264,326
17093La Borinquena Starring Rosario Dawson$9.9904/06/22Somos Arte4,2374,237
171178Tarot Witch of the Black Rose133 $3.9904/27/22Broadsword4,1764,176
172193Monkey Meat4$3.9904/06/22Image4,1434,143
174186Fourth Man4 $3.9904/27/22AWA4,0934,093
175146Hulk Grand Design Monster1$5.9903/30/22Marvel4,08011,333
176173Land of Living Gods3$3.9904/20/22Aftershock3,8183,818
177168Blk Caravan Prem David Byrnes Canceled1$4.9904/20/22Scout3,7413,741
178189Heavy Metal Drummer3 $3.9904/06/22Behemoth3,6303,630
179190Faithless III3*$3.9904/20/22Boom3,5833,981
181192Nightmare Before Christmas Mirror Moon4$3.9904/13/22Tokyopop3,5003,500
182202Grrl Scouts Stone Ghost6 $3.9904/20/22Image3,4153,415
183204Last Flight Out6$3.9904/13/22Dark Horse3,3923,392
184175Faithless III3 Erotic*$4.9904/20/22Boom3,3403,711
185206Daisy5$3.9904/13/22Dark Horse3,3183,318
186200House of Slaughter5$3.9904/20/22Boom3,2333,233
187201Hotell Vol. 25 $3.9904/27/22AWA3,1933,193
188226Rock & Roll Biographies Lemmy$3.5004/06/22Acme Ink3,1363,136
189203Crimson Cage5 $3.9904/20/22AWA3,1353,135
190196Nightmare Before Christmas Mirror Moon5$3.9904/20/22Tokyopop3,0453,045
192205Assassins Creed Valhalla Forgotten Myths2*$3.9904/20/22Dark Horse3,0093,343
193197We Ride Titans3*$3.9904/13/22Vault2,9723,302
194199Fun With Little Archie & Friends1*$3.9904/13/22Archie2,9513,278
195218Minions Mini Boss1$3.9904/13/22Titan2,8582,858
196181Ghost Rider1$5.9902/23/22Marvel2,8457,902
197183Dungeons & Dragons Best of Minsc & Boo$5.9904/13/22IDW2,8252,825
198210Classic Pulp Robots$4.0004/20/22Source Point2,7452,745
199220Godzilla Vs. Mmpr1$3.9903/23/22IDW2,7182,718
200150Van Helsing Annual Hour of Witch1*$7.9904/06/22Zenescope2,6692,965
201225Kill Lock Artisan Wraith2$3.9904/13/22IDW2,6592,659
202176Van Helsing Shattered Soul1*$5.9904/13/22Zenescope2,6492,943
203222Star Wars High Republic15$3.9903/02/22Marvel2,6127,255
204179Grimm Spotlight Mystere Divinity1*$5.9904/06/22Zenescope2,5972,885
205142Grimm Univ Presents Quarterly Dracula's Daughter1*$8.9904/27/22Zenescope2,5572,841
206244Archies Anniversary Spectacular1$2.9904/06/22Archie2,4752,475
207228Iron Fist1$3.9902/16/22Marvel2,4396,775
209191Bidens Titans Vs. Q$5.9904/27/22Keenspot2,3892,389
210154Tales of Terror Quarterly Sea of Souls1*$8.9904/20/22Zenescope2,3592,621
211187Belle War of Giants1*$5.9904/06/22Zenescope2,3062,562
212224Grimm Fairy Tales59*$3.9904/27/22Zenescope2,3002,555
213217Killer Affairs of State3 $4.9904/27/22Boom2,2912,291
216237Human Remains7$3.9904/13/22Vault2,2332,233
217230Quad4 $3.9904/20/22Behemoth2,2242,224
218215We Dont Kill Spiders4$4.9904/27/22Scout2,1612,161
219223Bylines In Blood4$4.9904/27/22Aftershock2,1482,148
220241Moon Knight9$3.9903/02/22Marvel2,0875,797
221172Oz Annual Dominion of Ozmo2*$7.9904/27/22Zenescope2,0662,295
222242Patriotika United3$3.9904/20/22Antarctic2,0152,015
223240Corollary1$3.9904/20/22Source Point2,0042,004
224212Last Book Youll Ever Read7 Black Bag$5.9904/13/22Vault1,9961,996
225227Gilt1 $4.9904/06/22Ahoy1,8721,872
226216All Guts No Glory3$5.9904/13/22Zenescope1,7811,781
227243Sham Comics Vol. 21 $4.0004/20/22Source Point1,7601,760
228273Saga56 $2.9902/23/22Image1,7501,750
229231Wrong Earth Fame & Fortune1$4.9904/13/22Ahoy1,7471,747
230246Black Panther4$3.9903/02/22Marvel1,7384,827
231245Cover of Darkness4 $3.9904/20/22Source Point1,6431,643
232248Captain Carter1$3.9903/09/22Marvel1,6354,541
234211Knights of the Dinner Table292$6.9904/13/22Kenzer1,5681,568
235258Jonna and Unpossible Monsters9$3.9904/20/22Oni1,5601,560
236221Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Official Movie Pre Quill$6.9903/30/22IDW1,5561,556
237255Avengers Forever3$3.9904/13/22Marvel1,5554,319
239249No Holds Bard5 $3.9904/06/22Behemoth1,5211,521
240213Heathen Vault Reserve Ed3$7.9904/13/22Vault1,4861,486
241252Shadow Service11*$3.9904/27/22Vault1,4641,626
242208La Muerta Onslaught$7.9904/27/22Coffin1,3921,392
243267Aggretsuko Out of Office4 $3.9904/06/22Oni1,3671,367
244269Batvark a Poet In The Family One Shot$4.0004/27/22Aardvark-Vanaheim1,3511,351
246272Rags Sailor Ragowski One Shots$3.9904/20/22Antarctic1,2711,271
247253Star Wars Han Solo Chewbacca1$4.9903/09/22Marvel1,2583,494
248275New Men2 $3.9904/13/22Advent1,2491,249
249268Hecate's Will3*$3.9904/06/22Black Mask1,2251,361
250270The Last Session5$3.9904/27/22Mad Cave1,2121,212
251209Patriotika United3$9.9904/20/22Antarctic1,2111,211
252271Horror Comics9$3.9904/20/22Antarctic1,2061,206
253254Orange Blossom Monkey Clan1$4.9904/13/22Keenspot1,1671,167
254282Season of the Bruja2$3.9904/27/22Oni1,1661,166
255262Blue Baron Enter Blowback$4.9904/27/22Binge1,1551,155
256276Cult of Ikarus2$3.9904/06/22Scout1,1221,122
257277Usher of the Dead2 $3.9904/06/22Blood Moon1,1171,117
258278Lead City1$3.9504/06/22Red 51,1081,108
259305Fist of the Dragon1$2.9904/06/22Advent1,0871,087
260290Gold Digger287$3.9904/20/22Antarctic1,0701,070
261281John Carpenter Tales of Scifi Civilians3 $3.9904/27/22Storm King1,0671,067
262309Astro City That Was Then Spec$3.9903/30/22Image949949
263261Immortal X-Men1$5.9903/30/22Marvel9422,616
264300Destiny Ny10 $3.9904/06/22Black Mask936936
266274Giant Sized Santos Sisters1$5.0004/13/22Floating World913913
268288Statics1 $5.0004/13/22Fantagr.887887
269263Amazing Spider-Man93$5.9903/30/22Marvel8862,461
270286Something Is Killing The Children21 Die Cut Mask$4.9903/30/22Boom877877
271239Bettie Page Alien Agenda2 Black Bag$10.0004/13/22Dynamite876876
272264Past Last Mountain1$5.9904/27/22Comics Exp.867867
273339Saga57 $2.9903/23/22Image860860
274301Download2$3.9504/06/22Red 5854854
275299Black Star Line1$3.9904/06/22Advent849849
277184Tarot Witch of the Black Rose132 Litho$19.9903/30/22Broadsword768768
278313Speed Republic3$3.9904/20/22Mad Cave766766
279292World War 3 Battle Over Hokkaido2$4.9904/27/22Antarctic756756
280295Venom Lethal Protector1$4.9903/23/22Marvel7552,097
281318Cult of Ikarus1$3.9904/06/22Scout746746
282322Ghost Rider2$3.9903/30/22Marvel7041,955
283320Download3$3.9504/06/22Red 5688688
284329Cat Shit Vol. 33$3.9904/20/22Antarctic680680
285302We Have Demons1 Jock$5.9903/23/22Dark Horse680680
287323Sunshine One Shot$3.9904/06/22Advent664664
288214Gun Honey1-4 Photo Pack$17.9904/06/22Titan652652
289324Miskatonic High1$3.9904/06/22Advent650650
290333Gold Digger286$3.9902/23/22Antarctic639639
291256Rags Sailor Ragowski One Shots Kamen America Cvr$9.9904/20/22Antarctic635635
292337Kaijumax Season 66 $3.9904/20/22Oni619619
293306Darkstalkers Morrigan1$4.9903/30/22Udon616616
294370Spawn Scorched3$2.9903/16/22Image616616
295359Black Beacon6 $2.9904/27/22Heavy Metal594594
296285Superbabes Starring Femforce10$5.9504/13/22AC587587
297334Download4$3.9504/06/22Red 5583583
298336Lead City2$3.9504/27/22Red 5579579
299361War Guard1$2.9902/02/22Advent572572
300342Wolverine Patch1$3.9903/23/22Marvel5601,555
301307X-Men Unlimited Latitude1$5.9903/30/22Marvel5581,550
302264Buffy Vampire Slayer 25th Anniv1$9.9903/30/22Boom548548
303349Ghoul Agency2$3.9904/13/22Action Lab548548
304352Star Wars High Republic Adventures8$3.9909/01/21IDW535535
305280TMNT The Last Ronin3$8.9905/26/21IDW522522
306284Archie Jumbo Comics Digest329$8.9904/20/22Archie504504
307350Alias Black & White4$3.9904/20/22Antarctic498498
308335X Deaths of Wolverine5$4.9903/23/22Marvel4971,380
309287Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest303$8.9904/27/22Archie495495
310351Battlecats Vol. 37$3.9904/06/22Mad Cave490490
311314TMNT Annual 2022$6.9903/30/22IDW475475
312358Avengers Forever4$3.9903/23/22Marvel4731,313
313360Star Wars High Republic13$3.9901/19/22Marvel4711,308
314355Fictionauts3$3.9504/13/22Red 5469469
315331Ghost Cage1$5.9903/23/22Image463463
317354Step By Bloody Step2$4.9903/30/22Image444444
318207Lady Death Cataclysmic Majesty2 Finch Foil$25.0004/06/22Coffin443443
319353We Have Demons1 $4.9903/23/22Dark Horse443443
320523Image Firsts Unnatural1 $1.0008/07/19Image442442
321345Demon Days Blood Feud1$4.9903/23/22Marvel4401,222
322376Little Monsters1 $3.9903/09/22Image440440
323364Sonic Hedgehog Imposter Syndrome1$3.9911/17/21IDW436436
324340Freaks & Gods Vol. 21$4.9904/20/22Invader432432
325326Star Runner Dark Star1$5.9504/27/22Atlantis430430
326369Digger5 $3.9904/13/22Action Lab429429
327368Brzrkr (Berzerker)4 $3.9907/28/21Boom426426
328296World of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest14$8.9904/13/22Archie423423
329590Image Firsts Invincible1$1.0012/03/14Image417417
330298Archie Milestones Jumbo Digest14$8.9904/06/22Archie416416
331373Captain Marvel37$3.9903/30/22Marvel4051,125
333384Rogue Sun2$3.9903/30/22Image390390
334380Vampirella Dracula Unholy4$3.9903/30/22Dynamite377377
335377Miles Morales Spider-Man36$3.9903/30/22Marvel3751,041
336374From Blood3$3.9904/06/22Cosmic Times374374
337375Wilder3 Giampa$3.9904/27/22Blackbox373373
338379Star Wars Bounty Hunters21$3.9903/30/22Marvel3681,022
339381Dark Ages6$3.9903/30/22Marvel3661,016
340382Silver Surfer Rebirth3$3.9903/30/22Marvel3661,016
341198DF Mary Jane Black Cat Beyond1 Kirkham$29.9904/13/22Dynamic Forces365365
342362X Lives of Wolverine5$4.9903/16/22Marvel3641,011
343347Star Runner Dark Star2$5.9504/27/22Atlantis346346
344348Star Runner Dark Star3$5.9504/27/22Atlantis345345
3452342000 Ad December 2021 Prog Pack$22.9904/13/22Rebellion337337
346383Third Wave 992$3.9904/06/22Scout333333
3472362000 Ad November 2021 Prog Pack$22.9904/13/22Rebellion329329
348365Quintara Stone1$4.9903/30/22Keenspot318318
3493382000 AD Scfi Special 2021$6.9904/20/22Rebellion313313
350325TMNT The Last Ronin4$8.9909/22/21IDW310310
351328A Hunters Tale0$8.0004/13/22Elephant Eater306306
352259Horizon Zero Dawn Liberation1-4 Pack$19.9904/06/22Titan306306
353195Lady Death Cataclysmic Majesty2 Naughty$40.0004/06/22Coffin306306
354394Eternals The Heretic1$3.9903/16/22Marvel303841
355238Pathfinder Fumbus One Shot$25.0004/20/22Dynamite295295
356404Radio Spaceman1$3.9903/02/22Dark Horse291291
358435Gunslinger Spawn6$2.9903/23/22Image277277
359409Zombies Vs. Robots Classic1 $3.9903/30/22Image277277
360405G.I. Joe Rah Saturday Morning Adv2$3.9903/30/22IDW271271
362400North Bend Season 24$3.9904/13/22Scout266266
363395Magic Order 26 $4.9903/30/22Image265265
364445King Spawn8 $2.9903/16/22Image259259
365390Amazing Spider-Man92.BEY$4.9903/16/22Marvel257713
366417Black Panther1$4.9911/24/21Marvel245680
367426Primordial2 $3.9911/03/21Image240240
368418Apex Legends Overtime4$3.9903/30/22Dark Horse239239
369372Pentagram of Horror1$5.9903/23/22Scout239239
370425Radiant Black13$3.9903/30/22Image232232
371392King Spawn1$5.9908/25/21Image229229
372411Heavy Metal Drummer2 $3.9903/16/22Behemoth227227
373410Step By Bloody Step1$4.9902/23/22Image227227
374419Iron Fist2$3.9903/30/22Marvel221613
375515Hit Me1 $3.9903/09/22AWA218218
376319Willy's Wonderland Prequel2 Ltd Ed$14.9904/27/22American Mythology215215
377343Bidens Titans Vs. Q Remulac Blank Sketch Flip Cvr$9.9904/27/22Keenspot214214
378422Brzrkr (Berzerker)3 $3.9906/16/21Boom214214
379398Happy Hill1 $4.9901/12/22Comixtribe213213
380416Until My Knuckles Bleed2 $3.9903/23/22Behemoth210210
381423Shadowman (2020)7$3.9903/16/22Valiant208208
382283Lady Death Merciless Onslaught Premiere Ed1 $20.0004/06/22Coffin207207
383407X Deaths of Wolverine4$4.9903/09/22Marvel207575
384784Image Firsts Die1 $1.0002/03/21Image205205
385429Iron Man18$3.9903/23/22Marvel204566
386431Jennifer Blood6 $3.9903/16/22Dynamite201201
387408Power Rangers Universe4$4.9903/23/22Boom197197
388414Reckoning War Trial of Watcher1$4.9903/16/22Marvel195541
389444Righteous Thirst For Vengeance6 $3.9903/30/22Image194194
390403Happy Hill2 $4.9903/30/22Comixtribe192192
391441Hellboy Silver Lantern Club5$3.9903/30/22Dark Horse191191
392436Devils Reign X-Men3$3.9903/23/22Marvel190527
393845Image Firsts Ice Cream Man1 $1.0008/07/19Image190190
394438Invincible Red Sonja8$3.9903/16/22Dynamite186186
395432Southside2 $3.9902/02/22Advent185185
396219Vampirella Dracula Unholy4 Virgin$50.0004/13/22Dynamite184184
397440Transformers Wars End2$3.9903/30/22IDW183183
399847Image Firsts Copra1 $1.0008/07/19Image179179
400450Loaded Bible Blood of My Blood1 $3.9903/02/22Image179179
401378TMNT The Last Ronin2$8.9902/17/21IDW177177
402412Zombie Tramp Origins1 Risque$4.9907/05/17Action Lab177177

April 2022 DC Comics Projected Initial Orders by Comics Shops

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

Covers and issue links on this page lead to current eBay listings. This site may be compensated if you make a purchase.

DC comics were distributed by Lunar Distribution during the month, and it again did not provide sales information to retailers or consumers. Comichron's projected order of finish, based on a subset of retailer initial orders, is below. We are not projecting copies sold per issue or integrating them with the industrywide data at this time.

This list includes all DC items released by Lunar Distribution in the month.
Differently priced variants appear fused together by default near where they'd have ranked if together.
Distributor charts are regional commodity reports, not measures of a work's total reach. Read our FAQ.
Title links below lead to current listings for the issues on eBay. As an eBay Partner, this site may be compensated if you make a purchase.

UnitDollarComic-book TitleIssuePriceOn salePublisher
11Justice League75$6.9904/27/22DC
35Batman Beyond Neo-Year1$3.9904/06/22DC
46Sandman Universe Nightmare Country1$3.9904/13/22DC
67Batman Catwoman11$4.9904/13/22DC
78Batman Beyond The White Knight2$4.9904/27/22DC
89Detective Comics1059$4.9904/27/22DC
913Dark Knights of Steel6$3.9904/27/22DC
104Flashpoint Beyond0$5.9904/13/22DC
1114Batman ’895$3.9904/13/22DC
1216Batman Superman World’s Finest2$3.9904/20/22DC
1311Batman Killing Time2$4.9904/06/22DC
1418Nice House on the Lake8$3.9904/20/22DC
1512Batman The Knight4$4.9904/20/22DC
1615Action Comics1042$4.9904/27/22DC
2010Batman Urban Legends14$7.9904/13/22DC
2127Swamp Thing12$3.9904/27/22DC
2229Harley Quinn14$3.9904/27/22DC
2331Deathstroke Inc.8$3.9904/27/22DC
2432Superman Son of Kal-El10$3.9904/13/22DC
2533Trial of the Amazons Wonder Girl2$3.9904/20/22DC
2817Flashpoint Batman Knight of Vengeance1$6.9904/06/22DC
2936Future State Gotham12$3.9904/13/22DC
3025Wonder Woman786$4.9904/13/22DC
3228Green Lantern12$4.9904/13/22DC
3330Trial of the Amazons2$4.9904/27/22DC
3420Catwoman Lonely City3$6.9904/20/22DC
3539I Am Batman8$3.9904/13/22DC
3640Teen Titans Academy14$3.9904/27/22DC
3819Wonder Woman Historia The Amazons2$7.9904/06/22DC
3941Suicide Squad14$3.9904/06/22DC
4042Blue and Gold8$3.9904/20/22DC
4126Suicide Squad Blaze2$6.9904/13/22DC
4344Monkey Prince3$3.9904/06/22DC
4545Refrigerator Full of Heads6$3.9904/20/22DC
4646Naomi Season 22$3.9904/13/22DC
4748Wonder Woman Evolution6$3.9904/20/22DC
4849Aquaman Green Arrow Deep Target7$3.9904/27/22DC
4950One-Star Squadron5$3.9904/06/22DC
5051World of Krypton5$3.9904/06/22DC
5252Scooby-Doo Where Are You115$2.9904/20/22DC

April 2022 Graphic Novel Sales to Comics Shops

Estimated Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks Shipped to North American Comics Shops Based on Reports from Diamond Comic Distributors

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

Covers and issue links on this page lead to current eBay listings. This site may be compensated if you make a purchase.

Diamond shipped $4.42 million worth of its Top 400 graphic novels in April.

This list includes all items on Diamond's Top 400 charts, plus any post-#400 items from its Top Independent and Manga charts. If you don't see a book, Diamond released no data for it.
Title links below lead to current listings for the issues on eBay. As an eBay Partner, this site may be compensated if you make a purchase.

UnitsDollarsGraphic novel titlePriceOn salePublisherEst. units
11Ghost In You HC A Reckless Book$24.9904/13/22Image10,953
25House of Slaughter Vol. 1 Discover Now Ed$14.9904/13/22Boom6,725
312Chainsaw Man Vol. 10$9.9904/06/22Viz5,944
46Department of Truth Vol. 3$16.9904/20/22Image5,353
613Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 15$9.9904/06/22Viz4,582
723Kaiju No 8 Vol. 2$9.9904/06/22Viz3,369
83Decorum HC$39.9904/20/22Image3,202
925Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 0$9.9901/06/21Viz3,087
107Rose of Versailles Vol. 5$29.9904/21/21Udon2,732
1131My Hero Academia Vigilantes Vol. 12$9.9904/06/22Viz2,728
1234Sakamoto Days Vol. 1$9.9904/06/22Viz2,476
139Locke & Key Golden Age HC$29.9904/27/22IDW2,442
1438Spy X Family Vol. 7$9.9904/06/22Viz2,402
1515Gun Honey Vol. 1$17.9904/13/22Titan2,359
1616Arrowsmith HC Book 1 So Smart In Their Fine Uniforms$24.9904/13/22Image1,795
17136Pokemon Sword & Shield Vol. 3$4.9904/13/22Viz1,688
1832Something Is Killing Children Vol. 1$14.9906/10/20Boom1,630
1952Cat Gamer Vol. 1$11.9904/27/22Dark Horse1,594
2029Venom By Al Ewing Ram V Vol. 1 Recursion$17.9904/06/22Marvel1,529
2141Spawn Origins Vol. 21$16.9904/20/22Image1,509
2322Dune House Atreides HC Vol. 3$24.9904/20/22Boom1,371
2453Record Ragnarok Vol. 2$12.9904/20/22Viz1,371
2578Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 5$9.9908/05/20Viz1,339
2718Sailor Moon Eternal Ed Codename Sailor V Vol. 2$27.9904/20/22Kodansha1,277
2843Stranger Things Vol. 5 Tomb of Ybwen$19.9904/27/22Dark Horse1,143
2992Komi Cant Communicate Vol. 18$9.9904/13/22Viz1,140
3014Moon Knight Legacy Complete Collection$39.9904/06/22Marvel1,108
3159Persona 5 Mementos Mission Vol. 2$13.9903/30/22Udon1,100
3235Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Idiots Abroad & Other Follies$22.9904/20/22Fantagraphics1,067
3397One Punch Man Vol. 1$9.99BacklistViz1,060
3599My Hero Academia Vol. 4$9.99BacklistViz1,042
3663Naruto 3In1 Vol. 1$14.99BacklistViz1,005
3770A Thing Called Truth Vol. 1$16.9904/13/22Image989
382Demon Slayer Complete Box Set$199.9911/10/21Viz977
3980Goblin Slayer Vol. 11$13.0004/27/22Yen970
4046Attack On Titan Omnibus Vol. 4 Vol. 10-12$19.9904/20/22Kodansha959
41108Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 7$9.9907/03/19Viz952
4276Time Before Time Vol. 2$16.9904/13/22Image922
4393Tentacle Kitty Tales Around The Teacup$12.9904/27/22Dark Horse909
4474Mighty Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor Vol. 2 Invasion Asgard$15.9904/06/22Marvel894
4575Star Wars High Republic Trail of Shadows$15.9904/13/22Marvel886
4630Serial Omnibus$31.9904/13/22Abstract884
4785Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol. 9$14.9904/20/22Boom860
4886Chef's Kiss Vol. 1$14.9904/13/22Oni841
4969Amazing Spider-Man Beyond Vol. 3$17.9904/20/22Marvel837
5061The Thief Inoue Akikazu$17.9504/27/22Digital Manga828
5168We Only Kill Each Other$19.9904/20/22Dark Horse819
52133One Punch Man Vol. 2$9.99BacklistViz812
5324Inferno HC Opena Cvr$39.9904/20/22Marvel810
54142Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Stories Water & Flame$9.9901/05/22Viz783
55181A Quick & Easy Guide to Asexuality Vol. 1$7.9904/06/22Oni781
5681My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 10 Vol. 3$17.9904/20/22IDW772
5795Asadora Vol. 5$14.9904/20/22Viz755
58103Black Panther Shuri & Tchalla Into Heartlands$12.9904/06/22Scholastic746
5957Deserter Junji Ito Story Coll HC$22.9912/22/21Viz718
60109Spider-Gwen Deal With Devil$13.9904/27/22Marvel704
6127Serial Omnibus HC$41.9904/13/22Abstract700
6255Space Pirate Captain Harlock HC Vol. 1$24.9904/06/22Ablaze700
6382Star Trek Year Five Vol. 4 Experienced In Loss$19.9904/20/22IDW695
64119Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1$12.99BacklistViz686
65116Banished From Hero Party Quiet Countryside Vol. 1$13.0004/06/22Yen671
6671No 5 Vol. 4$22.9904/20/22Viz670
68265Radiant Black Vol. 1$9.9908/18/21Image639
69107Mfkz Vol. 1$14.9904/06/22Behemoth634
70127Cat Kid Comic Club HC Vol. 3 On Purpose$12.9904/27/22Scholastic628
71174Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 16$9.9909/02/20Viz622
7289Crows HC$19.9904/20/22Dark Horse618
73144Links Gn$12.9904/13/22Sublime615
74132Five Nights At Freddys Vol. 3 Fourth Closet$12.9904/27/22AFK611
7573Shiver HC Junji Ito$22.9911/29/17Viz611
76186Moriarty The Patriot Vol. 7$9.9904/06/22Viz609
77115Something Is Killing Children Vol. 2$14.9911/25/20Boom604
78150Crueler Than Dead Vol. 2$12.9904/06/22Ablaze599
79113Cat Massage Therapy Vol. 2$14.9904/27/22Seven Seas597
80198Call of the Night Vol. 7$9.9904/13/22Viz580
814Dave Stevens Rocketeer Artists Ed HC $90.0004/27/22IDW578
82188Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 17$9.9909/30/20Viz578
83121Cinnamon Vol. 1$14.9904/06/22Behemoth563
84204My Love Mix Up Vol. 3$9.9904/06/22Viz562
8572Apollos Song Omnibus Ed$24.9504/20/22Vertical561
86194Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 5$9.9903/06/19Viz556
8764Black Dog Dreams of Paul Nash$29.9904/27/22Dark Horse554
88206Kaguya Sama Love Is War Vol. 22$9.9904/06/22Viz554
89149Alice In Kyoto Forest Vol. 1$12.9904/20/22Tokyopop551
90130Something Is Killing Children Vol. 4$14.9901/12/22Boom550
91163Jonna and Unpossible Monsters Vol. 2$12.9904/13/22Oni527
92224Splatoon Vol. 14$9.9904/13/22Viz526
93154A Galaxy Next Door Vol. 1$12.9904/27/22Kodansha525
9479Astro City Metrobook Vol. 1$29.9903/30/22Image522
95245Department of Truth Vol. 1$9.9902/24/21Image521
9667Squeak The Mouse HC$29.9904/13/22Fantagraphics518
97248Saga Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage517
98169Bite Sized Archie Vol. 1$12.9904/27/22Archie516
9936Ec Archives Gunfighter HC Vol. 1$49.9904/06/22Dark Horse513
10026Transformers Idw Collection Phase 3 HC Vol. 2$59.9904/06/22IDW513
10140Wolverine Weapon X Gallery Edition HC$44.9904/13/22Marvel506
102284Monstress Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage505
103146Something Is Killing Children Vol. 3$14.9906/09/21Boom502
104238Spy X Family Vol. 1$9.9907/01/20Viz502
105118Pearl Vol. 2$19.9904/20/22Dark Horse501
106152Persona 4 Vol. 1$13.99BacklistUdon497
107120Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Vol. 2$19.9907/29/20Dark Horse488
108295Paper Girls Vol. 1$9.99BacklistImage486
109236Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 6$9.9909/30/20Viz485
110148Phoenix Song Echo$15.9904/27/22Marvel485
111105Darling In Franxx Omnibus Vol. 1$19.9904/06/22Seven Seas483
11210Thor By Jason Aaron Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.0004/27/22Marvel478
11358Amazing Fantasy Treasury Edition$34.9904/20/22Marvel477
114165Bungo Stray Dogs Wan Vol. 1$13.0003/23/22Yen474
11583Ether Omnibus$29.9904/20/22Dark Horse474
11644Thor Epic Collection God of Thunder$44.9904/06/22Marvel473
11711Moon Knight Omnibus HC Vol. 1$125.0004/13/22Marvel471
118272Spawn Origins Vol. 1$9.9905/01/19Image469
119175Given Vol. 1$12.9902/12/20Sublime467
120172Rent a Girlfriend Vol. 12$12.9904/20/22Kodansha463
121128Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Vol. 1$19.9910/16/19Dark Horse458
12248Deadly Class Dlx HC Vol. 3$49.9903/09/22Image457
123246Chainsaw Man Vol. 7$9.9910/06/21Viz454
12451Thor Epic Collection War of Gods$39.9904/06/22Marvel448
125141New Mutants By Vita Ayala Vol. 2$17.9904/13/22Marvel447
126143Captain Marvel Vol. 7 Last of Marvels$17.9904/13/22Marvel443
127162Manifest Destiny Vol. 6$16.9910/03/18Image442
128145Avengers Tech-On$17.9904/06/22Marvel435
129159My Brain Is Different Stories of ADHD$14.9904/20/22Seven Seas432
13039Spawn Compendium Vol. 1$59.9902/24/21Image432
131185Blackguard Vol. 1$12.9504/27/22Vertical431
13290Brave New World Gn$24.9904/20/22Harper Collins427
13350Deadly Class Dlx HC 01$49.9903/09/22Image424
134212Midnite Matinee Comics Presents Island of Lost Gorillas$11.9904/20/22Source Point418
135151Reign of X Vol. 11$17.9904/20/22Marvel418
136173One Piece 3In1 Vol. 2$14.99BacklistViz415
137278Yona of the Dawn Vol. 35$9.9904/06/22Viz415
138123Avatar Last Airbender Omnibus The Promise$24.9908/12/20Dark Horse414
139125Avatar Last Airbender Search Omnibus$24.9910/21/20Dark Horse414
140183Hen Kai Pan Vol. 1$14.9904/13/22Titan413
141179Me You Love In The Dark Vol. 1$16.9903/02/22Image410
14254Deadly Class Dlx HC 2$49.9903/09/22Image408
143227Idhun Chronicles Vol. 1 Resistance Search$12.9904/06/22Ablaze408
144177Many Deaths of Laila Starr$14.9901/12/22Boom405
145122Solo Leveling Vol. 1$20.0002/24/21Yen396
146286Snow White With Red Hair Vol. 18$9.9904/06/22Viz394
147155Windmaker Vol. 1$19.9904/20/22Dark Horse394
148111Secret Invasion Meet The Skrulls$24.9904/06/22Marvel390
14962Wolverine By Benjamin Percy HC Vol. 1$39.9904/13/22Marvel390
150208Magic Artisan Dahlia Wilts No More Vol. 1$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas388
15117Savage She-Hulk Omnibus HC$100.0004/20/22Marvel386
15265Avengers Epic Collection Avengers Defenders War$39.9904/13/22Marvel385
153282Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 10$9.9901/08/20Viz384
154138Seven Deadly Sins Omnibus Vol. 3$19.9904/20/22Kodansha384
155195Cat In a Hot Girls Dorm Vol. 2$13.9904/20/22Seven Seas381
156160Judge Dredd Blaze of Glory$16.9904/20/22Rebellion381
157232Beastars Vol. 1$12.9907/17/19Viz377
158140Heavens Door Extra Works$19.9504/13/22Last Gasp377
15956X-Force Epic Collection Zero Tolerance$44.9904/20/22Marvel376
161200100 Girlfriends Who Really Love You Vol. 2$13.9904/20/22Seven Seas372
162223Please Put Them On Takamine-San Vol. 3$13.0004/27/22Yen371
163220Dont Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Vol. 10$12.9504/20/22Vertical370
164226Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Vol. 1$12.9904/06/22Seven Seas369
165210Tiny Fox & Great Boar HC Book 1 Book One There$14.9904/13/22Oni369
166269Mob Psycho 100 Vol. 1$11.9910/24/18Dark Horse368
16721Star Wars Darth Vader Gillen Larroca Omnibus HC$100.0004/27/22Marvel367
168293Spy X Family Vol. 4$9.9903/10/21Viz364
169207Gigant Vol. 7$13.9904/20/22Seven Seas363
170168Brides Story HC Vol. 13$17.0004/20/22Yen361
17145Invincible Compendium Vol. 1$64.99BacklistImage360
17233Doctor Strange Aaron Bachalo Omnibus HC$75.0004/13/22Marvel358
173242Tokyo Ghoul Re Vol. 1$12.9909/20/17Viz358
174302Good Asian Vol. 1$14.9909/29/21Image356
175211Radiant Black Vol. 2$16.9903/16/22Image356
176217X-O Manowar Vol. 2$14.9904/06/22Valiant355
177229Another Castle$14.9904/13/22Oni351
178129Thick Skins$22.9904/27/22Humanoids351
179126Marvels Voices Identity$24.9904/13/22Marvel350
18060Halo Encyclopedia HC$49.9904/20/22Dark Horse349
181153Shaman King Omnibus Vol. 8 (Vol 22-24)$19.9904/13/22Kodansha344
182243Yagi The Bookshop Goat$12.9904/13/22Tokyopop342
183268Agents of Slam$12.9904/27/22Oni338
18449Spawn Compendium Vol. 2$59.9912/15/21Image334
185214Assassins Creed Dynasty Vol. 2$14.9904/20/22Tokyopop332
186273Scattering His Virgin Bloom Vol. 1$12.9904/13/22Sublime331
187285Edens Zero Vol. 12$10.9904/20/22Kodansha330
188327Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 13$9.9912/08/21Viz330
189230Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 1 Fallout$15.9908/22/18IDW328
190249Your Name Vol. 2$13.0011/15/17Yen328
191216Ka-Zar Lord Savage Land$15.9904/06/22Marvel327
19219Captain Britain Omnibus HC$125.0004/13/22Marvel324
193252Most Notorious Talker Runs Worlds Greatest Clan Vol. 1$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas324
194255Sasaki and Miyano Vol. 5$13.0004/27/22Yen324
195228Button Pusher$14.9904/06/22First Second321
19666Alfred Hitchcock Master of Suspense HC$44.9904/13/22NBM319
197233Boys of the Dead$14.9504/20/22Denpa318
198231Woman In The Woods & Other North American Stories$15.0004/20/22Iron Circus318
199241Department of Truth Vol. 2$16.9910/20/21Image316
200438Snotgirl Vol. 1 Green Hair Don't Care$9.9902/22/17Image316
201260Aru Shah & End of Time$12.9904/20/22Riordan315
202110Boys Omnibus Vol. 1$29.9903/20/19Dynamite315
203296Edens Zero Vol. 16$10.9904/27/22Kodansha315
204235Run On Your New Legs Vol. 1$15.0003/23/22Yen314
205171Jojos Bizarre Adv Pt 5 Golden Wind HC Vol. 1$19.9908/04/21Viz313
206193Errand Boys$19.9904/13/22Dark Horse310
207213Once & Future Vol. 1$16.9903/25/20Boom306
208202Crossover Vol. 1$19.9905/26/21Image305
209258Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 1$13.00BacklistYen303
210271Love of Kill Vol. 7$13.0004/27/22Yen302
211442Sonic Hedgehog Sonic & Tails Best Buds Forever$7.9902/02/22IDW301
212100Tomie Complete Dlx Ed HC Junji Ito$34.99BacklistViz298
213276Alice In Bishounen Land Vol. 2$12.9904/13/22Tokyopop297
214166Fruits Basket Collectors Ed Vol. 1$20.00BacklistYen295
215360Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Vol. 21$9.9904/07/21Viz292
216263Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Vol. 1$13.9904/20/22Seven Seas288
217201Meteor Men Expanded Edition #0$19.9904/27/22Oni287
218367One Piece Vol. 3$9.99BacklistViz287
219277So Im a Spider So What Vol. 1$13.0012/13/17Yen287
220264Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire Vol. 2$13.9904/06/22Seven Seas287
221137Uzumaki 3In1 Dlx Ed HC Junji Ito$27.99BacklistViz286
222262Stray Dogs$16.9909/15/21Image285
223237Brzrkr (Berzerker) Vol. 1$16.9909/29/21Boom284
224337Mob Psycho 100 Vol. 4$11.9903/18/20Dark Horse284
225414Righteous Thirst For Vengeance Vol. 1$9.9903/16/22Image284
226382Minecraft Vol. 2$10.9910/21/20Dark Horse282
227304Monstress Vol. 6$16.9909/15/21Image281
228274Into Deepest Most Unknowable Dungeon Vol. 2$13.9904/06/22Seven Seas280
229240Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Vol. 1$19.9910/06/21Dark Horse279
230221Bountiful Garden$14.9904/06/22Mad Cave278
23194Thor By Jason Aaron HC Vol. 5$39.9904/13/22Marvel278
232422Invincible Vol. 1 Family Matters$9.99BacklistImage275
233114Porn Basket HC$34.9904/13/22Fantagraphics275
234290Ive Been Killing Slimes 300 Years Maxed Out Vol. 8$13.0004/27/22Yen273
235275Silver Coin Vol. 1$16.9910/06/21Image272
236292Yuuna & Haunted Hot Springs Vol. 19$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas271
237597Geiger Vol. 1$9.9911/24/21Image267
238298Miss Quinces$12.9904/20/22Scholastic267
239405Case Closed Vol. 82$9.9904/13/22Viz266
240102Spider-Girl Complete Collection Vol. 4$39.9904/13/22Marvel264
24198Paper Girls Comp Story$49.9910/20/21Image263
242191Solo Leveling Vol. 2$20.0007/21/21Yen263
243339Jurrasik Diaries HC Vol. 1$12.9904/06/22Ablaze260
244395Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 12$9.9910/06/21Viz258
245308Sword Art Online Project Alicization Vol. 4$13.0003/23/22Yen257
246104Rose of Versailles Vol. 1$38.9901/22/20Udon256
247315Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 4$12.99BacklistViz256
248532Star Wars Bad Batch Screen Comix Vol. 1 Hunted$7.9904/27/22Random House255
249608Gideon Falls Vol. 1 Black Barn$9.9910/17/18Image251
250280Demon Girl Next Door Vol. 5$14.9904/20/22Seven Seas249
251440Big Alien Moon Crush$9.9904/20/22Action Lab248
252317Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated Vol. 2$12.9904/20/22Square Enix247
253319Yotsuba & ! Vol. 3$13.00BacklistYen246
254310Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Vol. 0$13.0003/09/22Yen244
25520Savage Sword of Conan Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol. 7$150.0004/27/22Marvel243
256324Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero Vol. 4$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas242
257330Overlord Undead King Oh Vol. 7$13.0004/20/22Yen242
258484Deadly Class Vol. 1 Reagan Youth$9.99BacklistImage240
259331Berserk of Gluttony Vol. 5$12.9904/13/22Seven Seas239
260197Lovesickness Junji Ito Story Coll HC$22.9904/21/21Viz239
261340Bottom Tier Bureaucrat For 1500 Years Vol. 3$13.0004/27/22Yen236
262352Walking Dead Vol. 1 Days Gone Bye$14.99BacklistImage234
264465Skip Beat Vol. 46$9.9904/06/22Viz230
265222Solo Leveling Vol. 3$20.00BacklistYen230
266349Saviors Book Cafe Story In Another World Vol. 2$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas228
267131Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Library Ed HC Vol. 1$39.9911/25/20Dark Horse227
268322Shioris Diary Vol. 3$13.9904/27/22Seven Seas227
269605Star Wars Mandalorian Screen Comix Vol. 2 Rescue$7.9904/27/22Random House226
270167Mr Lightbulb$29.9904/13/22Fantagraphics225
271351No Matter What You Say Furi San Is Scary Vol. 3$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas225
272373Monstress Vol. 2$16.9907/05/17Image223
27328War of Realms Omnibus HC$125.0004/13/22Marvel223
27442Fantastic Four By Hickman Omnibus HC Vol. 2$100.0004/13/22Marvel222
275479Sleepy Princess In Demon Castle Vol. 17$9.9904/13/22Viz222
276300Fruits Basket Another Vol. 1$15.0007/18/18Yen218
277456Persona 5 Manga Vol. 1$9.9901/15/20Viz218
2783432 Point 5 Dimensional Seduction Vol. 2$13.9904/20/22Seven Seas217
279362Dangers In My Heart Vol. 4$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas216
280192Senseis Pious Lie Vol. 1$24.9504/27/22Vertical216
281196Flung Out of Space$24.9904/20/22Abrams214
282365Monster Wrestling Interspecies Combat Girls Vol. 4$13.0003/23/22Yen214
283112Black Panther HC Vol. 4 Intergalactic Empire Wakanda Pt Two$44.9904/13/22Marvel213
284366Time Stop Hero Vol. 4$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas213
285494Peach and the Isle of Monsters$9.9904/13/22Action Lab212
286288Sailor Men$16.9504/13/22Digital Manga212
287480Chainsaw Man Vol. 6$9.9908/18/21Viz211
288368Reincarnated As Villainess In Otome Game Vol. 1$12.9904/21/21Tokyopop210
289370Penguin & House Vol. 2$12.9904/13/22Kodansha209
290471Haikyu Vol. 1$9.99BacklistViz206
291383Spawn Origins Vol. 2$14.99BacklistImage205
292259Ten Days In Mad-House$19.9904/13/22Gallery205
293435Vampire Dormitory Vol. 4$10.9904/06/22Kodansha205
294364Haganai I Dont Have Many Friends Vol. 20$13.9904/20/22Seven Seas201
295508Paper Girls Vol. 2$12.99BacklistImage201
296244Remina HC Junji Ito$22.9912/16/20Viz201
297411Sci Fu Vol. 2 It Takes 2$12.9904/27/22Oni201
298386In Another World With My Smartphone Vol. 5$13.0004/27/22Yen199
299323Magic Order Vol. 1$19.9904/17/19Image199
300385Magika Swordsman & Summoner$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas199
301499One Punch Man Vol. 8$9.99BacklistViz197
302574Die Vol. 1 Fantasy Heartbreaker$9.9906/05/19Image195
303205Harrow County Omnibus Vol. 1$29.9901/06/21Dark Horse193
304416Beastars Vol. 17$12.9903/16/22Viz192
305409Record Ragnarok Vol. 1$12.9901/19/22Viz192
306392Our Teachers Are Dating Vol. 4$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas191
307313Poser$16.9904/06/22Wave Blue World191
308583Killadelphia Vol. 1 Sins of the Father$9.9907/08/20Image189
309281Manga Classics Hamlet Orig Text Ed$19.9904/13/22Manga Classics189
310387Soul Eater Vol. 1$13.00BacklistYen189
311415Dick Fight Island Vol. 1$12.9905/12/21Sublime188
312473Edens Zero Vol. 15$10.9902/23/22Kodansha188
313404Arifureta Commonplace to Strongest Vol. 8$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas186
314530Cuphead Vol. 1 Comic Capers & Curios$10.9907/29/20Dark Horse186
315209Junction HC$29.9904/13/22Titan186
316389Red Panda & Moon Bear Vol. 2 Curse of Evil Eye$14.9904/13/22IDW186
317536My Hero Academia Vol. 30$9.9903/02/22Viz184
31888Phantom Comp Dailies HC Vol. 24 1973-1974$60.00BacklistHermes184
319408Swan Lake Quest for the Kingdoms$12.9904/06/22Harper Collins184
320497Mob Psycho 100 Vol. 3$11.9907/24/19Dark Horse183
321533Deadman Wonderland Vol. 1$9.99BacklistViz181
322334Walking Dead Alien HC$19.9907/29/20Image181
323397Filler Bunny Collected Works$14.95BacklistSlave Labor179
324377Red Scare$14.9904/20/22Scholastic179
325506Mob Psycho 100 Vol. 6$11.9910/14/20Dark Horse178
326419Strange Adventure of Broke Mercenary Vol. 3$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas178
327156Cable By Duggan & Noto HC Vol. 1$39.9904/13/22Marvel177
328428Tamamo Chans a Fox Vol. 5$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas176
329407Athena Voltaire Terror Orient Express$14.99BacklistAction Lab175
330287Attack On Titan Omnibus Vol. 3 Vol. 7-9$19.9903/30/22Kodansha175
331266Bioripple$22.9904/13/22Heavy Metal175
332384Cloud Town$14.9904/20/22Amulet175
333429Necromance Vol. 3$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas175
334432Skeleton Knight In Another World Vol. 8$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas175
335418Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Vol. 9$13.0006/30/21Yen175
336446Beastars Vol. 5$12.9903/11/20Viz174
337564Kaiju No 8 Vol. 1$9.9912/08/21Viz174
338689Descender Vol. 1 Tin Stars$9.99BacklistImage173
339434Even Though Were Adults Vol. 4$12.9904/06/22Seven Seas173
340454Monstress Vol. 4$16.9909/25/19Image173
341558My Hero Academia Vol. 28$9.9906/02/21Viz173
342139Berserk Deluxe Edition HC Vol. 3$49.9910/23/19Dark Horse172
343447Given Vol. 5$12.9902/10/21Sublime172
344463Monstress Vol. 5$16.9909/30/20Image172
345448Saga Vol. 2$14.99BacklistImage172
346251Unnatural Omnibus HC$39.9911/10/21Image172
347135For Better or For Worse Comp Library HC Vol. 6$49.9904/27/22IDW171
34831220th Century Boys Vol. 2 Perfect Ed Urasawa$19.9901/02/19Viz170
349350Chivalry HC$19.9903/23/22Dark Horse170
350493Snotgirl Vol. 3 Is This Real Life$15.9905/20/20Image170
351388My Senpai Is Annoying Vol. 7$14.9904/27/22Seven Seas168
352443Sort of Super$12.9904/06/22Aladdin168
353353Walking Dead Heres Negan HC$19.9910/04/17Image168
354586One Punch Man Vol. 18$9.9901/08/20Viz164
355457Case Files of Jeweler Richard Vol. 2$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas163
356459Dead Mount Death Play Vol. 7$13.0004/27/22Yen163
357461Golden Japanesque Yokohama Karentan Vol. 5$13.0004/27/22Yen163
358460Is Wrong Pick Up Girls Dungeon Sword Oratoria Vol. 16$13.0003/30/22Yen163
359401Little Monarchs$14.9904/06/22Ferguson163
360462Mapmakers Vol. 1 Mapmakers & Lost Magic$12.9904/27/22Random House163
361403Shibuya Goldfish Vol. 10$15.0004/27/22Yen163
362306Fruits Basket Collectors Ed Vol. 2$20.00BacklistYen162
363117Invincible Compendium Vol. 2$64.99BacklistImage162
364254Orochi Perfect Ed Vol. 1$26.9903/16/22Viz162
365600Tea Dragon Society$9.9906/17/20Oni162
366321Manga Classics Othello Modern English Ed$19.9904/06/22Manga Classics161
367356Tin Man$17.9904/13/22Amulet161
368406Air Warriors Vol. 1 World War One International Aces$14.9904/27/22Caliber160
369338Alice In Borderland Vol. 1$19.9903/16/22Viz160
370663Wicked & Divine Vol. 1 The Faust Act$9.99BacklistImage160
371472Failed Princesses Vol. 5$12.9904/06/22Seven Seas159
372374Wild Boyfriend$16.9504/13/22Digital Manga159
373358Swords of Cerebus In Hell Vol. 12$19.9504/13/22Aardvark-Vanaheim158
374475Took a Ghost Story$12.9904/06/22Etch Clarion158
375478Certain Magical Index Vol. 25$13.0004/27/22Yen157
376396Umbrella Academy Vol. 1 Apocalypse Suite$17.99BacklistDark Horse157
377178Avengers By Jason Aaron HC Vol. 2$39.9904/13/22Marvel156
378157Captain America By Ta-Nehisi Coates HC Vol. 2$44.9904/13/22Marvel156
379667Invincible Vol. 2 Eight Is Enough$9.99BacklistImage156
380544Orient Vol. 8$10.9904/06/22Kodansha156
381664Seven to Eternity Vol. 1$9.9902/15/17Image155
382603Sk8 Dad Summer Ramps Rebellion & Raising a Kid$10.0004/13/22Birdcage Bottom155
383420Witch Part Ix 100 Witch Vol. 3$15.0004/27/22Yen155
384291Days of Sand$22.9904/13/22Self Made Hero154
385618One Piece Vol. 4$9.99BacklistViz154
38684Seven Deadly Sins Manga Box Set Vol. 2$76.9304/20/22Kodansha154
387464Zombie Tramp Vol. 23$14.9904/06/22Action Lab154
388483Machimaho Made Wrong Person Magical Girl Vol. 9$12.9904/13/22Seven Seas153
389488Kingdom of Z Vol. 5$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas152
390452Ice Cream Man Vol. 2 Strange Neapolitan$16.9912/12/18Image151
391563Lovesick Ellie Vol. 3$10.9904/13/22Kodansha151
392329Fruits Basket Collectors Ed Vol. 3$20.00BacklistYen150
393345Avatar Last Airbender Smoke & Shadow Omnibus$24.9910/13/21Dark Horse149
394184Rose of Versailles Vol. 4$38.9903/24/21Udon149
395492Call to Adv Defeating Dungeons With Skill Board Vol. 4$12.9904/20/22Seven Seas148
396190Rose of Versailles Vol. 3$38.9908/05/20Udon148
397486Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 4$13.0009/13/17Yen147
398496Dungeon of Black Company Vol. 7$12.9904/27/22Seven Seas147
399542Lumberjanes Vol. 1$14.99BacklistBoom147
400487Mieruko-Chan Vol. 2$13.0002/17/21Yen147
401591Mob Psycho 100 Vol. 2$11.9903/13/19Dark Horse147

DC Graphic Novel Releases During Month

Comichron did not sample retailer sales data for DC's Direct Market graphic novel sales, and Lunar Distribution did not release any sales data. The list of graphic novels DC released, which includes several rereleases and new editions, appears below.

The links below lead to title details on Amazon (paid links). You can also find the books at your comics shop.

Graphic novel titlePriceOn salePublisher
Annotated Sandman Vol. 1 HC$49.9904/06/22DC
Batman Fear State Saga HC$49.9904/27/22DC
Dark Nights Death Metal$19.9904/13/22DC
DC Pride 2021 HC$17.9904/27/22DC
DCeased Dead Planet$19.9904/20/22DC
Death The Deluxe Edition HC$29.9904/06/22DC
Future State Gotham Vol. 1$19.9904/13/22DC
Gotham Central Omnibus HC$99.9904/13/22DC
Hellblazer Rise and Fall$19.9904/27/22DC
Infinite Frontier HC$39.9904/20/22DC
Mister Miracle The Source of Freedom HC$24.9904/06/22DC
New Gods Volume 2 Advent of Darkness$34.9904/13/22DC
Robin Vol. 1 The Lazarus Tournament$19.9904/06/22DC
Sandman Vol. 1$29.9904/13/22DC
Sandman Vol. 2$34.9904/20/22DC
Shazam To Hell And Back$14.9904/06/22DC
Suicide Squad Bad Blood$19.9904/06/22DC
Talon by James Tynion IV$39.9904/27/22DC
Teen Titans Beast Boy Loves Raven HC$19.9904/27/22DC