Title Spotlights

Title Sales Histories as Reported by Publishers
to the United States Postal Service

While the majority of data from Statements of Ownership on Comichron appears in the Yearly Rankings section, they represent a small fraction of the data in those postal reports. The database maintained by Comichron includes nearly 4,000 reports from more than 500 titles — and it records anything from just the simple Total Paid Circulation number  to every category reported (including print runs and subscriptions), depending on the primary or secondary source of the report.

Long-term plans for the site include the publication of all of these figures, as well as the maintenance of pages for titles where data collection is still ongoing. In the below examples, Batman is a title where all Statements of Ownership have been found; the record for that page is thus complete. Archie is an example of a title where the main circulation number is known for every year, but the data from the subcategories is yet to be collected as the series is ongoing and still sold by Periodical Class subscription.

This section will be gradually developed over time, with periodic updates as more numbers come in.