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Disney Comic Hits Sales Figures

Circulation as Reported in Publishers' Statements of Ownership
Filed with the United States Postal Service

Disney Comic Hits was Marvel's monthly anthology featuring characters from Disney's movies such as Toy Story, Pocahontas, and Aladdin. Film adaptation issues ran longer for a dollar more.

Heroes World Distribution figures account for around 7,000 copies of each issue on average, so newsstand sales accounted for the other 25,000 or so. That meant that, unusually, the largest contributor to the title's sales was postal subscriptions, likely spurred by joint marketing efforts from Marvel and Disney.

Some direct-market only information is available in the monthly reports.

—John Jackson Miller


Issue Statement appearing in:#15 Jan
Date of filing:10/1/96
Issues published during year:12
Annual subscription price:$18.00
Cover price during year:$1.50
Total Copies PRINTED (avg):110,779
Sales through DEALERS (avg):32,455
Sales by SUBSCRIPTION (avg):28,277
Total PAID circulation (avg):60,732
Samples by MAIL (avg):600
Samples OUTSIDE mail (avg):0
Total FREE circulation (avg):600
Copies not distributed (office):125
Copies not distributed (RETURNS):104,434
Reported % Paid/Requested:99.0%
% of RUN RETURNED:94.3%
Copies existent:61,457

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We wouldn't really expect to find a Statement for 1995, since so little of the year was covered.