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Ghost Rider 2099 Sales Figures

Circulation as Reported in Publishers' Statements of Ownership
Filed with the United States Postal Service

Ghost Rider's increasing popularity in the early '90s made the character a prime candidate for inclusion in Marvel's "2099" line of titles set in a dark future. This time, the hero got the cyberpunk treatment in Ghost Rider 2099.

As things turned out, Ghost Rider 2099 was shorter-lived than several of its 2099 compatriots. This title's later start, combined with a general downturn in comics in the mid-'90s, probably contributed to its relatively quick demise.

Click to see sales for the two main Ghost Rider titles.

Some direct-market only information is available in the monthly reports.

—John Jackson Miller


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Issue Statement appearing in:#9 Jan#21 Jan
Date of filing:10/1/9410/1/95
Issues published during year:1212
Annual subscription price:$18.00$23.40
Cover price during year:$1.50$1.95
Total Copies PRINTED (avg):166,61840,972
Sales through DEALERS (avg):104,60837,325
Sales by SUBSCRIPTION (avg):2421,000
Total PAID circulation (avg):104,85038,325
Samples by MAIL (avg):125750
Samples OUTSIDE mail (avg):00
Total FREE circulation (avg):125750
Copies not distributed (office):500500
Copies not distributed (RETURNS):61,1431,397
Reported % Paid/Requested:99.0%99.0%
% of RUN RETURNED:36.7%3.4%
Copies existent:105,47539,575
Statement history
The first Statement appeared very early in the title's run, when only a handful of issues could have been averaged. There was no statement for 1996, because the title was canceled.