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X-Men 2099 Sales Figures

Circulation as Reported in Publishers' Statements of Ownership
Filed with the United States Postal Service

Marvel's 2099 line of titles transported several of the compan's more popular characters to a setting a century into the future where a few huge "Mega-Corps" control most of the world.

X-Men 2009 wasn't part of the initial wave of 2099 titles, coming along later. It featured a new cast of mutants, rebelling against the Mega-Corps. The series started out with strong sales, going to two printings on issue #1 as well as a limited Gold edition, but the general slump that hit comics in the mid-90s took its toll, leading to the title's cancellation in 1996.    

However, the 2099 line lasted longer than some of Marvel's other subsidiary lines of the same time period, such as Marvel UK.

Some direct-market only information is available in the monthly reports.

—John Jackson Miller


Issue Statement appearing in:#18 March#28 Jan.
Date of filing:10/1/9410/1/95
Issues published during year:1212
Annual subscription price:$18.00$23.40
Cover price during year:$1.50$1.95
Total Copies PRINTED (avg):515,042213,852
Sales through DEALERS (avg):362,908123,833
Sales by SUBSCRIPTION (avg):5,9584,483
Total PAID circulation (avg):368,867128,316
Samples by MAIL (avg):125750
Samples OUTSIDE mail (avg):00
Total FREE circulation (avg):125750
Copies not distributed (office):500500
Copies not distributed (RETURNS):145,55084,286
Reported % Paid/Requested:99.0%99.0%
% of RUN RETURNED:28.3%39.4%
Copies existent:369,491129,566

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Statement history
X-Men 2099 began publishing Statements of Ownership after its first full year of publication. The title folded in 1996, before a report for 1996 could be filed.