Comic Book Sales Figures for 1962

Average Total Paid Circulation as Reported in Publishers' Statements of Ownership and Filed with the United States Postal Service

This list includes only those titles which offered subscriptions via the USPS Second or Periodical Class, and which published their sales reports in their titles.

#1 Most Ordered Issue
#2 Most Ordered Issue
#3 Most Ordered Issue
#4 Most Ordered Issue
#5 Most Ordered Issue

Dell titles fissioned off to go to Gold Key, which accidentally only reported subscription sales during the year. While the lack of data on the Disney titles deals a blow to the overall average for the year, substantial drops are still seen for many of the high-ranking titles, perhaps due to the 12¢ price increase fully taking hold.

With only the earliest super-hero material creeping into Marvel's horror titles, it's interesting to note that its top-seller among reporting titles appears to have been Modeling with Millie!

The Statements for 1960-62 are precious when it comes to DC, which, as will be seen, failed to report sales figures at all for most titles in 1963-64.

Magazines with comics content (like Mad) are sorted separately at the bottom.

—John Jackson Miller

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TitlePublisherAverage Copies Sold
Per Issue
3Superman's Girlfriend Lois LaneDC490,000
4Superman's Pal Jimmy OlsenDC470,000
7Action ComicsDC435,000
8World's Finest ComicsDC420,000
9Adventure ComicsDC415,000
11Justice League of AmericaDC340,000
12Betty and VeronicaArchie302,820
13Life with ArchieArchie297,156
15Hot StuffHarvey265,409
16Detective ComicsDC265,000
17Archie's Pals 'n' GalsArchie250,851
18Archie's Pal JugheadArchie250,384
20Pep ComicsArchie246,491
21Archie Giant SeriesArchie246,299
22Laugh ComicsArchie244,255
23Green LanternDC240,000
24G.I. CombatDC240,000
25Dunc and LooDell222,865
27Wonder WomanDC215,000
28Brave & BoldDC210,000
29Sea DevilsDC205,000
30Challengers of the UnknownDC195,000
31Rip Hunter, Time MasterDC195,000
32Star-Spangled War StoriesDC195,000
33Mystery in SpaceDC190,000
34Strange AdventuresDC180,000
35Tales of the UnexpectedDC180,000
36Forbidden WorldsACG178,600
37House of MysteryDC175,000
38My Greatest AdventureDC175,000
39Adventures of Jerry LewisDC175,000
40Adventures into the UnknownACG165,200
41Sugar & SpikeDC160,000
42Unknown WorldsACG159,500
43Fox & The CrowDC145,000
44Modeling with MillieMarvel143,476
45Patsy & HedyMarvel139,855
46Tales to AstonishMarvel139,167
47Strange TalesMarvel136,637
48Journey into MysteryMarvel132,113
49Strange Suspense StoriesCharlton127,740
50Gunsmoke WesternMarvel126,475
51Tales of SuspenseMarvel126,140
52Hot Rods and Racing CarsCharlton125,515
53Sweetheart DiaryCharlton118,845
54Teen ConfessionsCharlton112,441

About a hundred more Statements exist for this year and have been collected by Comichron. They'll appear here soon!