Yearly comics sales aggregate data now online

by John Jackson Miller

With Spider-Man 3 approaching fast, I have gotten a number of requests for yearly aggregate data in chart form. For quick reference, I’ve added the following to the main Yearly Reports page:
  • Overall Market Dollars (estimated range)
  • Overall Diamond Comics, Trade Paperback, and Magazine Sales
  • And for each of the 12 months of each year:
  • Unit Sales for Diamond’s Top 300 Monthly Comics from each month of the year (hence, 3,600 comics)
  • Dollar Sales for Diamond’s Top 300 Comics
  • Dollar Sales for Diamond’s Top Trade Paperbacks from each month (number varies depending on Diamond’s reportage)
  • Combined Dollar Sales for Diamond’s Reported Top-Selling Comics and Trade Paperbacks
Additionally, there are annual averages for each year for prices of comics sold by Diamond, both raw and weighted by orders.
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