25 years ago this week: The DC/Diamond distribution deal announced

Described to the world in great detail by a leaked memo published by Eric Reynolds at Fantagraphics in The Comics Journal, news of Diamond Comic Distributors‘ exclusive deal with DC Comics was officially announced on Friday,  April 28, 1995 — which brought reaction immediately from Diamond’s rival Capital City in the form of a lawsuit. … Read more

Comics Retailer: A Look Back – December 1993

My look back at Comics Retailer magazine issues I edited 25 years ago continues with my latest chapter, covering December 1993 events including the late-shipping crisis, Malibu’s TV ads, and rampant retailer worries that Blockbuster would get into comics. You can find the introductory chapter here. John Jackson MillerComichron founder John Jackson Miller has tracked … Read more

New Video: Comics Sales Flashback: April 1998

New on the Comichron YouTube channel, a video flashback! Twenty years ago this month, the Distribution Wars had been over for a year — but the business’s problems certainly weren’t. Travel back to the age of Battle Chasers and mutant chart domination. Check out the video — and then see the charts in question for … Read more

25 years ago: Superman rises from the dead — and sparks the biggest month in comics history

This slipped a lot of calendars, but Superman’s rise from the dead began 25 years ago today (that’s when Adventures of Superman #500 apparently left the warehouse; on-sale was both April 14 and April 15, as distributors were moving New Comic Book Day from Thursday to Wednesday). In observance of the event, I posted the … Read more