Overall print comics market topped $700 million in 2012

While the 2012 Year-In-Review data for the North American comics shop market appeared here in January, there’s of course a wider world out there — and while the “Direct Market” does continue to account for almost two thirds of print sales, it helps to put things into a larger perspective. As in past years, Brian … Read more

December 2012 comics sales estimates online

Diamond Comic Distributors has released the full charts for December, completing the picture of sales by comics shops for the year. Click to see the Comichron estimates for December 2012 comics sales. As described here on Friday, Amazing Spider-Man #700 was the best-seller, and as projected it narrowly topped 200,000 copies. (As before, previous publisher … Read more

December 2012 comics sales make for $475 mil year

Comic-book stores in North America ordered nearly $40 million in comic books and bound editions in December 2012, according to Comichron‘s anaylsis of data released this morning by Diamond Comic Distributors. This is an increase of 15.74% over last year, and it confirms our estimate for 2012’s overall sales earlier this week; retailers ordered $474.6 … Read more