December 2018 sales slightly off on smallest new comics slate in years; DC’s 52 new comics its fewest since 1991

The December report for comics sales is always a strange one, because the annual report from Diamond Comic Distributors, which these days gets released before it, obviously has December data baked into it. From the annual report, we already know many of the top entries in the charts—and from the indexed charts, we know how … Read more

The 2018 Two Thousand: A look at the 1,000 top-selling comics and graphic novels ordered by comic shops

With the release of 2018 end-of-year comics orders from Diamond Comic Distributors, Comichron has drawn upon that information to project estimates for the Top Thousand Comics and the Top Thousand Graphic Novels for 2018. The tables are on the page just beneath the image links to individual months. This year’s charts have our sorting and searching … Read more

Diamond’s combined comics and graphic novel sales up slightly in 2018; Action #1000, Infinity Gauntlet top titles

Diamond Comic Distributors has released its annual top-sellers list for 2018, and the entries are basically as we had projected them here through November at Comichron — and our projected dollar market shares were spot-on. We also got from the data a little information about what sold in December. To no one’s surprise, April’s Action Comics #1000 … Read more