Amazing Spider-Man comics sales across time

by John Jackson Miller

I’m still working my way through getting more year-by-year data online, but there have been enough media requests in advance of Spider-Man 3 that I figured I’d go ahead and add one of the title pages that I intend to do, showing sales accoring to the Statements of Ownership across time.
Click for Amazing Spider-Man sales figures from the beginning in the 1960s to 2006. (Or, rather, 2005, as Marvel seems not to have run a form in it for the end of 2006, near as I can figure. If someone has one, drop me a line in the Forum. Marvel did run forms in some other titles for the year, just not this one, or so it seems.)

I’ll do more of these title pages, linking from the year-by-year pages, in the future — hopefully there will be enough for their own section at some point. Batman is next…

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