Comichron article in new Overstreet

by John Jackson Miller

The new Overstreet Price Guide is out,  the first with yours truly as an Overstreet advisor — previously I’d worked exclusively for the competition. (Maggie Thompson is in the Overstreet group as well now — things change). My first contribution is a feature on Star Wars comics history, getting a bit into the scope and differentiated manner of its circulation in the 1970s.
It gets further into the copies that Western Publishing commissioned — the so-called “Whitman variants,” which is an a propos term despite the fact that the Whitman logo does not appear on the comics themselves. As illustrated in my piece in Comics Buyer’s Guide #1609, while these “fat diamond” copies of Marvel comics may at some point have been sold to direct market stores, the existence of this printing seems to spring strictly from Western/Whitman, as evidenced by the fact that the whole Marvel line was dumped by Whitman in late 1977 while they were printing more Star Wars reprints!

Fun stuff, and Overstreet is required reading in any event!

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