Iron Man sales history across time

by John Jackson Miller

I did this last year for Amazing Spider-Man when the third movie came out in response to media inquiries; now, I have plunged ahead and listed all the Iron Man sales figures from Statements of Ownership that I have found, from 1980 to 2003.

I can’t locate my copies from Volume 4, so if anyone can dig those out, please post what you find in response. And while I went through most of the likely issues, if anyone can find anything from before 1980, please post it. I don’t think they ever ran any in the 1970s, which is bizarre, considering it was offered by subscription the whole time. I’ll have to ask Len Wein about it some day — he was editing it for a while in there.

I do intend more of these lateral title-centric tables, but after I get some more of the annual tables onto the site. I am up past 2,470 Statements in my database now. (Thanks to Johanna for the new Archie numbers!)

And this month’s Comichron Report is now online at Newsarama. Enjoy!

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