2006 comics sales charts, title search tool now online

And we’re marching ahead — by marching backwards. Now online are all the charts from 2006, beginning with January 2006 and running to December 2006.

Return with us to what was a pretty good year for comics, sales-wise — the year of both Infinite Crisis and Civil War. It also marked the start of the weekly comics series 52. One of the results was that while sales increased across all categories, unit and dollar sales for Diamond’s Top 300 Comic Books over the 12-month period actually increased more than its sales for its Top-Selling Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels. Theretofore, growth in trades generally outpaced growth in new comics sales.

Continuing to move along with this part of the project; 2005 monthly charts will be up in the next few days.

And we now have a search tool for the site set up, so it should be easier to find individual titles. I’m not sure how well it’ll find specific issue numbers — note that I keep issue numbers in a separate table column with no number sign, so Google reads the issues as comma-delimited. (Thus Civil War #1 becomes Civil War, 1.) That’s less than ideal, but it’s important to be able to present issue numbers in a separate column.

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