Updated market share graphics — now with IDW

The graphics section here on the site — including comics market shares across time and unit and dollar comics order trends, both recent and for the entire Diamond Exclusive Era — have been updated. I didn’t intend to let this slide for so long, but other projects intervened.

In any event, an addition this time out can be found in the Diamond final order dollar market share graphics, which now include IDW. The “other” category in the graphics had been increasing in size lately due to IDW’s growth — it topped 5% for the first time earlier this year — and so the change was due:

For the moment, the addition of IDW trendlines is limited to the Diamond Final Order graphics. It can and will be added to the narrower categories, but it’s a labor-intensive proposition. Likewise, some data remains to be added to the market share graphics before 2003. IDW does not appear regularly in Diamond’s Final Order charts before 2003, but there may be individual months here and there in which it made the list.

The reader will note that Crossgen remains in the market share graphic for the whole Diamond Exculsive Era (seen above as the brown line). The reason is similar: it’s a big enough chunk of the miscellaneous grouping that the “other” category leaps quite a lot without it in the picture. It’s also a case where the graphic itself appears to tell a story, which is what good graphics should do.

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