Avengers returns Marvel to top of comics sales charts

Marvel‘s latest Avengers relaunch led the charts in May, according to preliminary rankings released by Diamond Comic Distributors. The rankings of the Top 100 comics and trade paperbacks as ordered by comics shops in North America find three Marvel titles in the top four slots, including Siege #4 and Secret Avengers #1.

Ex Machina, Vol. 9: Ring out the OldDC‘s first issue of Brightest Day (actually its second, after April-leading #0) placed fifth; the publisher’s top title was Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, in third place. DC led the trade paperback sales charts with Ex Machina Vol. 9 Ring Out the Old.

The average comic book ordered in the Top 100 cost $3.49; the median and most common cost of comics in the Top 100 is actually back at $2.99.

At first blush, May’s publishing slate appears to be stronger than what we saw in  the previous month; Comichron projects sales up somewhat over April’s poor showing, although confirmation will have to wait until we see the full figures next week.

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