Wolverine tops both Top 300 lists in September

by John Jackson Miller and T.M. Haley

Diamond Comic Distributors released its initial reports for comic-book orders for September 2010, and the last month of the third quarter found Wolverine titles atop both the Top Comic Books and the Top Trade Paperback and Graphic Novels charts. Click to see the rankings and market shares for September 2010.

Wolverine: Old Man LoganWolverine #1, the third series relaunch since the 1982 limited series by that name, topped the comics chart, with Wolverine: Old Man Logan leading the list for larger editions.

Market shares found Marvel with nearly a 15-point margin over DC in unit sales and closer to a 13-point margin in dollar sales. Diamond’s graphic appears below.

Diamond’s first and second waves of data releases are running more closely together these days; it has just posted the Top 100 Comics and Top 100 Trades pages on its site. Since the third wave, giving us the full Top 300s, will be along shortly, our estimates on those will be the next to appear here.

September was a five ship-week month both this year and last year; last September was one of the better months of the year, with Blackest Night into high gear, so there are some challenging comparatives in play. Wolverine #1 sold 18% more copies than the leading issue of Brightest Day this month; simply extrapolating from last month, we’d expect we have a six-figure sales book again in Wolverine #1. Stay tuned…

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