News archives restored

Two months from today marks five years online for The Comics Chronicles, and while I’ve gotten a lot of comics history on the site in that time, some of the site’s own history has been absent. A database crash in August 2008 took out all the blog posts from before that time, and while I had access to them, I was more focused on getting new stuff online. But now most blog posts have been restored, right back to the first one in March, 2007. Readers framing forward will see the site got quickly into posting new figures, which at the time meant the end of Marvel’s Civil War and the death of Captain America.

There aren’t many essays in this material that haven’t been reposted later, but there are some thoughts on speculation and sales charts and the end-of-year post for 2007, a very big year for the business. Some of the external links may not be functional, of course.

I did write pieces on the state of the market every month going back to 1994 which might be interesting to get online here in the future, but there are other priorities first.

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