Where Bendis’ Marvel successes began: Ultimate Spider-Man, the complete postal sales record

With news everywhere today about writer Brian Michael Bendis‘s departure from Marvel to an exclusive multi-year contract with DC, Comichron presents a look back to the beginning of his run with the publisher. 
See eBay listings for this issue All the filings Marvel made with the United States Postal Service about Bendis’s flagship title can now be found here at Ultimate Spider-Man: The Postal Sales Record.

It’s a bit of a complicated series to report on because it’s actually under two different postal licenses: the 2000-2009 series was rebooted with a new #1 and a new license. But the rebooted series resumed the original’s numbering with #150. There don’t seem to be any reports on the third series by that name, nor the Marvel Universe-branded title.

Another unusual element is that Ultimate Spider-Man #1 has many reprints, and those appear to have impacted the first year’s report; Marvel’s reported sales for average issues in the year are far, far higher than anything anyone else was doing in comics at the time. It’s possible to compare those sales, which include most channels, with just the sales to the Direct Market beginning with the first issue in September 2000; remember, however, that in that era reorders were not reported, so you won’t see the very large traffic in reprints that followed.

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