Comichron launches YouTube channel

One of the missions of Comichron is to educate about the comic-book market in North America, from its history to its current state — and something that’s always been on the wish list is a video component. So I’m pleased to announce that we finally have a YouTube channel launched, and two videos to start with: a two-part dive into the comics market’s sales for the month of March, which were reported here.

Part 1 looks at the overall market, as well as the comics category specifically…

…and then Part 2 gets into the graphic novel side of things, and also looks at the rankings for the year-to-date and some of the other updated features on the site.

I can’t say how often the channel will be updated as yet, and I expect format and length of various recordings will change as we work more with the platform. But the hope is that we’ll eventually have a library of video clips to go along with some of our existing features.

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