January 2020 estimates: Wonder Woman leads charts for first time with 167k copies sold

Our January 2020 comics sales estimates are now online. Wonder Woman #750 moved more than 167,000 copies in North America, with the series leading the market for its first time ever. That was about a third of what Action and Detective #1000 did, but WW‘s sales were strong enough to more than double the dollars spent on any other January item.

As expected, Batman #86 and #87, the debut issues of James Tynion IV, moved up in Diamond’s chart once the regular and cardstock versions were combined. Use the “Fused” column to re-sort Comichron’s comics chart to combine DC’s (and other publishers’) differently priced editions.

No three-peat for Star Wars #1 as a million-copy seller, though the 2015 issue’s presence is felt in this month’s charts in that all the five-year comparatives are skewed. (Every seventh comic Diamond sold in January 2015 was a Star Wars #1, wildly distorting the month’s data.) It did double the sales of Dark Horse’s 1998 and and 2013 Star Wars #1s, so it’s right in the middle.

X-Men #4 significantly outsold #5, but a portion of that comes from the former’s spotlight focus as a Jan. 1 release, whereas #5 only was out three days in January. Issue #5 did well in advance reorders and the issue is sold out at Diamond, so the difference may wash out in time.

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