Diamond August 2020 and our combined 2020 sales charts now online; DC sweeps top five

Diamond’s full charts for August 2020 are out — and so are ours!

The Diamond charts are full top 500s with dollar rankings, though that category works best when it draws upon nonreturnable comics sold at regular discounts every month. Publisher relief efforts for shops, though welcome in all ways, have altered that dynamic some this year. For the first time since the early 1990s. Diamond didn’t include order index data (unsurprising, as much is still returnable and deep-discounted), so we’ve added our own relative sales projections. Click to see just the Diamond charts for August 2020.

We had already posted the DC charts for August 2020 yesterday, so the Diamond charts were the final piece in the equation. So we now have our Combined Charts for August 2020, which find that DC took the top five slots, while Marvel had 13 of the Top 15 comics.

You may note we’ve pulled back on how much of the chart we do projections for: we go down to about 25% of Avengers‘ sales now, which captures about the top quarter of the chart. That’s enough to give us data points to merge most of DC’s books with Diamond’s, and it addresses the fact that our method was less reliable for the comics lower down on the charts. We’ll continue to tweak the process as needed.



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