Three Jokers #3 tops DC in October; publisher’s smallest non-shutdown new comics slate since May 1991

After some delay associated with implementation of yet more new procedures, our projections for DC comics sales to retailers in October 2020 are now online. Batman: Three Jokers #3 completed the trifecta, with the title leading for its third consecutive month.

Noteworthy is the fact that DC only released 49 new comics books in October 2020, which is fewer than any non-pandemic shutdown month since May 1991, when it shipped 45 new comics. (The post-1930s record low is, of course, April 2020, with three new releases; that’ll likely be an asterisk in the charts forever.)

The process behind the creation of the DC charts was discussed here. We already have the Diamond raw charts online; the projections are finished here for those, so those numbers will be added next and our fused charts will follow.

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