Batman #108 leads May 2021 projected rankings; December 2020 also added

May charts are now online.
Batman #108 led our projected all-industry rankings for comic shop initial orders in the month. A projected 6 to 7 million copies were initially ordered overall, worth $30 to 31 million, obviously way above May 2020. Click to see the charts for May 2021.

May 2021’s 329 new comic releases dwarf the 91 that came out in May 2020; Diamond only restarted on the 20th. But May 2019 saw 486 new releases, and even though it had one more ship week, that’s still a lot more than we’re seeing yet.

We also have a page just for what DC sold through Lunar, though note again that as our retail order sample only looks at initial orders, books like Batman/Fortnite may have done better in the end. Click to see the DC May 2021 rankings.

Finally, we’re nearly caught up on the charts from earlier in Diamond’s data pause: December 2020’s rankings are online. King in Black #1 led initial orders in the overall market, according to our retail order sample. (Just November to go!)

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