June 2021 projected initial comics orders online: Huge month for periodicals

June 2021 looks to have been a colossal month for periodical comics, according to Comichron’s projected rankings for comics initial orders, just posted. Venom #35 led a five-week month slate that was the largest yet since the pandemic began.  Find the June charts here.

We counted 406 new comics overall and nearly 1,000 new variants for June. Projections suggest initial orders of between 8-9 million copies totaling nearly $40 million, rivaling any of the best months of the 2010s.  DC’s 60-issue slate is near its 2019 levels; Marvel’s is still about a third smaller.

A year after DC’s departure from Diamond, we’re retiring our DC-only charts. Everything on our DC pages is captured in the all-industry reports, and they no longer really function as Lunar reports as that distributor adds more publishers.  June DC can be found at https://bit.ly/Jun21ComicsDC; if things change and Lunar starts reporting anything, we’ll start a new section.

Finally, I do still expect Diamond’s monthly charts to return at some point. That data was a product of its warehouses; it always reported shipments, not orders. (Ironically, a DC idea!) With first DC and then Marvel no longer flooring all their stock there, logistical systems are likely evolving. We shall see!



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