Diamond full estimates return in mammoth June

I knew it would happen: like magic, I would leave for my first convention and the Diamond charts, absent since last October, would return with no warning. I was literally at the gate when the report arrived — and I was so sure they wouldn’t that I didn’t bring my laptop. I was able to put my tablet through my paces to make some rudimentary guesses which I tweeted, however, and it became clear that June was not just an improvement over the last pre-pandemic month, but a colossal one.

Home again, and after a 14-month absence, Comichron has estimates for Diamond’s full comic and graphic novel lists. Venom #35 topped 282,000 copies in a gigantic month in which Diamond’s Top 300 without DC beat its pre-pandemic sales with DC.

June Diamond: https://bit.ly/Jun21ComicsDCD

June with DC projections included: https://bit.ly/Jun21Comics

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