Diamond July 2021 comics sales estimates online

July 2021 Diamond comics sales estimates are out! X-Men #1 and Moon Knight #1 topped 200k copies in a $35.5 million month for the Top 300 comics and Top 300 graphic novels. That’s up 32% over the $27 million for the non-DC Top 300s in July 2019. Find July’s chart here.

To clarify the comparatives: We’re taking the Top 300 grouping for July 2019 (seen at http://bit.ly/Jul19Comics), knocking out all the DC books, and then refilling the rest of the Top 300s with non-DC items. You can see an example on this July’s page of what that means for just the Top 10s. It gives us as close a comparison as we can get, imagining what if DC wasn’t around for Diamond back then, either.

And in a first after doing these charts for 25 years, a book of mine, Marvel’s Star Wars Legends Omnibus: The Old Republic Vol. 1, led graphic novel sales in units and dollars. Definitely a strange feeling, but I’m thankful to everyone who supported the book.

These are just the Diamond charts; our charts merging our projections for DC comics sales will appear later this week at http://bit.ly/Jul21Comics.

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