March 2008 rankings

by John Jackson Miller It will be a bit yet before the calculations appear here (New York Comicon took everyone’s weekend, along with my voice) but for the curious, here are the vanilla rankings for the Diamond Top 300, released today. This is raw — no clean-up work, no formatting. The “ratio” is the number … Read more

New York Comicon

by John Jackson Miller I’m off to New York Comicon (signing at the Dark Horse booth from 4-5 Friday, otherwise out and about, or at Marc Patten’s booth) — which will be the answer to your question “Where are the March figures?” Diamond has not released them at this writing, but I would expect them … Read more

February 2008 comics analysis online

by John Jackson Miller My Newsarama feature for the month appears here (with lots of cool historical comparatives), and the charts and graphs here are updated, as well. X-Force #1 led the top-selling comics list in February: TOP 300 COMICS UNIT SALES February 2008: 6.26 million copies Versus 1 year ago this month: -5% Versus … Read more